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SRALL c115

Chapter 115: The Reply

I change the Nyoiten Spear to a throwing spear shape and focus intently.

Henry: “ーー[Restrain] {Katerno} + [Restrain] {Katerno} + [Launch] {Velos} + [Launch] {Velos} + [Launch] {Velos}”

I stack and combine a total of 5 restraining and launching Magecraft Spells together.

To be honest, this wouldn’t be that helpful in an actual battle field. If I could, just to get the maximum destructive power out of the Spells I have available, I want to stack 5 strengthening Spells together, but if I release that beast of a Spell, I could easily take out a small fortress, so there’s no place for me to practice that in Flowtier.

I glare at the targets before me. They were the simple, wooden training dolls the Grandes Church has on their training field, and there were 25 of them. I memorize the formation and location of each, and raise the Nyoiten Spear over my head.

Henry: “ーーー!! RAAAHH!!”

I throw the spear into the air.

With the Launch Magecraft Spell, it flew even faster than usual.

Henry: “DIVIDE!”

And the spear’s tip split into 25 to match the number of dummies.

At that instant, the stack of 5 Magecraft Spell consumption multiplied instantly to 25 times and……my consciousness wavers, but….I hold on.

ーーThey hit and restrain the targets.

I lowered the impact power, so the wooden dolls wouldn’t be blown away by just the blast. Out of the 25, 23 have a Spear sticking out of them, and the magic restraining chains are wrapped around each.

……….hm, good. I missed 2, but I threw the spear better this time. Though, throwing a spear that is meant to multiply wouldn’t be considered a regular throw by any means.

Henry: “Oh………whoa…….”

I feel myself lose balance because of the Magic Exhaustion. I almost fell to my knees, but Cyril, who quietly walked up next to me, held me steady.

Cyril: “Good work. I’ll start transferring Magic nowー”

Henry: “Yeah, thanks.”

From where Cyril touched me, I can feel a warm sensation pour into my body.

……..this is one of the abilities of Cyril’s “Link Ring” ー Shared Magic. As the name suggests, you can hand over Magic to your linked partner to help them recharge their Magic quickly.

I do know quite a bit of strong acquaintances, but even so, I don’t know anyone with more Magic reserves than Cyril ーー it’s possible that she’ probably close to the top of all of the human race in regards to Magic reserves, so this ability was perfect for her.

Cyril: “It feels like it’s been a while since I used this much Magic Power.”

Henry: “.......oーoh yeah?” This is my tenth time today where I cast a quintuple stacked Magecraft Spell. With one shot, I come close to completely exhausting my Magic reserves, and she’s been recharging me every time……… other words, at the very least, Cyril has 10 times more Magic Power than I do, and now, she started feeling the fatigue slightly.

Cyril: “I heard that you can’t improve your Magic Power if you don’t use it. I envy you, Henry. You’re able to drain your Magic Power really efficiently.”

Henry: “......well, wait. It’s not as easy as you think.”

Yes, I can split the spear into about 50 now with the Nyoiten Spear, but when I first received the spear, the best I could do at the time was to split it into 2 or 3 at most.

It’s hard to put it into words, but it takes a lot of training to be able to use your godly equipment to its fullest potential.

………well, if you only have Attack Spells in your repertoire and the more Magic Power you pour into any of them, you could easily destroy this whole Practice Field, I guess for Cyril, my way of using Magecraft Spells seems very convenient.

But in Cyril’s case, it makes me wonder about what she could possibly do more with even more Magic reserves.

Ferris: “Cyril, when you’re done with Henry, can you help us out?!”

Cyril: “Yes I canーー wait about 2 minutes for meーー!”

The {Aura Barrier} allows the caster to cast Magic Armor around a target individual. Ferris was training her proficiency on that Spell and raised a call for assistance to Cyril.

Normally, you are considered first-rate proficient if you can move around while casting it on others, but she is focused on casting it on more people and is sitting still to concentrate.

If she is standing still, she could cast it on me, Cyril, the two who are doing a practice match, Jend and Teo, and herself, so 5 people total. But exerting 5 people’s worth of Magic Power and holding it makes her feel sick.

Henry: “But……..really though. It’s a little inconvenient that you have to be in direct contact and it takes a little time to fully recover Magic Reserves, so it’s not suitable for trying it during combat…….but this really takes away the need for Magic Recovery Potions.”

Magic Recovery Potions have an immediate effect, so it’s not completely useless to us. But during a standard expedition, between battles, Cyril is now able to help us recover our Magic Power, and this will significantly reduce our reliance on Magic Recovery Potions altogether.

……….now that we are less concerned about conserving our Magic Power, I’m worried that our fighting style is going to get more out of hand.

Cyril: “Hehehe, Miss Cyril’s value and stock only keeps on rising!”

Henry: “Yeah, if Yuu finds out, she’ll squeeze out every drop of Magic out of you. During times of crises, she would drink Magic Recovery Potions to the point where her stomach would burst.”

Cyril: “Ohー, well, if it’s that kind of situation, I don’t mind helping but…….does Miss Yuu really go that far?

Henry: “They won’t really talk about it to not hurt her public image, but it was a sight that people should not see.”

The Potion is blue colored and so was what came out of her. Even then, she didn’t stop healing the patients so……..well, even if it did look awful, the situation itself was an incredibly noble feat deserving of respect.

I reminisce nostalgically, and a priest comes towards the Training Field.

He’s a familiar Church Official.

“Mr. Henry, please excuse me for interrupting you during your training.”

Henry: “Oh no. That’s totally fine. What is it, Mr. Cress?”

“10 letters addressed to you arrived from Ligaleo. There were also a number of letters for your Party members as well.”

…….ohhh, it’s probably a response to the letters I sent recently. I’m a little surprised at how soon the replies came back.

Well, it’s a good time to take a break. Let’s see what the letters say.


Yuu, Ageha, Sir Ezeal, Mr. Riol, Harold, Vincent, Ruby, Bianca……I confirm each of the names as I go through the front of the letters.

Zest…….didn’t reply, but I guess it can’t be helped.

Cyril: “ーー♪”

Yuu also sent Cyril a letter, and Cyril hummed a tune while getting a letter opener to open the envelope.

Ferris: “I’m honored to get a letter from Miss Eustacia, but….it’s scary at the same time….”

And Yuu also wrote to Ferris since she taught Ferris Healing Magecraft. Since Yuu wasn’t going easy on Ferris, Ferris remembered the hellish Spartan-like training and hesitated in opening the envelope.

Along the same lines, Sir Ezeal gave a sword lesson to Jend and sent him a letter, and Ageha also sent Teo a letter.

……….yeah, I think they totally just decided to send everyone else a letter since they were writing me one.

Henry: “Oh, Cyril. Can I borrow that letter opener?”

Cyril: “Sure thingーー”

Since we were talking about her earlier, I decided to open Yuu’s letter first.

A fragrance wafted out from inside the envelope due to a scented piece of paper, and I can feel myself calm down after my training.

Okay, let’s see what she said…


[Hello Henry,

It’s gotten to be quite cold this season, but how are you these days? To get straight to the point, this is about you returning to the frontlines. And right now, the fact that you are now going out with Cyril is the talk of the group. Ageha, Sir Ezeal, and myself are getting pummeled with questions about your new found friends.

Of course, I believe they were all wonderful people that were wasted on you, Henry, and I spoke well of all of them.”]

Wasted on me? How could that possibly be. I’m the Party Leader at the moment.

Hmph, but there’s no draft letters with her mistakes this time, and so after congratulating me on my comeback to the frontlines and warning me to take good care of Cyril, she also added some recent events and news on the frontlines……..otherwise, a perfectly ordinary letter.

Well, that was a little disappointing. In the letter before, I sent a letter revealing an embarrassing incident about Yuu.

I guess she has matured and grown up…….and I look far into the distance at the realization.

[I understand that your region is especially cold during the winter, so please watch your health and do not catch a cold. Then with that, I know it will take some time before you arrive here, but I look forward to seeing you and everyone else.]

And the letter ended with that.

…………hmmmm, I guess reflecting on my actions, I was being way too childish. On the next letter, I’ll make sure to apologize about that secret I revealed.

Cyril: “ーーHenry. Here, in my envelope, there was a message for you inside.”

Henry: “What? Man, she really can be clumsy. I guess she’s still quite the klutz.”

I took the paper from Cyril.

? Is something wrong with Cyril? She acted a little funny……..well, I’ll leave that alone for now.

So let’s see here. I didn’t think she really missed anything in the previous letter, so what’s written here………hey……

[I let Miss Cyril know how much you have a fetish for big breasts! It’s payback for last time! Take care~♪ (Oh, Miss Cyril, could you pass this onto Henry?)]


Henry: “HーHey, Miss……Cyril?” Cyril: “HMPH!”

AAAAACCCCKKK?!? That IDIOT! All I revealed was how one of her clothes she could fit in ripped when she tried it on a year later! Isn’t this going way overboard?!

Ferris: “WhーWhat’s wrong you two?”

Cyril: “Nothings wrongーー Henry’s just a pervertーー”

Ferris saw the change come between us and was concerned, but Cyril continued to remain spiteful.

Henry: “IーIt’s a misunderstanding. LーLike….oh yeah! In general, all men are perverts. Right, Jend?” Jend: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but don’t get me involved!!”

I can’t believe how cold he can be. Aren’t we all friends?

Dang it…….that Yuu……..looks like I was being way too easy on her last time.

That’s it. I’m going to write something so embarrassing, it’ll break her spirit………Ke ke ke, I can easily think of a dozen or two embarrassing stories right off the top of my head.

Teo: “.......Mr. Henry. In the letter from Sister Ageha, it says, ‘Tell Henry and Yuu to stop it here. You’ll just turn into each other’s sandbags and crush one another at the end.’ but what is she talking about here?”

…………and in the same way, every one of my preciously hidden secrets is well known by Yuu.

I was just about to rush to buy more pen and paper, but realizing this, stopped in my tracks.

If I responded in kind here………crap, it’ll be a chicken race to see who’ll self-destruct first.

~~~URGH! FーFine. Since I’m older, I’ll be the first to back down. It’s really unsatisfactory, but it can’t be helped.

Wellーー I guess in that caseーー

Henry: “CーCyril? Here, I’ll buy you dessert. So c’mon, cheer up.”

I need to focus on remedying this situation with Cyril.

At the end, she took up her Parfait and with a, “Well, my future is still ahead of me!” and felt better.

……….to be honest, I don’t think there’s much of a future for her on that front but….

I didn’t choose her based on her breast size so there’s no problems there.

…….but well, if they get bigger, then I have no issues with that either.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 10: Year End and New Year’s

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