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SRALL c187

Ch. 187: The Two Top Leaders

I thrust the end of my spear into the heart of the remaining Creature.

The Demonic Creature cried out its last breath……and looking around, the group of 10 Demonic Apes had been wiped out.

Henry: “.........Demonic Apes completely annihilated, good.”

We were on the 2nd Line.

Our job was to stand behind the 1st Line and take care of the Creatures that slipped by them.

It was La Flowtier’s first 2nd Line assignment…….and we actually had a lot of time on our hands. Well, we were fighting, but once we wiped out the Creatures, there was plenty of time to take a breather.

There weren’t that many Demonic Apes just now…….but as I reflected on our situation, Cyril spoke up.

Cyril: “........Henry, didn’t you say that the 2nd Line is tougher than the 3rd? I can’t tell the difference between the two right now.” Henry: “Yeah, of course it is. I specifically chose today because of that. I told her before we left, right?” The Corrupted Magic was dense here, so Creatures naturally spawn here.

But besides that……..we only encountered the Creatures that flow from the Demon Kingdom twice today. And they were already severely wounded as they met the 2nd Line, so taking care of them was quick and easy.

Cyril: “I know butーー ……awwww, look at that over there. I’d like to really some big Spells too.”

And looking ahead of Cyril……we looked up at the sky right above the 1st Line.

There was quite a distance between the two lines, but we could see that from here very well ー it was at least several dozen meters wide.

Jend: “......the Heroes of Legend are really out of this league. I’ve never seen Magecraft on that scale, ever.”

Ferris: “Me neither. There are some Attack Spells in the Ningel’s Hand……..but I don’t know of any Mage who can use Spells on that scale.” Jend and Ferris looked up into the sky in awe.

They were looking at the Magecraft Inscription that was created above the 1st Line. It was hard to tell the details from here, but the bright lines of light combined several times to make a Kroseid Style Spell.

The Astra Style wrote inscriptions made of light into the air, and usually, there is no way to use this in actual combat. But using this Style, he created Spells of another Style with it…….to be frank, it was not an elegant solution per se.

The inscription of light floating in the sky would flash, and the next instant, several hundred Magic Arrows would come raining down. Arrows were fired as Creatures arrived on the scene.

This was the Large-scale Light Annihilation Area Attack Spell, {The Piercing Meteor Rain}.

This was Riol Kroseid’s Magecraft Spell used for protecting Ligaleo. And Mr. Riol was flying above us using the {Bird of Guidance} which we rode on before when traveling with him. With that, he was maintaining both Spells and timed his attacks.

Teo: “With that kind of Spell, we would certainly expect to see a lot less Creatures. …..but I have to admit that I am feeling bored as well.”

Henry: “Well, that Spell takes a lot out of Mr. Riol, so you won’t see it that often.”

I clarify Mr. Riol’s limits to reassure Teo.

……and the Adventurers on the 1st Line are top class at Ligaleo.

Even then, you will see quite a gap between the strongest and weakest serving on the 1st Line. And sometimes, the Parties sent to the 1st Line would have scheduling conflicts, and inevitably, this leads to days where there just isn’t enough people sometimes.

So on those days, Mr. Riol comes out to help with his Spell. By wiping out waves of Demonic Creatures that travel from the Demon Kingdom, he decreases the pressure on the 1st Line. If the Creature is weak, they will be taken out by the Spell. The tougher ones may survive, but typically, they can’t avoid injury……..and even without enough people, the 1st Line would take care of the rest.

So periodically, when Mr. Riol uses his {Piercing Meteor Rain}, the 2nd Line has an easier time.

We were lucky that Mr. Riol appeared near our area assignment, so that’s why today felt lukewarm. This was, however, all according to plan to help us adjust to the 2nd Line.

Cyril: “Grrr, well, I think I can do something similar with my Spell but… would be more difficult to be able to maintain a Spell that long and only fire it as needed……”

………the fact that she can do something similar is already unbelievable. And it would be difficult to create a Spell that you can fire at will with Cyril’s singing and dancing Magic Style.

Cyril: “But I’m getting better and better with each fight! As someone who will be Mr. Riol’s rival, I’m going to surpass him in the near future!”

Henry: “ the way, even if Mr. Riol was attacked by flying types, he would be able to take care of them with that Spell. Even if a Dragon-Class came, he would combine multiple arrows together to take it out. ………Cyril, even you won’t be able to do that solo.”

Cyril has a lot of talent and potential. Give her about 10 years, and she may be able to annihilate all Creatures on a battlefield by firing off Spells as she dances and sings……but as she is now, it’s an enormously tall order.

Cyril: “Ugh……bーbut there’s no reason for me to fight alone! I have the bonds of friendship! Yes, isn’t that what’s most important?”

Henry: “Sure, sure. Then with that bond, let’s take out the next group, shall we?” …….and even though it is much easier today on the 2nd Line, it’s still a battlefield.

I readied my Spear to welcome the many types of Golems that just spawned in the area.


Four hours passed working on the 2nd Line.

As we were getting ready to retreat, we felt………a huge…..presence approaching us from behind.

Teo: “........?!”

Jend: “........whーwhat is that?!”

It only took a few seconds before Teo and Jend also noticed and immediately turned around.

The only reason why I was able to sense it faster than Teo who had higher scout abilities than me was because I knew this presence better.

Henry: “Ohー Teo, Jend. Don’t worry about it. It’s just him.”

Jend: “Him……?”

Eventually, seeing the giant man in black armor, Jend’s eyes widened.

Although it had to be his imagination, Jend felt a small earthquake as the man took one proud step after another.

But surprisingly, there was zero animosity towards people… to put it simply, this was an invitation to all the aggressive enemies in the area saying, “Come and fight me. I’m right here.”

And even in Ligaleo, there is only one person who can get away with doing that.

Jend: “’s Sir Grand’ezeal.”

The leader of the 8 Heroes of Legend. Holding the infamous title of “Grand Hero,” Grand’ezeal Vandelstein came walking towards us.

Each step he took was firm and precise as he made his way over.

Ezeal: “Oh!! Well if it isn’t La Flowtier! I saw Lady Cyril’s Spell from afar, and I presumed as much. You all look well!”

Henry: “Yes, hello Sir Ezeal.”

Everyone also greeted Sir Ezeal one by one.

Ezeal: “Yes, hello to you all indeed! …..oh!”

Sir Ezeal swung his broad sword once towards a creature that spawned 10 meters to the right. His slash carried through the air and cut the creature in half.

…….he made it look so easy. I believe that was an Evil Serpent. ……it’s a Mid-Tier Upper-Class creature.

Ezeal: “Ah! My apologies. I did not mean to take your prey.”

Henry: “Oh, we don’t mind. It was just one.”

Besides, lizard types are pretty gross and difficult to fight against.

Ezeal: “Ah, I see. ……hmmm, it is such a coincidence to meet you all here. I would love to sit down and chat butーー”

Sir Ezeal glanced towards Mr. Riol’s Magecraft Inscription in the sky where the 1st Line was still fighting.

Ezeal: “I must go relieve Riol! Now then, you all, be careful of injuries and fight well!”

And without another word, Sir Ezeal continued walking towards the 1st Line.

……he cut down a Giant that spawned on the way like it was nothing.

Jend: “’s my first time seeing Sir Grand’ezeal on the battlefield, but the way he swings that sword is unbelievable.”

Henry: “Oh, Jend, you noticed?” Jend: “Yeah.” “Natural” is the only way to describe Sir Ezeal’s sword swing.

Ms. Lotte once told me it’s because he swung with no will behind the sword.

If you ready a weapon to face Demonic Creature, you will carry some animosity towards the creature…….something like, “I’m going to take you out” type of feeling, but Sir Ezeal doesn’t have any of that. That’s why creatures have a difficult time responding, and since he is not putting any effort to his swings, it significantly reduces his fatigue.

Of course, when he has to put some fight into his swing, the aura that emits from him is frightening.

Cyril: “Huh…….those two seemed to understand each other, but what about you, Teo? Miss Ferris?” Teo: “........I think I understand what they’re saying. There’s a similar teaching in the Cloudy Plains Style.”

Ferris: “It’s probably a difference with close combat talent. I don’t get it at all.”

Teo nodded a little, and Ferris shrugged her shoulders.

…….well, in Ferris’ case, her role as a Healer prevented her from stepping out in front for most of the time.

We continued to chat as we rested between the waves of Demonic Creatures when the Magecraft Inscription in the sky disappeared, and Mr. Riol flew down with Magecraft wings protruding from his back.

…….the next moment, a flash of brilliant light struck upwards and pierced the heavens.

Cyril: “Isn’t that the same as what we saw before?” Cyril remembered it well.

……when we escorted Lana as her guards, we participated in the Black Dragon Knights’ training, and Sir Ezeal forced me into a practice duel against him.

Although there was no reason to go that far, he went all out using his {Luminous Blade}.

By pouring Magic into the core of the sword, it was one of Sir Ezeal’s biggest moves that extended the magic blade outwards and cut down his enemies.

And concentrating on distance rather than power, the magic blade wavered in the air.

Jend: “....!! Wait, wait, wait… he going to……?” Jend’s jaws dropped as he watched.

The magic blade was carefully positioned to not hit any of the Adventurers or Soldiers nearby.

The wind was abruptly cut as the {Luminous Blade} arced and raced horizontally across the field…….but from here, we couldn’t see that. But it was something I’ve seen many times.

But it served the same purpose as Mr. Riol’s {Piercing Meteor Rain}. Sir Ezeal cut down anything in a half-arc several hundred meters in front of him. The large-scale annihilation sword skill {Mountain Splitter・Horizontal Slash}

Jend: “......can you really do that with a broadsword?” Henry: “Of course you can. One day, you’ll be able to do that too, Jend.”

Smiling wryly in Jend’s direction, I teased.

Cyril: “*sighーーー*”

Watching Sir Ezeal slash the field 2 or 3 more times, Cyril let out a long sigh.

Cyril: “........he really is on a different level.”

Henry: “All the long-time Heroes of Legend have always been in a league of their own.”

Mr. Riol, who specialized in being able to use all kinds of Magecraft and annihilating enemies with area attacks.

Mr. Cecil, who is undefeated 1 on 1 and can take out anyone.

Sir Ezeal, who is the all-round fighter who can handle single enemies or a group of enemies without any visible weakness.

And though she’s not in Ligaleoーー

Cyril: “Hmmm, but compared to them, I watched Ms. Lotte fight against a Highest-Tier, and she was strong, but she doesn’t seem as strong.”

Henry: “Idiot. As for Ms. Lotte, she can buff anyone in earshot of her song. Just imagine what it would be like fighting against her.”

As a professional singer, she has the lungs to strengthen all the people on the 1st Line.

She is incredibly strong solo, but this Spell is what makes her scary. It was only our Party with her at the time, so it might be hard to gauge……..but out of all of them, she frightens me the most.

Instead of fighting 100% of your strength alone, she can settle with 70 or 80, and if there are hundred or even thousands around her, she can buff them to 2 or 3 times their strength. …….well, I’m just throwing numbers out there, but you get the picture.

Realizing this, Cyril was finally seeing the bigger picture and how far she had to go.

Cyril: “......IーI’ll do my best to catch up one day.”

…….and even she wasn’t as confident about this as usual.

But being able to see someone at the very top is not a bad thing.

The next wave of creatures spawned, and our Party, La Flowtier, resumed the march forward into our future.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 15 - The Strong Ones

Ch. 185 - 199

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