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SRALL c127

Chapter 127: The Lord of the Demonic Apes


*CHONKY TL Notes: Changing “Demonic Monkeys” to “Demonic Apes”


After defeating the Demonic Apes, going to the Dwarven Town of Gungard was unimaginably smooth.

Though we were weary that the one Demonic Ape who escaped would bring back more company, since then, we were not attacked by any Demonic Creatures at all.

Before starting our journey here, we planned for the initial days to be filled with Demonic Creature attacks. We arrived 3 hours early and before nightfall to the location where we planned to camp.

We went back and forth about this, but in the end, we decided to move forward to gain more ground.

Henry: “..........something’s not right.”

Cyril: “? What’s wrong, Henry? You look really tense.”

It was getting close to sundown, and we placed our tent near the shade of a large rock. As we prepared for camp………I was weary and paid very close attention to our surroundings.

Henry: “Since the Demonic Ape attack around noon, we haven’t been attacked once by Demonic Creatures since.”

Cyril: “Yes, that’s true. I guess by looking at you……we weren’t just lucky then?”

Henry: “Of course, there is a good chance, that it was just good fortune.”

The closer we get to the town of Gungard, they would be regularly purifying the areaーーin short, the chances of running into Demonic Creatures should lessen, and there should be more safe zones. That is the reason why we prioritized going further than planned but…….

Henry: “......everyone, gather here quickly.”

I decided to explain to them the uneasy feeling I have been getting.

At best, I would be wrong, and they can make fun of me all they want.

But even then, I don’t know if it will really happenーーor not even happen for that matterーーat this point, I have no idea. I realized how unhelpful my explanation was at even convincing myself.

Jend: “.......hey, Henry. I don’t understand what is going on, but I know those Demonic Apes were acting weird, and they might be dangerous. I understand that much, and how that can be dangerous, but otherwise, you’re being too vague.”

And Jend was first to speak out his confusion.

Ferris: “If Mr. Henry, who has the most experience out of all of us is saying it, I’m sure that he’s not just saying this without any basis.”

Henry: “No, sorry Ferris. I don’t have any concrete proof or evidence. This is all purely my instinct.”

Ferris: “WーWell, you can………not underestimate instinct…..either…..”

And Ferris’ support gradually lost steam.

Cyril: “I do feel like Henry’s a little out of touch with reality but isn’t it always better to be careful and play it safe?” YーYes, yes. It’s just like Cyril says. We’re in a different location, and there’s no way we can be overly careful.

And I thought the group came to a loose consensus whenーー

Teo: “, I agree with Mr. Henry.” Henry: “Teo?” Teo’s eyes sharpened ferociously as she placed one finger over her mouth as she whispered……..out of all of us, Teo was the one who was most on guard. I could feel her nervous tension that made my hair ripple and stand straight up.

Teo: “I’ve been feeling uneasy for a little while, and now that Mr. Henry mentioned it, I finally realized……..this is probably the same Demonic Ape from before. We are being watched.”

Watched, huh.

I couldn’t even tell that much. Compared to Ageha, my ability and range to detect other presences is smaller, and now, I’m certain that Teo is better at this than I am.

I knew she had plenty of talent and potential, but this was proof that she exceeded my skills at some point.

Teo: “After concentrating for a bit, I confirmed that it’s not just one. And……..I hope this is just my misunderstanding, but one presence in particular feels like it is on another level.”

……….and being a friend of that genius, Lana, she has incredibly scary talent. It’s good to have her on our side.

Henry: “.......Teo, from which direction?” Teo: “From my perspective, behind and to the left. Towards the west.”

Without moving my neck, I glance with just my eyes in that direction.

Far in the distance, well beyond my presence detection ability, looking closely at that single point, I see a faint shadow barely move. It’s even harder to see it with the sun with its back………is it putting that into calculation?

Henry: “.........I confirmed it. I don’t know how many, but at the very least, it’s a small pack. They probably planned to ambush us during the night.”

During the night, there’s no use comparing between Demonic Creatures and Humans on who holds the advantage. If we get ambushed at night, we would be severely disadvantaged.

And though the Demonic Apes are intelligent and highly aggressive, they typically do not wait for nightfall.

I hope it’s just a rare habit they picked up being around the Dwarven Mountain……..but what comes immediately to my mind is a presence that is “higher-tier” than the rest. That specific type is even more shrewd and clever than Demonic Apes and can run laps around humans.

Jend: “........what are we going to do, Henry? If it’s just a few Demonic Apes, there shouldn’t be any problem.” Henry: “We’re going to put full faith in Teo’s assessment that ‘one of the presences feels different.’ We’re going all out.”

The absolute worst case scenario crosses my mind.

It’s hard to suppress my anxiety, but I slowly and discreetly take out my Ability Enhancing Potions from my waist pouch.

Henry: “I’ll go with Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Sense enhancement…….and go from there.”

I can only take 6 Potions max. I’m not trying to be frugal stopping at four, but depending on my opponent, the next two Potion selections will change.

An opponent that won’t even let me drink these potions………and that’s possible, but if I drink this much, then I can at least hold it off.

Jend: “........wait, if you’re going that far, that means…..”

Henry: “There’s the possibility that it’s the Highest-Tier. ………if its leading a pack of Demonic Apes, then it’sーー”

But before I could finish speaking, the Demonic Apes began scrambling out of hiding and charged forwards to ambush us.

Teo: “ーー!! They seemed to realize that we noticed their presence!”

Teo’s shout pierced the air as she grabbed her bow from her back.

I took one look at the Ape leading the pack, and realized that my worst case scenario just came true.

Henry: “UGHHHHH~!! I knew it!”

It was at least twice as big as the Demonic Apes around it. It was the first time seeing one, but I’ve heard the rumors and read the reports that matched its description.

It held a metal pole made from its own Magic Power, and from its Corrupted Magic aura, it created more Demonic Apes .ーー one of the Highest-Tier Demonic Creatures.

Henry: “It’s a Hanuman! Everyone, be on guard!!”

As I spoke, I cast two [Strengthen] {Hazac} upon myself. And with my full out spear throw, the battle began.



My spear split into 14 clones, and screaming at a high pitch, the Hanuman swung its Nyoibo Staff to deflect them.

Some spears shot past it and struck the Demonic Apes behind it, but only one hit the Hanuman, and it only glanced it at that.

It responded to my attack as if it was expecting it…….it must have been that one Demonic Ape scout who reported back and told the Hanuman about it!

Henry: “UGH!! Everyone, I need you to take out the Demonic Apes! Leave the Hanuman to me!”

Jend: “You’re taking a Highest-Tier alone?! That’s too much even for you!!”

Henry: “Yeah, I’m going to be in a really tight spot, so as soon as you take care of the Demonic Apes, I need your support!”

I can only respond pitifully to Jend’s protest.

But right now, only I can face that. Everyone is stronger, but it’s still way too soon to fight a Highest-Tier!

Henry: “Cyril! We’ll split them up first!”

Cyril: “Understood!”

Cyril began singing her Spell incantation as soon as Teo shouted her warning, and she answered confidently to my command.

Cyril: “{Meteo-Flare}!”

With words of power, Cyril swung down her staff.

Hearing that, I began running at the same time.


Henry: “Take that!!”

With the momentum pushing me forward, I lengthened the Nyoiten Spear to its maximum length and thrust it forward. The Hanuman deflected it with its own staff, and also countered me with a similar weapon that can lengthen and shorten like mine.

I let the Nyoiten Spear go from my hand…….and with the ability to draw it back, and with some luck, I was able to block the Hanuman’s attack with the spear in a new position and held his staff for a moment.

…………then, Cyril’s balls of flame came crashing down around us. The few Demonic Apes that tried to assist its master were all burnt to a crisp.

Jend: “You’ll have to deal with us first!”

Teo: “Mr. Henry! Move towards your right!”

Jend’s shout gathers the rest of the pack’s attention, and Teo’s throws out a command.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}!”

I cast two layers of Strength-enhancing Magecraft on my arms. With the Strength-Enhancing Potions already at work, it felt like my arm was about to burst, but I ignored the pain. I push against the Hanuman with my spear against its staff to try and move it to the right.

Henry: “UGH! UURRRGGHHH….!!”

But no matter how much I enhanced my strength, I wouldn’t be able to push a Highest-Tier with brute power. Instead, the Hanuman pushed me back.

For a moment, I thought the Hanuman smiled at its small victory.

……..even so.

Henry: “There!”


I allow the Hanuman push as I guide the momentum and break its sense of balance. The Hanuman hangs in the air helpless for a second, and I strike it as hard as I could to push it away.

It rebounded two or three times on the ground, and as it stopped, I chased it down. The Demonic Ape that was in the same direction took an arrow from Teo and was struggling for breath.

Jend came around to run past me, and we exchanged a quick glance as I kept running.

I stop right before the Hanuman. Jend stopped the Demonic Apes from interfering, so this Hanuman has no more support.

We succeeded in splitting their group.

I was fortunate that this Hanuman hasn’t been around for that long. An aged Hanuman would have staff skills that would easily exceed a human expert…….or so I heard.

So that was the first good news I picked up. But……

Henry: “.........a one on one with a Hanuman, huh.”

I feel a cold sweat bead down my face. Being the leader of the Party, I can’t afford to panic because that would spread quickly across the team, so I tried to remain calm………..but I barely suppressed my hands from shaking with Death knocking at my door.

If I was doing this solo, I would make several layers of preparations, and then maybe……just maybe I would have about a 10%, 20% chance of winning………for me, that’s how difficult facing a Highest-Tier means.

It’s been a while facing such low oddsーーin fact, the last time the odds were this bad was when I faced Gilverte.

If it was just me, I could probably run away successfully, but that would be at the cost of abandoning everyone else. The only other person that could run away would be Teo, and that’s still uncertain.

Cyril: “ーーJend, I’ll take care of the left! {Bright Flood}!!”

……well, not that I would ever do so in the first place.

Henry: “C’mon, you Apey bastard. I’ll pummel you to the ground.”

To shake off the fear, I spit out taunts at the Hanuman………..and though it probably didn’t understand what I said, it clearly understood that I was mocking it, and waves of blood lust began pouring out of it.

We both grind our feet against the ground as we measure the distance between us….

Henry: “ーーC’MOOOOOOON!!!”


And my Nyoiten Spear and the Hanuman’s Nyoiten Staff collided once again.


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

The story of Sun Wukong (Chinese) or Son Goku (Japanese) has been watered down in popularized Japanese fairy tales and mythology quite a bit, and it was quite shocking to read even a tad bit of the Indian lore of Hanuman. I cannot speak to the historical development and evolution of the concept of "Son Goku" (孫悟空) other than that growing up in the 1990's, I read a few Japanese fairy tales and then was hit with Dragon Ball (the original).



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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