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SRALL c116

Chapter 116: The Kroseid Style

It was in the late afternoon at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Cyril, Teo, and I sat around a table, and we were all working on different tasks.

I was reading the Kroseid Style textbook, copied the Inscriptions in the book, and deepened my understanding.

Cyril was drawing something that looked like tadpoles along 5 parallel lines. She’s apparently coming up with a new melody for her Magic. It’s okay to use existing songs, but in order to raise her concentration even higher, she said a song she composed would be better……or so she thinks.

And Teo was trying to make her Cloudy Plains Style Spell inscription more efficient.

We did not all originally plan on meeting here to study Magic and Magecraft originally.

I was having lunch with Cyril, as we were having tea, Teo came by.

I know you might think that it would be more efficient if we studied on our own, but there was a reason for this.

Teo: “Here, Lana. I finished.” Lana: “Oh, yes. Let’s see~”

Since we were the only customers there, Lana was also reading a book at the same table we were sitting at. ……….it’s an Academic book that even the title is confusing to me.

Lana looked intently at Teo’s Spell Charm from corner to corner.

Lana: “Here, here, and here. I know you’re trying to make the inscription smaller, but the Spell inscription is broken in these three places.” Teo: “.....oh, you’re right.” Lana: “Here, let me borrow your pen. If you do this~, I think it might work.”

And Lana draws several lines onto the inscription.

I’m a complete novice with the Cloudy Plains Style, but Teo was watching very excitedly at Lana’s corrections.

Teo: “’re right. Thank you, Lana.” Lana: “You’re welcome. I’m also glad that I got to see a rare Spell inscription.” ………so that’s how it is. Lana is helping Teo simplify her Spell inscriptions.

The Cloudy Plains Style is a minor style from Rishu. Unlike the major styles that people use on the mainland, they have a very unique form, and there’s apparently room for improvement……or so I’m told.

Even so, to be able to instantly review and correct a Magecraft Inscription that you’re not even able to use is absolutely insane.

Henry: “.......Lana, I’m pretty certain that you’ll be able to create your own Magecraft Style one of these days.” Lana: “Hahaha…….but I’m not great at making my own diagrams, and I wouldn’t be able to use it myself.”

Although she’s being humble about this, the fact that she didn’t flat out say that it was impossible for her says something in and of itself.

Henry: “Then, can you take a look at the Kroseid Style? You might be able to find improvements from your perspective.”

Lana: “Oh no……I don’t believe there would be something I could do with such a popular Style.”

But Lana took the textbook curiously. Looks like she’s interested in reading it.

While Lana was reading my textbook, I didn’t have anything to do, so I looked at Cyril work.

Cyril: “Heyーー don’t stare at me like that before I’m even done. It’s embarrassing.” Henry: “Don’t worry. It’s not like I can read music sheets.” Cyril: “Well, that’s not exactly the issue here.” Cyril pouts as I watch.

Henry: “But well, I didn’t know that you composed your own music. It’s my first time hearing about this.”

Cyril: “I only do it as a hobbyー and I took piano lessons when I was little.”

………she likes baking sweets too, and if I list the things she’s able to do, she would have quite the resume as a woman. But……

Oh, it’s not that I have a problem with her at all. Yeah.

Cyril: “Oh yeah. Henry, I was thinking. Can you play any instruments?” Henry: “Huh? Uh, no. I can’t.” Cyril: “Would you like to learn how to play the flute? If you played while I sang, I feel like I can raise the Magic Power of the Spell even more.”

Henry: “Of course I won’t!”

I imagined playing the flute as background music while Cyril sang. Once the song was complete, the Demonic Creatures would blow up. Just hearing that flute song while fighting on the frontlines…… would be quite surreal for everyone involved.

Besides, putting me in such a role would be awful for the Party overall, so it would be something I would never consider.

Cyril: “That’s too badーー”

Henry: “Here, why not ask Teo since she’ll be in the rearguard with you?” Cyril: “Oh, that may work too! Teo, Teo, what do you say?” I deflect the attention to Teo who just found a way to rewrite one of her Spell Charms. Cyril was easily misdirected and went straight to Teo.

Teo: “.........I can only play a grass whistle as well.”

Cyril: “A Grass Whistle! I like those too! It has a very barebone feel to the sound!”

Teo: “No, please. I’m not going to do that…..hey, Miss Cyril. Please don’t come over to my side of the table!”

Cyril: “Pleaseーーー just once. Juーーーst once! Can’t we just try it out to see how it goes?” Cyril stood up to walk around to where Teo sat, and as she patted Teo’s head, Cyril kept on nagging her. Though Teo did not appreciate this one bit, she had a hard time shaking Cyril off.

……….though they don’t look alike and their personalities are so different, they looked like sisters right then.

Lana: “Hm? Oh….”

Lana was reading through the Kroseid Style textbook and being engulfed in her reading, did not notice the ruckus going about around her when she suddenly let out a voice of surprise.

She looked curiously turned back a few pages and then back to the present page. From a glance, it looks like she was looking at the page where all the Kroseid Style Spell inscriptions were laid out neatly across next to each other…….but what about it?

Lana: “Mr. Henry, it’s the first time for me to look at the Kroseid Style, but instead of a Spell Inscription…….would you be able to describe it more as a……language?”

Hey, seriously. What kind of brain does this girl have.

Henry: “......yeah, you’re right. But I know of it because I heard someone else tell me that, but I have no understanding.”

Teo: “? Lana, what do you mean by language?” Now that Lana and I began conversing, Cyril paused her nagging, and Teo was able to chime in.

Lana: “Hmmmmーー wellーー? Spell Inscriptions are typically more like pictures. For instance, if you take a different part of the Spell Inscription and place it into a separate Spell Inscription, it usually doesn’t work at all.”

If they are from the similar Magecraft Style lineage, there will be some similarities between Spell Inscriptions. But creating one Spell Inscription is like making a single work of art. And the differences in styles will come up as certain traits and techniques that distinguish them as unique.

The Teleportation Gate, for instance, is a large-scale Spell Inscription where many of those so-called great artists got together and built one piece of art together.

…………but of course, there are certain fundamental Magecraft principles that were applied as the foundation of the Spell Inscription itself.

Mainly the Kroseid Style.

Lana: “For instance, in the [Fire] {Ignis} Spell Inscription, parts of it appears in different Spell Inscriptions, so…….if you can disassemble and reassemble Spell Inscriptions, you would be able to do a lot more?”

My hats off to this girl. For those who studied Magecraft Science deeply, they may have already known this, but at the very least, there are precious few who have come to this conclusion that use the Kroseid Style. I only know of a few people who understand this, and of course, I am not one of them.

Henry: “Yeah, the creator of the Style, Mr. Riol……according to him, that’s how he sees it. You take 99 Spell Inscription pieces, and by combining them, you can theoretically make any kind of Magecraft Spell! what he told me.”

Lana: “Riol? Do you mean one of the 8 Heroes of Legend? His name rarely comes out in the Adventurer’s News.”

Henry: “Yup, the Great Magecraft Sage Riol.”

He’s one of the Heroes before the war with the Demon Country began just like Sir Ezeal and Ms. Lotte, and among the Heroes, he is the oldest.

I believe…….he was a little over a hundred when he first became a Hero is what he told me? And he’s close to 200 years old. So well, he’s been a hero for 80 or 90 years now.

Lana: “Oh, but wait. According to this book, the one who invented the Kroseid Style is Emile Kroseid.”

Henry: “That’s Mr. Riol’s wife. How to put this…….if Mr. Riol is the one who created the unknown language of letters, then Ms. Emile is the one who put it together in legible words.”

For example, if you put together the letters f-i-r-e, you get the word “fire”. Mr. Riol created an entire alphabet that would be meaningless on its own, but Ms. Emile was the one who put together [Fire] {Ignis} and [Launch] {Velos} as Spell Inscriptions.

[Hic……so what? What’s so great about the Kroseid Style. To put it bluntly, Emile only wrote one small novel and changed the flavor of it over and over. No matter how you put it together, you will always get a select Spell. The true nature of this Style is the ability to create an infinite set of Magecraft Spells according to each and every specific circumstance…..hic]

…………when Mr. Riol drank, he always brought up this story and complaint.

In fact, he himself doesn’t use the generic Kroseid Style. He creates letters in the air which is typically not a combat Magecraft Style called the Astra Style.

He builds his own custom Spells and projects it into the sky, and each time, he builds a unique Spell and releases it, and because of that, he is a Magecraft Mage who can cast any kind of Spell.

And the amount of Power he can pour into a Spell can compete with Cyril.

If you have a limit to how much Power you can pour into one Magecraft Inscription……..then why not just draw up a countless amount into the sky? …………is the “smart”, unreasonable solution that the great genius Mr. Riol came up with.

During one battle, he made a Spell Inscription that was at least 50 meters (~55 yards across), and he blew up a few hundred Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures with that Spell.

So of course, it’s already difficult enough to create your own custom Spell Inscription on the spot during a battle, and using the Astra Style, he would almost instantaneously create his own Spell Inscription right then and there and initiate the Spell…………which would be impossible for ordinary people.

In fact, it is closer to a Circus Act.

Lana: “Is it not limited by the Spell Call Stone?” Henry: “Nope.”

Depending on the Magecraft Style, you might be limited to certain equipment or materials for equipment, but the Kroseid Style doesn’t have that limitation. But yes, in order to cast a Spell with greater effect, a regular Kroseid Style caster would be very intent on selecting certain kinds of material. But if you can properly write the Spell Inscription in the sand and pour Magic Power through the veins, then you can technically cast the Spell from there.

Lana: “That sounds interesting. You said there are 99 different kinds, but do you know what the others look like? From this textbook, there’s only the established Spells, and it would be a lot of work to dissect all of them.”

Even though she says it’s a lot of work, she’s implying that it’s possible for her to do it if necessary.

But leaving that aside, the 99 Spell pieces, huh.

Henry: “Hmmmmm, well, I remember looking at all of them on one of Mr. Riol’s notes, but I don’t remember all of them.”

Lana: “, please forgive me if this is out of the question, but would it be possible to contact Mr. Riol? I’m actually stuck on a certain Magecraft Research study, and this might be a potential solution.”

Lana looks very serious about her request.

………but only Mr. Riol and Ms. Emile is said to have fully understood all 99 Spell pieces and are the only ones who can put it together……

But this girl’s genius is not ordinary either.

Henry: “Ummm, well. Sure, I can try. I need to send him a reply letter anyways. I can send your request in as part of it. He does like to share with people what he knows, so he might be willing to do that.”

In fact, it’s no secret that the one who taught me the Kroseid Style is Mr. Riol himself.

Though he dismisses the general public’s understanding of the Kroseid Style……..he still appreciates the fact that it has become a great tool and weapon for the Adventurers.

Lana: “Thank you so much! Then, just so I don’t embarrass you, I’ll study and more and more!”

Lana began reading through the textbook once more with great fervor.

Okay………so how should I introduce Lana to Mr. Riol?

………..and because these two were introduced to each other, a certain research was successful and greatly influenced many things ahead…..

ーーbut there was no way to foresee that at this time.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 10: Year End and New Year’s

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