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SRALL c159

Ch. 159: Welcoming the Girl Genius

Beatriz: “I am Beatriz of the White Dragon Knight Order. I have come to welcome Lady Lana at approximately 14:00 hours today.”

“Yes, we have received word of your arrival. Captain Beatriz, please sign here.”

Beatriz: “Yes.”

It was in one of the corners of the Royal Palace property, and in front of a sturdy looking shed, Ms. Beatriz and the guards there exchanged the usual formalities.

She signed her name quickly and efficiently, and her writing was extremely good.

“Captain Beatriz, who are the people behind you?” Beatriz: “They are Adventurers who are based in Flowtier, and also acquaintances of Lady Lana. I also know them personally. Coincidentally, they were at the Capital during this time, so in order to help Lady Lana feel more comfortable, I brought them so that she can be greeted by familiar faces.”

“Acquaintance……? Ohh! That’s right. You traveled with Princess Aileen to Flowtier recently.”

The guard nodded as he placed all the details together and then held the clipboard where Ms. Beatriz signed towards us.

Oh, so they do know about that little trip……..though Princess Aileen and Ms. Beatriz kept that journey confidential, the Palace guards entrusted with the security would know about that.

“For everyone else, we keep a record of anyone who visits this facility. I understand that it is additional trouble, but if you can please sign here.”

Henry: “Yes, of course.” I nod and take hold of the signing sheet.

On the top, I read, “1st Special Teleport Facility Entry and Exit Records.”

………if there’s a 1st, there’s a 2nd somewhere too?

I thought about that as I signed my own name, and then passed it to Cyril. From Cyril, it went to Jend, Ferris, and Teo as everyone signed the form, and then returned the sign-in sheet back to me.

………..looks like I have the worst handwriting out of the group. On the other end, Teo had the prettiest handwriting in our Party.

Henry: “We have all signed the form.”

“Thank you very much. Captain Beatriz, please sign the next column to confirm that you authorized their entry.”

Beatriz: “Sure.” And Ms. Beatriz signed the sign-in sheet once more next to all of our names.

Beatriz: “Oh, everyone. I think you already know this, but you are not allowed to share with anyone what you see inside. Unlike the public Teleport Gate, the number and destination of these particular teleport gates are considered state secrets.”

Henry: “Yes, they informed us before we came here, so we understand.”

Beatriz: “Good.” The Teleport Gate. Between the Capital and the Four Corner Cities, there are those where the general public can use, but this shed on the palace grounds ー the 1st Special Teleport Facility? ー is a little different. It can only Teleport very few people at a time, and there are apparently multiple facilities like this.

They mainly help the Royal Family and Nobles travel, but it can be used by spies and carrying very special shipments.

And just like this time, it is also used to help teleport very important individuals.

…….and just as Ms. Beatriz mentioned, the information regarding these Teleport Gates are strictly monitored.

If they spread the information to others, there is apparently quite the punishment waiting for them. And this time, an ordinary citizen like Lana is utilizing it, but you’ll also have people who help guide them and greet them at these locations, so if they let their mouths slip, they could…….well, maybe not immediately get sent to the prisons, but they will be severely reprimanded………and their reputation with the Grandes Church will be severely affected too.

Beatriz: “And besides that, if something does happen, it’s all going to fall on my head, so you guys better be prepared if that happens.”

And Ms. Beatriz lightly joked around.

Of course, they trust that no one in our Party would do that, and that’s why we are here today. And there’s no one in our Party that would betray their trust like that.

“Then we shall open the entry to the Teleport Room, so please wait a moment.”

……..I guess they won’t keep calling it Special whatever whatever each time, since it’s a mouthful.

The guard took a key that was hanging around his neck and unlocked the door with it.

“Please wear this before you enter the room. It will signify that you have been properly registered at this entry point.”

Henry: “Thank you.” We receive an ID indicating that we have been properly processed and step inside. We are greeted by two guards on either side as we pass through the entryway and continue to walk down the corridor that has doors lined up on both sides.

……..2, 4, ………and I catch myself counting the doors.

There are at least 20 doors. There might be some fakes in the mix, but if they are separated into entries and exits, there are at least 10 locations throughout the country connected to this place.

They must be connected to the other Four Corner Cities, but I wonder about where else the Teleports are connected to.

And as I ponder about that, we are guided to the 2nd to last door on the right, and the guard opens the door.

“It is this room. I believe it will only be a moment before the arrival, so please wait in here.”

Henry: “Yes, thank you.”

I enter the room.

On the floor was a Spell Inscription that must be for the Teleport Spell. ……..of course, since it was not designed to teleport 100 people at a time, this one was much smaller. And the Spell Inscription seemed to be much more refined in exchange, so as far as complexity goes, this one might be more difficult.

As I observe the inscription, Ms. Beatriz greets the Mage responsible for activating the Teleport gate. Since it was a smaller scale Teleport Gate, the amount of Magic needed must have been less, and there was only 1 Mage inside.

“Thank you for coming, Captain Beatriz.” Beatriz: “Yes, it was for 14:00 hours, but has there been any changes?” “No ma’am.”

Looking at the clock set on one of the walls, we had about a little less than 10 minutes left.

……….and since it was a rare opportunity to see a place like thisーー

I had no intention of telling anyone else about it, but I took the time to look at my surroundings.


And we waited in one of the Teleport Rooms for a little bit.

When it was time, we were directed to the edge of the room to avoid any complications with activating the Spell Inscription.

The assigned Mage began the incantation, and light swiveled and swirled slowly into the engraved lines of the inscription.

I’ve been through several Teleports, and the familiar light of the Teleportation Gateway began reflecting off the walls. It began filling the room, and with one flash of explosive white light, we were all blinded for a moment.

Though the amount of light was great, it did not burn our eyes. A very gentle and soft light passed us by quickly………and in the center of the Magecraft Inscription, two shadows appeared.

“Oh, oh my! That was quite the shock. This is my first time going through a Teleport Gate but are we already there?” “Yeah, it’s only an instant, but we should be here already, mother…….whaー huh?” We saw two very familiar faces.

One was Lana. And Ms. Linda, her mother, was also there probably as her traveling companion and guardian. Both were wearing more formal clothes than what they would wear at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Lana: “WHAーー?! TEO?! And Mr. Henry and everyone! Why are you here?!”

And catching a glimpse of us, Lana placed her hands over her mouth as she yelled in surprise.

Linda: “Oh, look at that. Ummm, Mr. Knight who was our guide in Northerntier said that we’ll be greeted by Knights on this side, but……..Mr. Henry, when did you become a Knight of Alvenia?”

Though they were still shocked, Ms. Linda immediately smiled and responded with a light joke.

And seeing as how surprised they were, Ms. Beatriz stepped forward with a mischievous smile still across her face.

Beatriz: “Haha, I have offered him a position in our order, but we haven’t been able to get him to say yes just yet. I apologize for the delay in introductions. I am the Knight in charge of greeting you. My name is Beatriz Hyvent.”

Linda: “Oh, thank you for coming. My name is Linda, and this is Lana. …….hmm?”

Ms. Linda responded to Ms. Beatriz’ greeting, but immediately furrowed her brow in thought.

As she thought hard, she quietly and carefully opened her mouth to speak.

Linda: “........Ms. Beatriz, did you perhaps……visit our diner at the end of last year?”

Beatriz: “Haha, I am grateful that you remember. Yes, I accompanied our dear Princess and enjoyed a meal at your establishment.”

And Ms. Beatriz answered Ms. Linda as if it was nothing.

…….then again, it’s kind of hard to forget. Both Lady Aileen and Ms. Beatriz are beauties, and it was apparent to everyone around that they were either Nobles or Knights. And they stood out quite a bit.

Beatriz: “Hi Miss Lana. Do you remember me as well?” Lana: “Yes, hello Ms. Beatriz. I believe you had our stew, bread, and 3 drinks of wine. You were enjoying it so much, I couldn’t have forgotten.”

And as they made introductions, Lana quickly spouted out Ms. Beatriz’s order.

Beatriz: “Wow, I’m amazed that you remember that much.”

Lana: “Hehehe……I’m pretty confident in my memory. For any customers I handle the order, I remember all their faces and the order.”

Lana seemed embarrassed and confident at the same time…….but what?

All of it? I’m sure she’s exaggerating right? She can’t possibly remember allーー

Beatriz: “Oh, you really do remember everyone?”

Lana: “Yes, for instance, your companion, the Princess, was a very healthy lady. She had a mix sandwich, the same stew as you, Ms. Beatriz, roasted chicken, salad, and……”

Beatriz: “Got it, got it. That’s enough.”

Lana began counting all the Princess’ orders on her fingers, and Ms. Beatriz coughed once before speaking again.

Beatriz: “WーWell, so that’s how it is. Having met you once before, I volunteered to greet you both today, and since Henry and his Party were at the Capital during your award ceremony, I decided to invite them. ………I thought you would be pretty nervous over this whole affair, am I right?”

Hearing Ms. Beatriz’ words, Lana and Ms. Linda looked at one another and let out a small sigh of relief as they smiled.

Linda: “Yes. Thank you very much, Ms. Beatriz. Thanks to you, this has become much easier. I know I came here as Lana’s guardian, but no matter what, the Palace is a little nerve wrecking for us common folks.”

Lana: “....I felt the same way.”

Beatriz: “Haha, I’m glad that it helped you relax a little. And besides, it was the Palace who invited you here. There’s no need for you to feel nervous.”

And Ms. Linda continued her conversation with Ms. Beatriz.

On the other hand, Lana seemed to be fidgeting in place. She kept glancing not towards Ms. Beatriz, but another direction…….well, frankly, she was looking towards Teo.

Noticing her gazes, Ms. Beatriz chuckled quietly, and gestured with her hand to Lana to go ahead.

Lana: “...! Yes, thank you!”

And Lana trotted quickly to where Teo was standing.

Teo also waved to welcome her friend as she came running over to her.

Lana: “Teo! It’s been so long! Are you doing okay?!”

Teo: “Yeah, I’m fine. Any changes with you, Lana?”

Lana: “Not at all……………well, I guess I can’t say that. A month ago, one of my research came together nicely, but before I knew it, one thing happened after another, and it came down to this.”

Though the two of them are quite mature, they are still girls who haven’t reached adulthood. Being apart from your closest friend for 3 months, they had a lot of catching up to do.

Cyril, Jend, Ferris, and I stepped just a little further away to give them space.

Jend: “......but if you think about it, it’s only been a month since her research was completed. This is incredibly fast to receive an award for it already.”

Cyril: “Is that right, Jend?” Jend: “Of course it is. Normally, no matter what you invent or discover, until it’s thoroughly tested to be useful, that takes an immense amount of time.”

…………now that he mentioned it, that’s true.

Beatriz: “Oh, that’s right. I haven’t told you that part yet.”

And finishing her introductions with Ms. Linda, Ms. Beatriz came over, and hearing Jend’s question, placed a fist in her palm in realization.

Beatriz: “As for that, the Hero of Legend, Riol, was very passionate about spreading the results of this research. So they incorporated Lady Lana’s discovery into the Magecraft Barrier in Ligaleo that was absolutely useless up until now. …… this was not only theoretically proven, but she had already completed the Spell Inscription for utilizing her theory. It was an experimental phase, so nothing has been officially published yet.”

Henry: “...........and how did it go?” They were talking about my old home. And I couldn’t hold myself back as I asked Ms. Beatriz to explain further.

Beatriz: “Of course, they will have to continue observing going forward. There may be side-effects, problems with maintenance, and they have already identified points where the Spell Inscription can be optimized further. Even thenーー”

The number of Demonic Creatures that crossed Ligaleo’s Magecraft Barrier ーー was cut at least in half.

That was what Ms. Beatriz said.

Henry: “................”

I recall how Ligaleo had two sets of walls to protect the city.

The Demonic Creatures would breach the walls at least 4 times a week, and the Adventurers, Soldiers, and Knights all came together as a living barrier, and fought tooth and nail to push back the Demonic Creatures from reaching the inner wall ーー the memories of those days and nights came flooding back to me.

I thought……….maybe……….just maybe……..but…..

I held a tight fist to my chest.

It’ll just be confusing and troubling if I say it right now butーー

………at that instant, I offered Lana my full gratitude and thanks.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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