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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Chapter 5: Cyril’s Magic and the First Expedition

Everybody has magic within them. Magic exists in nature - a power imbued with magical elements. If it gets corrupted, it becomes the source of demonic creatures, but the original power itself is neither good or bad.

And, for those whose job is to fight, they incorporate magic into their fighting style in some way.

The most basic fundamental is to learn how to circulate magic throughout your body and learn how to strengthen it.

But at the same time, learning how to exert this magic power outside of your body is extremely difficult.

Without taking measures, the best you could do is store magic into your weapon or imbue it with magical properties.

In order to exert the magic within you, there are generally two options: *sorcery and *magecraft.

Both are skills that require magic to make something happen, but in essence, they are two completely separate things.

In magecraft, you need roughly 3 things.

Magic which is your power source; an item with a spell inscription that will guide and shape your spell; and the will of the magic user.

Sorcery only requires 2 things: the source magic power and the casters will.

The magic inscription is unnecessary in this process, and to be more specific, the simple explanation taught to the general public is that the magic inscription is actually incorporated inside the caster’s will.

And one major difference is the resulting power.

In magecraft, the amount of magic an inscription can handle has a set limit. In the Kroseid style, <FIRE> Ignus has an upper limit to how much magic you can pump into it.

That’s why it’s important to consider combining spells for greater effects even if it’s much more complicated to do so. In my case, joining 5 spells is my limit, and the upper limit I can store in 5 spells is my spell strength limit.

On the other hand, sorcery is different.

They say that “will” which has no particular shape can store an infinite amount of magic.

Cyril: “Alright! Here comes—!”

Cyril raises her staff in the center of the training grounds.

Jend: “I don’t mind you blasting magic, but keep in mind where you’re shooting! Don’t forget you ruined all the training dummies and equipment last time!”

Cyril: “UGH, OF COURSE I remember! I’m not an idiot! Ms. Cyril is a woman who never makes the same mistake twice!”

She did what now?

With Jend’s warning in mind, she positioned her staff and...

Cyril: “~~♪ ~~~♪”

...began singing.

Wait, what?

She catches me by surprise, but only for a moment.

I’m not too sharp sensing magic, but even I could feel the power beginning to surge and swirl within Cyril’s body as she continues to sing.

Her magic rose high into the sky and took form.

A little more than 10 seconds later, at the end of her song, 2 meter fireballs… 2, 4, 6, 8… about 15 of them took shape.

Each fireball’s temperature was nothing compared to me dinky fire arrow spell. Just one of those would be enough to roast a large monster.

Letting out a slow breath, Cyril opens her eyes and points the staff in front of her.

Cyril: “Here I come! <METEOR FLARE>!”

With a shout, the fireballs gather and collide into the ground in one place. The amount of control and accuracy she holds is also impressive. They collectively strike the earth and melt the soil.

The soil immediately cools and hardens again, but this is one dangerous spell.

Cyril: “Fwew! How was that?! Everyone else was using fire so I did my own fire spell.”

Henry: “Um, yeah. You’re… really amazing Cyril. Uh huh.”

She’s obviously too powerful and not someone who should be sticking around these rural parts.

Cyril: “Uh huh, uh huh. I knew it! Keep the compliments comin‘! I learn much faster with compliments rather than criticisms!”

Jend: “Don’t get too cocky. You lose sight of your surroundings when you’re preparing to cast and would be monster food without someone protecting you.”

Cyril: “I know, I KNOW! I’m thankful that I have a partner like you, Jend—!”

You need a strong will to guide magical sorcery. That’s why it is critical to have some level of subconscious affinity to the magic you’re using.

And even with affinity to magic, not many can use sorcery as they are.

You need something to flip a switch to put your subconsciousness into gear…. or so they say. I’m not a sorcerer so I really don’t know.

So for example, it would be like cryil’s singing, or it could be dancing, or reading poetry. Dangerous sorcery styles use risky state-inducing drugs, and rumors have it that there are more methods than these.

Cyril: “Well anyways, let me introduce myself again. I am Cyril, the Endel Sorcery Style user, Cyril.”

Henry: “Endel Sorcery Style, huh?”

Never heard of it. But then again, there are very few sorcerers and sorceresses in general so there is not a lot of information about different styles of sorcery.

Henry: “Is the amount of time you need to cast about the same for every spell?”

Cyril: “Nope! If I need to gather more power, you’ll need to buy me more time. If you need me to distract something, I can cast it with a single hum.”

Is that so? Since you’re switching your entire focus to singing, I would think that the time to cast would be relatively longer...

But I’m no expert. When it comes to sorcery, each sorcerer and sorceress have different ways they perceive their own magic, so if she says she can do it, then I just need to trust her word.

Cyril: “And if you need to do something big, with about 10 minutes, I can burn the majority of this town to ashes.”

Henry: “Don’t say something so scary,”

Cyril: “But Henry, you said there’s someone who can level a whole city—“

I know I mentioned that when we first met, and she said she wouldn’t lose to anyone, but I didn’t think she seriously meant to take the number 1 magician’s seat.

Jend: “So we finished showing each other’s abilities, so now what?”

Henry: “Now we just discuss how we want to work together. What is our basic formation? We don’t have to determine every single detail, but as long as we have a good understanding of each other’s roles in the group, it will be much easier to coordinate.

Well, we have to do this because with me in the group, you have to change up how you’re doing things already.

Henry: “Don’t worry too much. I’ll mostly be working to adjust to you guys. I had to join a lot of temp teams, and I’m good with both range and close combat.”

Yeah, I’m the typical jack of all trades. Depending on the situation, my team had me alternate supporting the vanguard and rearguard and had me running all over the place.

Cyril: “OH, OH!! Henry! I want to start using my bigger spells during battles!”

Bigger spells?

Henry: “Jend, you guys were hunting Killer Dogs, right?”

Jend: “Yeah, we once fought a stray Wild Bear, but we mainly hunted Killer Dogs.”


Henry: “You’re spells are way overkill so let’s not, Cyril.”

Cyril: “Aww poo. Fine. Whatever.”

Cyril isn’t happy with the decision, but I think she understands.

We can save her more powerful spells until after they both gain more experience, and we go after bigger prey.

Alright, so how should we do our lineup...


Cyril: “Alright! Onward we march!”

The next morning, we gathered early and headed to the forest to the east.

Apparently, it’s unlikely that we’ll run into demonic creatures until we near the forest area. Even if they do appear, they would be easily spotted in this open field, so we shouldn’t be caught off guard.

We leisurely chatted as we walked to the forest.

Henry: “By the way, how old is everyone?”

Cyril: “Oh, both Jend and I are 16.”

Jend: “In the Alvenia Kingdom, you’re considered an adult at the age of 16. My family didn’t allow me to become an explorer even though I could have started much earlier.”

Cyril: “And I’m actually 2 months older than Jend.”

Jend: “What difference does that make?”

Cyril: “I wanted to also start earlier, but the City Lord didn’t want me to start as a one sorceress party.”

Henry: “What’s your relationship to the City’s Lord?”

Cyril: “I told you before that it’s a secret. So, when Jend began as an explorer, I finally got the approval to be an explorer with him.”

Well, if I was her guardian, if you ask me if Cyril will be okay on her own as an explorer, my answer would be a definitive no.

Henry: “Have you two known each other long?”

Cyril: “I guess we’re childhood friends. We’ve known each other since I moved here 10 years ago.”

Jend: “That’s true. My sword master was the head of the Castle soldiers, so I visited the Lord’s premise a lot because of that.”

Hence, Jend earned the trust, and they saw his skills, so as long as they explored together, they felt comfortable sending the two out together.

This part of the countryside seems more lax and easy-going as far as its expectations for young adults to following strict customs and traditions.

Out of the 3 main kingdoms, the Valsaldi Empire still upholds traditions where the parents determine their child’s future. So it’s most likely a difference in cultural values.

Jend: “Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you, Henry. Why’d you leave the frontlines? It’s not from a lack of skills or strength from what I can tell.”

Henry: “Oh, that. Uh… yeah, a year ago, I finally accomplished my goal there at Ligaleo, and I lost my motivation after it was done.”

I remained on the frontlines for a little bit, but I no longer could see the point of risking my life every day, and I withdrew shortly afterwards.

Jend: “That’s too bad. If you’re a Heroic Warrior, I’m sure you could have reached a Hero of Legend status if you kept going.”

Henry: “Could I have? I wonder about that…”

I keep my answer vague. Considering that I’ve personally met all the Heroes of Legend, I never want to throw away my humanity to that extent just for that title.

Cyril: “Then why did you choose Flowtier? It’s far from the frontlines.”

Henry: “I mean, it’s true that explorers drawing away from the frontlines would move to a place where they could make good money but…”

Well, it’s not like I have a big reason why I came all the way out here.

Henry: “When I was thinking about where to move, there was a bard at a tavern singing about this place.”

Cyril: “Wait, that’s it?”

Henry: “Oh um, of course not! I also thought ‘oh yeah, they make Flowtier ale there,’ and ‘maybe going to a place with weaker demonic creatures will be better,’ and ‘maybe they’ll treat me better since I’ll be stronger than most explorers there,’ and… other reasons. Yeah, lots of other reasons.”

The more I made excuses, the more my petty greed kept spilling out.

I mean, c’mon! It’s not like I was trying to cause anyone trouble!

Cyril: “Wow, that totally changed how I see Heroic Warriors. I thought they were the elite of the elites.”

Henry: “Of course not. They’re just normal people who had some successful missions.”

Cyril: “How about you, Jend? Do you still want to become a Heroic Warrior after hearing that?”

Jend: “Oh, yeah, I have my own reasons for becoming one so…”

As a senior adventurer, I feel like I really embarrassed myself just now.

Henry: “Oh, hey. There’s a Crazed Rabbit 500 meters ahead, slightly to the west hiding inside the grass.”

I saw the grass move unnaturally in the distance. I saw white fur briefly before it vanished. Judging from the location, 9 out of 10 it’s got to be a Crazed Rabbit.

It uses its body to smash into opponents. Unless you’re a small child, an average adult would have no problems. The only thing to ge aware for is tripping and getting your neck caught in its jaws.

Well, if you’re a warrior type, you can deflect its attack with your natural strength alone, so even among all the basic demonic creatures you encounter as a novice adventurer, they rank in the lowest as far as threat-ranks.

Cyril: “Really? That’s amazing you found it.”

Henry: “I had to work as the scout for teams when we didn’t have a scout specialist.”

Even as we chat, I try to keep a constant lookout for these types of threats.

Henry: “Well, if it comes at us, we’ll engage, but if it runs, we’ll leave it be. Sound good with everyone?”

Cyril: “Yeah, I’m good with that—“

Jend: “It won’t add much to our record anyways.”

I don’t know if it knew our intentions, but it came at us with a ‘Though weak we may be, they’ll suffer our wrath today’ attitude and charged in.

Three Crazed Rabbits appeared out of the tall grass. I took out two with my spear, and Jend took out one.

That was all the trouble we ran into, and after a while, we arrived at the forest.




CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)


*magecraft - A general method of using magical spell inscriptions to cast magic.




Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by: Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:



Original Source Link:

Book 1: The Explorers of Flowtier

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