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SRALL c128

Chapter 128: The Battle with the Hanuman

I collided with the Hanuman.

One, two, three clashes……..with each consecutive strike, my disadvantage was becoming clearer.

~~urgh?! How is his strikes so heavy?!

Every time our weapons meet, I feel the grip of my weapon paralyze and slip, but I poured everything into not dropping it as I prepare for the next strike.

The next few minutes felt endless as all I could do was defend against a wave of attacks.

[Gii!! Gii!!]

The Hanuman could not hide its glee from winning the fight, and let out a vulgar laugh as it increased the speed of its attacks.

His movements were unrefined and only relied on brute force to strike. There was not an ounce of skill in his movements. But it was delivered with the Highest-Tier strength, and with a weapon that can lengthen and shorten at will, it was troublesome to deal with.

I barely managed to dodge a wide swingーーand now! There’s an opening!

Henry: “.......[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Restrain] {Katerno}!”


A Magecraft chain made of light wraps around the Nyoibo Staff that hit the ground.


The Hanuman tried to pull back its weapon and was prevented momentarily by the [Restrain] {Katerno} chains.

[Gii?! ……….?!?!]

And as it tried to forcefully pull back its weapon, I disbanded the Spell.

With too much momentum , the Hanuman fell back and slightly lost its balance.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}!”

I cast a Physical Enhancement and thrust my spear with one arm. Its head is small so I went for its body……and by luck hit its heart!

An average vanguard would not have seen the strike coming as it flashed.


ーーbut my opponent is the Highest-Tier ー one of the greatest threats to humanity.

The Hanuman somehow regained its balance. As our weapons crossed, I caught a glimpse of why.

……..the Hanuman’s hairs on its legs grew out and stuck against the ground. That stopped its body from going any further back and helped it stand firmly.

The Hanuman lengthened its Nyoibo Staff as it thrust it towards me. I couldn’t stop my attack now, and with reckless abandon, I prayed as I struck it with my full strength.


Henry: “UGH?!”

I felt a heavy impact against my left shoulder as I flew backwards. My head spun from the pain.

……..but at the same time, my right-hand felt something hit.

I let go of my Nyoiten Spear and I regained my posture with my right hand and both feet. I made sure to minimize any openings by readying my body and looked at the Hanuman.


An enraged Hanuman was charging towards me.

Blood spilled out from its sides, but its completely ignoring the wound. With the Hanuman’s overabundant life force, it can apparently continue the fight with such injuries with no problem.

Henry: “Then takeーー”

My left shoulder is completely out of commission. Without my left, I won’t be able to fight in close quarters.

Then I need to finish the fight here. I use the Nyoiten Spear’s ability to return to my right hand and brace it over my head.

Henry: “THIS!!”

I throw.

I do not split the spear into clones. To make sure that it cannot block it, I split the end into 20 right before it strikes the Hanuman.


………..because of the close proximity, I had no time to enchant it with my Magecraft, and the Hanuman completely ignored my attack.

My spears struck it, but it only scratched its skin and didn’t prevent the Hanuman from proceeding forward. Under its furious rage, it had released all of its Magic Power, so my attack did nothing under these conditions.

Henry: “Why….you!!”

The Nyoibo staff hurtles sideways towards me. There’s no time to get my spear back. My shoulder hurts, but I managed to move my left arms bracers to block the attack andーー


I hear a nasty splintering sound as a large crack appears on the bracer.

My bones must have broken as more pain washes over me, but ignoring my arm, I reached into my pouch with my right hand.

Even if I retrieve my spear, I wouldn’t last one strike. So what I need right now is…..!

Henry: “URGH!!”

I took out a flashbang grenade. It activates with Magic Power, and I initiate the ignition immediately in my hand.


Though my eyes were closed, I could still see the light spread behind it. The Hanuman must have received it directly as it howled in surprise.


Something hit my stomach. From the sensation, it must have been the Nyoibo Staff swung around wildly.

I fly even further back. The taste of blood fills my mouth…….but I was able to gain precious seconds.

Henry: “............<spat>”

I spat out the vomit and blood that filled my mouth and stood back up.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Heal] {Teol}”

I cast a Healing Spell on myself.

All the pain I was ignoring during the fight lightened slightly……..but that’s it. With my Magecraft, I can only mitigate and kill a little bit of the pain from the deep injuries.

In contrast, the Hanuman who recovered from its blindness was glaring down on me, and all the wounds I gave it were mostly healed.

……….it would probably be weary if I tried to use anything from my pouch, so that seemed futile now. I will just have to trash my left arm and with the Nyoiten Spear…….if I can last one more minute, that would be the best result.

With this injury, it would be impossible to run now.

I bite down hard to shut down the sense of dread and defeat.

Since coming to Flowtier, I haven’t had moments like this, but I have faced similar situations countless times before. In these moments, those that cannot remain calm die.


[uuuuuuu, GuuuuURAAaa!]

“Don’t forget about me!!”

The Hanuman no longer felt any threat from me, but a bright, flashing sword crossed between its path.

The Hanuman blocked the attack and tried to counter, but an arrow imbued with Magic Power followed……..and dealing with the arrow, it was now lagging one step behind.

“{Shine Ray}!”

And countless beams of light now rained down upon it.

The Hanuman, the Highest-Tier Demonic Creature, could not help but retreat.

“Mr. Henry! I’ll fix you up right away!”

And Ferris arrived next to me before I knew it and was healing my wounds. As expected from a professional Healer. I felt my body return to normal……and I was able to sharply grip my spear with my left hand as I felt the sensation come back. I do have some awkward sensations still left in me, but I should be able to fight without any problems.

Cyril: “Are you okay, Henry?!”

Henry: “.......yeah, thanks to you all. You guys defeated those Demonic Apes really fast.”

Cyril ran to my side, but I waved her off to assure her that I was okay.

…….I didn’t want to make them worry, so I keep quiet about being about to die within a minute if they didn’t come.

Henry: “Oh, I don’t think Jend will last long as the only vanguard, so I’ll go help!”

Jend was enveloped in light as he fought against the Hanuman, and with Teo’s support, they were barely holding the line.

……… a fight, those who lose their sense of calm first will die.

And those who believe in their allies, surprisingly tend to survive.

It was refreshing to see how true that was as I hurried towards the frontline.


Jend: “huh, GAH?!”

Shining brightly, Jend was holding back the Hanuman, but it was still too soon for him to face a Highest-Tier. He held it for under a minute, but the Hanuman finally knocked him down.

As the Hanuman tried to finish Jend, it raised its Nyoibo Staff andーー

Henry: “Like I’ll let you!!”

……….as the Nyoibo Staff came down, I stepped in between the Hanuman and Jend.

I braced my Nyoiten Spear as the Staff came crashing down, and…….the impact made my legs cave into the ground. I hear nasty cracks and pops throughout all the joints in my body, but I ignore it with a flurry of adrenaline.

Henry: “Jend! Now!”

Jend: “Got it!”

And while I blocked the strike, Jend stood up, and with flames enveloping his sword, he swung it with all his might.

If it struck, the Hanuman would have received some damage……..but Jend’s swing was too simple to read, and it dodged it easily.

Jend; “Ugh….” Jend clicks his tongue in frustration.

We stare down the Hanuman as each side tries to find an opening.

Henry: “........Jend, how do you feel? I know it’s the first time to use it in battle.”

Jend: “Yeah, I feel great……..or I wish that were the case, but I can’t seem to fully control it yet. If it turns into a drawn out battle, it’ll be bad.”

Right now, Jend is receiving an Enhancement Magecraft Spell from Ferris. {Shimmering Rally}’s the same Magecraft Spell as what Yuu uses for me.

The effect is immense, and Jend’s physical abilities have gone up several levels. His physical strength could now match the Hanuman.

But even so….

They finally completed the {Shimmering Rally} this winter. Jend has yet to fully control his newfound physical strength. It took about a year before I got used to Yuu’s Enhancement Spell, so he’ll need more time to adjust and train with it. But right now, I need him to step up no matter what.

Cyril: (Miss Ferris will only hold for 2 to 3 more minutes max!)

Henry: (Understood)

As I heard Cyril continue her singing, I received a message in my head from her from the Link Ring.

……….the {Shimmering Rally’s} effect will only hold for just a bit longer.

Henry: “Jend, I’ll stand in front, so cover me!”

Jend: “Got it!”

Then there’s nothing else but to go on a full on attack. I close in on the Hanuman and my spear and its staff cross with numerous strikes and blasts.

The way I’m fighting it is no different from before, but now, Jend is finding openings to attack the Hanuman and distracting it. Teo is also meticulously shooting at the Hanuman’s eyes.

…….and with this, we’re finally on even grounds.

Jend: “GRRRRR!!!”

Henry: “Jend! Don’t be reckless!”

Sensing his impatience, I stop Jend from stepping forward. And right where he was just about to step, the Hanuman’s tail swung wildly past.

……with that tail alone, it could easily crush 2 or 3 veteran adventurers, so that alone tells you how crazy it is to face a Highest-Tier.

And the only chance our Party has at defeating such insane monsters isーー

Cyril: “~~♪ ~~♪”

Behind us, Cyril is singing loudly as we feel the power of her Spell grow ーー this is our best hope.

But the Hanuman seems weary of the increasing Magic Power, and it has kept an eye on Cyril throughout our fight.

At this rate, even if we fire off the Spell, it would easily dodge it.

Holding it down……would be difficult. This is different from the time when we faced the Fenrir with Ms. Lotte.

But it’s not impossible. We’ll just have to take some bigger risks andーー

Henry: “What?” As I tried to step in with my final gamble, the Hanuman suddenly opened the distance between us.

Henry: (~~!! NO! THIS IS BAD!!)

Henry: “Teo! Shoot it with everything you got! It’s preparing to run!!”

Without waiting for her to respond, I charged at the Hanuman. The Hanuman struck the ground to make a cloud of dust and turned around…..

Henry: “I won’t let you! [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}ーーー!!”

I threw the spear with triple strengthening enchantments.

It split into several dozen as the Hanuman dodged and blocked some as it ran, but… hit. It took severe damage as one pierced the side of its stomach, and it won’t be able to heal from that easily.

But the Hanuman kept up its pace of retreat.

………..this is really bad.

It probably determined that its chance of being defeated right now is not low. That’s why it planned to regroup and attack again. It’s almost nightfall. If it attacks us during the night, we wouldn’t be able to do anything.

But even as we tried to stop it, the Hanuman’s body grew smaller and smaller. It finally retreated out of Teo’s range too andーー

Henry: “” Looking past the Hanuman’s retreating path, I saw something black and round fly towards it.

It accurately pursued the Hanuman and…… the Hanuman jumped to the side to dodge it, as if to mock the Hanuman’s efforts, an enormous explosion engulfed it.

Henry: “WhーWhat?” I could feel the impact of the blast from where I stood.

As the clouds cleared, it wasn’t dead, but the Hanuman was on the ground on its back.

Henry: “ーー! TAKE IT OUT, CYRIL!!”


There’s no reason to let go of this opportunity.

Cyril had her Spell ready from long ago, and drops the enormous bolt of lightning on top of the Hanuman.

Now a blast and explosion twice the power from before struck and split the earth as it mercilessly pierced the Hanuman andーー

Jend: “..........did it….hit?” Henry: “Yeah, it did.” And just like the Fenrir, the Hanuman turned to charcoal and ash.

……….and thankfully, it won’t be able to resurrect from that state.

Jend: “~~~<sigh>. I thought I was gonna die………oh, but I guess we shouldn’t let our guard down. What happened back there?”

Jend almost crumples to the ground in fatigue but braces himself to keep standing.

Well, I understand how he feels. That mysterious explosion worked in our favor, but it could have been a new enemy appearing.

But I knew where that came from.

Henry: “That’s a one-time use Magecraft tool. The Magecraft Explosive [Ether Bomb].”

Jend: “I’ve never heard of a weapon like that.”

Henry: “Of course not. It’s incredibly expensive, and there’s only a handful of people that can make it.”

Even so, it’s extremely treasured in Ligaleo, and when a large wave of Demonic Creatures comes, we use it to reduce their numbers.

………but one that has the power to flip a Highest-Tier can only be made by one person.

Jend: “Oh, hey. Someone’s coming.”

From across the Hanuman’s retreat route, a beefy, round man appeared.

It’s hard to see from this distance, but I recognized the large cylinder he was carrying on his shoulder.

Henry: “Yeah~ I thought so.” Jend: “? Henry, do you know him?” Henry: “Well, technically, I’m the customer, and he’s the craftsman.”

Rather than achieving some sort of victory on the battlefield, he has contributed countless weapons and tools ーー the Hero of Legend of the Dwarves.

Holding the Hero Title, “The Hammer of God,” he is the creator of my arm and leg bracers.

One of the eight Heroes of Legend, Gordon Goibniu.

….it was that Hero who came slowly walking towards us.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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