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SRALL c165

Ch. 165: Arriving at Rishu

Cyril: “Henry, be careful where you step~ You still seem wobbly, so don’t fall into the sea~”

Henry: “IーI’m….okay…..”

Cyril looked worriedly as I walked across the gangway.

…….in the end, I was seasick for the 2nd day, and though I took some medication, the medicine didn’t kick in until we already arrived at Rishu.

………the whole ordeal was awful. As I was throwing up over the ship’s rails, I saw land and immediately thought, “Ohhhhh, bless you, Mother Earth” ーー a direct line from the Ningel’s sacred texts.

Henry: “I think I’ll swim on the way back……..”

Ferris: “Sure, sure. Stop spouting nonsense, and I’ll try to make a more effective medicine with longer effects next time, so stop whining.”

Henry: “But Ferris, even if you wanted to, I heard that the plants here at Rishu are very different from the mainland.”

I had doubts about whether Ferris, who acquired her medicinal knowledge in the Alvenia Kingdom, could make the same kinds of medication in this country.

Teo: “There are many pharmacies that deal with medicinal herbs from the mainland, and there are plenty of places that sell anti-nausea medication here. Because it’s an island country, people have more opportunities to travel by boat, and there are many effective medicines now.”

Henry: “Oh yeah, now that you mention it, that makes sense. Teo, please find a good one for your reckless leader.”

Teo: “Yes, I understand.”

Ugh…..on that ship, it was just a little ーー a little tiny bit! ーー but they saw me at my lowest.

I think I seriously made them worry for a while there………but I appreciate their concern regardless.

Jend: “But I’ve heard the rumors, and I saw it from the ship but…….the way the Rishu citizens build their buildings is very different from the mainland.”

Jend was gazing curiously at the buildings from the port.

Henry: “But Jend, there seems to be a few houses made in the mainland style. Like the houses over there.”

Jend: “Oh, yeah. You’re right. But I wonder why?”

I pointed at some Alvenian houses, and Jend tilted his head to think.

Teo: “This town has ships coming and going from Seasalgo everyday, so it’s easier to ask carpenters from the mainland over. And so when people come here for work, they prefer homes that they’re used to and build them here.”

Teo, who was very knowledgeable about the going-ons here, explained to us.

Henry: “That reminds of the Rishu-style houses Mr. Gordon made in Gungard.”

I guess it is more relaxing to live in a house that you’re more used to.

…….in Ligaleo, there were many mercenaries and volunteers from Rishu, but there, the houses would get wrecked frequently, so they probably didn’t want to bother.

Cyril: “I see, I see. The clothes and fashion is different too~ For the fashionable and trendy Miss Cyril, a set of clothes from here as a gift would be wonderful~”

Teo: “If you go inland farther, it will change dramatically. As far as the tailors here, this town specifically has a lot of Alvenian influence, so you won’t notice as much differences.”

Cyril: “I see, I see. Then Teo, could you take me to a Rishu Tailor when we get a chance?”

Teo: “Well, yes. I don’t mind but….”

Cyril wrapped her arms excitedly around Ferris’ to loop her into her plan.

………..well, if it’s just one set of clothes, I can buy that for her. She took care of me on the ship, and now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I bought her any gifts.

Henry: “Oh, wait a sec. I don’t mind chatting, but Teo, wasn’t there someone who was meeting us here?” As we were planning the trip, we had a few letters exchanged with the people here.

Teo: “Oh, yes. That’s right. Umm…..”

There were several people riding on the same ship as us who were being greeted at the port.

I glanced over at Teo and…….she gave out a slight surprise.

Teo: “Oh!”

And waved her hand towards someone.

Henry: “Did you find them?” Teo: “Yes. ………there, that person. That is Ageha’s mother.”

The woman also waved back at Teo, so I could see who it was.

If it’s Ageh’a smother, she would have to be at least in her mid-30s, but she looked incredibly young. She had a very warm smile that matched her complexion and personality. She was an incredibly beautiful woman.

Henry: “..........Cyril, why elbow me just now?” Cyril: “We~~ll, I thought you were having some weird thoughts crossing your head.”

Henry: “Idiot. Yeah, she’s definitely beautiful, but it’s Ageha’s mother.”

In other words, she’s a married woman. ………and well, yeah, there are men who really go after women in that category, but I’m not one of them.

Cyril: “Hmph! You tell me that I’m cute, but you’ve never called me beautiful.”

Henry: “If you want me to say it, then please match your looks to the compliment.”

Cyril: “WHAT?! Hey!! In a few more years, you’ll be drooling over my overflowing charm and appeal!!”

Even now, she’s definitely acting more childish than her actual age. …………is she really going to change in a few years? This thing is?

A Cyril bursting with sexiness and charm…………nope, it’s well beyond the wildest stretches of my imagination.

Henry: “...............I’ll…………look forward to it……….”

And I left it at that.

We all started walking towards Ageha’s mother to go greet her.


“Teo, it’s been too long!”

Teo: “It has been a while, Aunt Akane.”

As we arrive to greet her, Mrs. Akane welcomed Teo with a bright smile. It was rare to see Teo smile as she welcomed the embrace from Mrs. Akane.

Akane: “So? Are these your friends you spoke about in your letters?” Teo: “Yes.” I stepped forward since I was technically the Party Leader.

Henry: “My name is Henry. ………I have also been residing in Ligaleo on the frontlines and worked with Miss Ageha in the past.”

It feels strange to address her as “Miss,” but I’m speaking with her parents so it can’t be helped.

Akane: “Yes, yes. I have known you by name for a long time now. She only occasionally sends letters home, and your name was brought up every time. You encouraged her to write those letter, correct?” Henry: “.........yes, that was me.”

She still had a home country and family, and it bothered me that she didn’t send any communication back to them.

Of course, she was really annoyed with all my lectures.

Since I had no one to send letters to, I may have been projecting my own desires on her…….maybe.

………….oh, whatever. We’re on vacation. I can think about these things another time.

Cyril, Jend, and Ferris all finished making their introductions.

Akane: “Thank you. My name is Akane Sagiri. I am Teo’s aunt, and as you all know, I am Ageha’s mother.”

Mrs. Akane bowed politely to us.

Every one of her movements had a refined gracefulness, and her smile was light and yet very fitting. I wonder if this was what they referred to as a Rishu Beauty.

………..though her daughter is……..well, like that.

I do see the resemblance, but that means they only share a resemblance.

Teo: “Aunt Akane, is everyone well?” Akane: “Yes, of course. How is Simon, Tina, and your grandfather?”

Teo: “Grandfather stopped hunting and was really bored, so nowadays, he’s really into fishing.”

Teo and Mrs. Akane continued to share about their family. Mrs. Akane’s response was so delicate and polite that it further expanded the gap between her and Ageha.

Cyril: “Henry, Henry……um….so…..Mrs. Akane……she seems…very different from Miss Ageha….)

Henry: (Don’t say it out loud. That’ll be very rude.)

Cyril: (Well, I’m not saying it out loud right now.”

Henry: (......well, yeah, but…….)

Cyril and I use the [Link Ring’s] ability to communicate secretly between each other.

This godly equipment is really useful for having these kinds of conversations as well.

……….putting that aside, it’s not good to speak badly about someone we just met either.

Akane: “Oh, pardon me. I’ve completely lost track of time speaking with Teo.”

Henry: “No, no. That’s okay.” This trip was originally for Teo to be able to see her family. That was our main goal.

Akane: “......oh, you may think that Ageha and I do not share much in common as a family, but I was…….how to say, a little wild back in my younger days, you know?” I flinched as I felt my heart twist and jerk sharply.

…………crap, she completely saw through us.

Jend and Ferris also must have had similar thoughts from their troubled smiles.

Akane: “Now then, you must be very tired from your travels. Please allow me to guide you back to our home. This way, please.”

Henry: “Yes, thank you very much.” Mrs. Akane and Teo led the way as the rest of the group followed.

Once we were inside the town, it really felt like we entered into a different country.

It wasn’t just the architecture and clothing, but the wagons and horse carriages were shaped differently, and the way the stores and stalls called out to customers was different. The signs on the stores were also in the Rishu style and writing, and it would be hard to read to any outsiders at first glance.

………though they are separated by sea, and though they didn’t have much interaction from long ago, there are many theories as to why their spoken and written languages are basically the same.

There’s rumors about how God was the one who delivered words and letters to the people. Or rumors of how the original people of Rishu migrated from the mainland.

Well, not that it matters. It is a whole lot better than running into an undiscovered civilization that uses a different language and not being able to communicate with them.

Cyril: “Oh, Henry. Look at this! They have some lovely wooden accessories!”

Henry: “Okay, okay. We’ll look around and go gift shopping once things settle down.”

She naturally wrapped her arms around mine and began to look around the city.

…….well, it’s a little difficult to walk like this, but that’s okay. Behind me, Jend and Ferris are in a similar situation.

Akane: “My, my. Everyone gets along so well. ……..Teo, is there no one nice like that for you?” Teo: “? Everyone is very nice to me.”

No, that’s not what she means.

Though I wanted to take a jab at Teo’s response, I also knew that she wouldn’t understand anyway.

Mrs. Akane seemed unsurprised by Teo’s answer, and gently chuckled with a hand on her cheek.

Akane: “You know, if you were born a few generations ago, at your age, the family would have already had a fiance ready for you.”

Teo: “Oh, you mean that. ………if it’s not going to be too much of a bother, I don’t mind if the family arranges a meeting with suitors.”

In the mainland, it is not so common in the major cities, but in the rural areas, there are many families where the parents determine the marriage partner for their children.

So I’m not going to say that a relationship should all be based on romance…….but it’s hard to believe how indifferent Teo is to the whole affair.

Akane: “I’m sure Ageha doesn’t have anyone like that either…… troubling. The Sagiri bloodline is on the brink of extinction.” Teo: “Well, I’m sure if Aunt Akane or my parents have one or two more children, that problem will be resolved.”

Akane: “Teo!”

Shocked at Teo’s words, Mrs. Akane let out a yelp of surprise.

………..yeah, I’m also with Mrs. Akane on this one. That was too direct and could have been worded better.

Akane: “...........(sigh). Well, I’m sure you would feel differently as soon as you fell in love with someone.”

Teo: “Do you really think so?” Teo wasn’t able to imagine being in that kind of situation at all.

……….but well, if that happens, we’ll all celebrate nonetheless.

As I was thinking about these things, Mrs. Akane and Teo stopped at a gate.

………’s……quite big. The town of Kaisei was pretty well developed, and I’m sure property is expensive here. And this house is bigger than Jend’s family’s house in Flowtier.

Akane: “This is the main Sagiri mansion. As the wife of the current head of household, we welcome you.”

As Mrs. Akane spoke, the gate began to open slowly


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

Omi-ai (お見合い) - an arranged meeting with a potential suitor for marriage. Before the internet, once photos were common, people would take professional photos (think of High School Senior photos), place it into formal brochures (like a thick binder or pamphlet), and share it with interested families with potential suitors to see if a meeting can be arranged. If the meeting goes well, they will move forward with an engagement and eventually a marriage ceremony. Prior to the invention of photos, the families would move forward with having their children meet with suitors without really knowing what the suitor would be like. With computer technology, it is common to have photoshopped “Omi-ai” photos (or have someone more handsome or pretty stand-in for your photo), so you may be shocked with the meeting regardless. Though, before Photoshop, suitors with not so great looks did this anyway. Similar traditions are probably common in China and South Korea.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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