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Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: Chonky Translator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 2: The Road to the Capital

Chapter 25: The Missing Person - Found

I felt bad for Lana, but we dropped by one more location.

We arrived at the doorsteps of the Capital’s Grandes Church.

Cyril: “....huh? Henry, is this really the church?”

Henry: “Yeah, see? Here’s the church emblem right here.”

The shield with the two swords crossed - the familiar symbol of the god, Grandes.

Cyril: “But this place in the Capital is so much more smaller than our church in Flowtier! Oh, maybe there are multiple churches in this city?”

Henry: “Well, there are other churches, but those are actual churches just to offer your prayers. The only church catered to adventurers is here.”

An Adventurer is a person who has swore an oath to fight to the god, Grandes. There are other followers of this church who have not sworn that same oath, and live a regular life of faith. There are larger churches for those followers in the Capital, but you won’t find Quest Receptionists or anyone attending to the altars for the Heaven’s Treasure Vault.

But, you will find taverns in all churches. There are those on their off days who will come for morning prayer and have a drink on the way out. This may sound sacrilegious to people outside the Grandes church, but it is the common practice for the Grandes followers.

…..but he’s not the god of drinking either...but oh well.


Henry: “So Cyril, as an Adventurer, you can perform quests, but your main job is to defeat demonic creatures, right?”

Cyril: “Of course it is. Isn’t that obvious?”

Henry: “So if there are no demonic creatures around, we’ll be out of a job.”

Cyril: “Wait, are you telling me there are NO demonic creatures in this area?”

Henry: “None.”

This entire city and its neighboring territories have purification rituals regularly performed to prevent any demonic creatures from spawning out of the corruption. And even if they do spawn, they are immediately defeated by the patrolling soldiers.

The demonic creatures you’re supposed to fight aren’t anywhere to be found. That’s why very, VERY few adventurers make their base camp in the capital.

Jend: “Is that true? I thought I would meet a lot of strong adventurers in the Capital.”

Henry: “You won’t meet a lot of professional adventurers who are strong here. But those who are adventurers as a side gig are usually knights, so they are strong.”

The Grandes Church is the country’s religion, so any soldiers or knights would swear oaths to defeat demonic creatures.

They won’t bother collecting drops or take on quests and will just drop by to draw from the Heaven’s Treasure Vault occasionally.

Henry: “But large cities like these will have plenty of different types of quests. There are adventurers who specialize for these quests, and they called it ‘City-Style’ adventuring, I think.”

After getting some skills, strength, and experience in another town, you come back to a big city like this, and find daily employment through the church.

Well, the only city really vigorously purifying their surrounding land is Centralio.

If you go to the four corner cities, you can travel a little farther outside of the city to find hunting grounds.

Henry: “Teo, you’re pretty good at doing many types of things, so you may fit in well as a city-style adventurer.”

Teo: “Do you think so? I just have a hard-time understanding how this is being an adventurer at all.”

Henry: “Well, yeah. That’s true. You would be no different than most hired hands around the city.”

But you’re still an adventurer!

Henry: “But you’re right. If you’re going to ge doing city-style adventuring, it’ll be safer and more stable to find permanent employment. But there’s adventurers who have reasons why they can’t find a position like that.

The church will only review your current accomplishments and skill set, and doesn’t immediately throw you out because of your past history, so that’s a relief for a lot of adventurers.

Lana: “So Henry, why did we come here at all?”

Henry: “Sorry, Lana. I wanted to do something really quick. It’ll be over in a sec.”

Lana: “Oh, I don’t mind at all. I was just curious to know the reason.”

Oh, that’s right. I only told them that we were heading to the church without any further explanations.

I was in too much of a hurry, and then we got off topic.

Henry: “So Cyril and Jend have a friend here. We currently don’t know where she is, so I thought we could put in a quest to have someone look for her.”

Jend: “OH!! Got it! So we’ll be the quest sponsor! I wouldn’t have thought of that!”

Well, we’re the ones always taking quests, so yeah. I can see why it didn’t occur to Jend.

Henry: “You’ll be making a lot quests going forward. Quests to collect resources for new equipment. Quests to scope out new hunting grounds. Stuff like that.”

Of course, the church will monitor and determine the contents of the quests, so you can’t ask someone to be cannon fodder for strong demonic creatures, but making simple requests like these is no problem.

Henry: “Well, so it’s like that. If it’s a missing persons request, there is usually not a lot of danger, and the cost for sponsoring a quest like that should be reasonable.”

Cyril: “I see. Do you think someone will find Miss Ferris?”

Henry: “That, I don’t know. If we get lucky, someone will contact us while we’re still in the Capital.”

I don’t think it will be an unreasonable bet.

When we asked the neighbor lady, all the relatives of the Harshall family cut ties with Ferris, and from what I heard of her from the two, she’s a beautiful girl, the daughter of a incriminated knight, and it would be difficult to find proper employment with that kind of background.

She would have been 14 or 15 at the time and being thrown out in the streets like that, she could wander into some shady businesses where healthy men frequent.

There were plenty of girls like that in Ligaleo. But if you showed a smidge of sympathy, they would wrap you around their fingers and suck your wallet dry.

Yup, tough girls are tough no matter where they fall.

Regardless, adventurers tend to frequent these types of businesses, so someone may know something about where she is today.

It’s a depressing story for sure.

Henry: “Oh, let’s stop standing around the entrance and go in.”


The architecture and layout inside is identical to the church in Flowtier. But it’s just slightly smaller, and the number of adventurers drinking inside were fewer.

Well, I like getting a feel for other churches, but we have something to do, so we head straight to the counter.

Someone I recognized was standing there.

“Oh my! Hello, Mr. Henry. It’s been a while.”

Henry: “Hi, Miss Sonya. I’m here because of a guard quest to the Capital.”

The receptionist of the Capital - Sonya. She las long ears that are characteristic of Elves.

Elves in general are very handsome and beautiful, but even among them, Sonya stands out. I’m sure the church prioritizes putting beautiful girls at the front reception desk. Flowtier’s Miss Felicia is also a gorgeous woman.

Yup, I don’t mind this policy at all.

Sonya: “How is Flowtier treating you?”

Henry: “It’s a wonderful place to live.”

When I took quests at the Capital or took guard quests helping people get to Ligaleo, I always spoke to her. It feels very nostalgic and familiar.

Henry: “Oh, but we’re actually here today to submit a quest.”

Sonya: “I understand. How may I help you today?”

Henry: “Oh, these are the members of my party - Cyril, Jend, and Teo. Cyril and Jend are looking for someone who lives in the Capital.”

Sonya: “I see. So you are making a missing persons quest. Could you describe the person you are looking for?”

Sonya takes out a memo notebook and starts jotting down details.

I gesture to Jend to step forward.

Because it wasn’t Miss Felicia, Jend was a little stiff and awkward, but he began to quickly describe Ferris.

Jend: “So her name is Ferris Harshall. She has blonde hair and had it cut to shoulder length at the time I knew her. She has blue eyes. She wanted to be a knight when she grew up, so she should be fit for a girl and..”

Sonya: “...pardon the interruption.”

Jend: “Yes?”

Sonya cuts Jend off mid-sentence.

Sonya: “Are you referring to Miss Ferris who is right over there?”

Jend turns very abruptly to look behind him.

I turn to look back too.

….and a woman that matched Jend’s description stood with her mouth open staring back at us.

Ah, oh yeah... When I was explaining to them about city-style adventurers, didn’t I tell them, “because some may have reasons why they can’t get normal employment”?

Ohhhhh… so she DIDN’T plummet straight into the nearest brothel. That was a very vulgar thing to imagine. I, Henry, am deeply sorry and ashamed.

Ferris: “Jend? Cyril?”

Cyril: “Miss Ferris, it’s been too long!”

Cyril sprints up to Ferris and dives straight into her arms.

Ferris: “Ack! Cyril! Hey! Stop that!”

Cyril: “Ahhhh, we haven’t seen you in so long, we were so worried! Thank god your okay!”

Ferris: “Aw, really haven’t changed.”

Ferris gave up on getting Cyril off of her, and scratches her cheek.

Jend: “Yo, Ferris.”

Ferris: “It’s been a while, Jend… judging from the situation, I guess you already know about me.”

Jend: “Yeah, we swung by your old house.”

The conversation goes silent.

Um… yeah, I get that it’s difficult to talk about that, but let’s hold off on it a little longer.

Henry: “He~y, let’s switch venues. We’re getting too much unwanted attention here.”

My party would not be affected, but this is Ferris’ central hub. Things might get difficult for her if we’re not careful.”

Ferris: “Oh, you’re right. Umm…”

Ferris has a hard time finding her words.

Henry: “It’s Henry. I’m in the same party as these two. And this is…”

Teo: “I am Teo. I’m also a member of this party.”

Lana: “My name is Lana. I am not an adventurer, and I am being helped by everyone here at the moment.”

Ferris nodded with each introduction, and stood straight when she introduced herself.

Ferris: “I’m Ferris. I no longer have the Harshall Family name, but I will one day become a knight.”

Her eyes did not have a glint of doubt, and her bold expression spoke of her determination.

She’s a really cool, admirable person. Unlike the girls in our party, she also held many other bigger things.

If it wasn’t for Jend, she would be someone I’d be interested in getting to know better.


So we headed to a park near the church.

It’s not a typical holiday so there are a few kids with their mothers, but no one else.

We let Teo and Lana sit on a bench a little bit farther from us, and continue our conversation.

I assumed that the topic would get a little heavy.

Ferris: “So both Jend and Cyril both became adults. You both have grown so much.”

Jend: “Yeah, you were taller than me before, but now I’m taller than you.”

Ferris: “I’m fairly tall myself, but there’s no way I could beat men when they hit their growth spurts.”

A typical conversation between childhood friends. It’s refreshing to see Jend’s childish side.

Cyril: “Did you hear, Henry? She said that I’ve gotten bigger too.”

Henry: “That’s good…”

You’re still that size after growing bigger...?

Cyril: “Why are you looking at me with so much pity!!”

Henry: “You’re overthinking it!”

Dangit, she caught on to me.

Ferris: “Haha, Cyril, you’re still only 16. You have plenty of time to grow. Mr. Henry, was it? Please don’t tease her too much.”

Henry: “Fine by me. Can I call you Ferris?”

Ferris: “Of course. It’s an honor to have a Heroic Warrior remember me by name.”

Ouch! My guilt! Her straightforward gaze is so bright against my dark and twisted imagination of what I imagined was her fate!!

Ferris: “Are you all adventurers in Flowtier?”

Jend: “Yeah, we’re fighting Griffins now.”

Ferris: “That’s impressive.”

The middle of mid-tier demonic creatures - the Griffin.

If you can hunt these guys safely, you can confidently claim that you’re an average adventurer. The fact that it hasn’t even been an year since Jend and Cyril started, they are growing at an amazing pace.

Cyril: “And what about you, Miss Ferris?”

Ferris: “Well, you heard about my father, right? Because of that, I have some debt myself, so I’m working to pay that off by taking quests at the church.”

….what? Wait, something’s not right there.

Henry: “Wait, a child should not be held responsible for their parent’s debts…”

This country has strict laws concerning that. It’s a very stable country, so I can’t imagine there being that much twisted politics and corruption that would force Ferris to receive punishment as well. Of course, other countries might exile the whole family depending on the amount of money but still...

Ferris: “You’re absolutely right. But there are also no laws saying that you can’t take on the debt.”

….so you VOLUNTARILY took part of your father’s debts and are paying it off?

Jend: “Why are you doing that? The debt is your father’s responsibility.”

Jend doesn’t seem to like the idea. I agree with him.

Ferris: “But even if I didn’t know at the time, I lived off that money until my father was found out. I’ve lived a pretty luxurious life, and I can’t say that I’m wholly innocent of the matter.”

Henry: “....yeah, you’re still not responsible for what happened.”

Ferris: “You’re a straight shooter, Mr. Henry.”

I mean, it’s one thing if you were the wife, but as the kid? Your parents are the ones who made all the purchases knowingly, but how or when would you start doubting if the money cane from an illegal source?

Ferris: “I know that even if I were to pay off my piece of the debt, it won’t lessen my father’s sins or help him get released, but I hope that by doing so, he could live just a bit easier as he serves his time. My father is my father after all.”

The last bit is probably her real reason.

She’s a good daughter. Compared to her, her father is...I mean, could he have had his reasons? Yeah, I can’t think of any extenuating circumstances that also include purchasing vacation homes. I can’t vouch for you, sir.

Ferris: “Well, it was great getting to see you all, but I must be going. I have a job to get to.”

Cyril: “Oh, Miss Ferris. Even if you can’t today, we’re staying here for a while, so let’s hang out again. So please tell me where you live now.”

Ferris: “ really haven’t changed, Cyril.”

I guess she was planning on leaving without telling us how to contact her again.

I don’t think she feels bothered by us, but rather she feels that we’ll be bothered by her. Being a daughter of a criminal with large debts, she may be worried about how people will perceive us if we hang around her. Even in this short amount of time, I could tell that she was very considerate of others.

Ferris wrote down her address and gave it to Cyril.

Ferris: “I don’t have a lot of free time, but maybe in 3 days?”

Cyril: “Yes! We’ll see you then!”

Cyril waves her hands enthusiastically.

Alright. Now what should we do…

Henry: “Jend~, Cyril and I will show Lana and Teo around, so go do something about that face of yours.”

Jend: “....yeah, sorry…”

What should we do with this really heavy atmosphere…

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