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SRALL c125

Chapter 125: The Evening in Eastflair

Jend: “I guess we’ll start with looking for an inn? The guard told me there’s a lot of inns here, so we should be able to find one pretty easily.”

We finished all the paperwork at the Main gate, and entered into the City of Eastflair.

As soon as we were in, Jend made the suggestion first thing.

Henry: “Yeah, I think you’re right. This is my first time in town, but I’ve heard rumors. There’s a lot of Adventurers who come here to do training for short periods, so they have many inns to accommodate them.”

I say short periods, but it could be a 1 month course, 3 month course, or even a half-year course. So they have the courses meticulously broken down, and of course, depending on where you go to train, they may have their own unique system.

The most strangest course would be the one where you would go to a different dojo every week, and you would spend around 1 to 3 years learning all the various styles and weapons to become the [Martial and Weapon Arts Master] Course.

Riol: “I have an idea of where the inns are generally concentrated in this city. I can take the lead and guide you all there.”

Henry: “Oh, Mr. Riol, thank you so much.”

Mr. Riol will also be spending a night in Eastflair. If it’s Mr. Riol, he could fly overnight and Ligaleo, but he decided to stay the night.

And since he has lived quite the long life, he has visited this town before, so we followed his lead as we walked through town.

Teo: “Besides that though……even though it is a bigger town than Flowtier……it’s a very sweaty place here.”

And Teo’s dishes out her honest first impressions of town.

…….and no, it doesn’t exactly smell like sweat here. It’s just that half the people who are walking the streets are extremely well built martial artists, and many of the stores are weapons and armor stores, and almost every block has a dojo……’s likely that the “sweaty” impression was pertaining more to that atmosphere.

And I understand what she’s saying too. But let’s not speak those kinds of thoughts out loud.

Ferris: “Hmm, I don’t particularly dislike it.”

Cyril: “Miss Ferris might feel that way, but Miss Cyril doesn’t particularly care for this either.”

And the rest of the females also convey their first impressions. ………and I can see why Cyril would feel that way too.

Jend: “Oh! What’s going on over there?”

Henry: “Hm?” Jend brings our attention to something nearby.

Henry: “What’s wrong?” Jend: “No, that man over there. …….he put up some sort of sign and drew a circle around him. It doesn’t look like he’s about to do a street show, but I wonder what he’s up to?” ? It’s true. Just as Jend pointed out, there is a man standing feet apart and proudly inside a large circle.

The circle seems to impede some of the street traffic as people are avoiding stepping inside it, but…….no one seems to particularly mind.

Riol: “Ohh, that. That is a call for a Street Match.”

Henry: “........Mr. Riol……what did you say he’s doing?” Riol: “He’s asking for a participant to do a Street Match. In short, he’s asking every passerby, ‘Will you fight with me?’ And they would usually write down the conditions for the fight on the sign.

……….that sounds idiotic.

I mean, I understand that Practice Matches are great for learning combat skills. But asking anyone and everyone for a fight seems extremely dangerous. What are you going to do when someone much stronger than you steps forward?

Jend: “Oh, I see. Let’s see then…”

……….is what I thought, but….

One of our Party members, Jend, can be quite reckless when it comes to fighting. He began curiously heading towards the man with the Street Match sign.

“Oh, young one. Looks like you just arrived in town today, but do you wish to take on my challenge? This time, the fight will be conducted only with your weapon. No Magic Powers will be allowed. If you lose to me, there are no penalties, but if you beat me, I will bestow upon you 2,000 zeniths.”

So there’s a reward too? I guess that makes sense. Otherwise, why would anyone bother? If you’re not particularly craving to fight, you would just walk by without a second glance.

“You can find more specific rules written on the sign.”

…….looking over the rules, they are sound and fair. You cannot intentionally cause severe injury to your opponent. You will leave all resentment and hatred towards your opponent inside the ring after the match is over, and if you do get injured, that will be your own personal responsibility. Stuff like that.

Jend seems to be thinking it over pretty carefully, and the people walking by pause to see what he’ll do. There’s even some telling him “Do itー! Go for itー!” and encouraging him.

………if Jend decides to go for it, I guess they’ll stop and watch.

Jend: “Oh, sorry everyone. Could you wait here for a little bit?” Cyril: “That’s fine, but if you’re going to try, you better win.”

Jend: “Of course!”

And with Cyril’s encouragement, Jend smiles as he cracks his knuckles.

Ferris: “Jend.” Jend: “.......yup!”

And Ferris only said his name, but……it riled up Jend even more as he slapped his cheeks hard and drew out his large broad sword.

Henry: “Sheesh. I guess we’ll just stand by and observe.”

Riol: “Henry, what do you think has the advantage? Martial Arts is outside my expertise.”

Henry: “Let’s see…….”

At Mr. Riol’s bequest, I look at both sides and think.

………the warrior who was looking for opponents uses a spear. As someone who uses a spear, I take a good look at him to determine his strength level.

Henry: “Well, I don’t think Jend will have any problems.”

Riol: “I see. Then we can watch without concerns.”

Jend and the Spear User stood inside the circle. There is technically an out of bounds rule too.

“Then I will introduce myself. I am Jaygun, a user of the Rheinbach Style.”

Jend; “I am Jend, a user of the Single Blade of the Fire God.”

As they finish introductions, they both ready their weapons.

Jaygun: “Hey! Can someone signal the start of the match?!”

Jaygun yells out into the crowd, and one of the observers stepped forward with, “Then I’ll do it.”

……and I guess all the citizens here are used to this. Do they have a lot of these Street Fights? ……’s such a different culture.

As I look upon the crowd half-exasperated and half-impressed, the volunteer lifted his hand into the air……..and then dropped it.


And the Street Fight at the edge of the street began.


We were delayed slightly from Jend’s Street Fight, but we found an inn for tonight.

There were many inns available, but we also wanted to go ahead and eat dinner, so we chose an inn that was similar to the Bear’s Keg Inn and had a diner on the 1st floor.

While looking for the inn, though it was right around sundown, the place was full of people. And judging from how many patrons the diner had, it must be pretty good. The pickles they served as appetizers were quite delicious.

Jend: “He he, so goo~d”

Jend takes a long sip of his ale and smiles wrly.

Coincidentally, an observer of his Street Fight came in, and bought him a drink for “giving him a good show.”

…… it was a drink of victory or something of the sort.

With the Street Fight against Jaygun, he was well-trained and pretty strong, but Jend held the advantage from beginning to end and dominated the fight with his attacks.

Jend is a pretty large man with a style that is exciting to watch, and the crowds loved him. When the fight was over, he received a loud ovation from everyone around.

…… a regular town, if you make such a commotion in the street, the guards may immediately get summoned, but there were no signs of them here. The City lives up to its gritty nickname of the City of Strength and Blood.

Henry: “Okay then. Let’s go ahead and confirm our schedule as we eatー”

All of my Party members turn their attention to me as I speak, and Mr. Riol has separate traveling plans from us so is enjoying his coffee privately without an ounce of attention on us.

Henry: “I know besides Cyril and myself, you all plan to join a short-term training program here, but that’ll be for later. Firstly, we’re heading to the Dwarves' mountain. It’s about a half-day run east of Eastflair. And we’ll approach the Varsaldi Empire’s border from there.”

And one step over that border and we’ll enter the Dwarves' Mountain…….the official name is the [The Great Mountain of the God of Mines.]

If we were heading on the regular trade route, we’ll have to go around the southern tip of the mountain range to get around it, but if we are heading to the Dwarves' Mountain itself, then we can head straight there.

Henry: “I guess you can call it an entrance to the Dwarves' Mountain at the foot of the mountain itself? Anyways, there’s a border point a little bit before that where we’ll fill out our paperwork and then enter the mountain. We’ll try to get to the Dwarves' City, the Mountain Vein City of Gangardo, the next day if possible.”

………from the Alvenia Kingdom, the entrance to the town is actually very far, and you would have to cross over several mountains. From the Varsaldi Empire, it’s a bit closer, but you still have to circumvent the mountain range, and from Eastflair, it’s faster than going through the Empire.

Cyril: “A mountain hike……..I see. I know we’re used to it with the Altohern Mountain, but just imagining the hike makes me tired.”

As she hears our schedule, Cyril looks a little discouraged.

Henry: “If fatigue is the only thing we need to worry about, that would be the best case scenario. If we’re not carefully, we may get ambushed by an Orichalcum Golem………Teo, you and I will double check and secure our route every 30 minutes.”

Teo: “Yes, understood.”

The Dwarves' Mountain is 80% Demonic Territory, but there are also routes where Demonic Creatures do not appear as often.

If the entire Mountain Region was covered in Upper-Tier, Upper-Class Creatures, you’ll need to have a significantly good Adventurer or Knight to guard you to the city, so this is normal. Just on these routes, they’ll regularly clear out and purify the region.

And so, we’ll need to be extra careful to stick to the route. There should be signs that can guide us, but if we don’t confirm ourselves………for instance, there may be creatures that destroy the signs or some really nasty pranks that would write over the correct information. In those cases, we’ll be in real trouble. Yes, we are here to hunt down these Golems, but that can wait until we first establish ourselves in Gangardo.

Henry: “Oh, and we’ll probably spend one night outdoors, and there are rest spots for specifically travelers from the Alvenia Kingdom, so arriving at that destination will be our goal tomorrow……….and that should be it.”

All of the other finer details have been determined before we left. We just need to confirm the main details, and we don’t need to go over everything again. I especially made sure to go over how to deal with the Demonic Creatures that will appear in the Dwarves' Mountain region.

Henry: “Alright, then this is to our success from tomorrow on. Cheers, everyone.”

I lift my mug, and everyone raises theirs as well.

We chug down an ale that is much more rich in taste than the ones in Flowtier and ordered more.

Now then, in order to regain our strength for tomorrow, I need to make sure to eat plenty.

………and not knowing what tomorrow will bring, I nonchalantly thought so without much concern or care.

And the night in Eastflair passed by just like that.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 11: Preparation for the Conquest

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