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SRALL c155

Ch. 155: Aftermath of the Battle

3 days passed since we defeated the Demon General.

For now, we had a victory celebration the night of the battle, and the next day, the Council held a ceremony to award those who participated.

……..and I was selected to receive the first reward and represent everyone, but I chucked the responsibility to Miss Hero of Legend. The most beautiful Lady Saint of Salvation who could stand on any stage. From the Council’s perspective, it would look better for the ceremony to have a Hero of Legend exchange places with me, so it’s not my fault.

Yuu actually dislikes standing out in front of crowds of people like this, so she told me that she won’t forget this, but unfortunately for her, I already have.

And so, yesterday.

………against that scale of Demonic Creatures, there was miraculously very few casualties, but even so, it was not zero, and we held a joint funeral for all those who fell in battle.

For those who were still breathing by the time the Demon General was defeated, Yuu chugged and threw up Potions while she ran around healing them, but some things just can’t be helped.

Of course, these were all people I’ve never spoken to. So I don’t plan on carrying this guilt for the rest of my life, but I can’t forget that it’s because of people’s sacrifices like this that I was able to focus on my fight with the Demon General.

And after the funeral was over, Yuu and Ageha returned to Ligaleo. Yuu wanted to stay a little longer, but Ageha, who failed in taking the head of the Demon General, shouted, “I need to redo my training! We’re going to chop off every Demonic Creatures head in Ligaleo!” and dragged Yuu away.

………at the very end of the day, Yuu wasn’t going to leave Ageha behind.

And thoughts like this trickled through my mind whenーー

At the bulletin board of the Mages Tower, 1st Floor, I read a notice.

Henry: “.........oh…….classes won’t resume for a week, huh…..” From just a student and Adventurer like myself, I thought the majority of the aftermath of the battle was done, but from the people responsible for this city’s perspective, there was still much more to do.

For instance, they would have to repair the field where the Long Range Specialist Division rained down hellfire and ruined the terrain completely. I didn’t know this till I arrived here, but apparently, there are construction work specialists Magecraft Styles.

Cyril: “The All Magic Course is the same too~”

Henry: “I see. Well, what to do…..” Cyril was looking at another announcement and mumbled out loud, so I began thinking.

We could potentially register time on the practice field to do some self-training………but since coming to this town, we haven’t really taken a break.

From the fight with the Demon General, I had Heal Magic cast on me several dozen times to recover from my wounds, so my body is still out of whack.

Henry: “Hmm~~ I guess we should take an extended break, maybe? If you want to train, I can help too.”

Cyril: “Yes, that would be good. I thought it was about time for a long break.”

And Cyril has been working very hard too. Not just with her Magic, but I have been helping train her physical strength, so though she would complain often, she still completed everything I asked her to do.

…………and well, we’ll do the bare minimum upkeep, but otherwise, we should go on holiday.

Henry: “Well, then that’s that. Since it’s about that time, why not drop by some place for lunch? Know a good place?”

Cyril: “Oh, then let’s go to this one restaurant I’ve been meaning to try. Yes, let’s do that. Apparently, their vegetables are carefully selected and delicious, so it’s very good for the skin.”

………….isn’t that……a place where I’m not going to fit in at all? But I guess with Cyril with me, I won’t be too out of place.

I scratch my cheek and decide to let her do as she pleases, and we saw two familiar faces appear and approach.

Henry: “Hey, Emily, Fred. You two also here for updates on the bulletin board?”

Emily: “Mr. Henry, Cyril, hello. Yes, I thought it was about that time when they would post some notices.”

Henry: “The course will not resume for a week, apparently.”

Emily: “A week?! That long? Well, I’m going to be bored out of my mind.” Emily pouted her lips at the news.

Emily: “Fred, I’m going to do some training, so could you help?” Fred: “Hm? Yeah, sure, Emily. I always learn a lot from your Magecraft anyways.”

Emily: “Hehe! Feel free to compliment my fabulous Magecraft as much as you want!”

Fred: “Yup, yup. Very fabulous.”

Emily and Fred made some plans to do some training later.

Hmmm……are these two……getting along pretty well?

Well, it has been 2 and a half months since we all started taking the same course, and they were in the same division against the Demon General. I guess it’s only natural.

Fred: “...........” Henry: “? What’s up, Fred.” And I noticed Fred staring quite intensely at me.

Fred: “Ummmm, Mr. Henry. You were…..amazing in that fight against the Demon General.”

Henry: “IーIs that right? Um……thanks?” At the victory celebration and ceremonies, many people gave me compliments, but it was strange to hear that from someone I knew.

Well, I really couldn’t say that it wasn’t a big deal, but………well…..I know so many stronger people, so it does feel wrong in some ways. Without Yuu’s buff, I wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes.

Fred: “I know I’m no match for you right now, but I will one day catch up as your equal.”

Henry: “YーYeah, sure….”

His words caught me off guard.

…….I’ve definitely trained with Sir Ezeal and Mr. Hero in mind, but I guess some people are looking up to me now.

Now that I think about it, it might have been like this for a while now, but now that someone said it to my face, I finally realized it.

But…….it’s not like that will change anything.

I guess I’ll work hard enough to not disappoint this guy who’s looking up to me.

Emily: “Fred, that’s very brave of you. You saw how difficult that fight was, and you haven’t given up at all.” Fred: “Yeah, thanks, Emily. And now, I just need to go find a beautiful Ningel’s Hand Magecraft user who will learn how to cast a buff specific to me!”


Henry: “......does she need to be beautiful?” Fred: “Well, it’s not absolutely necessary, but wouldn’t that be more motivating in that case? Mr. Henry, you’re getting your buff from the Lady Saint of Salvation, so I’m sure you understand.” As if! As far as that woman goes, I’ve just gotten used to her in a lot of ways!

“Well said, Fred! As expected of a man of the Spencer Family!”


As I was trying to think of what I was going to say to Fred, I heard a familiar voice.

I turned around, and I saw a sharp, handsome looking man smiling mischievously at me.

“Hey, Henry, Miss Cyril, long timeーー”

Henry: “......yeah, it has been a while. So, Owen. Why are you here?”

Owen: “What? You know that the Red Dragon Knights Order lost some men in that fight against the Demon General, right? So I came to fill in those empty spots as reinforcement for the time being. The Demon General’s Corrupted Magic is still in the area, so there might be strong creatures appearing, and well, the famous Black Dragon Knights Order was called for help.”

I see.

Owen: “And my brother happened to be in the area, so I volunteered…….but hey, Henry. Looks like you’ve been taking good care of my brother, Fred, huh?” Henry: “It was just a coincidence. We happened to take the same course. When I first heard his relationship with you, it caught me off guard.”

It really was a strange coincidence.

Owen: “It’s been a long time, Fred. I guess we last saw each other when I last came home?” Fred: “Umm, yes, Brother Owen, it’s been a while.”

Owen: “Yeah, and who’s the girl?” Owen turned his gaze toward Emily, and she nodded.

Emily: “I am taking the same course as Fred and Mr. Henry. My name is Emily Statia. Nice to meet you.”

Owen: “Yeah, I’m Owen. ……’re cute, but Fred, is she yourーー”

Fred: “No no, we’re just friends.” Owen stuck his pinky finger out, but Fred denied his suspicions.

……….but I can’t help but feel that they get along pretty well.

Owen: “I see, I see. Well, let’s talk later about your time here. Since I just arrived today, I get to take the day off.”

Fred: “Yes, of course.” It was just a friendly chat between brothers…..but Owen suddenly darkened his expression.

Owen: “But leaving that aside, Fred. I just happened to overhear you talking and…….that was heartbreaking. You have such a strong and cool elder brother, but you instead make Henry your goal….?” Fred: “OーOh, but that’sーー”

And Owen started to kid around, but Fred was panicking.


Henry: “HA! Of course he’ll choose the stronger between the two. What are you talking about, Owen.” Owen: “You’re going to eat those words, Henry. I’ve been fighting non-stop on the frontlines, and the Captain has been training me like crazy, so I’m nothing like our fight before.”

Henry: “Let’s see what’s changed. C’mon. It’s a practice match. We’ll borrow the training field here.”

Owen: “You’re on!!”

I provoke and he takes the bait.

We both quickly disappear towards the reception desk to reserve a practice field for our match.

Emily: “.......was Mr. Henry acting a little differently than usual?” Cyril: “Ohー when he’s around Miss Yuu, Miss Ageha, or anyone around his age, he tends to be that way. He really doesn’t like to lose.” Fred: “But a practice match? Right now? What’s that about? Brother Owen took it as if it was normal.” Cyril: “Apparently, in Ligaleo, if you meet a comrade, you greet each other with your fists. I think it turned out more peaceful than usual since there were no sneak attacks.

Fred: “What are the frontlines…….” And I overhear Cyril whispering to each other.

But all I could think about was the match, and Owen was the same.


Henry: “Ughーー dangit. Stupid Owen. He knew I was not in my best condition today.”

6 wins and 4 losses out of 10.

It was true that Owen’s movements were better, but in my best condition, I could have won 8 or 9 rounds easily. I should have postponed the match until 3 days from now. By then, most of my wounds from the fight with the Demon General would have recovered.

Cyril: “Wasn’t it your idea, Henry, to do that practice match?” Henry: “..............”

I heard Cyril’s voice from very close by, but I decided to ignore her comment. Words like these tend to never reach my ears.

Cyril: “Sheesh.” And she lightly slaps my cheeks.

Cyril: “Don’t ignore meーー sheesh, do you want me to push you off?”

Henry: “Okay, okay. My bad. I’m sorry. Let me rest for a little longer.” Cyril: “Fine, fine.” We were in the living room of our rental house.

On a sofa where a fully grown man can lay down, I had my head resting on Cyril’s lap.

I could never do this if other people are around…….so this actually felt like the right moment. Whenever I’m in the mood to just lay about, she lets me rest on her lap like this. And there are times when we switch places too.

Cyril: “But wellーー a lot happened, but we only have a little time left. Our stay in Sunwest is almost over.” Henry: “Yeah, that’s true. I guess it’s a little more than 2 weeks until we meet up with Jend and the rest. It’s too bad that the course is on pause for a week.”

Before the Demon General attacked the city, we had already delivered a letter with a specific place, date, and time for when we would regroup. There were some incidents, but we had already reserved our spot at the Transportation Gate, and we didn’t plan to reschedule that.

Cyril: “Ohhh, but we need to make sure to clean and empty out any additional things we brought here.”

Henry: “I’ll leave the planning to you. I’ll move whatever you need me to.”

If I try, it would be so inefficient, that Cyril would give me that exasperated look again.

Cyril: “Okayーー you just leave it to Miss Cyrilー”

Henry: “Thanks.” And the conversation ended.

Cyril: “~~♪ ~~♪”

Cyril began reading a book on poetry and hummed a tune.

And though we’ve done this quite often……..when I’m laying my head on her lap and hear her singing, I get very sleepy.

I tried to keep my eyes open, but my lids gradually grew heavier…..and finally, I fell asleep.

ーー “Okay, I need to make dinner so get offーー!!” is also part of our routine as she shakes me awake.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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