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SRALL c164

Ch. 164: The Sea Voyage

The passenger ship heading to Rishu departed from Seasargo, and it was about 1 hour into the journey.

During that time, I…….without exaggeration, was on the brink of death.

Henry: “ughhhhhhhhhhh…….”

I held weakly against the handrails of the top deck as I threw up into the blue ocean. I had already thrown up everything I ate before, and now dry heaved to squeeze out whatever drops of gastric acid that remained.

I tried to do some deep breathing to catch my breath, and I glanced next to me to where Cyril stood and rubbed my back to convey my gratitude.

Cyril: “Are you okay, Henry?” Henry: “, not at all…..” Cyril: “Yeah, you look terrible. Here, here’s some water.”

I didn’t even have the strength to squeeze out the words, “Thank you” to you.

I sipped the water from the water bottle, and Cyril handed a handkerchief to me to wipe my mouth. ……..oh, I better buy her a new one after this.

Cyril: “I heard that sea sickness can be really awful, but I never get sick like that.”

Henry: “.........I heard it depends on the individual….”

And I wasn’t the only one throwing up. There were several others suffering as I was.

They were being nursed by family or friends………and as our eyes met by chance, we tried to encourage one another with a weak smile and thumbs up.

I continued to heave and breathe heavily as the other Party members climbed to the top deck.

They found us soon enough, and seeing my condition, looked at us with surprise.

Jend: “..........Henry, I thought I didn’t see you in the cabin, but……man, are you okay?” Henry: “Yeahー, sorry. I…..seem to be really bad with ships.”

Jend came over with concern all over his face, and I tried to reassure him with a wave of my hand.

Everyone else seemed to be the same as Cyril. Looks like I’m the only one in the Party who can’t handle ships.

…………and well, I’m glad no one else is going through what I’m going through. It’s not like I glanced up with some hope to see at least one of them suffer this journey with me up on this deck. A thought like that would never cross a gentleman such as me. Curse it all.

Ferris: “I see. That’s a really bad case of sea sickness. ……….Teo, could you hand me my luggage I gave you to store in your bag?” Teo: “Yes, which one?” Teo carries a [Capacity Enhanced] bag. And on this journey, we took full advantage of this ability, and anything we didn’t want to carry with us, we handed it to store inside Teo’s bag.

Ferris took a small pouch that was inside that bag, and out of it, pulled out a small medicine.

Ferris: “I thought something like this might happen, so I prepared some anti-nausea medication. ………I should have thought to ask if anyone needed any before the trip began, but it slipped my mind.”

………..right now, I saw a bright and shining halo behind Ferris’ head as she smiled down upon me.

Henry: “A Goddess!”

Ferris: “..........yeah, don’t call me that.”

I took the medicine from Ferris who looked exasperated, and with Cyril’s water bottle, I drank it down.

Teo: “Mr. Henry, here’s something from me. It will take a bit for the medicine to kick in, so please chew on these leaves. It gives off a refreshing scent and will help you calm down.”

And Teo also handed me something as well.

As I chewed, a very refreshing scent filled my mouth, and it helped clear my addled brain. It also helped my stomach feel better as well.

………..ahhhhh, Teo…… must be a servant of God sent to this world to redeem humanity…..

Henry: “Holy Maiden!”

Teo: “Please don’t call me that.”

Teo was also pretty cold to my praise. All I wanted was for them to understand the gratitude welling up inside of me.

Ferris: “Now then…..looks like there’s others in the same situation as Henry. I’m sure this ship carries anti-nausea medication, but I will go see if they would like my help.”

Teo: “Yes, I still have plenty of leaves. I usually ride the Sagiri Cargo ship, so I never saw sea-sick people…….so I’m glad I brought them with me on this trip.”

Jend: “Oh, then I’ll go with you guys.”

The 3 stood up and headed for the people looking the same as me. I’m certain that the others will also see those 3 as saviors ー just as I did.

Cyril: “A Goddess and a Holy Maiden, right? If you see those two like that, then I wonder what I would be?” Henry: “? Cyril, you’re just a Cyril.” ……..ah~ now with the medication starting to work, I feel so much lighter now, and my mood is improving.

That’s why I’m able to easily withstand the <smack smack!> of Cyril’s low kick no matter how many she throws at me.

Cyril: “I was the one who was looking after you from the beginning!”

Henry: “Fi~ne, fi~ne. Ummm, an angel, maybe?” Cyril: “Hmmmm, I can’t help but feel like you just chose whatever, but I’ll take it for now.” Henry: “Good.” Fwew……I’m glad she’s not holding it against me like she usually does.

As I chewed on the Teo’s leaves, I began to think.

Henry: “Hey, Cyril, do you think it’s wrong of me to be the only one to swim there?” With the medication, I think I’ll get used to it within the day, but if by any chance, I’m going to suffer through that nausea again, I rather just swim the rest of the way.

Cyril: “...........wait wait wait. Henry, even if it’s you, it’s a 2-day journey by ship, you know? You can’t swim for two days without rest……………….right?” Henry: “Wellー it’s a bit tough, but not impossible, I think.” Cyril: “Don’t do it. Didn’t they say there are Demonic Creatures in these waters too?” ……..hmmm, that is true.

If they were to attack me when my fatigue was at its peak, then I don’t stand a chance. If it was on land, I think I would be able to handle them no matter how tired I was, but in the water…..

Hmmm……oh, what about this? Henry: “Then, what if I do this? ……..[Light Ledge] {Plateau}.” I made a floating glass plate with my Magecraft and rode on top of it. Since it’s secured in mid-air, standing on top of the [Light Ledge] {Plateau} has no shaking from the waves.

Henry: “[Light Ledge] {Plateau}.......[Light Ledge] {Plateau}.......”

But since it’s secured in mid-air, the ship itself is still moving forward. I’m going to have to keep creating these to stay on top of them.

……..ohhhhhh, it’s working. I think this is going to work!

Now, I’m not sure how long my Magic Reserves will last but…….ha! That won’t be an issue.

Henry: “Cyril, now is the time for our godly artifact, [Link Ring]. Can you give me your Magic through it?” With Cyril’s Magic reserves, the amount of Magic I’m consuming for [Light Ledge] {Plateau} would be smaller than what Cyril naturally recovers. This is it! I solved the nausea problem!

Cyril: “.......definitely not. Look, everyone’s now staring at us weird.”

So what? But it looks like I can’t count on her for help this time.

……..then it can’t be helped. I’ll just use the Magic Recovery Potion andーー

“Ummmmーー pardon me.”

Henry: “Oh, yes?” As I was about to keep going, someone spoke to me from the side.

Looking towards the voice, I saw a sailor with a strained, troubled smile on his face.

“During the voyage, in order to ensure everyone’s safety, we ask that all passengers refrain from using any kind of Magecraft or Magic……the directions should have been provided when you purchased a ticket……..”

………..that’s right.

Since it wasn’t an Attack Spell, I was left with just a warning, but I had to profusely apologize to the ship’s staff for not thinking this one through.


Cyril: “Now that I think about it, Henry, you were acting so weird yesterday~”

Henry: “.......don’t remind me. It was the first time I felt that sick, and I must have been delirious.”

Thankfully, Ferris’ medicine worked wonders.

Today, my body must have gotten used to it, and I didn’t feel any signs of sea sickness.

Now that I can start enjoying our journey, Cyril and I came out to the top deck, enjoyed the ocean view, and chatted away.

Cyril: “And today……..compared to yesterday’s cloudiness, it’s beautiful weather. The sea surface is glittering so bright, it looks like jewels. The sea breeze feels so good too~”

Henry: “Yeah, it really does~”

Yeah, I agree with Cyril. It’s really nice to be up here……..but for some reason, Cyril was upset with my answer. Cyril: “Oh, c’mon. What’s with that reply? It’s such a gorgeous view! Can’t you at least be a little more romantic with your……..oh, you know what, I’m sorry.”

Henry: “Hey, why are you apologizing.”

Cyril: “Well~ as I was saying it, I realized how wrong it was to expect you to be romantic like that. Some people just aren’t able to, and that’s okay.” Henry: “You’re being way too blunt!”

Cyril laughed and said, “Sorry, sorry.” but really now. What does she think I am? That was really insulting. Henry is mad.

Alright! I’ll show her that I can be a man when I want to be.

Cyril: “? What is it?” I place a hand on her shoulder and hold her closer to me.

Henry: “The ocean is beautiful, but I think you’re even more beautiful.” And whispered those words to her.

Maybe I could have said something that insinuates something more……mature…..but my repertoire in that area is severely limited, and……besides that, this kind of straight talk is perfect for Cyril…..I think!

Cyril: “Hehe~ well, anyone can see that, but Miss Cyril’s mood has been restored!”

Henry: “, I’m glad.”

I think there should be some reciprocity ー not just me doing all this embarrassing acts, but someone who’ll also accept these words with some romance as well!

Well, whatever. I roughly pat Cyril’s head to let off some frustration.

Cyril: “Urghh….what is it now?!”

Henry: “It’s nothing.”

But all in all, that’s part of her charm too. It’ll be too embarrassing to say it out loud though.

But Cyril suddenly let out a shout of surprise.

Cyril: “Henry! Did you see that just now?! A fish jumped out from the water!”

Henry: “Yeah, they’ve been doing that occasionally.”

Cyril: “Maybe we’ll be able to see the rumored whale as well~?” …….and like that, we chatted for about an hour on the top deck.

It is a beautiful view, but we quickly tired of it. The ocean view doesn’t change after all.

Henry: “Cyril, do you want to go back? The wind’s starting to feel a bit cold.” Cyril: “Yes, but what shall we do afterwards? There’s not much to do. Maybe a nap?” It’s still the morning hours. I don’t feel tired at all.

Henry: “No~ I’m not feeling sleepy. Teo has some playing cards in her bag, so maybe play a game or two?” Cyril: “I heard that trying to read small print on things like cards while on a ship can cause sea sickness though~”

Henry: “..........maybe something else then.” We both return to our cabins inside the ship.

We technically have a cabin for men and a cabin for women. We heard voices inside the girl’s cabin, so we knocked.

Ferris: “Who is it?” We hear Ferris’ voice from inside.

Henry: “It’s me. Cyril’s here too. Can we come in?” Ferris: “Yeah, sure. Come in.” We let ourselves in through the door.

Since the ship’s space is limited, there are 3 beds and a table, and that’s it.

……..and on top of the table, I see a familiar looking board and pieces.

And Jend and Teo sat facing across from one another.

Henry: “Shogi, huh.” Jend: “Yeah. …….I haven’t been able to win even once yet, but today might be the day.”

Jend has been really into Shogi since the first time we played. He has played against Teo countless times, but as he mentioned, he has yet to beat her even once.

But looking at the board, it looks like Jend has the advantage.

Teo: “’s still far from checkmate. The game is far from over, Jend.” And Teo moves a piece with determination. But Jend must have read that move and immediately moved his piece in response.

……..Teo was already strong, but Jend has become quite strong as well. I better make sure to not challenge him lightly in a game of Shogi any more.

Cyril: “I see, I see. ………..I have no idea what’s going on.”

Ferris: “It’s not that complicated, so you should read the rules. Jend makes me play against him often, but it’s quite fun.”

Cyril: “Hmmm, let me see~”

And Ferris handed Cyril a small rule book, and Cyril began thumbing through the pages.

……..and if Cyril learns the rules, the entire Party would be able to play Shogi.

Since Ligaleo has very few entertainments, maybe we should purchase another Shogi set.

I thought about these things as I watched Jend and Teo play.

……….and because I was looking so intense, the sea sickness came back.




Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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