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SRALL c135

Ch. 135: The New Equipment and the Departure

Gordon: “.........alright! That’s the last adjustment! With that, everything’s done!”

Mr. Gordon shouted out with full satisfaction in his voice.

……….we somehow earned the luxury of arming ourselves with Mr. Gordon’s weapons and armor. And all of that preparation was just completed.

Cyril: “Oh! I was trying out the equipment one at a time, but……now that I wear them all, I feel a little stronger already!”

Gordon: “Hey, hey, Cyril. Those are things I made. You don’t just ‘feel’ stronger. You are most definitely stronger now!”

Cyril: “IーI see! That makes sense!”

With Mr. Gordon’s full confidence behind his words, Cyril also rode on its back and nodded in agreement.

Although just upgrading your gear alone is………well, it is a bit of a headache that cripples the heart of what being a true Adventurer is, but for now, let them fuss and enjoy themselves.

Teo: “........but it’s great to be able to do more things, but it’ll probably take time to be able to execute it without fault.”

Henry: “Ohー yeah, I guess you got a lot of tricks stored in your gear now.” Teo was the one who had the longest, most meticulous list handed to Mr. Gordon.

Her leather armor was a combined leather between the Hanuman’s furr and another Higher-Tier Demonic Beast. As a special effect, it helped reduce her presence from detection, and for a short time, she can completely vanish with {Mirage}.

And her shoes. They have {Suction} enchanted on it, so she’s able to cling to walls and ceilings.

And she also had a machete for day-to-day use, a thin knife that would be able to get into small crevices of enemies with a hard shell. The color of the blade was adjusted to be mirror like…..and it’s incredibly difficult to see..

The godly equipment, [Soul Shooter], was already at a high degree of completion, but they adjusted the {Magic Charge} ability to be able to pour more Magic Power over time. I think it’s called {Charge Arrow}. Not the most exciting name, but it’ll come in handy.

She’s now more specialized in her scouting skills, and just in case, she now has a certain degree of upgraded fighting abilities. That is where she ended up.

Gordon: “For me, I think Jend’s [Blaze Blade] came out that best! Hey, don’t you dare die and have that thrown back into God’s treasure vault, you hear me!!”

Jend: “I know, I know.” Mr. Gordon even renamed it to the [Twin Flame・Blaze Blade]. It was due to its added ability of shooting out flaming strikes, and its additional {Fire Envelopment} enchantment.

On top of that, he returned his original armor and had a new one made. There are no special enchantments or abilities on this one, but it was made to be extra durable, flexible, and allows more maneuverability. With so many different kinds of Demonic Creatures on the frontlines, as a vanguard, you need defense-focused armor like this. And since they made it exactly to Jend’s measurements, it should not hinder any of his movements.

It was a standard upgrade to strengthen the greatest attributes of his original armor.

Ferris: “Haha, Jend, you look great in your new armor.”

Jend: “Yeah, Ferris, you too.” Ferris: “Well, mine won’t look any different at a glance.”

For Ferris, she had her sword, shield, and armor upgraded.

The sword and armor was not tweaked too muchーーbut it had been upgraded to its highest capacityーーbut the real jewel of her upgrade is her shield.

The shield that carries her former Noble households emblem, the Hershel Family, Mr. Gordon incorporated the Free-Forming Metal into it and…….at Ferris’ will, it can change into 4 different shapes now.

With the Gungard’s Church of Ningel’s permission, she had the [Ningel’s Hand] Salvation Magecraft Spell inscriptions added which we will be heavily relying upon. Because the surface area of where the inscription can be placed was larger, she’s now able to use Spells that would typically have not fitted on a standard-sized Spellcall stone.

Cyril: “Now that you mention it, why was my request the only one that was rejected! Everyone else got what they wanted!”

Gordon: “..........Cyril. I know I may not be an expert in Magecraft, but with powers that could kill a Hanuman with one strike, why in the world would you require more power than that?” Cyril’s request was, “Please give me a staff that would increase the power of my Magic Spells!”

………..and of course, it was vetoed instantly. What the heck are you planning to do with a weapon like that? Mr. Gordon also instantly understood the outcome, and as soon as he heard that, he completely ignored it.

Gordon: “Wait, are you dissatisfied with the staff I made you?”

Cyril: “Oh! No no no! Of course I have no complaints with this. It’s the best staff ever.”

Gordon: “Right? Right?”

Cyril’s staff was a little different from her request, but it’s still quite amazing. The attack power as a blunt weapon is increased, and the Blue Rainbow Crystal Ball on the end will assist her maintain her concentration. Depending upon the Magic Power’s quality, the Crystal Ball is a rare item that will change into the 7 colors of the rainbow, and the blue one is more rare among them.

And her new cloak had many defensive qualities added. A part of her clothes were remade with new dye, and enchanted with additional defensive abilities.

I never heard of this ability even among godly equipment, but {Magic Reflection} is where if an attack is received, the wearer can fire off Magic Power to pacify the impact of the attack…….

And apparently, it’s Magic Power consumption is ridiculous, so Mr. Gordon commented that Cyril and only a handful of others would really be able to use this kind of ability.

………..and I wonder what Ms. Florence, who made Cyril’s clothes would say now. It’s been modified quite a bit.

But besides thatーー

He repaired my arm bracers, and my base armor was strengthened with the Fenrir’s fur that I got with Ms. Lotte, and my Nyoiten Spear was modified a bit.

……….we have most definitely accomplished what we came here to do.

And I call everyone to stand in a line andーー

Henry: “Mr. Gordon, thank you very much.” “ “ “ Thank you very much! ” ” ”

We all bow our heads with gratitude.

Gordon: “Hey now. You don’t need to thank me. I just did the job you requested in the end.”

Though Mr. Gordon said that, we really can’t thank him enough.

He prepared all of this in less than a month. No matter how famous Mr. Gordon is with making his equipment, it was a hard schedule even for him. While we were here, he spent all of his time inside the Mine God’s Smithy, and we only saw him when we were testing out the newly made equipment.

And he also put a great discount on his work too. We paid tens of millions zeniths, but he added so many additional abilities. It could have cost maybe twice……well, maybe not that much, but it wouldn’t have surprised me to see at least 50% more added to the final price tag.

Gordon: “Well, make sure you train and practice with your new gear. Oh, and you have to depart now, right?”

Henry: “Yes, we’re actually coming very close to our reservation at the Teleportation Gate.”

Gordon: “Oh, that’s my fault then. I didn’t think your Nyoiten Spear would take that much more time.”

Henry: “Oh no no! Please don’t worry about that!”

Right now, our Party is splitting into two groups.

Jend, Ferris, and Teo are going to Eastflair to train their martial arts skills in Dojos. Cyril and I are heading to the Sunwest to train our Magecraft and Magic.

………and if it’s Eastflair, they could walk the distance, but for Sunwest, it’s fastest to go through Eastflair to the Capital and then take the Teleportation Gate to Sunwest.

Since we didn’t want to waste time, we asked one of the Dwarven Merchants who were heading to Eastflair to make a reservation for us at the Teleportation Gate but………because of the delay in getting the Nyoiten Spear done, we’re actually cutting it very close to our departure time.

But, there’s no point whining about that right now.

Gordon: “Alright then! I’ll give you a ride.”

Henry: “Oh, you really don’t have to…..” Gordon: “I just got done with a big job, and I can finally ride around in my car. It’s just something I’ll be doing anyway, so I’ll give you a ride.”

Mr. Gordon laughed as he went to go get his car keys for the Land Cruising Shooting Star whenーー

Ricotta: “Master, your keys are here.”

Gordon: “Oh, Ricotta, thanks.”

Ricotta: “Of course. It’s your usual custom to go on a drive after completing your job.”

Gordon: “That’s right! I do do that often!”

And Mr. Gordon laughed merrily.

Ricotta: “.......and of course, I can ride along as well?” Gordon: “Ohーー”

Mr. Gordon began scratching his head as he thought.

He probably wouldn’t mind the drive there, but it’s the drive back ーー it’ll just be him and Ricotta. ……..oh, putting myself in his shoes, chills ran down my back.

Cyril: “Oh! What a wonderful idea! It was sad enough parting with Ricotta here!”

Ferris: “Yes, it’s a good opportunity. Cyril is going to Sunwest so she won’t be able to join us, but would you like to spend some time with us in Eastflair?” And Teo is nodding in agreement to Ferris’ words.

Ohーー the women in our group were getting along with Ricotta really well…….that’s fine but……Mr. Gordon is looking at them with a, “They betrayed me!” in his eyes.

Gordon: “HーHenry, Jend. C’mon, guys. You have an opinion too, right?” Henry: “.........I think it’s best to just give up, no?” Gordon: “HEY!”

If it just took a 3rd party to make this stop, it would have stopped long ago. That’s why intervening right now wouldn’t have any effect. It’s most definitely not because sticking our necks in this snake pit of a problem is terrifying or anything. Definitely not that.

It’s so sad that I cannot help Mr. Gordon who’s helped us so much!

Gordon: “.......wーwell, it’s not the first time to give Ricotta a ride……so it should be fine again this time around….”

And with shoulders slumped, Mr. Gordon walked towards the car with heavy feet.

And apologizing to him profusely in my mind, I followed him from behind.


Henry: “.......okay, then. It’ll be a short farewell for now.” Jend: “Yeah, we’ll be training hard, so don’t be slacking off over there.” Henry: “Ha! Like you can talk. Don’t flirt so much with Ferris that you come back worse than before.”

We are in front of the Teleportation Station in Eastflair.

Jend and I bantered a little as we said farewell.

Cyril: “Everyone, I wish you the best! Don’t worry about us! Henry and I will get along just fine!”

Henry: “........wait, Cyril. People will misunderstand if you word it that way.” Cyril: “How so?” Cyril tilted her head in confusion. ……..well, I’m sure with her, she really didn’t mean anything by what she said, but I wish she would be more conscious of her words.

Teo: “.......Mr. Henry, please look after Miss Cyril. I’m…..a little concerned without us to watch over her.” Cyril: “Hey hey, Miss Teoー? What do you mean by that? By the way, I think you’ve forgotten that I’m older.”

Teo: “That is true, but what of it?” Teo’s harsh words are delivered calmly without remorse. ……..I’m sure that there’s been moments when I wasn’t there when she must have gotten herself into some sort of trouble. Since it’s a brand new city, I need to make sure to watch over her as Teo says.

Ferris: “Oh, it’s about time, Mr. Henry. You need to hurry.” Henry: “Oh! You’re right. It’s already time.” With Ferris’ words, I look at the clock set on the Teleportation Station, and it’s almost time for our departure.

Henry: “C’mon, Cyril. We need to go. …..okay, everyone! See you later!”

I took Cyril and entered to the Teleportation Station.

………..for the next 3 months, we’re going to be training pretty hard.

Then we’ll head back to Flowtier to take a small break.

After that, we’ll go to Ligaleo.

Cyril: “It’s going to be so much funーー”

…………and it’s not like I’m not a little worried about rejoining the front lines.

But I’ll at least be able to protect the girl laughing right next to me. That much I can do.

And with that resolve inside my heartーー

We headed to the far west city.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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