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SRALL c133

Ch. 133: Blaze Blade

We were in a place that was about 1 hour away from the Dwarven City of Gungard. According to the Church in Gungard, we were walking in an area where Golems spawned frequently and……..just like they said, we were in the middle of our fourth encounter.

Henry: “Over here, slow poke!”

I yelled to draw its attention and jumped to the side.

A few seconds later, a huge Orichalcum fist pounded the ground where I used to be and struck deeply into the ground.

<ZUSHIN> (*sfx)

A heavy rumble echoed as the ground shook slightly from the impact.

So like this, we distracted the Golem as we circled around it and continued to dodge its attacks for 3 minutes. I was thinking it was about time when I received a telepathic communication.

Cyril: (Henry! Jend! I’m going to let’em have it!)

Henry: (Got it!)

On Cyril’s signal, I put distance between the Orichalcum Golem and myself. And a little ways away from where I was, Jend was also distracting another Mithril Golem and moved away as I did.

Cyril: “{Diamond Javelin}!”

After testing it a few times, Cyril chanted the most effective Spell she had against Golems.

The ground below her feet swelled up as two massive objects shaped like spears emerged.

Coated with Magic Power, the objects tips were white, and she pointed one towards each Golem andーー

Cyril: “Launch!”

And with the Spellcaster’s signal, they flew straight.

………..although my Spear throw has more variety in flight paths and accuracy, the destructive power of her spears far outclassed mine as they flew.


The Golems were too slow to dodge, and as it struck their left chest, a huge hole appeared that went straight through. As we suspected, their cores were located in that area, and after a moment of silence, the Golems all collapsed.

<ZUZUNNnn…..> (*sfx)

Henry: “............fwew…….”

As I confirmed that each Golem was turning into Corrupted Magic, I let myself relax and wiped the sweat off my face.

I still have enough stamina reserves to keep going, but dodging attacks of that level is nerve-wracking. Golems are typically very slow, so as long as I’m paying attention, it should be fine, but if by accident, they struck me…… would probably break every bone in my body.

With the Corrupted Magic now disappearing, I see an ore the size of my fist made of Orichalcum. This is all the Orichalcum Golems drop. Depending upon the quality and quantity, the value of the Orichalcum changes.

This one………is a bit small, but the quality looks high.

Jend: “Henry.” Henry: “Hey, good work. Looks like yours went down with that one hit.”

Jend: “Yeah, it was all thanks to Teo.”

Teo was supporting Jend from a distance, and we regrouped as we headed towards the rearguards where Cyril was.

Cyril struck their Golem around the left waist where they suspected where its core was.

A Golem’s Core. For an inorganic Golem, their weaknesses differ from typical creatures. They have “Cores” that are similar to an organism’s heart, and it must be destroyed to take them down.

If it’s a Stone Golem, it might be faster to break apart the whole body, but for Orichalcum and Pure Mithril or even Adamantite Golems, standard theory calls for determining the location of its core and striking through there. The position of the core changes with each Golem, and that’s why the key is to be able to accurately assess and discover it.

So in our case, the vanguards would discover the location of the core and relay that info through the godly equipment, [Link Ring], and Cyril will <BLAST> it with her Spell.

…………it’s true that if you cut off the head or upper body, you can pause its movements, so that is an option too.

But the neck is extremely tough and is located much higher than an average person, and unlike the core which you just need to scar it enough, you need to completely cut it off, so it’s not a popular tactic.

There was one who specifically made it a point to always behead Golems……..and not surprisingly, I’m talking about the idiot, Ageha.

Jend: “Henry, you’re really good at finding the cores even though you’re in the middle of a fight. Is there a trick?” Henry: “A trick? There’s a lot of small things I could name, but it’s namely experience and instinct…….”

Sensing the strength and weaknesses in Magic Power. Seeing where the Golem is trying to protect the most. Identifying the differences in strength in each limb. The slightly different construction of each Golem………… there are countless small factors that I consider as I think, “this point smells suspicious” and go with it.

Jend: “IーI see…..”

Henry: “Yeah.”

I tried to explain the finer details quickly, but none of it really resonated with Jend. Even I wouldn’t understand if this was my first time dealing with these Demonic Creatures. I’m not sure if there really is a way to convey this, so I leave it alone.

………..yeah, I can only explain it as experience and instinct.

For Rare Metal Golems, the pay out is very good, so if you have anyone in the Party with high enough attack power, you would purposefully start hunting Golems specifically. ………since Ageha could chop the heads, I benefited a lot financially during that time.

Henry: “But on that point, Teo really has talent. She got it wrong a few times at first, but now, she’s on point.”

Teo: “Well, I prioritize training my observational skills, and besides, as a rearguard, I can observe without being interrupted, so it’s not compliment-worthy.”

Teo is being humble, but she was the one who detected the Hanuman’s presence before anyone else, and the way she can hone in on pertinent details shows that she has really good instincts.

Of course, Jend is something else too. His opponent today was a little slow, and he was focused solely on defense, but he held off an Upper-Tier, Upper-Class Demonic Creature on his own.

And when we first started, Jend slipped up and got the bones of both his arms shattered, but Ferris helped him recover to the point where he could swing a sword by the next day. Her skills shouldn’t be underestimated, and neither is Cyril’s powerful Spells.

All in all, our Party’s members are exceptional.

And maybe it’s the experience of having fought a Highest-Tier, but they all seemed one level above from before. It’s hard to put it into words, but they were more confident and steady on the battlefield.

If they get proper gear and learn proper battle strategies….

Ligaleo. Even at the frontlines of the war between humanity and the Demon Nation, they would be able to rise up to the ranks of a first-rate Party.

Henry: “...........I guess I can’t just laze about any more.”

Jend: “Hm? Did you say something, Henry?” Henry: “It’s nothing.” Jend, who was walking ahead of me, couldn’t hear what I mumbled to myself. ………oh, but Teo heard. She gave me a subtle thumbs up.

……… was a little embarrassing.

And to blast away the ticklish feelings, I braced myself as I raised my voice to speak to the whole group.

Henry: “Alright! We’re doing really well! Let’s go find our next Golem!”

And hearing the group cheer back, it was hard not to smile.


Henry: “We’re back.”

Since then, we took down 10 more Golems, and we all returned to Mr. Gordon’s house.

We thought about resting in an inn for the night, but per Mr. Gordon, it’ll be more convenient if we came back to his place to test and make adjustments to our requested gear and possibly do some renegotiations…………or at least, that’s his reason.

Ricotta: “Welcome home, everyone.”

……… they welcomed us back, I’m pretty sure half the reason is to avoid being alone with his maid.

Cyril: “Hi, Miss Ricotta. Thank you for welcoming us back!”

Ricotta: “Oh, of course. This is nothing. The bath is ready, so please rest and recuperate from your Adventurers. Or would you like to have dinner before that?” And she’s diligent and efficient as always.

Well, it does feel rude to walk into someone’s home being covered in dirt and sweat, so since she offered, I was planning on accepting the bath when I heard heavy footsteps coming from the back of the mansion.

Gordon: “Oh! You’re all back!”

Henry: “Yes, we just got back. Good to see you, Mr. Gordon.” Gordon: “Good! And Jend’s here too? I got your weapon modified and ready. Come to the back so you can try it out!”

And as if to show off the modified Blaze Blade, Mr. Gordon holds it up above his head.

In general, it hasn’t changed dramatically, but I could tell that the appearance was slightly modified to give off a more slender look, and I could see a few symbols on the blade itself.

Ricotta: “Master, Sir Jend and his guests are tired from coming back from an expedition. Can this not wait till tomorrow?” Gordon: “Whoa now, Ricotta. When it comes to my work, I won’t have you telling me what to do. I need him to try it so I can do final adjustments!”

Ricotta: “(sigh….)”

Ricotta lets out an exasperated sigh.

Oh, so when it comes to work, he can stand his ground.

Ricotta: (His strict and stern attitude is so……..good……)

……….that’s why I decided to completely ignore what I overheard Ricotta mumbling to herself.

I know Mr. Gordon is sweating profusely right now, but I’m sure that is from coming back from working in his workshop. It can’t be anything else.

Jend: “Of course. It’s my weapon, so I’ll gladly come along to test it for you, Mr. Gordon.” Gordon: “Great! Let’s go!”

Mr. Gordon seems really excited (and it’s just my imagination that it looks a bit forced) as we head for their yard.

I have a lot of interest in seeing how many Party Members’ equipment turns out, and the rest of the Party follows as well.

Mr. Gordon’s yard is quite spacious. But unlike the front yard, there are no sculptures and flower beds ーー rather, it’s pretty desolate.

Instead, there are simple combat dolls, logs for cutting, hammers, etc. In short, it’s where Mr. Gordon likes to test all the weapons and armor he makes.

So in the center of the yard, Jend and Gordon stood side by side.

Jend took hold of the Blaze Blade and……he swung it 2, 3 times.

Gordon: “How does the grip feel?” Jend: “It feels good. Before, I was comfortable with the grip………but now, it feels like it’s sticking to my hand.”

Oh, that’s good to hear. How the grip feels is pretty important.

Cyril: “It feels….sticky?”

……….and Cyril, who is not as acquainted with handling weapons, didn’t know what to make of Jend’s comment.

As for Cyril, she’s trading in her original staff and getting a new one, so once that is done, she should understand what Jend means.

Gordon: “Good. Try out the new feature. It’s your first time with the Spell Inscription, so I want to make sure that it activates properly.”

Jend: “Yes, sir!”

Jend places the Blaze Blade right in front of him. He takes a few deep breaths andーー

Jend: “ーー{Soaring Flame Strike}!”

He grips his sword as flames envelope the blade andーーswings.

A flame arches and cuts through the air. It proceeds towards a combat doll 10 meters (~30 yards) away andーー

Gordon: ‘.......hmm, that was alright. I need to adjust the Spell Inscription a little more.”

The combat doll fell over and disappeared.

It was Jend’s Sword Instructor, Mr. Ricardo’s signature move. It was possibly by using a Magecraft Spell Inscription carved into the sword and combining it with a Single Blade of the Fire God Style move to make the {Soaring Flame Strike}.

………..because of how difficult it is to carve a Spell Inscription into a godly equipment, he couldn’t use it until now, but now, Mr. Gordon made it possible.

Jend: “Amazing………I really was able to use the {Soaring Flame Strike} with the Blaze Blade…”

Gordon: “You asked for it. As long as I take a job on, I’ll make sure to complete it according to your order.”

Mr. Gordon grunts a little at Jend’s reaction.

……..the modification of a godly equipment.

There’s not many craftsmen who can actually perform that kind of work.

There’s the problem of acquiring a godly equipment of high quality, and there’s also the possibility of a godly equipment’s ability to weaken if it’s not properly done.

Gordon: “I also added one more {Flame Enchantment} so it should have more fire power.”

Jend: “What?! Really?!”

But for man with the title [God’s Hammer], instead of accidentally weakening an equipment’s ability, he was able to add an additional ability to it.

There are literally, only a handful of people like Mr. Gordon who can manipulate and upgrade a godly equipment.

Gordon: “Well, you gave me something good to work with. If it was a crappy blade, then it would have been impossible. You got this when you just started as an Adventurer, right? You got some good luck.”

Jend: “Haha, thank you so much. Oh, and here’s the blade I borrowed.”

Gordon: “Yeah, how was it?” Jend: “It’s hard to compare anything against my Blaze Blade, but this one was a great weapon.”

And with a nod and a laugh, Mr. Gordon took back the large broadsword he lent to Jend while he worked on the Blaze Blade. That one was also made by Mr. Gordon and was one of the available weapons in Mr. Gordon’s mansion.

Ferris: “Haha. Jend looks so happy.”

Seeing her boyfriend run around like a child, Ferris chuckled at the sight.

Cyril: “Hmph. I’m glad it worked out, but why did Jend get his weapon made first….”

Watching Jend’s happy face, Cyril must have felt a little jealous as she puffed her cheeks out.

Henry: “Now, now. By the end of the month, everyone will get their gear upgraded by Mr. Gordon. That was the promise. But we need to make sure to make enough money to pay him back.”

Cyril: “I know~”

And Jend and Mr. Gordon really got into a heated discussion about the final adjustments.

Henry: “........they’re going to be at it for a while. Since Ricotta got the bath ready, why not get ourselves cleaned up first?” Cyril: “Yes, let’sー”

And as their discussion heated up, we waved at the two and headed back to the house.

…… then, it’ll be good to rest so we can work hard again tomorrow.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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