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SRALL c117

Chapter 117: The Year

It was coming to the end of the year.

There were many things that happened this year, and now, we’re nearing the end of it.

Yesterday, we did the Year End Cleaning at the Bear’s Keg Inn. I’m only a resident customer, but since I’ve been in such good care, I helped with the repairing of the roof or cleaning the windows that were on the 2nd story or higher, and took care of some of the more risky activities that needed to be done.

At the Grandes Church, there was a great fuss about Year End Cleaning and preparation for the New Year’s ceremonies, and people were busily going back and forth. I also saw many Adventurers who were helping out too……and finally, everyone began finishing those tasks as the day came nearer to the end.

It was the last day of the year. My Party all gathered at Ferris’ rental room.

Ferris: “There isn’t much furniture, but please make yourself comfortable.”

Henry: “Oh, this is perfect. Here, Mr. Nord gave me a lot of food to bring here.”

I laid down a huge lunchbox filled with the best dishes you can find at the Bear’s Keg Inn onto the table.

Jend: “Me too. I got a good bottle from my dad.”

Teo: “Oh! A Febran aged 40 years? You brought something very special, Mr. Jend.” Teo’s eyes sparkled as she read the label on the bottle. I’m not too knowledgeable about whiskey, but it was unpackaged from a very expensive looking box.

Cyril: “Teo, is that really expensive?” Teo: “It’s at least 10,000 zeniths.”

Cyril: “Eek?! IーI’ll be okay. You guys enjoy. I can’t tell if it’s good or not anyways.”

Ohー, yeah. It probably won’t suit Cyril’s taste. It’s too high in alcohol content.

Ferris: “I’m surprised your father let us have this.”

Jend: “I told him that it was for our Year End gathering, and he said no at first. But my mom nagged him about how it’s just going to sit there as a decoration, so why not take it.”

He has a very gracious mother. I train at Jend’s house often and see her occasionally, but when I do, she always brings us snacks.

Regardless, it’s a really good bottle, so we’ll gratefully accept and enjoy it.

We spread out the food, passed the glasses until everyone had one, and Cyril got fruity wine while everyone else got a glass of Febran.

Jend: “Hey Leader, give us a toast.”

Henry: “Uh……..actually, I’d prefer if someone else did.”

Jend: “C’mon, we’re all family here. You don’t have to get so nervous around us.”

Jend pushed me forward, and as I stood up, I coughed once to clear my throat.

Henry: “Umー well, I know it’s been less than a year since we formed a Party. But…many things happened this year. I’m glad that no one got really hurt during our expeditions. Next year…….when we get to Ligaleo, let’s keep up the good work.”

So it wasn’t the best of speeches, but no one minded.

I raised my glass high.

“Then, to celebrate our safe journey and good health this year, and for far greater success in the next! Cheers!!”

And with thatーー

Our Party’s first Year End Celebration began.


In Flowtier, it is customary to gather with the people you know and love and celebrate the New Year.

Most gather among families, but Jend and Teo’s family will have celebrations with their Merchant Associations, and they will gather all their employees to hold a party, and the the Governor would leave to go to the Capital of Centraleo so he can greet the King during the New Year’s celebration. So that left Ferris and I with………well, yeah.

So because of that, this year, the Party decided to gather together to celebrate the Year End and New Year.

We chose Ferris’ room because other member’s houses would cause their family’s to worry and care for them, and if it was Ferris’ place where she lives alone, they wouldn’t have to bother or trouble anyone.

Henry: “.........hmm, yes, it’s definitely good……I think….”

And I sipped at the liquor Jend brought, and I tried to recall the tastes of other drinks in the past to contrast and judge it.

Jend: “Fwew….yeah, it’s as good as ever.”

Teo: “Yes, that taste is definitely worth every zenith it cost.”

And then I see Jend and Teo who can instantly judge the liquor’s quality and heard them give their own opinions of it.

Henry: “FーFerris, what about you?”

Ferris: “Hmmmm, I think it’s good, and I can tell that it’s different from what I usually have… but beyond that, nothing else.”

Yes, I have someone on my side too.

And besides, I get why Jend might, but why is Teo being able to judge the flavor and quality of high-end liquor, hmmm? Cyril: “Oh, Henry, Henry. I love the food from the Bear’s Keg Inn, but my cooking also came out really great today. Would you like some?”

Henry: “Yeah, thanks.” Though she may not be as great as a professional chef like Mr. Nord, Cyril is quite the good cook. Since we started dating, she’s cooked for me a few times, and today, she looks especially pumped to show off her skills.

Cyril: “Then here. Here’s a mini-hamburger.”

She brought to me one of the hamburgers she cooked that was made to be bite-size.

As I bit into it, the juice from the meat flowed out, and it was quite good. Looks like she made sure to cook it in a way where it will still be good even if it got cold.

And I follow that up with a shot of whiskey and……….fwew, that’s the stuff.

……..oh, just now. I think I was able to taste the high-quality-ness of the alcohol.

Henry: “Cyril, Cyril. Hey, I think I understand now. It’s a pretty good drink. Why not try some?”

Cyril: “Ummm, well, last time, just getting a drip of whiskey on my tongue was gross enough.”

I tried recommending it to Cyril, but she refused. Well, I guess it’s nothing to force on her…….but as I was about to drop the subject, Teo opened her mouth to speak.

Teo: “Miss Cyril, that’s because you’re trying to drink it straight. You can split it on the rocks. Here, one second.”

And Teo dug through her godly equipment bag and brought out a few things.

Ummーー she got an ice pail, glasses, a stirring stick you see in taverns and………wait, why is a girl underage have all this equipment?

Teo: “Let me get the ice.” And she pulls out a Cloudy Plains Style Magecraft Charm paper.

Teo: “{Ice}.”

Apparently, it’s an Ice Spell. A ball of ice about two fists big appears in the air.

Teo: “Fuh!” (*sfx exhale)

Teo brought out a knife from her bag and slashed. The ice was cut into cubes and was placed inside the pail underneath.

Henry: “......wait, Teo. Seriously, what are you doing?”

Teo: “? As you can see, I’m preparing a drink for Miss Cyril. Oh, Mr. Henry, could you make the water? My Magecraft style can’t regenerate our tools for free.”

What do you mean, “As you can see.” Sheesh. And why is she so skilled at making drinks?! I bet she’s been practicing at home, this girl.

Cyril: “WーWell, since Teo is making the drink for me, I’ll gladly try it.”

Teo: “Yes, please wait a little longer.” And from there, her movements were like that of a professional’s. I used my [Water] {Eedle} and made her water, and she also made a drink for me too.

And Cyril slowly and carefully took a small sip andーー

Cyril: “.....oh, I can actually drink this. It’s still pretty strong, but the taste is so complex and good.”

Henry: “Yeah, it definitely hits you differently drinking it this way.”

I don’t typically dilute my drinks with water, so I didn’t think about this method. I typically take shots and on the rocks, so this was new for me too.

Jend: “Teo, can I also have one.” Ferris: “Oh, then me too.”

Maybe they liked watching her skills and techniques of making the drinks, but Jend and Ferris also asked for one.

Teo: “Understood.”

Teo makes more ice and gives the whiskey with water to the two. She also made a drink for herself.

With that…..

We ate and drank the food we brought and feeling the buzz, we chatted away through the night.

Jend: “......but yeah, Henry mentioned it earlier, but a lot really happened this year.”

Cyril: “Yeahー you’re rightー when we both first started, I would have thought that we’ll still be struggling in the forest today.”

The two who started this Party were talking together.

But well, the two already had quite a bit of skill and strength. I’m pretty sure they would have risen up the ranks even without my help. Without any bias, without me, they would probably be hunting Griffins by now. Even so, that’s an amazing growth and development.

Teo: “Me too……when my Grandfather couldn’t go hunting any more, and I tried to become an Adventurer on my own and then……everyone here invited me……and everything changed so drastically after that. But I didn’t mind it at all.”

And I was quite surprised to hear Teo sharing about herself too.

But I know things did change a lot, but let’s stop drinking less, you know?

Ferris: “And not to mention me. I moved to a different city and all my relationships and jobs ー everything changed.”

Jend: “.........Ferris, I know this might be a little too late, but…..I’m sorry if it was hard on you to drag you all the way here.”

Ferris: “Seriously, now you bring that up? Besides, Jend, I think it was for the best that I got to come here.” And with that, Ferris leans against Jend.

………I know you guys are dating, but can you do that when you two are alone?

Cyril: (whistles)

Henry: “Argh, Cyril. Don’t encourage them.”

Cyril: “Heheー Henry, want me to do that too?”

That? Oh, you mean how Ferris is leaning against Jend right now?

The feeling of a woman sitting close by to you…….

Henry: “.......nah, I couldn’t tell if it’s your front or your back.”

Cyril: “Excuse you!!”

And Cyril starts pushing against my body……….but yeah, this isn’t like having a girl lean on you. At best, she’s just trying to squash me.

Henry: “(sigh)......”

Cyril: “Oh, what’s with that sigh? By the way, how was the year for you, Henry?” This year, huh.

At the beginning of the year, I spent a good time getting all my stuff taken care of to leave Ligaleo. Then I moved to Flowtier in the spring.

I met everyone and went on expeditions. It was an unexciting but fulfilling day-to-day life……..wーwell, we did have to deal with the Fenrir and that time Yuu collapsed from exhaustion.

……..but it was really a peaceful year. Everyday, there was something fun to look forward to. It’s been a long time since I had a year like that.


Cyril: “Huh? Why are you patting me on the head all of a sudden?”

Henry: “It’s nothing.”

And this girl sitting next to me, though I never would have guessed it in the beginning, became a huge part of my life.

………I better keep working hard next year. At least, to the point where I don’t disappoint her.

As I made a New Year’s resolution to myself, Jend suddenly spoke up.

Jend: “Oh yeah. During New Year’s Eve, they’ll be doing a countdown in the Flowtier Central Park. After a quick break, do we all want to go?”

Henry: “Ohー that sounds like fun, but I’m so full, I just want to lay here for a while……..”

Teo: “Oh, c’mon Mr. Henry. You’re the Party Leader so please act like one.”

Cyril: “Miss Cyril agrees with Henryーー it’s too cold outsideーー”

Teo: “Miss Cyril, you too? Miss Ferris, could you say something to them?”

Ferris: “Haha, now now. Don’t get so riled up. They’ll both get up in due time.”

And with that….

We spent the last day of the year with our Party.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Year End Cleaning, “oosouji”, “大掃除” - Similar to the American “Spring Cleaning,” the end of the year is spent cleaning every nook and cranny around the house to prepare for the upcoming new year and start fresh.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 10: Year End and New Year’s

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