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Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Chapter 3: The Bear’s Keg Inn

Thomas: “Ah, here we are. This is where my good friend runs his inn along with a food and dining business - The Bear’s Keg Inn.”

After we finished everything at the church, I planned out our next steps with Cyril and Jend, and Mr. Thomas took me to his friend’s inn.

The Inn had a giant barrel-shaped sign, and looked like a typical inn. The building looks a little old, but it’s very well kept,

Thomas: “Hello—“

Mr.Thomas enters first, and I follow.

Lana: “Oh! Mr. Thomas, welcome!”

A girl probably in her mid-teens greeted us.

Thomas: “Hello Lana. Is Ol’ Nord in?”

Lana: “Dad is in the kitchen at the moment. Should I go call him for you?”

Thomas: “If it’s not too much trouble, I would appreciate that.”

Lana: “Yes sir—, one moment please. Oh, please have a seat there while you wait. Please have the gentleman next to you also take a seat.”

I raise my hand in acknowledgment as she goes to the back room.

Thomas: “Her name is Lana. She’s the daughter of the owner and has been helping out with the family business since she was very little. Today, she’s more of a local celebrity and the poster girl of this inn.”

Henry: “Ah, got it. I can see how that is.”

I can see how popular she can be. She is a little too much of a kid for my taste, but the way she brightly smiles to the customers is very welcoming.

Anyone living in a kill-or-be-killed world of exploration would welcome the change to be greeted by a cute poster girl with that kind of smile. And I’m sure it’s not just the explorers but the regular workers as well.

After a little bit, Lana returns. Behind her is… holy crap he’s huge...

A man well over 6 feet walks towards us. With a thick, full beard, he exuded an intimidating presence that was only masked by a well-worn apron.

Nord: “Thomas? You came back from your trip.”

Thomas: “Hey Nord. It’s been a while. Anything happen while I was gone?”

Nord: “Nope.”

They look very close. Mr. Thomas spoke very professionally to someone younger like me, but he was completely relaxed around this man.

Thomas: “I actually came by to introduce a customer.”

I felt Nord glare and take me in his sight.

Henry: “Oh, uh, yes. My name is Henry. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Nord: “I’m Nord.”

He’s the strong, silent type.

I was wondering how to proceed when Lana elbowed her father in the side.

Lana: “Dad, be more friendly to customers! I’m always having to remind you!”

Nord: “Sorry.”

Lana: “Mom’s gone so try to learn to greet customers better!”

Mom’s gone? Like...gone?

Well, it wouldn’t be surprising in this day and age. Just like the pack of Wild Bears, demonic creatures have been spawning more frequently in unexpected locations since the Demon King’s arrival.

According to Thomas, it was more peaceful around this area until recently, but tragedies like that still happen.

But I let my imagination run too freely.

Thomas: “Mr. Henry, Nord’ wife is just back with her family until her baby is born.”

Henry: “Oh… Ohhh, got it.”

Well that was embarrassing. He even knew what I was thinking.

Lana: “And was it Mr. Henry? OMG! You’re a Heroic Warrior?! You must be amazingly strong!”

Henry: “Yeah, I guess I am.”

It’s hard not to stand a little taller after being hyped so much. It’s true that people around here rarely meet Heroic Warriors. But I know that her hype and enthusiasm is also part of her business tactics.

Even so, it doesn’t feel bad to be praised so why not? No one’s coming out a loser in this exchange.

Lana: “So would you like to book a room?”

Henry: “Yeah. I had some changes in my life, and I’d like to move my main camp to this area. I thought about renting an apartment, but I’ll be living in inns for a while. Mr. Thomas said he’ll introduce me to one.”

Lana: “Oh thank you for the referral, Mr. Thomas!”

Thomas: “Of course, it’s my pleasure. You run an amazing establishment here.”

Lana seems happy and a little embarrassed by the compliment.

Lana: “Oh, so how many nights would you like to stay? You are Mr. Thomas’ acquaintance so I can give you a discount, and a stay longer than 3 nights will get you an even better deal.”

I take a quick peek at the inn’s rate.

With breakfast, it’s about 600 zeniths. A 3-day stay is 550 zeniths.

Yeah, definitely more expensive than Ligaleo. Over there, the government gave financial support to explorers to encourage them to remain there.

But again, I made a small fortune in Ligaleo, so money shouldn’t be an issue for a while.

Henry: “Could you book me for five nights?”

Lana: “Great! We’ll make it an even 500 zeniths per night, and the total will be 2,500 zeniths today.”

Henry: “Here you are.”

I take out the money from my wallet and hand her 2,500 zeniths.

Lana: “Thank you. You must be tired, so I’ll prepare your room immediately. Dad, please take care of things on the floor while I’m gone.”

Nord: “Sure.”

Lana: “Smile, okay?!”

Nord: “Yeah, yeah.”

Mr. Nord seemed a little uncomfortable with this exchange, and Lana followed up more with her warnings. He tried to force a smile, but honestly, it doesn’t fit him at all.

But for Lana, that was enough and approved the effort.

They are a tight knit family.

Thomas: “Mr. Henry, I have my own store to run so let me excuse myself here.”

Henry: “Yes, thank you so much for introducing me here.”

Thomas: “Of course! It’s the least I could do. Please don’t forget to drop by and take a look around my store. I can’t guarantee any discounts, but I will show you the best my store can offer.”

Mr. Thomas bowed deeply and left the in .

Lana: “Mr. Henry, your room is ready. Right this way please.”

Henry: “Sure thing.”

Following Lana, we climb the stairs and we went up to the 3rd floor, and to the farthest room on the right.

Lana: “Mr. Henry, here is your key. We run this business like any other inn, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Henry: “Sure thing. Thanks.”

I take the key from Lana. I think the restaurant is about to get busy so she quickly excuses herself down the flight of stairs.

I close the door, sit on the bed, and put my luggage down.

Henry: “Ugh—, I’m so tired—“

And with that, I crumple into the sun-dried sheets and blankets.

It’s not like I lack stamina, and so still have some reserves if energy left, but the job as a guard, exploring a new town, and the conversations with people I just met took more out of me mentally.

But yeah. This feeling...

Henry: “I’m free———!“

I happily stretch my arms.

Unlike the commotion and hurried get-it-done-now atmosphere of Ligaleo, I inhale the steady and slow peaceful mood of this town.

Sure, it’s fun to be in the middle of a busy ruckus every now and then, but I think this quiet atmosphere suits me better.

Henry: Yawn—

A big yawn follows. I should at least change my clothes, but gave up on the thought and fell asleep.

Letting my thoughts drift freely, my consciousness let the sleepiness take its hand, and ai quickly fell asleep.

I wake to the noise of the hustle and bustle down stairs.

In Ligaleo, there were at least 4 night raids by the demonic beasts per week, and you were sent out at least once every 2 raids. Because of that, I’m a light sleeper.

Hopefully, I can move on from this habbit.

Henry: “Ahhhhhh…”

With another yawn, I take a look outside. The sun is just about to set completely, and people were turning on their night lights.

I roughly smooth down my bed hair with my hands.

I felt thirsty, and take hold of my pendant hanging down to my chest and chant a spell.

Henry: “<WATER> Eedle”

The top of my dice shaped stone pendant glows a little as water is formed right before my eyes.

These are really bad manners, but I quickly drink up the water before me.

This is actually harder than it looks and takes time to get used to.

Henry: “Crap. I need to find a store to do some maintenance work for the spell stone.”

I don’t use spells often, but it really wouldn’t be funny if I can’t cast <HEAL> Teo when I need it.

I play around with the pendant feeling the inscriptions on each side, and head downstairs.

The noise grew as I headed to the bottom floor, and a large group of people appear in the tavern dining area. It was a night and day difference to when I was checking in.

People drinking down ale in large mugs. Everyone is enjoying themselves as they drink and eat.

My stomach growls.

Lana: “Oh! Mr. Henry!”

Henry: “Lana, can I get some food and ale? Are there any seats where I can sit?”

Lana: “Yessir—! Please hold for one moment. I’ll clear a seat at the bar counter.”

Holding four mugs each, she hauls 8 large drinks with ease as she weaves through the crowd and delivers them expertly to waiting customers.

Her movements are smooth and just watching her puts your mind at ease.

She then proceeded back to the bar counter, quickly picked up leftover plates and mugs in a flash and took it to the kitchen.

She returned almost immediately, wiped down the surface, pulled the chair out and called out to me in a loud voice.

Lana: “Mr. Henry! You’re seat is ready!”

Henry: “Got it—. Thanks. Oh, please excuse me. Just passing through.”

I weave in between the tables to the counter.

As I take a seat, a menu is handed to me.

Lana: “When you’re ready—“

Henry: “Flowtier Ale and sausages. And a salad for the side.”

Lana: “Oh, got it. Ale, sausages and a side of salad. For the salad, I’ll bring a half portion of the Bear Keg’s special salad, is that okay?”

Henry: “Sounds great. Thanks.”

While Lana was cleaning up, I took a peek at what others were eating.

At a glance, many were ordering the sausage so I’m sure that it wasn’t a wrong choice.

I look over the menu more as I wait for the ale to arrive.

Waitress: “Here you are!”

Henry: “Alrighty, thanks.”

An older woman who was probably a waitress here brought the ale to me instead of Lana.

The glass mug was frozen cold and drops of precipitation ran down its side.

I swallowed hard in anticipation at the beautiful sight. I downed almost half in the first taste.

A bitter but smoothie aftertaste filled my mouth as it gently passed my throat and entered my stomach.

I let a deep satisfied breath, as a I enjoy the remaining sweet floral scent left behind.

This is one of Flowtier’s special ale that even the mid-tier nobles love and enjoy.

Due to how far it is to import, I couldn’t enjoy this much in Ligaleo because of the price, but here, this is just local ale so it’s much more affordable.

I mean, a third of my decision to move here out of all the other towns was due to this ale.

I even fasted from alcohol until I arrived here, and I quickly finished my remaining drink.

Lana: “Mr. Henry, here is your sausages and salad. Would you like a refill for your drink?”

Henry: “Yup, yes please.”

Lana: “Be right out!”

My food came.

She brought 3 large boiled sausages and a salad and herb salad sprinkled with cheese came on the side.

I bite into the sausage.

Henry: “Ow! Ho-ho-hot!”

I break through the sausage skin and hot juice from the meat spray into my mouth. As I chew, my taste buds were assaulted with the overwhelming flavor of meat along with salt and various spices. This would go really well with rice, but I prefer the ale Lana brought to me in a flash.

As I wash down the sausage with the ale, I’m left with inexpressible joy and satisfaction from the deliciousness that my poor vocabulary cannot describe.

Henry: “Ahhh—, yes. That hit the spot”

Good bye, days of simple, unenjoyable dried rations. Hello, world of delicious cuisine.

The refreshing salad also complimented the ale. More sausage. More ale. The refills just keep coming.

This is what being a normal human being is like. There is something fundamentally wrong when it’s normal to nibble on dry rations for 3 days and nights as you cut down and push back demonic creatures back where I was.

On the seventh mug of ale, I lift my cup in the air to celebrate.

Congratulations! Congratulations, me!

And being pretty drunk at this point, I suffered a severe hangover the next morning.

But right now, that doesn’t matter. Tomorrow’s problems will be handled by tomorrow’s me, and I excitedly ordered my eighth ale.


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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by: Hisagushien

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Book 1: The Explorers of Flowtier

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