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SRALL c174

Ch. 174: The Return and the Reunion

A Horse-type Demonic Creature with two horns on its head - 3 Bicorns were charging at us from different directions.

Henry: “Ferris! Protect the carriage! …..Teo, fire when ready!”

Ferris: “Okay!”

Teo: “Understood.”

Ferris yelled her affirmation back while I heard Teo’s quiet, distinct voice as she fired her arrow.

The Bicorns coming at us from the front and the left stopped their charge.

Henry: “Jend!”

Jend: “Yeah! I got this one! Leave it to me!”

And Jend stepped in to take care of the one coming at us from the right.

Flames roared out from his Blaze Blade, but the Bicorn facing him took very little notice. Jend dashed forward to meet it head on. If he’s not careful, the Bicorn could run him through…….but I’m sure he’ll be fine.

I charge at the Bicorn that Teo fired her arrows at.


Seeing me, it huffs a powerful breath.

Seeing a human run at it, the Bicorn lowered its head, pointed its horns at me, and charged.

And since its body is based on a horse, it ran with amazing speed butー

Henry: “Fuh!” *sfx breath*

…….I changed the Nyoiten Spear from a one-handed sword form to a long spear and thrust the blade forward.

The Bicorn, believing that its long horns would reach me first, was caught off guard, struck through, and died instantly.

Glancing aside, the Bicorn to the right was split in half by Jend, and its pieces were engulfed in flames.

Cyril: {Icicle Coffin}!”

……and that was the last one.

Teo had continued to fire her arrows at it to stop it from charging, and now it was frozen solid by Cyril’s Spell.

I looked around to see if there were any more enemies. After confirming that there were no other creatures around, I let out a breath of relief, and returned to the carriage that stopped while we took care of the Demonic creatures.

Henry: “Hey, good job, everyoneー”

Everyone else had also returned to stand around the carriage. I waved at each of them as we gathered.

Henry: “Hm? What’s wrong?” It was a smooth victory, but everyone was acting strange.

I was trying to understand why, when Mr. Muah, the merchant we were guarding as an official Quest, came over with a smile on his face.

Muah: “How splendid! Everyone is so strong. Thank you for taking care of those creatures so quickly.”

Henry: “Yes, no problem. Oh, let me add them to the count. That will be Mid-class, mid-tier - 3 total.”

Muah: “Yes, thank you.”

He brought out a simple sign sheet with lines, and as I wrote the class of Demonic Creatures and the number, Mr. Muah placed his signature on the same line.

……this time, we were heading to Ligaleo from Southgaia, and since we were heading that way anyways, we picked up a Guard Quest.

Guard Quests in this area require the Adventurer and Quest giver to agree upon and accurately record the class and count of the number of creatures defeated.

Depending on this, your reward will greatly increase or decrease.

This was to avoid any arguments once we reached our destination. If you get a break in between fights, it’s encouraged to quickly measure, agree, and sign off on each encounter.

……well, this time was too easy to count, but if we were to get swarmed by a herd of them, those are very difficult to accurately count. Thus, the system favors the Adventurers who are risking their lives, and the unsaid rule is to inflate the numbers slightly. For those Adventurers who go overboard, they’ll be hanged out to dry later.

Well, regardless, there was no damage to the carriage, so we were able to depart immediately.

Since our responses would be delayed if we were inside the carriage, we all walked along beside it.

As we progressed, Cyril seemed to be choosing her words carefully as she cautiously spoke to me.

Cyril: “Ummmm, Henry?” Henry: “Hm? What’s wrong, Cyril? Did you get hurt in the last scuffle?” She moved her hand to wave away my words as if to say, no not that, and she opened her mouth to speak once more.

Cyril: “........I thought you said the number of Demonic Creatures breaking through Ligaleo went down. Whatever happened to that? It’s now the 6th attack we faced just today.”

Henry: “Yeah, so it’s gotten a whole lot less. Any day that doesn’t reach 2 digits is a really light day, and even more, we’ve only faced an Upper-Tier just once today.”

It was the Upper-Tier, Lower-Class Cockatrice, and just one for that matter. This area really got quiet. Back then, at least half would be Upper-Tiers.

But, I understand what Cyril is trying to say.

We left early in the morning, and now it’s about evening. In between that time, you get attacked 6 times on a supposedly safe road. You would never expect that around Flowtier.

Henry: “But you have to consider that the closer we approach the south continent, the denser the corrupted Magic becomes. The majority of those creatures just naturally spawned in this area.”

Jend: “......I’m surprised that there’s still an economy standing here.”

Henry: “It’s actually not. The 3 major countries have been pouring their tax money to support Ligaleo.” I answer Jend’s mumbled complaint.

I only heard rumors, but that’s how it is apparently. This area’s economy completely crumbled and is unable to sustain Ligaleo on its own.

……and in the worst case scenario, if they smash through the frontlines, it would be incredibly difficult to push them back. In fact, it would be practically impossible.

That’s why the countries are bleeding out tax money for support even if it means incurring a large deficit.

Henry: “But the number of Demonic Creatures in this area really did decrease. A Guard Quest between Southgaia and Ligaleo would mean fighting Demonic Creatures the whole way there, and it took at least 2 days because of that. Nowー”

I pointed ahead of us.

Before us, we began to see glimpses of the sturdy, thick walls that stood at least 10 meters (~30 yards) high.

Though the northside is relatively the safest area, on top of the wall sat many squads of archers that could be seen even from here.

Jend: “Is that………”

Henry: “Yeah, the city of the frontlines, the fortress of the Isthmus of Bifrost, the birth city of Heroes……and whatever else it’s called, that’s our destination.”


It’s been a year and a few months since I left.

I came back to my 2nd hometown…….and returned to the most dangerous city on this land.


We parted with Mr. Muah at the north gate.

Mr. Muah had more goods that needed to be inspected, and that will take some time. As far as our payment, we just needed to submit the form with all the Demonic Creatures we defeated listed to the church, and they will pull the payment from the money Mr. Muah paid upfront to the Church.

Since there are a lot of Guard Quests in this area, they did their best to simplify the process as efficiently as possible.

So if you have an Adventurer’s tag, they will let you through the north gate without any fuss andー

“ Hey, aren’t you Henry?” It was one of the guards guarding the North Gate of Ligaleo. He was a veteran Green Dragon Knight, and Mr. Olivier and I knew each other well.

Henry: “Hey, Mr. Olivier.”

I waved at him to greet him.

Olivier: “Hey, hey. I heard rumors that you were coming back, but I didn’t expect you to really do it. Weren’t you telling me how you were going to take the rest of your life as easy as possible when you left?” Henry: “........I can’t remember.” How could you ever trust a man who goes back on his word so easily? Couldn’t be me.

Olivier: “Fine, whatever. Well, welcome back, Henry.” Henry: “Yes, glad to be home.” Olivier: “Yeah, andー actually….”

? Mr. Olivier thought about something, but then bit his lips closed.

Henry: “Is something the matter?”

Olivier: “, it’s nothing. So those are your new friends? Welcome to Ligaleo. Be careful and don’t die too quickly. Be especially careful on your expeditions here.”

“ “ Yes, we will! ” ”

Everyone in the Party replied with quite the enthusiasm.

Henry: “Mr. Olivier, did you know if the Cries of the Stars Inn has finished rebuilding?”

Olivier: “I saw it when I was ringing the alarms last week, but it looked mostly finished then.”

Okay, that’s some good news.

We can avoid having to find a different place to live without support from the church.

Henry: “Thank you very much. Then, we will see you again.”

Olivier: “Yeah, see ya. ……..finally, sheesh. She won’t be bothering us again after today.”

……? I couldn’t catch the last thing he was mumbling about.

But I didn’t want to bother Mr. Olivier, who was busy with his guard duties, and we quickly passed through the North Gate.

Ahead of us, there was quite the crowd.

There were many shopping stands, and they had many kinds of goods lined up.

Other than the fact that everyone here was heavily armed, it was like any other main street market.

Cyril: “Wowー since I heard it’s the city of the frontlines, I thought it would be more…..empty or desolate, but there’s so many stores here!”

Henry: “Well, this is the business district. You will see a lot more empty buildings in the southern district.”

Of course, it’s because it’s safer the farther north you go.

Ligaleo had two layers of walls encircling the city for defense, and the inner region was the 1st Class District. In the outer region, the further north you are, the property price goes up. And the North Gate was the main receiving point from the 3 major countries, so even in Ligaleo, this area had the most business activities.

Cyril: “Ohー I seeー......”

Henry: “The Cries of the Star Inn is around the area where you’ll see more abandoned buildings. But because of Lana, I heard it’s much better there.”

Until I see it for myself, I couldn’t say for a fact that it was the case.

But we’ll find out soon enough. And as I walked in front to lead the Party into the cityー

Henry: “.......?!”

My skin tingled with goosebumps as a chill ran down my back.

I let my body follow its instincts as I guarded my neck andー

“ーーhey, Henry!”

…….the thought did cross my mind, so I’m glad that I had my guard up as soon as we entered the town. It was who I imagined it would be.

And why do I have to be more careful inside the city than out?! But I had no time to complain. As soon as I blocked the chopping hand going for my neck, I kicked with full force that would have sent her flying across the city ー well, that’s if I hit. She dodged my kick easily.

Henry: “Is it you again, Ageha?!”

Ageha: “Just like old times!”

Yeah, old times I wanted to forget! But I guess that’s too late!

And as fists and kicks fly this way and that, we both couldn’t land a clean hit on each other.

It’s about time we settle the score. If I can show her who’s stronger, then I’m………sure she wouldn’t attack me as often! I hope so at least!”

Henry: “So Yuu! Cast the {Shimmering Rally}!”

Yuu: “Why? Can you two just stop fighting so hard amongst yourselves?” And Yuu, who was standing near the North Gate for some reason, rejected my request without a second thought.


Ageha: “That’s right, that’s right. Why you trying to cheat? I’m against that kind of violence.”

Henry: “Like you’re one to speak?!”

Does she really think her sneak attacks are fair and square?!

……..then again, it’s Ageha. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

*Sigh*..... I let out a deep, deep grieving sigh at this welcome party, and Ageha was content for now and stopped her attacks.

……that’s right. It was like this every day when I was here. To prove that point, no one even cared that we started fighting inside the city. Adventurers fought with each other every day, and a few were starting bets watching our fight. That’s about it.

Only my Party stood with their eyes wide open at the scene. …….well, they’ll get used to it soon enough.

Henry: “Oh, uhー”

I scratch my cheek as I turn toward Yuu.

Henry: “Hey, Yuu.” Yuu: “Yes, it’s been……well, not quite that long, but welcome back, Henry.” Yeah, we just saw each other a few months ago to fight that Demonic General.

But putting that asideー

Henry: “I’m back. So, I don’t mind getting to see you so soon butー”

Yuu: “? Yes, what is it.” Henry: “Why are you here of all places? Aren’t you needed at the clinic?” The clinic was located and built near the South Gate so they can respond immediately to people being brought in for injuries. When I was here, she would spend the precious few days we weren’t doing an expedition there.

Yuu: “Oh, about that. We had a few exceptional Healers dispatched here, so I have periods when I can take regular breaks now.”

Henry: “Wait, wait, wait. That still doesn’t explain why you would take a break here at the North Gate. Did you have some shopping to do?” Ohーー is what Yuu says as she looks elsewhere.

Ageha began chuckling with a mean smile on her face as she spoke on Yuu’s behalf.

Ageha: “You got to hear this, Henry. Yuu would be saying, ‘Isn’t it about time he came?’ and she would be hanging around here during her breaks. She would even go ask the guards if they saw you. So I would be watching her andー”

“Fuh!!” *sfx exhale*

Yuu threw the back of her fist at Ageha who was standing next to her.

Ageha easily dodged this and stuck her tongue out at Yuu.

Yuu: “I was talking about seeing everyone! YーYes, Miss Cyril. It’s been a while!”

Cyril: “Yes, I’m so glad to see you too, Miss Yuu!”

And Yuu forced a smile as she greeted Cyril, and though she’s shaking hands with everyone….I understood what Ageha was talking about. Yuu was terrible at hiding things.

……..but it was nice to be welcomed back like that.

I would typically take the full opportunity to tease her about this butー

Well, it’s our first reunion back in Ligaleo. I could let this one go, and a small smile slipped across my face.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11 Preparation for the Journey

Ch. 119 - 135

Book 12 The Mages Tower

Ch. 136 - 155

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