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SRALL c181

Ch. 181: And the Party Name is…

We were eating dinner in the Cries of the Stars Inn. Today, the main dish was sautéed white fish.

Mrs. Patricia used her herbs from her garden, and it was a very popular dish.

And today, I was especially hungry after fighting against so many Dragons. Put together a great dish and an empty stomach, and you can guess what followed.

After 3 servings of the main dish and 3 servings of bread, I finally felt satisfied.

Henry: “Now that we all got enough food, let’s begin.” Cyril: “Henry, you ate way too much.”

Henry: “I work off what I eat. …..but anyways, let’s pick a name for our Party.” I brushed past Cyril’s comments and began the meeting.

Henry: “Then to get started, let’s just go around and say what we came up with. So…..who wants to go first?” Cyril: “Hehehehe……I’ll go last!”

I answered, “Fine,” to Cyril’s confident gesture and looked around the table.

Teo raised her hand first.

Henry: “Okay, Teo. Go ahead.” Teo: “Yes. What about the name, ‘Hidden Leaf’? It is the name of a famous book written by a Rishu Warrior about the true natures of a warrior.”

And Teo puffed out her chest with pride.

……..? Henry: “Wait, before that, can you tell me how you came up with that name?” Teo: “I just like the way it sounds.” That’s it?! I mean, yes, determining a name by how you feel is important, but……look, shouldn’t there be a slightly deeper reasoning? We are going to go by this name for a while after all.

Henry: “Okayー then….let’s put that down as a potential candidate. Let’s choose after everyone has gotten their turn.” Teo: “Okay.”

Teo didn’t mind postponing our decision and simply nodded.

Henry: “Who wants to go next?” ……..silence.

Teo, who does not hesitate about these things, already went, and now Jend, Ferris, and I looked at one another awkwardly.

……and….it’s not like the order really matters, but we were all hesitant just the same.

Jend: “Ummm, okay. I’ll go next then.” Jend smiled awkwardly as he broke the silence.

Henry: “So, what did you come up with?” Jend: “So……well…….since we’re all believers of the god, Grandes, since our leader Henry uses a spear, what about ‘Grand Spear’?” Jend’s style was actually very common. I’m a little embarrassed that it centers around my weapon, but otherwise, it’s spot on, and a very direct way of naming our Party.

But……..there was one problem.

Henry: “......Jend, sorry. I know you thought a lot about your name, but there’s a lot of Parties who base their name on the god of battle. So there’s a ton of Grand somethings, and we’ll probably overlap with other Parties.”

Jend: “Ah…..oh……thーthat makes sense…..”

And the leader of Heroes of Legend is “Grand Ezeal.” Wanting to someday become like the hero, the word “Grand” is incredibly popular.

I’m sure in different towns, you will see a lot of overlap in Party names, but the reason why we need a name now is to make it easier for the Church to manage.

……..if there’s multiple Parties with the same name, it’s bound to cause confusion, so I had to say no to this suggestion.

Ferris: “I see………yes, and I don’t believe my name would have overlapped as much, but I was careless on that point as well.” Henry: “Oh, what did you come up with, Ferris?” Ferris scratched her cheek with embarrassment before answering.

Ferris: “I thought since it’s the five of us, the ‘Five Stars’. ……but now that I think about it, if we recruit more people, it wouldn’t make as much sense.”


Henry: “.......yeah, you’re right. Right now, we’re pretty sure the 5 of us will stick together, and we probably don’t need another member at the moment. Even so, I don’t recommend putting the number of members in the Party name.” Not only will it be awkward when you add members, but…..I don’t want to think about this, but if someone gets hurt or………dies, then we’ll be down to 3 or 4.

I used to be part of a Party called the [Bright Six], but when we disbanded, there was only 3 of us left. …….but I won’t mention that here.

Jend: “Then in that case, Henry, your suggestion’s going to be pretty important. What name did you come up with?”

Teo’s name isn’t bad, but unfortunately, it’s not relatable to our Party.

And I really, really doubt Cyril is going to come up with anything good…….

I’m pretty sure Jend was thinking the same thing as me, and clearing my throat, I decided to present my idea.

Henry: “So…..for me, when you think of our Party, Cyril’s Magic comes to mind first so…….what about ‘The Song of Victory.’”

……..that was really embarrassing announcing your idea out loud.

I glance up to see everyone’s reaction.

Jend: “Oh, I like it. We’ll stand out with someone singing on the battlefield, and I know the Adventurers’ nearby were drawn to Cyril’s singing last time.”

Ferris: “Yeah, I agree. I think it’s a good name. It sounds very courageous too.”

Jend and Ferris both had good impressions. …….thank goodness. I’m glad it wasn’t a total flop.

Teo: “If the two like the name, why not go with that? Since Mr. Henry came up with the name, that’s more than half the Party. I don’t mind either.”

Teo also agreed with the name.

It’s a little embarrassing to have your idea getting accepted, but it makes all the time and effort thinking about it worth it. Thank goodness. And we were just about to make the decision whenー

Cyril: “Wai-wai-wai, WAIーT just a moment! Mine! You haven’t heard my idea yet!”

………and it’s not like we forgot.

And Cyril stood up with her hand in the air to get everyone’s attention.

Teo: “.......I thought Miss Cyril’s name would be based on her own name.”

I thought so too.

Cyril: “It’s not that I don’t like Henry’s idea, but this Party isn’t just me, right?” Henry: “......yeah, you make a good point, but then, what name did you come up with?” Cyril: “Henry, have a little patience. Teo, do you remember the drink we were going to have to celebrate our name? Can you bring out the bottle?” Teo looked confused as she reached into the godly equipment bag and brought out a wine bag.

Inside the bag, there was one bottle given to us by the Governor before we left Flowtier as a special gift.

We were planning on opening it when there was something to celebrate about. We thought finally settling on a name was the perfect occasion, and we were planning on toasting to our new name with it.

The wine bag is a Magecraft tool designed to preserve wines, but compared to an actual wine cellar, it’s not as effective, so the sooner we drink the better.

I was wondering why Cyril had the bottle brought out first, when she placed a hand on her chest as if to make a speech.

Cyril: “I thought about this a lot. Like, how I wanted a name to reflect how hard we would work and how successful we wanted to be. So a name like, ‘Hard Success Group.’”

If she suggested that, I would have immediately turned it down.

Cyril: “And I was wondering if there was anything else……and then it came to me. What do you think about this?” She pointed.

She pointed to the bottle of wine Teo brought out.

She pointed to the label that explained how the wine was made using the grapes that can be picked near the town it was named after.

Henry: “[La Flowtier], huh.”

Cyril: “We have a lot of memories there, and by naming our Party after the name where we came together, I didn’t want us to forget our origins, or something like that!”

And yeah, naming your Party after your home town is quite common too.

I mumble the name, [La Flowtier] to myself a few more times.

Henry: “.......that’s…..really good. What does everyone else think?” Jend: “Yeah, I’m a little surprised that Cyril came up with it, but I like it too.”

Cyril did not like Jend’s comment at all and is protesting vehemently, but she should reflect back on her past actions and words.

Ferris: “Yes, I like it too. I thought Mr. Henry’s suggestion is good too.”

And Ferris also placed her vote with a smile.

Teo: “I think it is good too……but it’s strange. How could Miss Cyril come up with a decent name?” Cyril: “Teo, you too?! I can’t let this kind of unjust appraisal pass!!”

I intervened to try and help Cyril calm down.

Once they settled down, I look into each member’s face to confirm.

Henry: “........there was a bit of a fuss, but everyone, are we good with Cyril’s name?” Everyone nodded at once.

Henry: “Then, well……..from today on, we are [La Flowtier]. It seems a little silly to say it now, but…let’s all work together!”

Everyone answered with a loud affirmation.

The other Adventurers sitting around the other tables noticed our celebration and threw in a few celebratory comments too.

…….and taking the wine, “La Flowtier,” we filled up our glasses and toasted.

This was the beginning of [La Flowtier], our Party.


Henry: “Miss Nicole, we have a new Party name.”

It was the next day.

I headed to the Grandes Church, and I made the report to our Priest, Miss Nicole.

Nicole: “Yes. Thank you for deciding on a name so quickly. And what will your Party be called?” Henry: “We took the name from the city of Flowtier where we first formed the Party. We are calling ourselves [La Flowtier].”

Nicole: “[La Flowtier], is that right? Thank you. I will have the name entered into our records.”

Miss Nicole repeated the name back to me, but the name still felt foreign to me. I guess I’ll get used to the name eventually.

Nicole: “......yes. In that case, for the members of [La Flowtier], please head to the front of the 3rd lines…….this area here. There should be no surprises with the Creatures that appear there, but there will be quite a large number. Please be very careful.”

Henry: “Yes, ma’am.”

Miss Nicole pointed out our position on the map, and Teo, who handles the maps, made a note. I also made sure to memorize the position in my head.

Henry: “Alright, then let’s head out.” Cyril: “Yes, [La Flowtier], let’s go!”

Cyril answered me with a fist in the air.

Now then…

Let’s see how today’s expedition goes.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 14 - Ligaleo

Ch. 172 - 184

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Xarin Sliron
Xarin Sliron
Sep 12, 2023

Gotta be honest, Henry’s name was much cooler. The Flowtier? feels more like a sales brand (which it literally was originally in the story)

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