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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 3: The Flowtier Days

Chapter 32: Solo Adventuring

Henry: “Oh, isn’t this Hamao grass? That’s a rare find for these parts.”

Inside the Flowtier Forest.

I was gathering herbs I discovered in the Wild Bears’ territory.

Hamao grass is a pretty rare herb used for potions. If you give it to a decently trained pharmacist, they can make a mid-tier level potion with this. If they were to let it sit in liquor, it gives the drink a distinct, acquired taste that some people adore. And they also say that drinking liquor like that will invigorate you in many ways…

I didn’t think that I would run into a small patch around here.

From further inspection, it doesn’t look like anyone picked through it recently, so I happily help myself.

…’s typical for adventurers to acknowledge that anything found in these hunting grounds are first come first serve, but you still have to be careful because there are still some who would stake claims to areas regardless.

I’m not desperate enough for income to risk starting an altercation with any other group, so if there were signs of someone collecting the herbs, I was only going to pick a few stems and that was it. But as it is, I help my self to as much as I can take.

But I will leave the younger buds, so that it can continue to grow and spread for the next time I come around.

Henry: “I guess that about wraps it up.”

I stuff the Hamao grass inside my bag and stand up. I stretch out my limbs that stiffened a little while I was bent over.

I take out my notebook from my bag. I need to record where I found the Hamao grass. I don’t have great mapping skills, but thankfully, the trees here are more separated, so I can guess the relative position and distance more accurately.

If this was a dungeon, I’d be too scared to use any map a novice made.

Now, how long did it take for Hamao grass to grow back again?

As I tried to plan out when I should return back here, a low growl emerges from a distance.

Henry: “………..”

I draw out my Nyoiten Spear from its sheath at my side and shape it into a short spear.

And at the same time, a black shadow emerges from the shadows of the trees.

A single Wild Bear….huh.

Henry: “Hmm…”

Wild Bears aren’t known for their intellect and tactics like Kobolds, but I scan the area for other threats.

…..but it doesn’t look like there are any other ambushes set up.

But regardless, I raise my alertness to several levels higher than usual as I slowly approach the Wild Bear.

The Wild Bear is also approaching me slowly at the same time.

It’s eyes were full of anger towards humans.

And once we got to a certain distance near each other…


The Wild Bear leans forward, and charges in.

Henry: “FU…..!!”

Blowing out a quick breath, I also close the distance.

I circulate plenty of magic power throughout my body, and I stand before the Bear in the next instant.

Even before the Wild Bear could finish taking its first step, I thrust my spear into its chest.


With its heart pierced, it cries out one last time before it falls to the ground.

…..the demonic creature’s body evaporates completely, and once it is totally gone, I relax from my high alert stance.

Henry: “Fwew…”

I won’t be tired from dealing with one Wild Bear, but I’m glad my skills haven’t rusted. I let out a slow breath of relief.


Right now, me, Cyril, Jend, Teo, and Ferris are teaming up and forming a party together.

Until Ferris gets acclimated to our party, we’re tackling Kobolds.

Even so, we don’t go adventuring every day.

And because of that, I have some pent up energy, and I came down to the Flowtier Forest alone to do some Solo Adventuring.

Henry: “Oh, Mr. Nord’s lunch looks delicious as always.”

I buy lunches from Mr. Nord’s Inn, and I open it as I find a place to eat.

Since I’m eating outdoors, I have something easy to eat like sandwiches. But unlike regular sandwiches, this is catered towards physical fighters and is stuffed with goods inside. There’s thick-cut ham, vegetables, sautéed chicken, cheese, and tomatoes, and potato salad on the side.

I won’t get full from this, but there’s enough to get me through the day.

I take a large bite out of my sandwiche.

They salted the ingredients a little more than usual to cater to people who do hard labor outdoors.

I finish one sandwich quickly and drink out of my water bottle.

The water from the forest is clean, and it moistens my dry throat.

…..and as a precaution, I have a bracelet that’s actually a Rare-class godly equipment called, “The Prayer of Defense.” It’s effects are resist-poison and resist-lightning. A little bit of natural water won’t affect me.

I could use my [WATER] Eedle, but any water created by magecraft is always lukewarm. I could try to learn [ICE] Glacial, but I’m currently not in need of more spells, and just learning one magecraft spell just so I can drink cooler water sounds like an enormous waste of time and effort.

Henry: “Fwew…..”

I let out one slow breath.

Looking up, the tree branches block my view, but I can still see the blue sky above me well enough.

It’s peaceful here. If there were no demonic creatures, this would be a popular picnic site.

…….so, it’s not like I can let my guard down completely, but I can take care of 10-20 Wild Bears on my own, so I allow myself to relax a little.

When adventuring solo, it’s critical to find moments to rest and breathe. Being alone, it’s impossible to have your guard up all the time.

And today, I came here alone to confirm that I still got it. I can still do this.

…...yes, I’m in a party right now and there’s no plans to dissolve the party any time soon, but there’s no telling when I’ll be left alone again. If I can only function in a party, then I’ll be in trouble.

Injuries, employment, marriage, death in the family, or even boredom. There’s a myriad of reasons why you should retire from Adventuring. There’s no loss in being prepared for the worst.

And in the case of our party….

Henry: “......2 years? No, it’ll be about 1 more year.”

Cyril especially wants to go to the frontlines. The others are also interested as well.

If it comes to that, I have no reason to fight in that hellish place, so I’ll stay behind in Flowtier.

I do feel the bonds between us grow and deepen, but it’s not enough to pull me back into Ligaleo. I think. Probably…. Well, I guess we’ll just have to see.

……..anyways, whether I go with them or not, they’ll probably depart in about 1 year. Up until then, I’ll just have to teach them what I know as much as possible.

Henry: “But really...why in the world does Cyril want to go that badly?”

It’s a mystery.

I can understand Jend and Ferris. They are the kinds of people that seek out strength. Teo is full of curiosity too and carries high aspirations.

But Cyril….she has incredible magic talent, but she’s not the type that enjoys fighting. And that’s why I just don‘t understand why she is the most enthusiastic about going among the 4 of them.

I think about squeezing that reason out of her but… might be a very personal reason, and I don’t know if I want to step in that deep.

From her personality, she just might say, “I’m going to the frontlines because we’re talking about me!!” I can imagine that very easily happening.

I’m not sure if she’s intentionally keeping it a secret or subconsciously doing so, but regardless, it’s difficult for her to breach the subject.

We’ve gotten to know each other better and gotten along fine. We’re from the same hometown, but is this really something I should try to wriggle out of her?

She’s also from the Fezzard Kingdom. She also had parents and friends killed by the Demon King’s armies.

Maybe she’s like me and wants revenge? And unlike me who went after the General, she wants to wipe out the entire Demon King’s armies?

Henry: “..........yeah, definitely not.”

I really don’t think her carefree, free-spirited personality is just an act. That has to be her core personality. If she’s truly hiding her true ulterior motives and the face of a murderous, blood-raged vengeance queen underneath it all, you might as well turn this world upside down and inside out.

…...but whatever.

She might talk about it soon, or if she doesn’t, she’ll be going to Ligaleo with Jend. I’m not…..not…….ARGH! I’m so worried!!

Yeah, maybe I can just guide them to Ligaleo. And then I’ll connect them with my old acquaintances, and they should be safer. If it’s the frontlines, Sir Ezeal will be there too.


Henry: “.................maybe I should go…….”

I was done eating but my thoughts kept going.

I’ll have to set aside these thoughts for now, and finish this adventure.


Henry: “Fwew! Well, that was a good haul today!”

Around when evening came, I ended my exploration and returned back to Flowtier. I finished selling off my drops and had a good bit of income come in.

I was unlucky in that there were no Quests asking for the Hamao grass, but I was able to go through the church to sell it.

…….unless you’re like Teo with a cheat bag, an individual can only carry so much. Unless you’re bringing in something ultra rare and expensive materials, if it’s just a single bag of mid-tier potion ingredients, you really don’t have many places that will take your trade. You’ll actually lose money with all the item checks and time wasted in negotiations.

There are specific, specialized buyers, but they will haggle down the price to dirt cheap.

………….so in the end, if you’re an adventurer with no connections, your best choice is to ask the church for help.

What? Jend’s house?

A Merchant Association of that size wouldn’t have a reception window for Adventurers. The economy of Adventurers is way too unstable and unreliable.

“Oh, it’s Henry.”

Henry: “Hm?”

I step out of the church, and someone calls my name.

Turning around, I see someone who I see almost everyday approach me with a smile.

Henry: “Cyril?”

Cyril: “Yes, hello there….oh, I guess it’s almost good evening~~~”

Well, yeah, it’s almost sundown now.

Henry: “It’s rare to see you out and about at this time. Are you on your way home?”

Cyril: “No, today, the head chef at the Governor’s mansion had to rest due to a cold. Everyone at the mansion is making their own meals today. I figured that I would like to go out and eat somewhere in that case.”

They have a head chef, huh… yeah, that makes sense. It’s the Flowtier’s Governor’s mansion after all.

Henry: “Then do you want to join me? I made a good bit today, so it’s on me.”

Cyril: “Really?! Yes!!”

Henry: “Alright, then let’s go.”

We can just walk around and find a nice looking place to eat.

Cyril: “Oh huh? I thought we had the day off, but Henry, you went adventuring?”

Henry: “Yeah, just to make some income and train. Oh, since we’re talking about training, did you complete everything I asked you to do today?”

Cyril: “O--of course! I was working hard all morning. …..and it took me all afternoon to recover…”

Oh wow. Even though I gave her more than I should have, she still completed it all.

Henry: “Then let’s make sure to eat up plenty. Even if you train, if you don’t eat, it’s all for nothing.”

Cyril: “Ummmm….you know I don’t want to gain weight from eating so much, right? I’m still a lady.”

Henry: “Hm? What? You actually thought that you would be able to gain weight? Oh no no no. You should be more about losing too much weight.”

Cyril: “Wait… much are you planning to train me…..?”

At the end of the day, she needs to get to a place where today’s training menu can be done while humming, skipping, and not losing her breath at all.

When I told her that, she turned a pale blue as the blood drained out of her face.

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