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Chapter 52: The Demonic Realm Destruction

It was only two hours after the meeting ended.

There was no time to waste, so I packed my equipment and headed for the Altohern Mountains.

As my backup in case things go really wrong, I have the 4 from my party, Mr. Gawain, and Mr. Lad.

…..and I especially asked the two veterans to stop my party from doing anything drastic or rash if anything happens to me. If I’m in a tight spot, and it looks difficult to get me out of the situation, I want them to stop them even if it means knocking them out and retreating.

Jend: “Hey….Henry…”

Henry: “Hm? What’s wrong, Jend?”

Jend: “.....I hate to doubt you but…..can you really do it?”

Well, just saying I could wouldn’t really help in this situation.

I guess there’s no point hiding it, so I discuss my tactics and options openly.

Henry: “Well, Jend. How do you think the fight will go if I go in alone?”

Jend: “.....catch them off-guard and take down two with a [Strengthen] {Hazac} Spear throw. Seven will come at you and you’ll take one more down before they reach you. On the best case scenario, you’ll take down two and be surrounded by 5. After that, you’ll probably only be able to take down 1 before they…..get you.”

Wow, that’s not a bad prediction.

Henry: “Yeah, that’s pretty accurate. If I’m limited to those conditions, that’s probably very close to what will happen, but at the very least, I’ll take two down with me at the end.”

Jend: “But that means you still lost.”

Henry: “Like I said. Your scenario has a lot of limitations because I’ve only used my spear and Magecraft around you guys.”

Yes, my spear and Magecraft are my two main weapons, but don’t you know that I have more tricks in my bag?”

Jend: “?? Henry, are you saying that you’re actually better with a sword or another weapon?”

Henry: “No no no, that’s not it. There's other options and methods, no?”

I get tired of explaining, and I open up the bag I brought with me for this expedition.

Jend: “Oh yeah, something was clanking inside that bag this whole trip…..what are those? Bottles?”

Henry: “Yup, Specific Ability Increasing Potions.”

Speed Increase, Strength Increase, Magic Increase, Resistance Increase, Natural Senses Increase - so a total of 5 types of potions.

With one dose, the effects will last about 30 minutes. It’s quite a potent doping method. My [Strength] {Hazac} is also a forceful way to increase my abilities through magic, but these potions are more effective and last longer.

But not everyone can take all types of potions. Your compatibility with potions drastically differs between individuals, and if you take one that’s not compatible with your body, you’ll end up not being able to move until the potion wears off.

There are some gross cheaters out there who can consume 10 different types, but compared to normal people, I have a very high compatibility rate to these potions.

Jend: “IーIsn’t that….REALLY expensive?”

Henry: “If they came from Heaven’s Treasure Vault, the least of these potions would be an Uncommon and the most expensive would be a Rare.”

The Heaven’s Treasure Vault does give out some one-time use supplies, and the good items are traded at extremely high prices.

If a Human Pharmacist tries to mimic the potion, they would require Rare ingredients, so the Potion will still be sold at a high price.

Ferris: “ [Ningale’s Hand] Magecraft also has a similar Spell.”

Henry: “But strengthening abilities through Magecraft is no easy feat.”

Ferris: “Yeah, I’m trying to adjust a spell for Jend, but it may take me months before the spell is complete.”

Ability Strengthening Magecraft must be uniquely catered and changed for every individual it is cast upon, or there is no effect.

When I was on the frontlines, Yuu cast it on me. I would like Ferris to create a Spell for me, but learning two people’s worth or even handling two people’s worth at once may be impractical.

……..Ability Strengthening Magecraft AND Ability Strengthening Potions together? Sure, do you know what happens to people who overdose? In most cases, you’ll be permanently mentally and physically disabled after the experience.

Henry: “And with the potions, I’ll also be using this.”

And I rummage through my pouch and take out a ball the size of my fist.

Jend: “........what’s that?”

Henry: “A flashbang grenade.”

If you pour magic into it, a few seconds later, light and sound will scatter from it. It’s a one-time use item.

Henry: “I don’t think I’ll end up using all of it, but I also have Restraint Grenades, Poison Gas, Smoke bombs, Flame Bombs, and different kinds of Healing and Recovery potions.”

My pouch was handcrafted with the [Space Expansion] Godly Equipment in mind.

The current Magical Techonology is still far behind, so it really doesn't compare to Teo’s bag which can stuff 10 large barrels and still have room left over, but this small pouch is equivalent to a backpack.

But when you need access to various kinds of items, even this pouch is a life-saver. Out of all my equipment, this one cost me the most.

After explaining this much, Jend finally nodded his head.

Jend: “......I get it now. It’s not a fighting method I would have come up with.”

Henry: “And you can see why I didn’t use it up until now, right?”

My profits would significantly decrease. I carry these around as insurance, but none of the foes we fought before forced my hand once to use any of these items.

…...I do have enough talent with my spear and Magecraft. But compared to Yuu’s Healing Magecraft, Ageha’s Assassination Skills, or Sir Ezeal's overwhelming strength in all aspects, I don’t have anything special like that.

So being a commoner and with no abilities like a Hero, the only way I would take down a Demon Army General was experimenting extensively with these methods.

…...and this, my style of using Ability Potions and these various items while swinging my spear and using my Magecraft for support was developed.

If I use all of the above, I can beat Ageha head on with 9 wins and 1 loss ratio. My finances will take a brutal hit, and I can still lose if she snags me with any Assassination Skills, but even so, that’s not too bad.

And I never fought Sir Ezeal all juiced up, but I will be able to fight him off longer…...I haven’t tried, but I’m pretty confident nonetheless. …..maybe…….that guy….the stronger the opponent, I would believe it if he awakens to some new strengths and reaches a new height during our battle…..

Henry: “Well, Jend, this may not fit your type of fighting style but for Teo…..”

Teo: “I’m the same as Mr. Henry. Using these items are costly, so I’ve been reserving it only for emergencies. I also have a plethora of items if it comes down to it.”

Henry: “Thought so.”

I learned how to make a smoke bomb from Ageha. The smoke spreads faster than the ones they sell at stores, I’m grateful for the ones I have.

Cyril: “Hmmmmm……”

Henry: “What’s wrong, Cyril?”

Cyril: “No, it’s nothing. I understand that you can use all sorts of items, but please try not to get hurt.”

Henry: “Well, I don’t think I’ll come out unscathed, but I’ll do my best.”


Just a little ways more, and we’ll be able to see the Giant's Demonic Realm in the making.

…….it’s time to get to work.


We’re in a position where we can observe the Demonic Realm as far away as possible, and that’s where I left everyone.

I hid myself as I approached the Demonic Realm alone.

I get close enough where my spear throw will reach.

As I observe, I do see 9 Giants as it was reported. They are so large that it’s messing with my depth perception.

They have gray skin tinged with a little blue and white hair. They have animal skins around their waist, and carry their weapons with simple ropes tied around. Just from that, you can perceive their intelligence.

Normal Demonic Creatures behave no differently than animals. Add intelligence to that mix, and suddenly, you have a much greater threat like the giants.

But there are no other Demonic Creature types around them. There is one theory that says that just as humans perceive monkeys as wild animals and not peers, the intelligent Demonic Creatures view the others as just a nuisance.

Thinking about it that way, it makes sense why we ran into Ogres at the foot of the mountain.

…’s likely that before the Giants descended to the mid-region of the mountain, they sent scouts to scare away the creatures living there. That was when the Ogres were pushed out of their territories.

Henry: “So they are busy expanding the Demonic Realm, huh?”

The Giants are taking large rocks brimming with Corrupted Magical Energies and planting them deep into the ground. By doing so, the environment becomes more habitable for Demonic Creatures.

Each Demonic Creature type builds Demonic Realms differently, but it is common to see objects soaked in Corrupted Magical energies to be buried into the earth.

They’re too focused on their task and are prime targets for a surprise attack.

I begin to drink all the Ability Increasing Potions.

The Magic inside each potion flows throughout my body and begins to refine my body structure.

With something like twice the normal force, my body refills with Magic, and the world seemed to just open up to me. I could feel every single sense in my body become sharper and clearer.

Henry: “And now for the ear plugs...there we go…and...”

I pull out the Nyoiten Spear, and reshape it to a throwing spear.

They are mostly working separately, but there is one group bunched in two.

Okay, let the battle begin.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}”

I place a triple strengthened Magecraft Spell on my spear.

The spear glows with light and...


“Кимдир бир”

The opposing side noticed the sudden concentration and rise of magic energy.

They are warning each other, but they’re unable to determine my exact position.

I raise my spear over my head.

Henry: “HERE. WE. GO! ORAAAGH!!”

I throw it hard.

My muscles and magic power are strengthened with the potion and the ending results are obvious. The spear shoots through the sky like a meteor. I divide and multiply the spear and struck the two Giants standing together.

Hemry: “......they’re response is fast.”

With that strike, my position was divulged to them, and they are all heading straight my way.

…..I observe the Giants carefully as they raise their alertness and burn in rage for their fallen comrades.

The especially big one is taking the lead and heading the pack at the very front.

I was thinking about another throw…..when I saw one Giant remain where they were and raise their staff.

Henry: “CRAP!!”

It creates countless ice spears. It was easily a few dozen, and all of them pointed towards me.

“Найза муз бий!”

The mountain seems to shake as the Giant bellows and flings the staff downwards towards me.

The small army of ice spears are released at me.

Henry: “DANG...IT!!”

Normally, I would have taken at least one spear to my body.

But with my enhanced senses with the potions, I was able to read each spear’s path. Although there are more than I can count coming my way, I can ignore the ones that are not on a collision course with me.

I step forward, and change my Nyoiten Spear into a one-handed sword, and knock down tge spears.

One, two, three…..four. I deflect 4 with my sword, and dodge the rest

My weapon is getting encased with ice as it crackles and spreads.

Henry: “[Fire] {Ignis}”

I can melt these sub-effect icing abilities with one [Fire] {Ignis}.

The leading Giant is almost here but...

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}”

It would be very bad to allow that mage to continue raining down Spells at me. I ignore the incoming Giant with the large broadsword, and I throw my Nyoiten Spear at the staff-user to repay him back.

It tried to dodge, but my spear can’t be evaded that easily. He was shredded to pieces by the multiple split spears and died on impact..

I draw back the Nyoiten Spear and…..the Giant with the broadsword has the sword raised, ready to strike.

Judging just with my eyes, he stood 12 meters (39+ feet), and broad down the sword. He's big, but he’s not slow. No ordinary swordsman would have been able to follow his blade.

…….and being slightly better than ordinary, I dodge the sword by jumping to the side.

The ground is pounded, and large clumps of dirt spray in all directions.

Henry: “Whoa”

There was a spear-user right behind the broadsword-user and strikes his spear towards me.

I block with my spear….and I take the momentum of their spear and swing it upwards. With [Physical Enhancement] on top of the Strength Potion, my muscles were much stronger. The spear was shot out of the spear-user’s hands, and flies towards the skies.

I quickly move towards the feet of the spear-user who is now empty-handed. It tries to kick me, but I dodge and pierce the heel of the foot with my spear.


Henry: “Your other leg too!”

I cut both the achilles heel of his left foot along with his right.

Being unable to stand, it loses balance and falls to the ground.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Fire] {Ignis} + [Launch] {Veros}!!”

I fired a fire arrow at its face.

It's head is engulfed in flames and is scrambling on the ground.

…..I don’t think it’s enough to defeat it, but it should be out of the fight now.

I reach in searching inside my pouch and…

Henry: “Here’s a gift for you!”

I throw the flashbang grenade I showed to Jend earlier and toss it into the air.

The Giants who were trying to surround me instinctively followed the thrown object with their eyes and…

I close my eyes as it explodes.

A bright light I can perceive behind my eyelids fills the air. At the same time, a loud explosion rips through the air. Without my earplugs, my eardrums would have erupted.

When I open my eyes, I see the Giants crouched on the ground. In order to increase the effects of the flash, the light also has corrupt magic purifying properties embedded. Looks like it was very effective.

If they were able to surround me, I would have been beaten to death, but that’s not how we roll around here.

If it’s Giants, the effects won’t last more than 10 seconds. But with that much time...

Henry: “Fuh!!”

I charge in and strike my spear through the throat of the biggest, broadsword-Giant. Before it's body hit the floor, I used his body as a platform to jump to the Axe-user and struck him through the heart.

Two down.

Okay, can I take one more…? ...okay, nope. One of the other broadsword-users recovered and had the sword ready and pointed at me. Countless ice shards began to crystalize and swirl around the sword...

“Муз ок!!”

The ice shards were released and shot towards me.

It’s a short range attack, but I am too close to avoid it. Small pellets cover my entire view.

………...there’s no way to dodge this….I bring up my arms to guard and crouch to make my body as small as possible to decrease the surface area getting hit.

Henry: “Ugh…..grrrrrrhhhhh!!!”

GAGAGAGA!! (sfx: collision noises)

The ice shards shatter and ricochet off my body as I let out a frustrating groan.

The impact sends me backwards, and I hit the ground hard.

…… entire body aches, but luckily, none of my injuries are severe. Because of the Resistance Potion, I was able to survive without any cracks in my bones and just bruises all over my body.

I stand up and face the remaining three who recovered from the flashbang grenade.

The spear-user was laying flat on the ground with no signs of getting up. Apparently, I was able to take him down completely. Maybe he was a younger warrior Giant?

“жакын эмес”

“Алыстан Ак кол”

The remaining three were extremely wary of me, and they may be planning to chisel me down with their spells. After a brief discussion, all three began to summon their magic.

I don’t mind taking a hit or two, but I’ll lose if I don’t do something quick.

I reach into my pouch and take another item out.

……….oh wow. They are on high alert. They flinched thinking it was another flashbang.

Too bad for them.

Henry: “Here.”

This time, it’s a smoke bomb.

I smash it against the ground and white smoke immediately covers the area, and I disappear into it. ………..and the smoke continued to spread until it reached the 3 Giants.

“Муз ок!”

I sense magic spells being released, but I go ahead and head to the position I saw before the smoke spread.

Because they spread out, the concentration of the Spell was nothing.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Heal] {Teol}”

I heal myself quickly as I charge towards them.

I arrive at the foot of the broadsword-user who got me a second ago with his ice shards.


Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac}”

Its realization of the situation was way too late

From almost zero range, I throw my spear at the head of the broadsword-user.

My Nyoiten Spear hits the exact spot I was aiming for and pierces through his Skull.

Henry: “Sh.”

I draw the spear back and head towards a large hammer-user.

The smoke clears around that area, but I’m already in my throwing motion.

The Hammer-user tries to back away, but again, you’re way too late.

I throw my spear hard towards his large gut. The spear divides and multiplies and pierces his belly several times and finally separates his upper body from his lower.

ーーOnly one remaining.

I turn around and face the one-handed sword user.

I can sense some fear from him, but I’m sorry. I can’t let you go.

I used up a lot of magic and stamina so I take the Magic Recovery and Stamina Recovery Potion and ready my spear.

Henry: “ I come.”

ーーFive minutes later.

The Giant’s Demonic Realm is completely cleared.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

The characters used for the Giant’s Language are Kyrgyz, a Turkic language group (e.g. spoken in Kyrgyzstan), where the author probably typed in Japanese to Google Translate and copied and pasted the results into his WN. It’s technically supposed to be an unknown, mysterious language so I left the text as-is. I debated whether it would be worth translating, but the author doesn’t speak it, I don’t speak it, and I would be completely guessing what the author typed into Google. It would be a bad game of international telephone. With respect to Kyrgyz speakers, I’ll let the author take the heat for this one.


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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 4: Further Leaps and Bounds

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Tom Coyle
Tom Coyle
Jan 02, 2022

You made a good choice to leave it the way the author has it in the raws. Given that giants have intelligence (not necessarily high intelligence), I think the use of broken Kyrgyz to be a perfect choice. The Cyrillic script really makes it so that most people who can read a language like Russian or Bulgarian, will be able to sound it out and still be confused. The short and barely complete sentences show them to have a lower intelligence, but still makes them dangerous because they can coordinate in a very basic way. Great job translating. Love the results.


Jul 19, 2021

SOOOOOOOO........... doping huh, can't say I agree.

He should've just used multiple smoke bombs coupled with a magic sensing skill or item, and fired his spear at long range.

I hate doping but its a valid strategy none the less.

Thanks for the chapter!!!!!!

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