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SRALL c185

Ch.185: The Hero

Ligaleo was composed of an outer wall and an inner wall, and today, I was inside the inner wall.

Here, non-combat residents set up their residents and many of the city’s main infrastructure stemmed from this area, so there were many critical areas such as the food supplies that had to be heavily protected.

If you’re an average adventurer, you might come here on a rare off-day or come here to treat your wounds or an illness, but besides that, it was foreign territory.

…….and among all the important facilities, the Central Government Office was the most critical.

Normally, you would finish all the government paperwork in one of the branch offices, so I could count with one hand the number of times I visited this place. The reason why us adventurers could focus on fighting was because the local government handled all the politics with the related countries.

And yes, I’m very grateful to them for that.

……..since 3 major countries sent their government officials here to represent their respective interests, there is a slight problem with stark political division among the local officials. We’ll just say it’s minor and leave it at that.

Henry: “*fwewwwwww*.........ugh.”

We had business at the Central Office, but as soon as it was done, and I stepped outside, I felt my knees suddenly weaken with relief sweeping over me.

Cyril: “Ack?! Henry, are you okay?” And seeing me almost fall to the ground, Cyril, who was with me, looked me over with concerned eyes.

Henry: “No, I’m okay. ……..I’m okay, but that was mentally draining…..”

Cyril: “Ohー I see. Then, shall we rest in that park nearby?” Henry: “.......yeah.”

They constructed a small park in front of the Central Office, and there were benches set up too.

We found an unoccupied bench, and sitting down, I blew out a long, long sigh of relief.

Cyril: “Were you that nervous?” Henry: “ was a meeting with the top 3 representatives, you know. You’re not tired at all?” It was a meeting with the official representatives governing Ligaleo.

Each was a representative of one of the 3 major nations. Because it was agreed to perform joint governing, they had reputations to uphold, and each came from a Noble’s family.

……this wasn’t a random or sudden meeting. We had made an appointment, and they finally made time for us.

And I’m not a nobody on the lowest rung of society, but even as a Heroic Warrior, they don’t have time for the likes of me.

Cyril: “Of course. I was sent on behalf of Sir Alvare, so it was important to give a good impression. But our goals did not conflict, so as long as I acted properly, there wouldn’t have been any issues.”

Henry: “IーI see……..” She did not consider it to be such a big deal, but that took me by surprise.

…… yes, weーーor rather Cyril, came to meet the representatives of this city with the help of Flowtier’s Governor, Sir Alvare.

The purpose was to apologize for the lack of contribution in providing soldiers and Adventurers. Due to the peaceful nature of the Flowtier region, the strength and quality of the troops would be lacking.

This was all explained in a letter, but it was better to explain these things in person. But this was not urgent by any means, so they made us wait quite a bit.

But we also had one more agenda in mind……we also told them about why Cyril was chosen as a representative. She was one of the surviving members of the former Fezard Kingdom, and she is a sister-in-law to Sir Alvare.

Our ultimate goal was to revive the fallen kingdom, but it is actually difficult to gain support for these kinds of things as we succeed here in Flowtier. Before leaving Flowtier, we discussed this in depth with Sir Alvare, and it was decided that the best course of action would be to share the details of our goals a little at a time.

Cyril just mentioned how nice it would be to see the former Fezard Kingdom revived while exchanging pleasantries.

……even so. It would be different if this was a quest as an Adventurer to guard a representative, but just as someone tagging along, meeting these Nobles was really nerve wrecking.


Cyril: “WhーWhy are you staring at me like that?” Henry: “No…….I was just surprised to see you handle that so well.” Cyril did not look out of place the entire time.

We did not relay Sir Alvare’s apology and call it quits. The discussion went on in an elegant fashion, and there was no way I was going to poke my head in when they started talking about politics. I can’t explain it well, but Cyril just talked differently with Nobles.

Cyril: “Well, you know where and how I was born. I was even trained in my days in Flowtier.”

Henry: “RーReally?” Cyril: “I mean, our goal is far-stretched. Besides, if Sir Alvare saw that I gave up on the Kingdom’s revival, he was probably going to use my royal lineage in some manner. So either way, I would have to be comfortable in dealings like these.”

……….well, Sir Alvare was a very peaceful and kind-hearted man, but as a Governor, I was sure that he had to play these kinds of politics too.

This is not something I could ever do……….well, I might be required to do it anyways. If the revival of the Fezard Kingdom becomes a reality, I would most likely be pulled into the politics too.

Henry: “But man, I had nothing to do the whole time today.” I spoke to introduce myself and to excuse myself when we left.

Cyril: “I’m glad you were here though. As a representative of a Governor, it would have looked bad to not have at least one companion standing by. Besides, they complimented you too. I was so proud when they mentioned it.” It was concerning the two times where I had to face off with Demonic Generals.

Though the fame of the Heroes of Legend completely overshadowed my involvement in those stories, the representatives were aware of my accomplishments.

Henry: “Well, I’m sure they were just being polite.”

Cyril: “I’m pretty certain that’s the case too, but at least they knew you by name!”

I appreciate the honesty, but I wish Cyril could have softened that blow to my pride.

Cyril: “So what should we do now? We are in the inner city walls, so do you want to take a tour?” Henry: “Ohー let’s see….”

If we followed our usual schedule, we would have gone on an expedition today. With the meeting with the representatives, we canceled our schedule with the Party, everyone besides Cyril and I are doing different jobs.

Jend is doing security duty at the South Gate. Ferris is working as a Ningel Church’s Healer at Yuu’s clinic. Ageha came to pick up Teo for training.

Ferris is around some familiar faces, and I’m not worried about Teo and Ageha.


Henry: “I’m going to go check on Jend. He’s really sociable, but he doesn’t know many people here in Ligaleo.”

Cyril: “Ahhhh, I see. Yes, please do. I’d hate for him to be forgotten and all alone!”

Henry: “.......wait, I don’t think he’s in that bad of a situation…”

But since it’s his first job alone, I should check up on him.

Henry: “Oh, Cyril, you should return to the Cries of the Stars Inn. I know you’ve been getting more and more tired lately.”

Cyril: “.......hahaha, could you tell?” She’s doing a good job with keeping up with us, but on this 2 days on, 1 day off schedule, we’re getting to the point where she’s going to have trouble fully recovering just with a single day of rest. It’s a good opportunity to let her take a break.

As we decided, we left the park in front of the Central Office.


At the South Gate.

This is the final line of defense before Demonic Creatures can enter the city. This also serves as a safe resting point for Adventurers retreating from Creatures, so it’s a pretty important post.

It also has many other purposes, but that’s why you will see the same quality of people as you would on the 1st Line. Also, people who had Party members taking the day off also participated in guarding this area.

There are days when nothing happens, but if something does go down, it’s usually pretty crazy. You can have a stampede of Creatures appear on the 3rd line for instance.

……putting that aside.

I walked with Cyril back to the Cries of the Stars Inn, and then headed to the Number 7 Church to accept the afternoon shift for the South Gate security duties.

After I arrived, I was looking for Jend whenーー

Jend: “Hm? Oh! It’s Henry. Are you all done with your business at the Central Office?” ……..he was next to someone who stood out like crazy, so I located him very quickly.

All of that is fine butー

Henry: “YーYeah……well, it wasn’t going to take too long anyways. ………so…….”

I glanced briefly at the man Jend was speaking with.

He wore a slender full plate armor and wore a masked helmet. The swordsman carried a very famous sword that anyone would recognize.

Contrary to his intimidating armor though, the aura from the man was rather peaceful and pleasant.

Henry: “Oh, Mr. Cecil. This is Henry, our Party Leader that I mentioned earlier.”

Cecil: “Ah, so it was about you.”

Jend introduced me, and as Cecil looked my way, he nodded with understanding.

Jend: “Mr. Cecil, did you know Henry?” Cecil: “Yes, we are somewhat acquainted. We served at this post a few times, and we have stood on the battlefield together. Yes, it was Henry, correct? My apologies. I’m sure we have been introduced, but I was unable to place a face to the name until now.”

Henry: “NーNo sir. I do not believe that we were formally introduced……there is no offense taken.”

I couldn’t help but feel the edges of my lips twitch nervously as I responded to the man.

……in some ways, this was far more nerve wracking than meeting with those representatives.

Cecil: “Is that so? Then allow me the courtesy. My name is Cecil Lowlight. It is a pleasure making your acquaintance.”

Henry: “HーHenry, nice to meet you.”

Cecil: “Okay, now I have memorized your face and name. I wondered where you went lately, but I guess you were somewhere in the backlines. Mr. Jend here told me about it.” Henry: “IーIt’s an honor to have you know of me.”

I was becoming increasingly nervous.

Cecil: “If I remember correctly, that youngster Ezeal and lil’ Miss Lotte, Mr. Riol, and oh! You also had ties to Miss Saint of Salvation and Miss Head Chopper, yes? You are so familiar with so many of the Heroes of Legend. I would be pleased if you would add me to your list of friends.” Henry: “OーOf course, sir. IーI would be happy to do so, Sir Hero.”

Cecil: “No need to call me a Hero.” He made a scratching gesture over his cheeks on top of his helmet, but this was the [Hero] Cecil Lowlight.

From the way he addressed Sir Ezeal and Ms. Lotte, his voice sounds young, but he descends from a long-lived race.

For reasons I won’t go into right now, he has allowed Sir Ezeal to take the Head of the Heroes of Legend, but in a one on one fight, I didn’t doubt that this man would come out on top. Well, I guess that depended on the circumstances of the fight too.

Henry: “SーSo Jend, how did you end up speaking with Mr. Cecil?” Jend: “Hm? Ohhhh, well, I didn’t know anyone here, so I was pretty bored. Seeing that I was alone, Mr. Cecil was kind enough to chat with me.”

As Jend explained, Mr. Cecil also added his own comment.

Cecil: “Wellー when you have been a Hero of Legend as long as I have, people seem to have a harder time speaking with you casually. I especially have difficulty because I rarely form Parties with anyone. I was very glad to find Jend here willing to speak with me.”

Jend: “Hahaha, I learned so much from just speaking with you. Thank you very much.” Jend seems to be very relaxed, but Mr. Cecil has the longest record as a Hero of Legend, and he has saved towns, cities, and even nations many times over. He is the epitome of all Heroes of Legend.

He is gentle in nature, but once a battle begins, he becomes the most brazen and courageous man who grasps victory no matter what.

Since he does not stick out too much, he is less well known than other Heroes of Legend, but for those who have witnessed him fight, everyone who has done so walks away as an admirer.

I couldn’t believe how casual Jend could be………..but I guess in hindsight, that was expected.

Jend hasn’t been in Ligaleo for too long. And on top of that, he has met Sir Ezeal, Ms. Lotte, Mr. Riol, and Mr. Gordon. Oh, and Yuu and Ageha. He’s met a lot of Heroes of Legend in his short career.

If he was a true newbie in Ligaleo, the nervousness of meeting a Hero of Legend would crush most newcomers, but because he had so many encounters prior to Ligaleo, he might have been desensitized too much.

……but Mr. Cecil seemed pleased, so I decided not to say anything.

Cecil: “Then Henry, let’s chat. You were working hard at a town called Flowtier?” Cyril: “YーYes…..I was.” Argh! It’s time to suck it up as a man. Yes, Mr. Cecil is one of the Adventurers I admire most, but it’s also true that we both work the same occupation. I just need to speak to him normally.

Henry: “Yes, I grew up in Ligaleo, so going to Flowtier, there was a lot of new experiences.”

Cecil: “I see, I see. Tell me more.” Mr. Cecil was genuinely excited like a child, so as he pressed for more information, I began talking a lot.

Henry: “” ーーand the peace was suddenly broken with the sound of a ringing bell.

My hand reached for my spear as Mr. Cecil reached for his sword.

……..the bell signal was for sudden emergencies.

“6 o’clock, 3 kilometers out! A Highest-Tier identified……! Fenrir!!”

One of the soldiers on the watchtower yelled through a Magecraft tool that magnified his voice.

……in Ligaleo, even on the 3rd line, a Highest-Tier will occasionally appear at least once a month.

Though it is better than the 1st line where they spawn, once, twice, or occasionally 3 times a week, Adventurers on the 3rd line are typically weaker than those on the 1st line. If things go bad, there’s going to be casualties butーー

Cecil: “A Fenrir, huh. It’s been a while since the last one.”

With just that, Mr. Cecil disappeared like the wind.

“Those with experience against a Fenrir follow Mr. Cecil! …..even if it’ll be over when you get there!”

Everyone chuckled quietly at the end comment as they all nodded to one another. But if in a one in thousand, no, one in a million chance, there was always the possibility that even something could happen to Mr. Cecil.

So just in case, a few followed after him.

…….I thought about going, but I saw Jend fidget in place, so stayed back to make sure that he didn’t go.

Jend: “HーHenry, isn’t a Fenrir that thing you fought with Ms. Charlotte?” Henry: “Yup.” Jend: “.......I know Mr. Cecil is a Hero of Legend, but will he be okay alone?”

It’s way too soon for you to be worrying about him, Jend.

Henry: “He’s absolutely fine. A freshly spawned Highest-Tier would only last about……30 seconds against Mr. Cecil.”

…….and apparently, this Fenrir was pretty tough and survived a full minute against Mr. Cecil.

But the fact that it didn’t take him longer than a minute is why he’s called a [Hero].



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 15 - The Strong Ones

Ch. 185 - 199

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