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SRALL c158

Ch. 158: The White Dragon Knights Order Visit

Lana is about to receive an award for discovering something huge.

Though the award itself is not anything spectacular, they are holding a small award ceremony, and since we were coincidentally in the area, we wanted to join the celebration and delayed our departure from the Capital.

Even so, there are still a few days left till the ceremony.

Of course, since we were training for the last 3 months, we could just use it to recuperate and rest…….but because of the Demon General, Cyril and I basically had a break at the end of our Sunwest trip, and Jend and the rest of the Party also didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing.

And with Ferris’ suggestion, we headed to the White Dragon Knights Order’s training grounds.

Since she was little, Ferris has been cared for by the Knights of the White Dragon, and they were more than concerned for her overall well-being. So to relieve some of those concerns, she wanted to go report that she had successfully repaid her part of the debt.

Cyril: “Oh wowー it’s a really fancy training field.”

A formidable solid wall surrounded and circled the entire area, and Cyril let out a low whistle as she gazed at the endless fence as far down as she could.

Although it wasn’t the prime, royal real estate of the Capital, we were in a district near enough to the Royal Palace, and seeing a wall spanning over 100 meters (~109 yards), it was quite impressive. The wall was, of course, protected by a Magecraft Barrier, and obscured the visuals on top of the wall. It also served to protect the wall from any impacts or explosions from the training field as well.

The Black Dragon’s training field that we used before was actually located at the edge of the Capital. Although it was more spacious there, it’s obvious that more money has been poured here.

Well, between the White Dragons whose main base of operations is here, and the Black Dragon Knights who spend most of their time on the frontlines, you can’t blame them for this difference.

Jend: “And it occurred to me when I came here last, but what a waste of space. With this much land, they could build large stores and factories here and make a ton of money. Why can’t they ask the Knights to train on the outer rims of the city?”

Henry: “Oh, actually, Jend. The Capital training field can be used as an evacuation location for fires or other natural disasters. You can see that the Capital’s crammed with buildings and is quite crowded.”

It was something Sir Ezeal once told me long ago, and Jend nodded as he listened.

But Jend’s perspective as a merchant isn’t wrong either, but the land isn’t being wasted with no other purposes.

Teo: “That’s certainly true…….if you look more carefully, you could easily burn up this whole town if you are selective with where you start the fire. And there are plenty of old buildings too.”

Henry: “.........hey Teo, let’s be more careful about what we say…..”

Teo: “Pardon me. The Cloudy Plains style has its own dark history, and these are also things we have studied.”

During the civil war era, the Rishu Clan had apparently contributed significantly in the war effort, so it’s no surprise that such tactics are taught………..but don’t say it out loud in public. If a guard overheard, they'd definitely be interested in locking us away and giving us a thorough investigation.

Ferris: “Oh, look, everyone. We can see the main gates from here.”

Ferris, who was leading the way, pointed with her finger towards the main entrance.

And yes, from here, we could see the two guards who were standing by a very impressive-looking gate.

Cyril: “What should we do after this~? Miss Ferris is just doing a quick greeting, yes? ….oh, that’s right! Why don’t we go see Miss Aileen after this?”

Cyril hummed as she skipped, and recalled the Adventurer Princess’s name as she did so. While we were in Flowtier, the Princess stayed at the Governor’s mansion, and though Cyril didn’t remember, they met when they were much younger, and grew very close to one another. Even so….

Henry: “She is a Princess after all. It won’t be easy to just go see her………I think……probably…..?”

If she heard that a friend came to visit, I have this inkling that she would just drop everything and escape from the castle…….but……she wouldn’t…..right? She is a Princess after all…….oh wait.

Henry: “..............”

Cyril: “? What is it, Henry?” I almost forgot, but this one is a former Princess too!

WーWait, calm down, Henry. Yes, there’s still Lady Asteria. Though she is now married to the Count of Flowtier, she is still the admirable Princess of our former Kingdom……

………and why is Sir Alvare looking at me with a disapproving grimace in my head just now?

Okay, I’m alright. My ideals towards princesses and nobles have not been destroyed quite yet. I’m okay.

Henry: “Lady Aileen must be pretty busy, so let’s not disrupt her by suddenly dropping by.”

Cyril: “Henry, were you thinking of something rude?”

Seeing as how I fell silent for a solid 10 seconds, Cyril let out an exasperated breath and looked at me disapprovingly.

……….after 3 months of living together, she’s gotten better at reading my expressions.

Well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing…….and as I thought about that, we arrived at the main gates for the Knights’ training grounds.

There was an elderly and young Knight in white armor guarding the entrance. As they saw Ferris’ face, they let out a surprise of recognition.

“Why, it’s Ferris! Are you back in the Capital?!”

Ferris: “Hello Mr. Orland. I haven’t moved back. I had business in the Capital, but I wanted to drop by since it was a good opportunity. Oh, I brought you all something. Please enjoy this with everyone else.”

She took out a paper bag filled with baked cookies and passed it to the elderly Knight she called Orland. This was something Ferris got in line very early in the morning at the Capital’s most popular bake shop.

Orland: “You’re only dropping by to say hi? Why don’t you and your friends stay a while? Everyone would love that.”

Ferris: “Isn’t everyone in the middle of training? I can’t just interrupt them like that.”

Ferris strained a troubled smile at the younger Knight’s words as she answered.

But since it’s us four and not just Ferris who has any relation to the White Dragon Knights, it would be uncomfortable to just-ーー

“There’s no one with such frail minds here that would be bothered by an Adventurer’s Party dropping by. Don’t concern yourself with that and come on in.”

……..<creaーk> and the main gate opened.

At the end of last year, the Captain of the White Dragon Knights Order who accompanied the Adventurer Princess poked her head out. And a mischievous smile crossed her face as if she succeeded in pulling off a prank on us.


Henry: “........did you know that we were coming to the Capital?” Beatriz: “I had a hunch that you would. I heard from the Hero Riol and Captain Grandezeal that you all would be training around this time. ………and then there’s Lady Lana.”

She guided us around the training field. Wondering if she was hiding and waiting for us at the gate, I decided to ask the question. Doing so, I heard some well known names fly out from her answer.

That reminds me. When Ms. Beatriz came to Flowtier, we had a meal together at the Bear’s Keg Inn, so she knew my face and name.

Beatriz: “I would never have thought that a close acquaintance of yours would make that great of a discovery. But since you all know her so well, I guessed that you would probably celebrate with her. If that happens, then Ferris would be with you too.”

Henry: “I see.”

I nod as Ms. Beatriz proudly reveals her deductive reasoning.

Beatriz: “Lady Lana will arrive tomorrow at the Capital. I personally requested to be there when she arrives. I thought it would be better for someone she’s at least slightly familiar with to greet her at the portal.”

Cyril: “, I don’t think Lana knew that Ms. Beatriz was the Captain of the White Dragon Knights…….”

Beatriz: “I’m sure she’ll be greatly surprised when she sees me then.”

This person really likes to pull jokes on people!

Beatriz: “But I’m truly grateful that Ferris dropped by. All the men in our Order were greatly worried about her.”

Henry: “Ahーー”

And as soon as Ferris arrived on scene, the Knights all gathered around her. She was giving an update to all of them even now. And as Ferris’ companions, Cyril and Teo were equally welcomed, and that left me and Ms. Beatriz to talk.

It’s good that things are so peaceful right now.

………unlike over there.

And I glance in that direction.

Jend: “........! UGH!”

“Too naive!”

Jend swung his broadsword, but the White Dragon Knight easily defended against his attacks.

The Knights all here wanted to give Jend a taste of their strength…….err, I mean, they wanted to let him train with them. I heard that many of the older Knights considered themselves Ferris’ guardians, but I didn’t expect all of them to clap their hands and say, “Okay, let’s see how much you have improved.” And they subsequently began circling around Jend.

Right now, he is going against a Knight holding a rapier. This is his 3rd opponent, but he has been hard-pressed with everyone so far.

Right now, the Knight is playing around with him. If he stepped in, they would crush his initial attack, and if he withdrew, he received a severe blow.

He has managed somewhat with his keen senses, but he’s starting to reach his limit.

Beatriz: “Hmmm, he has greatly improved since I saw him last. I don’t think there are many his age that would be able to fight on equal grounds now.”

Ms. Beatriz, who was observing Jend’s training, gave him high marks and recognition.

Beatriz: “How about it, Henry. He’s an Adventurer now but does he want to be a Knight afterwards?” Henry: “Ummm, no. He hasn’t mentioned anything like that. In fact, meeting Sir Ezeal and Ms. Lotte has really helped him to aspire to be a Hero of Legend.” What about Yuu and Ageha who are Heroes of Legend too? HA! (ROFL)

Beatriz: “.......I see. That is a shame. If he entered our Order, I would have shaped him up to be a first rate Knight.” It was the words from the Captain of the Order, Ms. Beatriz. Jend was getting recognized pretty highly.

Beatriz: “Henry, I imagine that he’s right on your heels then?” Henry: “Yes, we had a few practice matches, and with weapons only, he really surprised me when we were on equal ground. But wellーー”

I glance briefly at Jend as the rapier Knight put another hit in.

Henry: “He still lacks experience.”

Beatriz: “At that age, and growing up in a peaceful town like that. If he had instincts in that area, he would be a truly frightful genius.”

And Beatriz continues with her compliments.

……..and well, it’s not that I’m being too overconfident, but up until now, all the White Dragon Knights that Jend has fought against are weaker than me.

But the same Jend who fought evenly with me yesterday is unable to keep up with them…….or well, he’s unable to defeat them is because he lacks experience fighting against opponents like them.

Even before he went to go train, he picked up on my breathing habits and feints, so he was able to fight better against me.

But without that, his instincts would be off, and well, he easily gets pulled one over on him and…..well, loses.

To put it bluntly, he hasn’t gotten used to fighting against people.

But well, the White Dragon Knights are tasked with protecting the Capital and Capital Palace, so they emphasize combat against people more than other Orders too.

Henry: “He still needs more experience fighting Demonic Creatures, so when we get to Ligaleo, I’ll probably be backing him up for a while.”

The Flowtier Forest and Altohern Mountains ー they weren’t bad hunting grounds, but for everyone, not just Jend, they need to get used to fighting a variety of different enemies.

…..for instance, zombie creatures are the worst, and it makes your skin crawl just to go near one. If you’re not used to it, then fear and disgust can cause you to freeze, and they are different from Beast Types since they completely ignore wounds. So all in all, it’s a very different kind of opponent.

And at the end of the day, experience is everything. Of course, I’ll be there to help but……I’m also certain that there will be many occasions where I’m going to need their help too. So in that sense, we’ll be even.

Beatriz: “Ah, yes. I almost forgot that you were going to go back to the frontlines. Hmmm, do you still remember my offer from before?” Henry: “Yes.”

She offered to let me be a Knight of the Alvenia Kingdom. After Ms. Beatriz offered that path to me, it’s helped me think a lot more about the future.

Beatriz: “Well, the offer is still on the table, so come to me whenever you’re ready.” Henry: “’re really passionate about recruiting.”

Beatriz: “.......we can always use more hands. Most of the young men apply to the Black Dragon Knights who fight on the frontlines.”

Ms. Beatriz lets out a disappointed sigh.

Looks like even the White Dragon Knights, the most respectable of all the Knights, have their troubles too.

I chuckle awkwardly and return to watching Jend’s fights.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

A Japanese saying, “To tell another story after not meeting a man for 3 days.”

Meaning: For anyone undergoing training (the phrase is paternalistic and refers to boys in training), if you don’t see them for 3 days, you will be surprised to see how much they’ve grown.

Japanese Text:


Japanese Definition:

【意味】日本での慣用句。 日々鍛錬する人が居れば、その人は三日も経つと見違える程成長しているものだ。



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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