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SRALL c189

Ch. 189: The Hero and the Guard andーー

“Hey, Henry. Why did we have to come so early?”

Henry: “........who’s the one who said, ‘Hey! Let’s see you can get there the fastest?!’ Because of that, we have 2 hours still till our meeting time.”

I had to let out a deep, frustrated sigh at Ageha’s complaint.

We were in the closest Alvenia city to Ligaleo - Southgaia.

It was one of the four corner cities, and it was one of Alvenia’s most flourishing and prosperous city. We were here to perform a Quest today.

……but just as I said, we arrived far faster than our Quest giver.

And two hours is too short of a time to go and do something else.

Next to the gate was a small clearing, and we both stood there with nothing to occupy our time or attention.

Ageha: “Hmmmm, I guess it can’t be helped. Henry, I’m going to go hunt a few creatures nearby. I’ll be back before the meeting time!”

Henry: “Wait, wait, wait, wait.”

I tug sharply at Ageha’s cloak as she tries to leave.

Ageha: “What? That’s called sexual harassment. Don’t make me punch you.”

Henry: “Like that counts as sexual harassment. We’re doing a guard quest today, so you can’t be going around wasting your stamina. It’s bad for our reputation.”

Ageha: “I actually feel more energized after I chop off a few heads though.”

Henry: “Yeah, like that’s something our quest giver would easily understand!”


When performing quests, the worst thing you can do is to look like you don’t care or won’t take the task seriously. In that case, I would also be responsible for not keeping my quest party in line. Thanks but no thanks. I can’t afford that with who our quest giver is today.

Ageha: “Fineーー”

Henry: “.........wait, you just did that because you knew I was going to stop you…..”

Ageha: “Whaーーt? I dunno what you’re talking aboutーー *sigh* Man, just thinking about going to a coffee shop with you just gives me the shivers.”

Wait, what are you implying there….

Jeez. But as I let out another exasperated breath, I saw a familiar face.

She also recognized me too and came over to where we were standing.

She pinched the hems of her maid skirt and bowed very low and politely towards us.

“It has been a while, Sir Henry. Thank you for your service in Gungard.”

Henry: “Hello, Ricotta. ……..but it’s actually my Party that was helped by you at Gungard.”

She was referring to the Dwarven city of Gungard that’s located in the Grand Mountain of the Honorable God of Mines.

Ricotta served as a maid in the main mansion of one of the Heroes of Legend, the [Hammer of God], Mr. Gordon.

It was a little while back. We needed to upgrade our gear, and my Party, La Flowtier, stayed at Mr. Gordon’s residence. During that time, it was Ricotta who cleaned, cooked, and did our laundry.

Henry: “I thought our meeting time was later?”

Ricotta: “I came to inspect our meeting location. As Sir Henry may already be aware, that takes up a lot of space.”

Ah, that makes sense.

As I realized what Ricotta was saying, Ageha glanced towards me.

Ageha: “Hmm? Huh……hey, Henry?” Henry: “Oh, Ageha. This girl is a maid of Mr. Gordon, our quest giver.”

Ageha: “Really? Old man Gordon had someone like that working for him?” Ageha and Mr. Gordon hasn’t worked together in the past. They both knew each other because both were famous……..but that was about it.

As I was explaining to Ageha, Ricotta let out a quick excited gasped and also bowed very politely towards Ageha.

Ricotta: “I apologize for my belated introduction. My name is Ricotta. I presume you are Lady Ageha Sagiri? It is an honor making an acquaintance with a Hero of Legend. Your fame precedes you.”

Ageha: “Ah, looks like you already know about me, but yeah, I’m Ageha. Wow, that Gordon knows how to choose his maids!”

Ageha knows about her relatively low recognition compared to other Heroes of Legend and greeted Ricotta looking rather pleased.

……and well, it’s because the incident that turned Ageha into a Hero of Legend was an assassination. Her story itself lacks the glamor expected from a Hero of Legend.

Ricotta: “But if you are all already here, then we can depart early. I will go speak with my Master.”

Henry: “Ohー sorry about that. This idiot was the one who sped all the way here.”

Ageha: “Who’re you calling an idiot?”

I didn’t say anything more about Ageha. She was the one that screamed, “I’m not going to let you pass meeeeeーー!!” and ran at full speed the entire way. We scared everyone we passed on the way here.

Ricotta: “No, we had all preparations already completed, so departing earlier is no problem for us. Please wait here while I speak with my Master.”

Ricotta bowed politely and left.

……..I guess if we get to finish this quest earlier, then all’s well that ends well.

Ageha: “I was wondering why old man Gordon asked for guards when he can come to Ligaleo by himself……..but it’s because Ricotta’s with him, huh?”

Henry: “Yup, that’s right.”

Mr. Gordon will visit Ligaleo periodically to take of the Knights and Adventurers’ gear. There, he would earn another fortune, but it was the first time Ricotta came along.

So he submitted a guard quest and…..”if you’re bored, I already know you so….” during the quest submission, so the job came straight to me.

Ageha: “....?? But Henry, why’d you invite me then? You could have accepted this quest with your Party, La Flowtier, right? You already know that I’m not good at guard quests.”

As Ageha said, if it was any other regular guard quest, I would have accepted it with the Party.

But there was one reason why I couldn’t do that this time.

Henry: “Well, just wait. You’ll understand soon enough.”

Ageha: “??” Ageha looked at me confused as I turned away.

I stretched my arms and relaxed.


…….and about 5 minutes later…..

That appeared running through the crowded streets near Southgaia’s gates.

It moved the tires using the energy generated by Magecraft and was used for carrying cargo and people - a Magecraft Wagon. Also known as a “car.”

Cars are not that rare of a sight here, but what came towards us looked completely different from other car designs. It was specially designed by one of the only artisans who climbed his way to become a Hero of Legend.

With a slick silhouette, we could feel the power in its engines rumble as it slowly made its way toward us. It was one of Mr. Gordon’s most precious artifacts.

Ageha: “Hey, hey, hey!! Henry! What is that cool looking thing?! Isn’t that old man Gordon driving it?!”

Henry: “That’s Mr. Gordon’s car, the [Land Cruising Comet]. When we went to Gungard, he let us ride in it.”

It was on the way back after killing the Hanuman.

That was an intense fight.

So, the Land Cruising Comet came to a complete stop next to us.

Gordon: “Hey, Henry. It’s been a while.”

Henry: “Yes, it has been a while, Mr. Gordon.”

Mr. Gordon opened one of the windows and smiled as he greeted us. I politely returned the greeting.

Gordon: “And that skinny one with you……I guess that’s Lady Head Chopper.”

Ageha: “Yeah, I think we’ve seen each other a couple of times, but this is the first time we’ve been introduced, huh? Nice to meet you, old man Gordon.”

Gordon: “Stop it with the old man……..sheesh.”

Mr. Gordon wrinkled his face as he brushed his fingers through his beard.

Gordon: “, anyways, you got an idea about how this quest will go, right?” Henry: “Yes, we will guard you all the way to Ligaleo. ……and since you will be testing out the speed of your Land Cruising Comet, you requested for guards who can keep up - that was your condition, correct?”

This was why I could not bring my Party along. The requirements to accomplish such a feat would be too much for the rest of my Party members.

I would have to ask Jend to run while fully armed which would be cruel. Teo just simply lacks the stamina. ……and well, if they were forced to, they could potentially get through this, but I had to focus on safety first.

Henry: “So out of all those who could meet that requirement, I brought along Ageha who looked the most bored……I hope that’s okay.” Gordon: “I’ve heard some crazy stories about her, but there’s no way I can complain if you brought a Hero of Legend along.”

I was glad to hear that.

Gordon: “......alright, so we’ll be counting on you. I know the way to Ligaleo is way too dangerous to walk with Ricotta tagging along.”

And that’s why he brought the Land Cruising Comet. I see.

Regular people hire guards to either walk or ride horse carriages to and from Southgaia, so it appears to be a little overprotective. ……but regardless of how complicated the situation might be, Mr. Gordon cares a lot about Ricotta in the end.

Gordon: “That’s why I had to adjust the Land Cruising Comet’s setting to be able to run in the wilderness. ……..he he he he, I can’t wait to see how she’ll do. This’ll be amazing.”

……..and I guess he really wanted to drive his car too.

Henry: “But isn’t this the first time you’re allowing Ricotta to come with you? Why all of a sudden?” Gordon: “Well, about that. That town has demonic creatures constantly invading it, so if you can’t fight, it’s not somewhere you should be. You can’t even say the inside the inner wall is safe. But……”

Mr. Gordon scratched at his cheek as Ricotta spoke up to finish the explanation for him.

Ricotta: “I overheard that since the Magecraft Barrier is now fully functioning, the safety of the city had significantly increased. …….when my Master leaves for Ligaleo, I could only spend the days drenching my pillow with tears, but with this change, I knew I could come along this time.”

Gordon: “.......and you can tell who won that argument. *sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh*....”

Mr. Gordon let out a heavy, heavy disappointed sigh.

I knew that Ricotta had……..deep(?) feelings for Mr. Gordon.

But seeing her more as a daughter, and there was also the barrier between a dwarf and a human, Mr. Gordon had continually refused her proposals.

But Ricotta was not one to give up so easily and had continued to press her advantages. When we were getting our gear upgraded, that was more apparent as we stayed at Mr. Gordon’s residence.

And in conclusionーー

…….nothing good comes from butting into people’s romantic business, so I have resolutely committed to complete ignorance on the matter……….because Ricotta terrifies me.

Ageha: “Heyーー let’s get going, huh? This car stands out, and I’m tired of having people keep staring at us.”

Gordon: “YーYeah, you’re right. Alright, Henry, Miss Ageha, keep us well protected.”

The car shook as Mr. Gordon turned on the engine and the Land Cruising Comet began rumbling forward.

Ageha: “Henry, what about formation?” Henry: “I’ll cover the front and knock away any creatures blocking our way. Ageha, you stay close from behind, and hunt any that come at us from behind or from the flanks.”

Ageha: “Got it.”

…….and we departed from Southgaia.

I ran ahead of the Land Cruising Comet and……

Henry: “.......fuh!!” (sfx *exhale*)

The car roared a peculiar sound and drew the surrounding demonic creatures’ attention ーbut they were soon quieted with a throw of my spear.

Gordon: “Ah!! The modifications are working out well! Henry! Go faster!!”

Henry: “Understood!”


Later…….there were strange rumors about the 2 Adventurers and the car that was seen racing out of Southgaia towards Ligaleo…..



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 15 - The Strong Ones

Ch. 185 - 199

Book 16 - The Shift

Ch. 200 - 217

Book 17 - The Days in Ligaleo

Ch. 218 - 229

Book 18 - The Longest Day in Ligaleo

Ch. 230 - 248

Book 19 - Temporary Peace

Ch. 249 - 267

Book 20 - Striking Back

Ch. 268 - 294

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