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Chapter 47: Frost Ogre

I wait for 4 Winter Wolves as they charge in from different directions.

With each howl, a cold wind rushes over my body. This is the White Wolves specialty - the White Breath.

The breath of the Winter Wolves is not strong. It won’t completely freeze over the enemy or cannot freeze their enemies to death. At its worst, if you are completely unprepared and unequipped, and THEN get attacked by a pack, it could then potentially make you freeze to death. But that is pretty much it.

……..but even cold wind can make your muscles tense and cause your body to freeze up even for a moment. If your body temperature is lowered, your movements will be dulled. The cold will eventually rob you of your stamina too.

In a short skirmish, there is nothing to worry about, but possibly in a longer fight, they would be a nuisance of an enemy - or that would be the case in a typical fight.

Henry: “But not for...US!!”

I swing my spear to the side with one swing and take out all the Winter Wolves who jumped at me at once.

3 took critical injuries. One survived landing on top of the 3, but it threw up blood and was out of the fight.

My body is doing really well. Their breaths are not even cold, but cool at best.

That’s all because…

Henry: “Well, you’re just out of luck facing my party.”

Behind him, Jend has my back and swinging his large broadsword with flames wrapped around it. The Single Blade of the Fire God Style….for a sword style that uses fire in battle, the area around us is actually hot.

And on top of that…

Cyril: “[Meteor Flare]!”

Though each fireball is smaller than usual, she increased the number of fireballs, and Cyril blasts her spell at them.

Each fireball took a life of its own as it looked for its prey, and incinerated the Winter Wolves to black ash.

There were some who survived with severe burns, but Teo followed up with her arrows and took out the remaining survivors.

…… all in all, because their fighting itself is a strategy against the cold, with Jend and Cyril on our side, the Winter Wolves did not once get the upper-hand in this cold environment.

Ferris: “Hah!”

Ferris who was guarding the mid-area of our formation moved in very precise movements and took out the Winter Wolves one by one. Her movements are not fancy or flashy, but if anyone got hurt, you could count on her. Hence, we placed her where the pressure would be lightest so she could easily maneuver within our party formation.


There’s no issue without teamwork. We are carving down their numbers gradually.

Henry: “..........this is going too well.”

After the last of the Winter Wolves were killed, I mumbled to myself making sure no one could hear me.

Honestly, I thought we would struggle a little in our very first battle. I didn’t think we would lose to a mid-tier lower-class pack of Winter Wolves, but this is a different hunting ground and a different enemy - I didn’t think we would so easily overwhelm our enemy.

This is the first time to fight in an environment with a specific corrupted magic trait too, but it made no difference...

Jend: “~~! Ack! It’s cold! As soon as I stopped moving, my sweat froze up. I really need to think about getting warmer gear next time.”

Jend puts away his blade and shivers.

Yeah, he didn’t really switch out what’s underneath his armor, so with metal armor plating, it would get pretty cold underneath.

Teo: “Mr. Jend, you can use this.”

Jend: “? Teo, what’s this?” Teo: “It’s a Cloud Plains Style Magecraft Artifact. It’s called a body warming charm. It doesn’t work immediately, but it let’s off a slight warmth, and if you keep it under your clothes, you will feel its effect.”

Jend: “......I’m grateful, but I have to say that your Style has a lot of strange equipment.

Teo: “Well, it was for spying and covert operations originally.”

See? We even have equipment to deal with the cold too. I appreciate how advanced our group’s adaptability skills are, but it makes me a little concerned. We are way too over-prepared.

Ferris: “But really. It’s the summer and yet it’s this cold here. The name [Corrupted Ice Territory] is no exaggeration.”

Cyrl: “And that’s because the [Ice] magic around this area is thickly corrupted, correct?”

Ferris: “That’s right. I see you’ve been studying hard, Cyril.” Inside the Flowtier Forest, the magic corruption there has no particular trait or attribute, but like here, there are places where specific types of magic get corrupted and accumulate. This is called a Magical Trait Corruption, and each Corrupted Area has their own specific terminology and names associated with it.

The most common ones are [Corrupted Ice Territories], [Swirling Flame Territories], and [Corrupted Wind Territories], etc. Each territory has its own challenges in order to survive within it.

And of course, the demonic creatures that appear in those kinds of territories are usually easy to predict. But at the same time, because it is a very specific Magic Trait that is corrupted in the area, those creatures will equally be more adept and powerful in that environment.

……..but all in all, it’s easier to predict the enemy and make plans to deal with them. There’s a debate between Adventurers on whether it’s easier to fight and make more money in these kinds of territories or not.

Cyril: “As far as the cold, I’m well-prepared. Henry made my ears hurt with all his warnings about how cold it would be even though it’s the summer here and to make sure to buy a Magecraft Artifact for it.”

Henry: “Well, that’s because your [Physical Boost] is the weakest out of our group. For the others, in the worst case scenario, we can circulate magic in our bodies and warm our bodies up.”

So she bought an artifact that helps you stay warm in the winter called, “Burning Barrier.”

Cyril: “........but I still have my [Fire] magic…”

Henry: “Over time, it might get difficult to sing and cast your spells too. Don’t forget, we’re still at the foot of the mountain, and it’s this cold. The higher up we go, the Magic Corruption will get denser, and the temperature will drop with it.”

Besides, your spells are way too overpowered, and there’s no way you could just warm yourself up.

Cyril: “.....but that’s strange. Why did Mr. Thomas have so many Burning Barrier artifacts in his stock in the middle of summer? His store isn’t that big to keep an oversupply of things.”

Henry: “That’s probably because it’s kept in store for the Flowtier Army.”

Cyril: “Oh, that makes sense.”

A single Magecraft Artifact can use up your magic power, but if your mission is to patrol these mountainsides, then prioritizing the Burning Barrier makes more sense.

Henry: “Well, I know it was a bit expensive, but once we start hunting in these areas regularly, it’ll pay itself off very quickly.”

Cyril: “You think so?”

If I was to guess, I bet the army pays for a portion of the artifact. It’s not something a regular soldier could afford with their salary.

Henry: “Alright, enough chit chat. We can keep talking, but let’s start collecting the drops.”

The Winter Wolves drop nails, fangs, and tails. Other than that, they occasionally drop a small Ice Magic Stone. In these specific Magical Trait Corrupted areas, the demonic creatures tend to drop these Magic Stones more often.

We quickly finish collecting the drops and go further up the mountain.

Henry: “Usually, I’d like Teo to go scout ahead of us but…”

Teo: “I think I will stick with learning and understanding the terrain first.”

Henry: “Thought so. Alright, let’s go.”

We resume our expedition.

………..well, we’ll probably not go up to the midpoint of the mountain side, and just continue roaming around the foot of the mountain some more.


Since then, we crushed 3 more Winter Wolf packs, and we were deciding to head back.

………..that’s when we saw an Ogre who descended to the foot of the mountains.

To be accurate, it was a subspecies of Ogres - the Frost Ogre.

Its height is about 3 meters (9.8 feet). It’s skin color was a bluish black and held a fierce expression. It held an axe made from its own [Ice] magic, and its body was covered in [Ice] armor.

Teo: “........what should we do? It doesn’t seem to have noticed us yet.”

Henry: “Hmm….yeah, let me think…”

We crouch low as we observe the Ogre, and I think through Teo’s question.

It’s just one, but the party is also tired from the repeated battles. It might be good to just experience what a Frost Ogre is like, but right now, that may be a bad idea.

But leaving it alone is not an option either. If an Ogre appeared this far down the mountain, if it just happened to start walking towards Flowtier, than the Army will suffer some casualties or losses if it faces it.

Henry: “Can’t be helped. Wait here. I’ll take care of it.”

It would be more troublesome if it was a pack of Ogres, but it’s just a stray one. I can go ahead and take it down quickly.

Jend: “........hey Henry? Could you hold on for a sec?”

But Jend stops me.

Henry: “? What’s wrong?”

Jend: “Could you let me handle that Ogre?”

You could see the fire and excitement in Jend’s eyes, and he seemed restless enough to jump out and charge in at any moment.

Henry: “Hm...any particular reason why?”

Jend: “I always wanted to face off with an Ogre. If you think it’s too much for me, I’ll back down, but if you think I’m ready, I’d like to try. But this is just my own personal agenda. As our party leader, if you don’t agree, I’ll follow your lead.”

Ah, got it.

I understand where he’s coming from.

An Ogre is one of those symbolic “strong” demonic creatures. There are, of course, a lot of other stronger creatures, but in fables and theatres, Ogres are a crowd favorite.

Dragons are similarly treated, but most consider defeating a Dragon to be more unrealistic in real life, so for the general public, they consider an Adventurer’s goal to be able to defeat an Ogre.

Defeating a demonic creature like that. To be able to prove your strength.

……….yeah, as a warrior-class, I can understand Jend’s feelings.

Jend: “ what do you think? You think I can do it?”

Henry: “Ummmm……”

I wonder….Jend’s current skills should be able to handle an Ogre just fine.

The problem is that it’s his first time fighting an Ogre, and this is an unfamiliar environment for him. On top of that, he has some fatigue built up from the previous fights. These are not great conditions to tackle a new enemy alone.


Henry: “........I guess it will be okay. Go ahead.” Jend: “You mean it?!”

Henry: “If we didn’t have Ferris with us, I would be against it, but watch out for any head injuries.”

Worst case scenario, even if he loses a limb, with Ferris, he should be able to reattach it with enough time.

Ferris: “Yeah, leave it to me. Jend, I know you’re not going in to get injured, but be careful anyway. But even if something happens, I’ll fix you up, so give it your all and go defeat that demonic creature!”

Jend: “Understood. Just watch me, Ferris.” Ferris: “I won’t take my eyes off you.”

Hm, do your best, Jend. Show Ferris what you’re made of.

Cyril: “Jend, looks like Mr. Ogre is heading our way.”

Jend: “Yeah, Cyril and everyone else, step back. I’ll take him!”

Jend readies his large broadsword and heads straight towards the Ogre who is also marching towards out group.

We give Jend his space and distance ourselves from the fight.



Jend’s broadsword clashes with the Ogre’s axe.

Both put their full strength behind the blow, and as their blades collide, we hear a large collision sound that shakes the ground.

Cyril: “Oh! Whoa!! Look at them go!”

Henry: “Yeah, if you’re talking about physical strength alone, an Ogre is in the upper-class tier.”

Ogres don’t have other special abilities, but they are known for their strength and ability to take a beating. That’s what makes them so hard to deal with.

They don’t have long-range attacks so they are susceptible to traps though.

But Jend also doesn’t have those kinds of tricks up his sleeve so he is going head-on with the Ogre.

The Ogre’s axe is enveloped in blue magic while Jend’s broadsword is enveloped in the flames of the Single Blade of the Fire God style.

The blue and red blades cross and collide and small explosions occur all around them.

Teo: “Jend is pushing the Ogre back.” Henry: “Yeah, he’s trained well and is handling the Ogre with no problems. He’ll win this fight.”

Cyril: “IーI see. I was thinking the same thing.” Cyril...I know you’ll have trouble following a physical fight like this with your eyes, so you don’t have to try and blend in with the group.

But Jend really has gotten strong. If it’s a one on one fight, he should be able to readily defeat the Ogre. But that’s if it was a regular Ogre.

……...Ogres don’t have special abilities. That is true, but if it’s a subspecies, it’s a little different and bothersome.

Jend: “?! What?! What’s it doing?!”

Sensing its disadvantage, the Ogre jumps back. Because Ogres are known to aggressively jump straight into the fray and rampage, this caught Jend off guard.


The Frost Ogre - as its name might suggest - blew out a Blizzard Breath.

Its a simple attack taking the [Ice] magic within your body and blowing it outwards. But because they hold more magic reserve than Winter Wolves, the difference in effect is apparent.

Jend: “AGH?! WHAT?!”

Of course, holding a blazing sword, Jend would not go down just with that, but the Ogre sees an opening and drives his axe into it.

Jend: “GRR!!”

Jend receives the axe with his gauntlet. The [Gauntlet of Solid Defense] he received from Heaven’s Treasure Vault lives up to its name and takes the axe blow without damage.

But the axe was enveloped in [Ice] magic, and the impact freezes Jend’s gauntlet with the arm inside.

Certain of its victory, the Ogre smiles…….sort of, and swings his axe down. Jend only has one arm free.

…….yup, that’s the end of the fight.

Jend: “Don’t underestimate me!!”

Jend dodges the big swing of the axe - the course of the blade was too predictable.

And with one hand, Jend raises the Blaze Blade over his head, and before the Ogre could recover, Jend finishes swinging through.

A red line is engraved through the Ogre’s stomach, and a moment later, it’s upper and lower body separate.

It’s Jend’s victory. The Ogre was too eager and hurried to end the fight. But to its credit, if the fight continued, Jend’s arm would have defrosted, and it would have lost in the end regardless.

Jend: “Fweeeeeeeeeeew…”

Jend lets out a long breath of relief.

Ferris: “Good work, Jend! You won!!”

Ferris runs up quicker than anyone else to deliver her compliments.

Jend: “Yeah, it caught me off guard with that Breath, but I managed to win.”

Henry: “You did well.”

I give my compliments as well. Yeah, he is getting stronger. With just a little more experience, he should be able to take on 2 or 3 Frost Ogres at once.

Teo: “Then let’s start heading back.” Cyril: “Yes! I can’t wait to see how much we made with our….”

Following Teo, Cyril was thinking about going back home when her words were cut short.

I wondered what happened when I saw what she was looking at…..another Ogre was descending from the mountains.

Cyril: “There’s another one?!”

Henry: “.........[Fire] Ignis.”

Fire wraps around the Nyoiten Spear.

I bring it overhead and throw it.

It crushes the Ogre’s skull, and the spear returns to my hand. It’s done.

Henry: “Alright, let’s get the drops and go back home.” The three are speechless as they look at me.

Hey, I can do this much at least.

Up until now, we only fought Griffins, so it might have been harder to gauge my strength, so this should give them some idea.

I feel some pride well up as I head to where the Ogre dropped dead to pick up the dropped items.


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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

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作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

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Book 3: The Flowtier Days

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