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SRALL c154

Ch. 154: The Battle Part 3

Henry: “UGH, GUUH!!”

I take on a direct attack from Gizehride.

I dig my feet deep into the ground and push back with all my might.

……..the pressure immediately withdrew as Gizehride lowered his giant broadsword for the next attack.

Ageha; “Henry! It’s about time! Don’t let your guard down!”

Henry: “I knowー!”

Ageha, who has been striking and retreating all this time, sent me a warning, and I nodded.

It was obvious that Gizehride’s strength was dropping compared to the very beginning. The fact that I’m still in one piece after receiving an attack is proof of it. Just a little while back, if I didn’t deflect some of the momentum of the attack away from me, my arms and legs snapped, and Yuu had to heal me.

…… other words, the Demon General’s [Depletion] was nearing.

Gizehride: “Ha! You’re too young to be so weary! Show some of that reckless ambition and come at me!”

Henry: “Like hell I would!”

There’s no reason for me to give him any leeway.

Besides, he might just be faking it and trying to take our guard down. Until he’s completely dead, we’re going all out. There’s no other option than that.

I glance and make eye contact with Ageha. I saw her nod slightly, and I prepare for my next attack.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Fire] {Ignis} + [Launch] {Veros}!”

I fire a flaming magic arrow towards Gizehride’s face. Even with 2 strength enhancements, the power of the Spell would not even singe his skin, but his eyes are no exception.

After I shot off the arrows, I chased after them swiftly and closed in on Gizehride and thrust my spear at his stomach.

He had to deal with an attack to the face and body at the same time…….and Ageha appeared behind Gizehride to strike.

Gizehride: “Ha….you think it’ll… that easy!!”

We were in range to deliver a severe blow, and one of them should have hit…….but Magic Power exploded out of Gizehride’s entire body and blocked all 3 of our attacks.

We were blown back away lightly, and as I rolled on the ground, I readied my spear once more.

Ageha………looks like she’s okay. She’s already on her feet with her knife at the ready.

Without Magecraft or Magic to guide the shape of the Magic Power, it shouldn’t have so much influence on the physical world…….but though he’s a vanguard-type, he’s still a Demon General. It was much more powerful than a poorly executed Magecraft Spell, and my entire body ached.

Even so…

Gizehride: “................” Gizehride struggled to maintain his breath and panted in exhaustion.

I have also consumed a large amount of stamina and concentration, but because of the enhancement buff from Yuu, I still have plenty of Magic Power left. Yuu has been throwing defensive spells to support us from the backlines, and has already downed 6 Magic Recovery Potions.

I took a chance to look slightly away from the Demon General to analyze the overall battlefield.

The fight against the Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures has been going smoothly.

Cyril has been blasting her Magic once every 2 or 3 minutes, and Demonic Creatures have been decimated by the explosions. This was an unexpected advantage for Captain Zerato, and he had been maneuvering the army to allow Cyril to blast large groups and spaces.

Though it’s easy to get distracted by Cyril’s Spells alone, Emily has been methodically taking down Demonic Creatures with her Magecraft, and Fred, who was in the same division, was also working hard.

Of course, that goes for the rest of the Spell Firing Squad, Knights, and Adventurers. They united against the major threat to the city, and the end result of the battle was becoming clear. There had been fewer and fewer interruptions of Demonic Creatures during our battle with the Demon General.

………, all that’s left is for us to defeat the Demon General.

I let out a breath to relax my body, and suck in a breath as I yelled.

Henry: “Yuu! This is it! We’ll finish this with the next move! Go all out!”

Yuu: “~~~, Ugh, fine, I get it!”

“Go all out,” in this case means drink another Potion.

She chugged the 7th Potion down, and I feel enough Magic Power flow into me that would be able to handle the next Spell.

ーーokay, let’s finish this.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Secure] {Isu} + [Restrain] {Katerno} + [Restrain] {Katerno}!”

With 5 Magecraft Spells stacked, I throw the Nyoiten Spear as hard as I can. It splits into 30 clones as it soars across the air.

ーーnormally, it would be impossible for me to pack so much, but with Yuu’s help, I have more than enough Magic Power in my reserves.

Gizehride: “GR! UUURRRGHHHHH?!?!”

There was no way to dodge all the countless spear heads. Gizehride grunted and howled as he swung his giant broadsword at the spears.

Gizehride: “Itーs, heavy?!”

And failed to deflect the spears.

It was one of the new abilities that Mr. Gordon added to the spear as he modified it ー weight manipulation. It was the first time I’ve used it in actual combat, but if the weight of the spear increases, so will its effectiveness.

I’ve been using my spear in countless maneuvers up to this point, and Gizehride has adjusted accordingly. He had tried to deflect my spear the same as before………and hiding this ability up to this moment really paid off.

With the unexpected weight added upon the spears, a few struck and pierced Gizehride. A Magic Chain also now wrapped around him, and the rest of the spears that struck the ground around him prohibited him from moving anymore for a split second.

If this was the same Gizehride as the start of the battle, this would have only held for a few moments…….but now, we had no intention of letting this opportunity go by.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}!”

I casted strength enhancement on my entire body. With two layers of strength buffs, my body screams under the pressure, but for a few seconds, I grit my teeth and move forward.

I returned one of the Nyoiten Spears back to my hand, and I thrust a strike at Gizehride who is still stuck in place by my other spears.

Gizehride: “UGH………..AGHHH?!”

I finally struck home. He twisted his body to avoid getting struck directly in the heart, but my spear hit his shoulder area, and as the spear struck through, it left a large gaping hole behind.

ーーthis is our chance.

Henry: “Ageha! Now!”

Ageha: “ーーyeah! That head, is MINE!”

As Ageha charged in, I dispelled the Nyoiten Spear’s clones.

……….and being able to stretch out the length of time the Nyoiten Spear’s clones can remain is also thanks to Mr. Gordon’s modifications. At last, the new abilities that were added to my gear were coming in handy.

Ageha’s knife slid through the air noiselessly. With his shoulder deeply wounded, Gizehride couldn’t use his arms to block……..and her knife met the skin of his neck.

Henry: (She did it!)

Or so I thought for an instantーー

Ageha: “.........ugh! CRAP!!”

Ageha’s knife was unable to completely decapitate Gizehride’s head. It cut a little less than halfway and stopped. Realizing that her blade would not be able to go any further, Ageha let go of it, and ran back to where I stood.

…………….though he’s still alive with a knife cutting that deeply into his throat, I’m not surprised.

Ageha: “AGH! It got caught in something, and I couldn’t pull it out. Henry! That’s my favorite godly equipment, so we’re going to kill him and get it back, okay!”

Henry: “Yeah, sure. But don’t rush things and do anything reckless.”

Ageha: “Who do you think you’re talking to!”

She pulled out her secondary knife, and Ageha readied her blade once more.

I also ready my spear and prepare for Gizehride’s next move.

Though Gizehride’s a complete monster, I think he’s finally nearing his limit. I have no other hidden tricks up my sleeve, but we’ll just have to crush him with everything we got!

Gizehride: “........I guess, this is it.”

And I was just about to attack whenーー

Gizehride mumbled under his breath, and let go of his broadsword with his uninjured hand.

The giant broadsword squashed into the ground with a sickening thud and splash as it returned to Corrupted Magic.

Gizehride: “It is…..your victory.”

As he squeezed the words outーー

He fell to his knees, and fell forward to hit the ground.

………..Ageha’s knife that was still stuck in his neck fell out, and blood began pouring out from the wound.

Henry: “Oh………”

Silence followed.

All who were watching lost their words.

………..and the remaining Demonic Creatures all dissipated into Corrupted Magic as their creator died, and a murmur of confusion arose from the ranks.

“Did we…….win?”

“We…..won, right?”

I heard the murmurs and whispers from a distance as it spread through the group like wildfire.

Captain Zerato took one look at the situation and raised his sword high into the air.


And with leader of the Knights leading the crowd, a thunderous roar of victory erupted.

“ “ “ YEAAAAAAHHHHHHーーーー!! ” ” ”

And cheers echoed across the battlefield.

Henry: “..........fwew……”

It was over so unexpectedly, that I stood there for one confused moment, and then the strength left me as I crumpled down to the ground to sit.

………just a little bit. Yes, just a little bit. No matter how strong he was, killing someone who was communicating with us normally left a bad taste in my mouth………but this would pass after a good night’s sleep.

Ageha who was also standing next to me also sat on the ground…….


And she smashed her fist against the ground in pure frustration.


Henry: “......stop talking crazy. We just defeated the Demon General, right?” Ageha: “But I didn’t take his head! And well, if it was just that, it wouldn’t matter so much, but I had the timing perfect! And the fact that he kept his head after that is not fair at all!!”

Ageha continued to vent her frustration around her.

Since it was her final strike that ended the Demon General, I feel like she could be happy to take the credit, but it’s not the first time that I have to deal with her weird personal rules.

As I gaze wondering at Ageha, Yuu comes over.

Yuu: “Good work, you too. ……..and I see Ageha’s in one of her weird moods again.”

They’ve known each other for a while now, and Yuu was used to Ageha’s rants.

Ageha: “Yuu, that’s awful. Can’t you see that your best friend is in the dumps? Is that all you have to say?” Yuu: “Ohhh….ummm… you’re feeling down. OーOkay…..ummmm, better luck next time?”

Ageha: “You didn’t mean anything you said!”

Ugh, this girl!

And as I look wearily at Ageha, I hear some light footsteps approaching.

………it was a presence that I was well acquainted with.

I turn my head, and raise my hand to greet Cyril who is running over.

Cyril: “Good work, Henry!”

Henry: “Yup, thanks for all your hard work too.”

And with thatーー

…….our fight against the Demon General was over.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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