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Chapter 36: Songs of Memories

This happened on one sunny afternoon.

I was walking through the area of Flowtier that was allowed to host a flea market, and I took my time looking at all the wares and goods.

There’s many kinds of vendors here selling all kinds of goods. There are farmers selling their recently harvested produce. Wood cutters lining their stalls with wooden dolls, and some selling used clothes.

There are stalls that are selling medicines which are typically prohibited, but all in all, just walking around the different stalls is fun.

I bite into a fruit I bought at one of the stands.

It’s slightly more sour than sweet….and pretty acidic as well. A farmer’s kid was selling it to get some pocket change, so I wasn’t setting my hopes too high, but…. this is definitely from a non-domesticated tree from the wild.

Well, it’s still edible, so I quickly take bigger bites to finish it off.

…...but just like this, the quality of goods you find in the flea market are not regulated.

When Teo was still hunting with her grandfather, they would come sell the meat here, but the quality of food and produce especially is a hit or a huge miss because it all depends on how the prey was taken down and how the meat was processed and treated afterwards,

Henry: “Hmmmm… I wonder if there’s anything good….”

Since I live in Inn’s, I don't want to accumulate too much furniture. but there is still stuff that I want.

Like, look at that antique sand clock. It’s not much use, but I simply like looking at it.

“Oh, you interested in this sand clock right here? You got good eyes. This was said to be one of the clocks that the god of time Chronos passed down…”

Henry: “Oh, sorry. I’m just looking around. Excuse me.”

I strain a smile at the seller’s passionate tirade on the epic history of his clock, and quickly excuse myself. There’s no way that that story is true, but they have to find ways to sell off their goods.

I was walking around each stall when I ran into a familiar face.

Ferris: “Hasn’t it been too long since this has been harvested? Couldn’t you give me a better discount? Look, it’s already starting to wilt and dry out in the edges. You're not going to find any other buyers.”


Ferris: “Look, I’ll take these carrots as well.”

“Argh, fine! Fine. It’ll be 20 zeniths total.”

Ferris: “Thank you.”

“Here you go. You're young but you haggle like an pro, Miss.”

Ferris: “Thanks.”

…….and I see Ferris haggling with a produce seller like a flea market veteran. She pays him the money and places the items inside her bag.

Ferris: “Oh!”

Henry: “Hey Ferris. Good afternoon to ya.”

Ferris: “Yes, good afternoon, Mr. Henry.”

Henry: “Shopping for dinner supplies?”

Ferris: “That about sums it up. The flea market is a good place to keep your coat down if you know the market price and have an eye for things. I save a lot of money here.”

Ferris is carrying a portion of her father's debts. Because of that, she does her best to spend as little as she can every day,

It is a debt carried against the country, and they didn't impose an interest rate on her, but in return, there are some further limitations placed on her.

Even moving here to Flowtier required the backing of the Commander of the White Dragon Knights.

Now, I’ve gotten to know her better which only reaffirmed how trustworthy she is. I could lend her the money to pay the rest of her debt off, but …...I would be overstepping my bounds in that case.

As we walk along the flea market, I chat with Ferris.

Henry: “So you can cook?”

Ferris: “I can’t cook desserts like Cyril does, but eating out everyday adds up quickly. And on top of that, the rental room that Jend connected me with has a well equipped kitchen. It would be a waste to not use it.”

……..owwww, to a person who ONLY eats out, those words stung.

Henry: “Still〜, that’s amazing. I can only cook basic things when camping outdoors.”

Ferris: “That reminds me. You also live in an Inn, huh? You should try taking up cooking. It’s actually a lot of fun.”

Henry: “It’s a bit bothersome for me, but Jend really caught himself a good bride.”

I seriously think so. She’s diligent, frugal, pretty-looking, and curvy.

Ferris: “Oh please, you tease too much.”

Henry: “Oh! Do you cook for Jend sometimes?”

Ferris: “Ah, you just won’t stop. But yes…..just sometimes. He eats quite a bit so it’s fun just watching him eat.”

She blushes as she confirms my suspicions. …...I see…. so they’re already spending time together in the house. A "home-date" as they called it? The atmosphere within the party hasn't changed, so they haven’t crossed the line just yet, but it’s a matter of time now.

…..........…..I’m not jealous, okay?

Henry: “Wow, is it just me or is it getting warmer all of a sudden? You guys keep it on the down low during our expeditions, so I have no complaints on that front.”

Ferris: “You’re the one who started poking around with the questions… but yeah, of course. I can’t imagine getting hurt because we were too distracted with each other during an actual expedition. That wouldn’t be a laughing matter.”

Yeah, I’m actually thankful that she thinks that way. Newly dating couples have a way of getting carried away and dying… actually happens more often than you think.

One time, because of that, I got entangled in their mess, and I almost died. I saved the couple, but I gave them a stern lecture before kicking them off the frontlines and sending them back.

…….I hope they’re doing okay.

Ferris: “So what are your plans, Henry?”

Henry: “I'll walk around a bit more, and the. head to a tavern to have a drink.”

Ferris: “That’s a good way to spend your off-days.”

……..I know she meant nothing by it, but her words kind of stung.

Henry: “Oh, look at that…”

Ferris: “What is it? Oh a sound record disc.”

It’s a magecraft item used to record and store sounds. It’s about 20 cm (8”) wide disc, and if you place it onto the replay device, you can enjoy music.

It’s not a cheap hobby at all, but we’re at the flea market. It seems to be pretty well used and old, so the price is cheaper than usual.

Ferris: “Oh….hmmmmmmmmmm….”

Henry: “Ferris? You okay? Do you like this kind of stuff?”

Ferris: “Well, there’s no way I can afford a sound player, but Jend actually has one on his room. If it’s just a disc, I may be able to……”

And Ferris intently stares at a music disc of one of the most famous celebrity singers.

Charlotte Fine. ….also known as the Rainbow Singer. She’s a super famous halfling celebrity. And she’s also one of the 8 Heroes of Legend.


After going back and forth about it for a long time, Ferris decided to go ahead and purchase it.

She places the disc carefully and cautiously into her bag and looks satisfied.

As we walk, she has an apologetic smile on her face.

Ferris: “Well, there goes all my allowance. Haha.”

Henry: “Why not? You like her, huh?”

Ferris: “Yeah, before my father's incident, I went to every concert held in the Capital. I never missed one. I love her songs, but I especially love her tales. When a town was about to get swallowed up by a wave of demonic creatures, her song inspired the entire town, and they were able to defend it.”

And actually, that story was before the Demon King’s coronation. She’s actually the other hero along with Sir Ezeal who was already a Hero of Legend by the time the Demon King rose up.

She’s a halfling so she looks like a child, but she should be well into her 60’s by now. And she’s a sorceress that uses songs like Cyril. She can buff anyone within listening radius to extremely high statuses.

She’s incredibly strong, but she visits all the lands as a singer and celebrity, so she doesn’t remain on the frontlines like other heroes do, and goes there 3 to 4 times a year to cheer up the soldiers.

Henry: “Miss Lotte, huh. She does have a beautiful voice, but if you know her personal life, she kinda lets herself go when no one’s looking…...”

Ferris: “..........HーHENRY?”

Henry: “Hm?”

Ferris: “Yーyou… do you know our sweet little Charu personally?!”

Little Charu. It’s what her fans call her.

…….but wait. Ferris. What’s with those eyes? Something’s not right here.

Henry: “MーMiss Lotte is a good friend of Sir Ezeal. Iーgot to know her through him…...we had some history, so we would go have a drink when she came to Ligaleo. That’s about it……?”


Hey, what the heck. Your persona’s transforming?! What happened to the super serious girl I knew?! Now that I recall, she was really into the way she recalled Miss Lotte’s battle episode and her energy mysteriously rose really high!

Henry: “Cーcalm down, Ferris. People are watching us now…”

Ferris: “Eーexcuse me. You caught me off guard, and Little Charu’s energy just overcame me.”

Henry: “Little Charu energy…?”

During her concerts, Miss Lotte would ask her fans, ‘Everyone〜! Are you full of Little Charu energy tonight〜〜?!” and her fans would respond "YE〜S!!!" at every concert.

……..look, I personally like her songs, but I couldn’t go along with the passion of her fans.

Ferris: “Mr. Henry, I’m wondering if you wanted to step into that café to tell me a little more….”

Henry: “Oh!! So sorry!! I completely forgot that I had an engagement that I’m running late for!! I have to go! Maybe next time!!”

Ferris was starting to loom over me, and I had to make a desperate escape.


Henry: “Wow… that was an unexpected side to Ferris…”

I managed to escape from Ferris, and landed in a random tavern. I sipped Flowtier ale as I recalled her sudden and frightening transformation.

……...we'll, it is tough to hang around someone who’s always that serious, but who could ever imagine that she would throw that kind of curveball.

Henry: “Miss Lotte, huh.”

It was around the time when a year passed since I became an adventurer.

The images of my country getting burned to the ground were fresh on my mind, and I was one nasty kid with an attitude.

I became an adventurer to avenge my country, but I struggled in gaining the strength I needed, and everyday pissed me off even further.

In Ligaleo, there are many children like that, but there was no child as young as I was. Hence, Sir Ezeal took notice, and looked after me from a distance.

And one day, Miss Lotte came to Ligaleo, and Sir Ezeal took me to her concert…..

Afterwards, she barged into my room screaming, “Where’s the ********** brat that didn’t smile after hearing my song?!?! WHERE IS HE?!?!”

Of course, the only person who knew where I lived was Sir Ezeal so it was his doing.

Well, so I was pretty pissed too that someone just barged in….. and after arguing back and forth, this and that, I told her my story, and I ended up sleeping while she sang a lullaby.

Miss Lotte’s song beefs up its listeners, but it also has the effect of calming one’s soul. Because of that, I was able to sleep for the first time.

Henry: “.......I need to thank her for that time….”

She followed me around for about a week after that, and because of that, I got through the worst period of my life.

It feels like such a long time ago. I was only 12 or 13 at the time. The only reason why I survived was because so many people looked after me.

Henry: “........should I buy a disc and sound player too?....”

No, it'll be too noisy for my neighbors next door.

….maybe I’ll go and listen to my discs at Jend’s place too….

As I walked down memory lane in my head, I ate this tavern’s specialty, whole-roasted chicken and drank down my ale.






Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 3: The Flowtier Days

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