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Chapter 37: War Comrade, Visiting from the Ends of the Earth

Today, and today again, we were on another expedition - another adventure.

Ferris was beginning to really adapt into our group’s combat tactics and fighting style, and we were in the Flowtier Forest’s most dangerous area - the Griffins territory up on the central mountain.

We spent a night on the mountains, so we do have some fatigue starting to creep up on our bodies.

Cyril: “Ye~s! That was a good hunt! I can’t wait to turn in our drops tonight!”

Henry: “Yeah, that was a good haul.”

Cyril’s smile brightens her face.

With Ferris in our party, there is no reason for our party to hide around and seek for openings. Teo will identify where the Griffins are, and we charge in, hit them hard, and defeat them as they come.

This is definitely not the smartest way to do things, but this was the most efficient.

And it’s actually good to experience these kinds of chaotic battles that can change at any moment. In the frontlines, you’ll see mid-tier to upper-tier demonic creatures flood out towards you without any shame or regard. The terrain does determine what kind of creatures lurk there, so you'll know what basically to expect, but they are eager to show themselves at the opportunity.

If you want to fight in that kind of environment, you can’t get used to fighting a certain type of demonic creature in a certain type of way… If you get stuck in a rut like that, then those kinds of parties will not be able to thrive on the frontlines.

………...granted, this is all in preparation for the frontlines. If you wanted to just hunt Griffins and live off of that, there’s no reason to learn any other battle tactics and skills.

But as Cyril mentioned earlier, they are the middle of mid-tier demonic creatures, but because we defeated so many, we had a very good haul today. I could try suggesting doing this for a while, but ……..they probably won’t go with a long-term plan like that.

Ah well...

Ferris: “The sunset is pretty.”

Jend: “Yeah, I like the view from up here too.”

Ferris comments on the view from the mountains and Jend nods.

The Flowtier forest is on the east side of the city, so when we head back to the city, we walk towards the sunset.

It was true. The sunset did look amazing from here.

As we walk down the path, the shadows of 5 adventurers stretch long behind us, and it reminded me of some songs about adventurer legends.

Ah~... it’s so relaxing and calm…….why would anyone want to go to the frontlines and miss out on this kind of peace and quiet.

As I’m thinking about this, I see something on the horizon - a small shadow.

ーーMy mind goes immediately quiet and cold.

Henry: “...........Teo.”

Teo: “Yes. Someone’s coming this way. They’re fast. They’re running on foot.”

The speed is unbelievable. Whoever it is was on the far horizon, but already covered 1/3 of the distance to us already.

I can’t imagine any good reason why anyone would run this fast through the peaceful terrains of the Flowtier plains….

Then again, there’s not a lot of people who can run that fast……..ixnay that. I can only think of very few people who can run that fast.

A certain someone’s face came to mind as it registered a direct match with the person in front.

Teo: “.........wait, Sister Ageha?”

Henry: “Everyone on your guard!!”

Ageha that idiot!! You should be in Ligaleo!! Why are you even here?!?!

Ageha: “Hhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyーーー!!!!”

She came to about 100 meters away, and she got something out of her pocket. She threw it onto the ground in front of her.

Smoke immediately rises, and her body is hidden from view.

Henry: “ーーーーーーー!!!”

I look immediately behind me.

Ageha, who was 50 meters in front of me, landed from the air as I did so.

………….smoke bomb to the front, hide yourself from the prey and jump. Create footholds with magecraft, and move quietly behind your target and go for the kill. Only an crazy idiot would come up with a move like this and call it…

Ageha: “[Ageha • Neck Slash]!!”

Henry: “HA! Like that would work!”

I block Ageha’s hands coming for my throat.

This move is for surprise attacks. If your opponent already knows what’s coming it won’t………..let me rephrase. If the opponent knows beforehand what you’re about to do AND CAN REACT to it in time, then yes, it won’t work. ………..her range of the attack has significantly increased since the last time I saw her though.

Ageha: “HA HA! Good block, Henryー!”

Henry: “Shut your trap if you’re going to keep going!”

I block the oncoming rush of chops and kicks.

Ageha beats me in speed, but I beat her in strength and weight. I need to be wary of my neck and eyes….and my crotch. I block with flat palms against the brutal assault, and try to fight back.

Ageha: “Hu!!”

Ageha’s body twists in the air.

A spinning kick comes straight for my throat.

ーーWhy does she always go for the throat!!

Whatever! If I block this, she’ll have a big opening. If I can endure this kick, I win. If she breaks through my defense, she wins. Tch! I’m not going to loseーー!!

Cyril: “[WIND BOMB]!”

And at that moment, a strong wind rushes around us, and both Ageha and I are taken up and blown away by the wind.

We roll away on the ground and are covered in dirt.

I couldn’t sense it coming because there was no killing intent behind the spell……….

Cyril: “Why are you both fighting all of a sudden?! You won’t get away with such behavior while this Miss Cyril is around!!”

Cyril looks quite upset and is throwing a fit.

………….my bad. I completely forgot where I was and responded as I would in Ligaleo.


Cyril: “Yes, so please introduce yourself.”

Ageha: “Sure. Ageha Sagiri. 20 years old! I’m Teo’s cousin, and a former party member to Henry. I’m an Adventurer in Ligaleo. Nice to meet you!”

Ageha finished her introduction with a bold smile across her face.

Her hair tied back behind her waves like a tail behind her head, and reveals how good of a mood she’s in. She’s actually in a REALLY good mood right now.

Cyril: “Thank you. I’m Cyril. I’m currently an adventurer with Henry and Teo.”

Ageha: “Oh! Cyril, right? Got it! I know your name now!”

Cyril: “So question. Why did you suddenly start fighting with Henry? Henry, you need to answer this too!”

And I’m also scolded as well.

……..for starting a fight suddenly, Ageha and I are sitting next to each other on the ground.

Ageha: “It’s just a normal greeting. I was saying hi.”

Cyril: “What kind of greeting is that?!”

Henry: “Well, no, she’s right Cyril. What she’s saying is true. Between Adventurers on the frontlines, if you see someone you haven’t seen in a while, this is how you greet them normally.”

Now that I think about it, what a ******** violent culture. Usually, it’s just one or two hits, and Ageha’s one of the rare ones who doesn’t pull any stops. ……..I said rare, but she’s not the only one mind you.

Cyril: “Rーreally……..?”

Henry: “It’s no lie. But only the Adventurers who are fighters do it.”

Ageha: “The fun part is to figure out how to go all out without hurting anyone ☆”

Ageha winks as she says this. What kind of fun is that…..really……….but I also responded in kind without hesitation, so I guess I’m not one to say.

Cyril: “..........(SIGH……)...fine. Please stand. I’m sorry. I misunderstood and intervened with my magic.”

Henry: “I’m sorry to.”

I apologize. Like, I can see how regular people would never understand what just happened right now. Don’t worry, me, I’ll be able to become normal one day!

Ageha: “But no really~. I came over because they said Teo was in a party with Henry, but there’s other fun ones here too~.”

Teo: “Not as interesting as you…..”

Ageha: “HA HA HA!! Good one, Teo!”

Ageha laughs joyously and walked towards Teo who didn’t know how to take in the situation.

Ageha: “Hey, Teo. You grew up! Are you what, 14 now?”

Teo: “.......It’s been 5 years since you said, ‘I’m gonna go have an adventure!’ and never came back. Of course, I’ll be bigger by now.”

Ageha: “It’s been that long already~.”

Ageha taps Teo on the head, and Teo doesn’t seem too annoyed by it.

Henry: “5 years, huh……...I thought that might be the case. You came straight to the frontlines and started your Adventurer career, huh? You are insane….”

Ageha: “Like someone who came to Ligaleo at the age of 12 can talk!”


I growl not being able to find a good retort, and Jend and Ferris come forward.

Jend: “Ummm... Nice to meet you. I’m Jend, and this is….”

Ferris: “I’m Ferris.”

Ageha: “Oh! I heard about you from old man Ezeal. I’m Ageha. Nice to meet ya~.”

And Ageha smiles as she greets them back.

……..she’s violent as heck, but she gets along with people well. I feel like those two shouldn’t go together though………

Jend: “Is that the Hero of Legend Adventurer tag…?”

Ageha: “Huh? Oh yeah, it’s Jend, right? You interested in getting one?”

Jend: “One of these days. I’d like to do enough to earn one.”

The Adventurer tag that Ageha is wearing is different from ours. It looks gold on the outside.

It’s made from the rare metal Orihalcon. There are only 8 tags made like this. Sir Ezeal didn’t have his on because he’s a knight by trade, so this is the first time Jend and everyone else got to see one.

Ageha: “Nice! Keep up the work then. I like guys with big dreams. Ferris, you better support him properly!”

Ferris: “Huh? Oh, yeah, of course.”

Ferris was a little shocked that she saw through their relationship so quickly.

……...yeah, she doesn’t seem like it, but she watches people real carefully. I don’t know if it’s her way of observing or if she just has a knack for it, but apparently, the Cloud Plains Style was originally created for spies and covert ops.

Henry: “........and so why you here, Ageha?”

Ageha: “I just told you, didn’t I? I heard you and Teo were in the same party, so I thought, ‘I need to go see this!’”

Henry: “And just for that, you came all the way here? Your travel fares wouldn’t have been cheap.”

If you wanted to come here from Ligaleo, you have to go to the Southern Corner City Southgaia and go through Centraleo and then Northertier. That’s two Teleport Gates, and quite a fee.

Ageha: “Nope. Ran here all the way.”

Henry: “Whーyou rー...”

Ageha: “Spending all that money would’ve been a waste so I ran. Was it about 4 days?” she stupid…..?

Cyril: “Yーyou ran?! But do you know how far it is from Ligaleo from here?!”

Ageha: “Nope.”

Cyril strains an awkward smile, and Ageha tilts her head to think about it and quickly gives up.

……….let’s just say that a normal person could run for a month straight and still not get there. I could probably do it in 6 days, but I don’t wanna.

Ageha: “Well, the sun’s going down. Let’s go back! I was looking forward to having some Flowtier Ale~!”

Henry: “........then go drink by yourself.”

Ageha: “It’s been forever since I drank with my cousin and comrade! Of course I wanna drink with you guys!”

Ageha wraps her arms around Teo and my shoulder together.


Henry: “So that’s why you came for us at the end of our expedition?”

Ageha: “Yup. I went to Teo’s house, and they said she’ll be back by this evening so I came to pick you guys up!”

For what? You could have just waited at Teo’s house. Wait, so you did this so you can come attack us by surprise? Oye, this idiot. Really…..

Henry: “Fi~ne, Fi~ne. We’ll go to my inn. The food and drinks are great there. Let’s have a drink together then.”

Ageha: “Ni~ce. Sounds good, sounds good. You guys are coming too, right?”

And Ageha invites Cyril and the rest.

……...that night.

There was a huge celebration that welcomed one of the Heroes of Legend at the Bear’s Keg Inn.




Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 3: The Flowtier Days

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