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SRALL c186

Ch. 186: A Night Celebration with the Hero

We finished our shift guarding the South Gate.

Jend and I returned to the Cries of the Stars Inn.

……….with one really famous guest tagging along with us.

Cecil: “Ah! So this is your inn! What a wonderful place to stay!”

And nodding approving next to us was the [Hero], Mr. Cecil. It was impossible to see his expression underneath his full-face mask, but we assumed he was smiling from his voice.

Jend: “Yes, and Mr. Cecil, what inn do you stay at?” Cecil: “Oh, I actually own a house. I had a small hut built right next to the South Gate…….it’s beside the Alvenia Black Knights’ barracks.”

Jend didn’t know this, but this is a well known fact.

Mr. Cecil asked to have his residence built close to the gate so that he can respond to Creature attacks anytime.

And this was exactly as Mr. Cecil described. It was indeed a poorly built hut. It was just sufficient to avoid the wind and rain during the nights.

All he had to do was ask to have a beautiful mansion built, but he refuses those offers and says there’s a lot of benefits in living in a place like that.

Jend: “........isn’t it uncomfortable living in a place like that?”

Cecil: “Haha, well, living creatures are all highly adaptable. You get used to it after a while, and just a little while back, we had many Night Raids quite frequently, and I could not sleep that well, but………lately, I’ve been able to sleep through the night.”

Of course, he was referring to Ligaleo’s Magecraft Barrier now working sufficiently - and this was all thanks to a girl we know.

Cecil: “I was shocked when I heard that you knew of her, but I have nothing but gratitude towards that girl named Lana who invented that mechanism.”

Henry: “Haha……well, she’s just like any other ordinary-looking girl, really.”

And Lana’s fame has even reached our Mr. Hero. The topic came up while we were on duty, and he was quite shocked when the connection was made.

Cecil: “Though they call me a Hero, I can only protect only as far as my sword reaches. So for those who make these breakthroughs in technology are far more impressive to me.”

……..well, to be frank, the reach of his sword covers an incredible amount of area. He even got to the newly spawned Fenrir in seconds and crushed it.

Cecil: “Oh, I’m keeping you all from going in. Now, now, let’s enter.”

Jend: “Yes.”

The door to the Cries of the Stars Inn creaked as it opened.

As we step inside, a few Adventurers chatting in the living room peer towards us.

“........oh, isn’t that Mr. Cecil?” “What?! The Hero?!”

And the murmurs spread quickly with recognition.

…….but a Hero of Legend in Ligaleo is not a rare sight. Sir Ezeal would be with several Knights at a tavern often, and Mr. Riol would go try the coffee at a newly opened cafe. And even here, we have Yuu and Ageha staying at this inn.

That’s why most would not stir if a Hero of Legend appeared, but…….the [Hero] was different. He’s not the type to go out much.

But when Jend asked, “Mr. Cecil, would you like to come have a drink with us?”

And he agreed without any hesitation. I guess if he wasn’t alone most of the time, he would appear at most events.

And as we were standing at the living room entrance, Cyril, who was speaking to Ruby and Bianca from the [Star Nights], trotted over to us.

Cyril: “Welcome back, Henry, Jend. ……..and ummmm, you guys caused quite a fuss, but who is with you? Oh, that tag.” And Mr. Cecil tag was the Heroes of Legend tag made of orichalcum.

Mr. Cecil politely bowed towards Cecil.

Mr. Cecil: “A pleasure making your acquaintance, young lady. I am Cecil Lowlight. I am considered as one of the Heroes of Legend.”

Cyril: “Yes, thank you for your polite introduction! My name is Cyril. I am in the same Party as those two.”

And Cyril’s reaction was the same as Jend. She was not nervous at all. But well, I don’t think Cyril would ever be nervous speaking with anyone.

Cyril: “But, ummm, since we are indoors, I think it would be better to take off the helmet.

Cecil: “Ahh, yes. You’re right.” Though Cyril does have a point, even so……..

Henry: “Mr. Cecil, you don’t have to.”

Cecil: “Now, now. If you live here, you’ll eventually come to know. Mr. Jend, Miss Cyril, I apologize in advance if I surprise you.”

And with a *click*, Mr. Cecil began loosening his helmet.

As he took it off, they saw a very attractive silver-haired man. But though most women would get very excited in a meeting with a man like this, he had two very noticeable characteristics.

His skin had a blue-ish tint, and his eyes were scarlet, the color of blood.

……..and the former characteristic held a very specific meaning to us all.

“A Demon Race?!”

And one of the Adventurers in the living room abruptly got up…….but the Adventurer next to him held him back to try and calm him.

It was probably a newcomer who didn’t know about Mr. Cecil.

Cyril: “Ahー my apologies. I did not realize that others besides you two were unaware.”

Embarrassed, Mr. Cecil scratched his cheek. ……and he probably encountered the same situation countless times before. He didn’t seem to mind that Adventurer’s reaction.

Cyril: “Oh, so you’re a Demon Race. It’s the first time for me to meet someone like you.”

Jend: “Me too.” Cecil: “That’s not a surprise. There’s hardly any living in the northern continent. ……and the Demon Kingdom is at war with the North’s 3 greatest nations, so none of my brethren can travel here either.”

And the fact barely registered with Cyril and Jend, but for those who have been beaten down on countless occasions by Demon Generals, the public opinion against the Demon Race was honestly terrible. And even if the war ended tomorrow, our relationship with the Demon Race would be highly questionable.

…….and it was Mr. Cecil who was carrying that relationship all by himself. Because he’s on our side, it was hard to deem all Demon Races as a public enemy.

Cyril: “Ummmm, so, I’m not sure if this question is appropriate or not but….” Cecil: “Ah, yes. So you want to know why I do not fight on the Demon Kingdom’s side? That’s simple. If you’re fighting a war where one side’s soldiers are Demonic Creatures…….then it’s apparent to me whose side I should be fighting on.”

……and yeah, no one really talks about it, but it’s obvious that this is not a typical war.

Other than Demon Generals who [spawn] Demonic Creatures and lead them into battle, you do not see any other Demon Race on the battlefield.

Other than the Demon Generals, we have no clue about other Demon Races.

The Demonic Creatures are completely blocking our path for us to go see, and none of our communication Magecraft devices work due to the Corrupted Magic.

…….and though the war is officially against the Demonic Kingdom, I don’t really know who or what we’re fighting against.

Information like this wouldn’t be passed down to an average Adventurer like me, so I’m certain that the people higher-up are trying to find out.

People like Sir Ezeal, and Mr. Cecil might know…….but they probably can’t answer any questions like that. Yuu and Ageha are Heroes of Legend, but they are probably still too young to know.”

Cecil: “Now then, let’s drink! It’s been a while since I had my last drink.”

Henry: “Oh, yes. Then let’s head to the dining area.”

Though the inn has a schedule for when meals are served, there is no problem if you bring food and drink yourselves and eat there.

We brought several snacks and ale for this occasion.

Cyril: “Sheesh, I know we have the day off tomorrow, but don’t drink too much, okay?” Henry: “We know, we know.”

I wave off Cyril’s concerns.

……..and in truth, it would be foolish to get wasted when we’re not even inside the inner wall. At the very least, we need to be able to make judgements and run if a Creature breaches the wall. That is the minimum expectation placed on Adventurers.

Jend: “Henry, I’m going to go drop our stuff in our rooms.” Henry: “Thanks. We’ll be in the dining area.” Jend: “‘kay.”

I watched Jend leave, and as we entered the dining area…..we saw the inn owner, Mr. Chris, use his Magecraft to clean the room.

Several rags were wiping down the table. After a while, they would leave and dump themselves inside the buckets and wring themselves dry.

The brooms were also energetically sweeping and picking up small dust and dirt together.

…….this is the Rhys Style Magecraft. To be frank, it’s a whole lot more difficult than those crude Battle Magecraft styles, so it’s a very minor style over all.

The more equipment you try to manipulate the harder it gets……..and looking at all the rags, brooms, and dust pans, Mr. Chris was moving at least 20 ー something only the best of the best can do.

Chris: “Hm?” Mr. Chris was focused on his Cleaning Spell, and noticing us, turned around.

Chris: “Oh, it’s Henry. And……..hmph, well, well, well. If it isn’t the honorable and famous Mr. Hero.”

Cecil: “Hello, Chris. So this was your inn.”

And Mr. Cecil greeted Mr. Chris warmly.

Henry: “Oh, you two know each other?” Chris: “When I was an Adventurer, we were in the same Party for a short time.” I knew that Mr. Chris was a Heroic Warrior back in the day, but I didn’t know that he was in the same Party as Mr. Cecil.

Henry: “.........oh, but Mr. Cecil, in that case, why didn’t you know about this inn?” It’s an inn owned by one of his old friends after all.

Chris: “Hmph, well, this guy here is someone who won’t visit you for years if you just leave him be. He’s only been to this inn once on its grand-opening. ……when it was built for the first time.”

Ohー I’ve been at the Cries of the Star Inn for quite some time, so that’s why I never met him here.

Cecil: “Hahaha, yes, that is true. I did not realize so much time has passed. Is little Miss Patty doing well?” Chris: “She’s making dinner in the kitchen for our guests.” Cecil: “I see.” And Mr. Cecil was also acquainted with Mr. Chris’ wife, Mrs. Patricia.

Chris: “And so…….”

Mr. Chris observed the food and drinks we brought and spoke.

Chris: “I see you brought food and ale. Planning on celebrating tonight?” Henry: “Yes, we just finished our shift and met there. We were going to have a drink together with Jend too. Which table can we use?” Chris: “Just use any table I just cleaned. I’ll bring you guys some cups and plates.”

I thanked Mr. Chris and bowed my head. We went around to different food stands on the way back, so having plates would be very helpful.

Henry: “Oh, and we’re hoping to eat dinner too if that’s possible.”

We were hoping to just get some side dishes to add to our meal. We did that pretty often before.

Chris: “I know, I know. Hey, Cecil. If you’re going to eat, you better pay up.”

Cecil: “Yes, please. I’m looking forward to it. Little Miss Patty’s cooking is the best.”

Chris: “Don’t Little Miss someone’s wife, but…….whatever, I’ll put in your order.”

Mr. Chris turned to enter the kitchen to add our orders.

A moment later, we heard a loud, “We got an order from that idiot, Cecil!!” echo across the room.

Cecil: “Chris hasn’t changed at all. I think he’s quite upset that I haven’t visited in a while.” Henry: “Has it really been that long?” I guess it had to be at least 10 years ago.

The Demon Race is similar to the Elves in that they all have extremely long life expectancies, so they tend to be more lax about time for that reason.

As I was thinking about those things, we saw plates, cups, and a set of knives and forks float by and land on our table.

The ice pale was empty at first when it came, but as soon as it landed, the ice was created inside. This was, of course, all done through Magecraft.

…….the Rhys style really is convenient.

Jend: “Sorry to keep you waiting!”

And around that time, Jend came back wearing his casual clothes. But as an Adventurer of Ligaleo, he brought his main weapon with him.

We quickly filled the cups with the whiskey we brought and raised it in the air.

We had the eldest, Mr. Cecil, do the honors.

Cecil: “Then a toast to new friends and new beginnings. …Cheers!”

“ “ Cheers ” ”

And clinked our cups together.

………the night continued with our festivities.

With the famous, Mr. Cecil, in the area tonight, the others joined in on our celebration, and the whole inn erupted into one festive occasion.

Teo came back, and tragedy struck when………she decided to serve all the remaining Flowtier Ale I was going to drink carefully.

BーBut well. If it was to build ties with Mr. Cecil, then it was not wasted.

……not wasted at all…….



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 15 - The Strong Ones

Ch. 185 - 199

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