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SRALL c178

Ch. 178: First Battle

We received our assignment from Church #7, and arrived at the South Gate of Ligaleo.

Jend took a look at the gate and looked confused.

Jend: “........? Henry, is that gate……open?” Henry: “? Yeah, of course it’s open. If they had to open and close that all day, it would be chaos.”

I didn’t understand what was so peculiar about that.

In a regular time, unless there are some extraordinary circumstances, the gates would be left open. It would cause many more problems if they left it shut during the day.

Jend: “......but isn’t that dangerous? There’s Demonic Creatures everywhere, right?” Henry: “Yeah, and we have counter measures in place. The people who guard the entrance are selected elites. ……..there, you see? I thought it might be, but the Star Nights are there among them.”

Since Bianca wasn’t with them, I thought it might be the case. They are all Heroic Warrior class as a Party, but tackling the 1st Lines with one member missing is tough.

They also recognized us as we approached and waved.

Henry: “There are also veteran Knights who guard the gate, and you’ll see Sir Ezeal and Mr. Hero guarding the gates too. Yuu’s clinic is right there as well.”

On the inside of the South Gate, there is a freshly built shack - that is the clinic. If you did not see the Ningel Church’s sign out in front, you would never think of the building as a clinic. It’s that shabby. But this area is prone to being destroyed by creatures all the time, so it can’t be helped.

But with the Magecraft Barrier now being more effective, they might be able to build a nicer looking building sooner than later.

Ferris: “.....ohhh, that makes sense. It’s so that they can quickly let the people running come through, right?” Henry: “Exactly.”

And being a Healer herself, Ferris understood the meaning of the open gate quicker than others.

It’s true that one step outside the gate is dangerous grounds. Demonic Creatures swarm the area, and keeping the gates open means risking the chance of invasion. The Magecraft Barrier is not used at the entrance because it would impede traffic.

……..but if they were to close it, while they were trying to open the gates for the injured, that time alone may cost lives.

That’s why unless the Demon Kingdom is doing a large-scale attack, the gate remains open even in the night time.

Cyril: “I see….so if things get dangerous, we just have to run all the way back here, and we’ll be safe?” Henry: “Cyril, you wouldn’t be able to escape with your speed. If that happens, call for help from the people around you.”

Though the people around may not be immediately available to help, her chance of survival is much higher than trying to run all the way back here.

This, she had to remember no matter what.

Cyril: “....! OーOkay, sheesh. I understand.”

Henry: “......well, not that I’ll ever let you be in that situation.”

I swore to the Governor that I would protect Cyril. …….and that’s not the only reason.

Cyril: “Oh…yes! That’s right!”

And she brightened at my words. ……..she can be a handful sometimes.

Teo: “Um, could you do those lovey-dovey things in your own private time? I cannot wait to see what it is like outside.”

Henry: “WーWe’re not trying to……well, whatever. Yes, let’s go.”

A little embarrassed from Teo’s comment, I scratch my cheeks as we all begin walking again.

We walked under the South Gate and passed by the Star Nights.

“Hey, good luck out there.” Henry: “Thanks.” I wave briefly as we receive some light encouragement. We spoke briefly to the soldiers who made up the defensive lines, and they let us through.

Henry: “.......oh, uhー well, don’t be too surprised, got it?” Cyril: “Huh?” …… the soldiers let us through, we finally got our first view.

“.....?! ………huh?”

I don’t know who said that.

Because all we saw was a battlefield after battlefield.

Even from where we stood, there were at least 100 Demonic Creatures, and 2, 4…..around 13 Adventurer Parties were fighting all around.

Of course, this is just the battles we could see, and if we continued to move on, we would see a different group of creatures and Adventurers there.

Ferris: “IーI’ve heard the stories but……seeing this in real life is something else.”

Jend: “........we’re……still right outside the city, right?” Ferris and Jend both give their impressions…….butー

Henry: “Hey, I know it’s a shocking sight, but snap out of it. They’re coming.”

Jend: “What?” I was looking at the Party that was diagonally left of us. The number of creatures they’re handling is a little high.

They’re probably…….yup, they’re heading this way.

“Sorry! We let some through!”

Henry: “We got these! Focus on what’s before you!”

One of the Party members yells out a warning, and I raise my voice in answer.

There were 3 Charging Bulls heading our way. They had well developed horns and were classified Mid-Tier Lower-Class.

They saw that we stuck out of the soldier’s defensive lines and immediately targeted us. Just like their name, they charged in head first.

Henry: “Alright! Don’t let your guard down! It’s our first fight in Ligaleo!”

The enemy is a little lacking! …….but I wouldn’t say anything that would be heard by the Party who let them escape.

I pulled out the Nyoiten Spear, and lengthened it into a short spear.

Everyone else also changed gears and prepared their weapons.

ーーokay…..let’s go!


I kicked away a Raging Rabbit who was trying to bite my leg, and sent a [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Restrain] {Katerno} Magecraft to trip 5 Charging Bulls heading our way from the right.

In front of us, I stopped a few Demonic Apes who were charging at us at the same time.

Cyril: (Everyone, I’m ready!)

Henry: (Okay!)

And through the [Link Ring], Cyril let me know her Spell was ready, and I quickly jumped away.

Cyril: “{Meteo・Flare}!!”

A total of 10 balls of fire moved as if it had a will of its own.

The Demonic Ape and Charging Bulls I was facing were burned to ashes by 3 of those balls of flames.

The remaining 7 headed to the other 3 who were also holding off their own set of creatures……and every creature around us was destroyed.

……Cyril’s Spell’s strength was frightening as usual. And since the training at the Mages Tower, her control of her Spell has gone up. Before the training, she could not have sent Spells towards 4 different battle fronts.

But there’s no time to be impressed.

As soon as we got rid of the creatures around us, we heard the heavy flapping of wings, and a flock of Wyverns were heading our way.

They look like Dragons, but they are a sub-species that stand around Mid-Tier Upper-Class to Upper-Tier Lower Class.

They are hard to deal with since they fly andーー

Henry: “They’re using their Breath Attack!”

From the sky, they can fire their Dragon’s breath long range.

Henry: “Ferris, I’m leaving the defenses to you!”

As I spoke, I changed the shape of my Nyoiten Spear to a throwing spear and braced it above my head.

Ferris: “Got it! ……Shield, prove your vow to defend!”

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}!”

I glanced briefly at the symbols on Ferris’ shield geometrically changing shapes……and then threw.

The spears split and multiplied on the way up, and wounded at least two thirds of the Wyvern flock. …….and the surviving Wyverns’ Flaming Breath Attack poured down upon us.

The attack came as I finished throwing so I couldn’tーーwell, I could still dodge, but I didn’t need to.

Ferris: “{Great Wall}!!”

Ferris’ voice rung through the air and at the same time, a wall as thick and tough as the city wall appeared in front of me.

The wall easily blocked the Wyvern’s Breath attack.

Ferris: “.....fwew!!”

…….as soon as the attack was over, the wall disappeared. It takes a good amount of Magic to keep the wall going, so that was only natural.

She used the Ningel’s Hands’ Defensive Magecraft Spell {Great Wall}. ……normally, it would be impossible to use this Spell on a Spell Call Stone carried by individuals. In fact, it’s more of a Military Spell than it is an Adventurer’s Spell.

Normally, a few Mages would use this on a battlefield to create a defensive wall. It was that kind of Spell.

It was the Legendary Hero, Mr. Gordon’s Spell Call Stone slash shield that used a significant amount of Free-Form Metal (the same material the Nyoiten Spear is made from) and has 4 Major Magecraft Spells inscribed on it.

We rehearsed the Spell many times on the practice field, but this was the first time she used it in an actual battle.

Henry: “Teo!”

…….but as I raised my voice, an arrow already flew past me.

This time, the Wyverns who had just finished firing their Breath attack were susceptible to attacks. That’s why I was going to tell Teo to fire, but she already beat me to it.

3 Wyverns had their thin wings pierced and fell to the ground.

Now, only 7 remain in the sky.

Henry: “......Jend, I’ll leave those 3 to you! I’m going to stop the ones still in the air!”

Jend: “Okay!”

But the Wyverns in the sky had scattered, so I wouldn’t be able to take them out with a single throw.

Now, they would be more wary of my spear, and at this distance……it will be difficult to hit them with a regular throw.

Henry: “[Light Ledge] {Plateau}”

And this is where this Magecraft Spell that creates footing in midair comes in handy.

I jumped as high as I could and with another [Light Ledge] {Plateau}, I jumped again in midair.

…….before they knew what was happening, I was flying higher than the Wyverns.

Henry: “There!”

I threw my spear, and as soon as I pierced one Wyvern, I made another [Light Ledge] {Plateau} and jumped towards another Wyvern.

As I flew in the air, I called back my Nyoiten Spear, and I shoulder charged the 2nd one, and thrust the spear through its heart.

As the second one fell, I jumped off of it, and threw my spear at the closest Wyvern.

Henry: “Oh…”

…..after my spear throw, I was surrounded by the remaining four. They had prepared their Breath Attack, and if they fired while surrounding me, it would be hard to avoid a direct hit.

I probably need to use the [Light Ledge] {Plateau} to jump up or down quickly toーー

Cyril: “{Bright Ray}!”

ーーbut before I was able to execute my escapeーー

Four beams of light were fired from the ground and struck the Wyverns with deadly accuracy.

After finishing her Spell, I saw Cyril wave her hand and give me a peace sign.

Henry: “.......they’re definitely not acting like newbies……”

But it was one less thing to worry about as I fell towards the earth.

Jend had just finished taking out the last one that fell to the ground. And…….even though the Wyverns’ greatest advantage is their flying, he did that really fast.

Since I was in the air, I took a quick survey of the area, and…….good, there’s no more creatures. The whole area was empty.

We’ve been fighting non-stop for 30 minutes, so it was nice to finally have a break.

Henry: “Alright! Grab the Drops quickly! Ignore the cheap ones! Someone will pick it up eventually!”

……and as sad as it may be, even in Ligaleo, you have to pick up Demonic Creature drops for the record and exchange it for money.

There’s no way I would work this hard for free.

I heard the groan of my Party as I resent my orders, and we quickly began gathering what we could.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11 Preparation for the Journey

Ch. 119 - 135

Book 12 The Mages Tower

Ch. 136 - 155

Book 13 - Before Departure

Ch. 156 - 171

Book 14 - Ligaleo

Ch. 172 - 184

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