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SRALL c114

Chapter 114: The Snowball Fight Tournament (Observation)

It was a rare, sunny day during the winter in Flowtier.

Though it wasn’t warm enough for the snow to melt, it was easier to be outside, and there were more people out and about on the streets.

Cyril came charging in this morning as promised and commented about how wonderful the weather was as she dragged me along. We both eventually arrived at the Grandes Church.

Cyril: “Whoaー it’s been a while since I saw so many people at the Church during winter!”

Henry: “We got lucky with the weather. In general, some people are scared of Adventurers, but when there’s an exhibition like this, it tends to be a very popular event to go to.”

Today is the Flowtier Adventurer’s Snowball Fight Tournament. Apparently, it’s the 11th time they’re holding this event.

So there are many non-Adventurers at the Church who came to watch.

There’s still time before they open up the event grounds, so the Training Field, which will be used for this event, is not open to the public yet. So without much else to do, they sat at the tavern and had a drink, and it was getting lively inside.

Today, we won’t be participating either, but came to watch and root people on.

Henry: “You didn’t forget your ticket, right?” Cyril: “Yes, of course.” Although it’s free to watch, there’s only a limited number of seating so they distribute tickets with numbers beforehand. If you fail to obtain one, you’ll have to stand and watch. And just for today, the private meeting rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and the 4th floor where the Church Staff offices are located have been made available. For those who don’t want to stand out in the cold, they could watch from the windows. But this, you have to pay for to do.

Henry: “.......I guess we still have time before it begins.”

I’m a little bored, and from my pouch, I take out a textbook. This Magecraft pouch, which has expanded storage space inside, is not only useful for expeditions, but for day-to-day living as well.

Cyril: “? Henry, what are you reading?” Henry: “It’s the textbook for the Kroseid Style. I’m trying to relearn the basics of Magecraft.”

As I explain, Cyril looks like she was struck by lightning.

Cyril: “SーStudying? Henry’s studying?”


Henry: “If I need to, I’ll study things here and there. I told you that we’ll be going to the Mages Tower in Sanwest, right? It’ll be good to review the Magecraft basics before we get there.”

Lately, I know that I’ve been handling the Kroseid Style more by instinct. If this was a Magecraft Style that relied on the caster’s senses, then that’s fine, but for a Mage who relies on logic and techniques to manipulate Magic, this is not a good habit.

If you ask my Master, he would respond with, “Why do you assume that you don’t have to master Spells as you would with everyday speech?” So it’s a must for anyone to at least be able to master the basics…….according to him.

Cyril: “Oh myー you’re working so hard. Weren’t you training with Jend all day yesterday?” Henry: “Well, if I’m going back to Ligaleo to do something big, then I need to do at least this much.” But Cyril scratched her cheeks uncomfortably at my comment.

Cyril: “Umm….well……I feel bad for dragging you into this for my selfish reasoー....I mean, thank you so much!”

As she thanked me, she must have gotten a little excited as she grabbed hold of my arm even tighter.


Henry: “It’s embarrassing, and I can’t read my book.” Cyril: “Ohー you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.”

Henry: “......I think it would be more problematic if I didn’t feel embarrassed in this situation.”

And why is she so comfortable in this situation in the first place? It’s not like she’s used to hanging out with guys.

Although her attitude towards me hasn’t changed that much, she’s definitely been more physically clingy. But since our first kiss, things haven’t developed at all on that front……so all in all, she just wants to be attached to me all the time.

Cyril: “Heheー looks like I have the advantage on this!”

Henry: “What advantage?” I pressed my finger against her forehead and vigorously poked at it. With her, “Stop it~”, Cyril protested weakly, and I was satisfied with my revenge.

She held her head with obvious dissatisfaction and looked up at me with eyes vowing to get back at me.

Cyril: “ dare you. Henry, I’ll definitely get you back when you least expect it. You remember that.”

Henry: “So do I need to remember that or forget that? Which one?” Cyril: “Both!”

That’s impossible.

I look at her exasperated, and pat her head to calm her down.

Though she pouts and sulks, I can tell that it made her feel better. ……is she going to be alright like this? She’s so easy to manipulate, as her boyfriend, it worries me a little.

As I resolve to make sure to look after her…….I notice a lot of gazes from the people around us.


Cyril: “Henry, what’s wrong?” Henry: “’s nothing. Looks like they’re opening up the facility. Let’s find a seat at the front.

I take Cyril, and we quickly relocate.

………I calmly and cooly reflect on our exchange, and now that I think about it, maybe it wasn’t a conversation we should have had with so many people around.

~~!! It’s so embarrassing!


Normally, there would be training equipment laying about on the Training Field. Today, those equipment were stored away somewhere, and in its place, there were several obstacles and walls made of snow set in various places.

On top of one of the walls, it looks pretty old and worn, but with a Magecraft item that increases the volume in one hand, Ms. Felicia, the front desk clerk of the Church speaks into it.

Felicia: “Yesー then we will begin the 11th Annual Flowtier Adventurers Snowball Fight Tournament!”

The crowd cheers her on with the announcement. It’s gotten even more lively now. I guess after 11 times, people know what to expect.

Cyril: “Ms. Felicia is great at making speeches tooー Now that I think about it, I think she was the main announcer for last year’s tournament too.”

Henry: “Is that right? Oh, were you here last year to watch the tournament too?” Cyril: “Before becoming an Adventurer, I used to come down to the Church, so I wouldn’t have missed an event as big as this.”

Although Adventurers tend to have a rough background, this is a Church after all. As long as you don’t provoke anyone who look dangerous, you should be okay.

Henry: “.........and what about Jend?” Cyril: “Well, we were planning on teaming up on expeditions.”

I feel a little jealous. Well, I know it’s not something I should get myself worked up about since we’re talking about things that happened before we met, but these are just my emotions getting the better of me. But maybe these kinds of feelings will go away after I get used to our dating relationship, yeah.

Cyril: “Oh, speak of the devil. There’s Jend over there.”

The participants of the tournament are now entering the field. This time, there are a total of 10 teams, so a total of 50 people.

Teams are made up of 5 people, and Jend was on a team with other Adventurer friends he knew. We came here to cheer Jend’s team on.

This time, you can’t use Magecraft Spells except for {Physical Enhancement}, so most of the participants have a certain degree of confidence in their physique. There was one all-female Adventurers team and were waving at the crowd.

Ms. Felicia introduces each team with her microphone, and afterwards, introduces Mr. Castello, the head of this Church who I have spoken to a few times.

Felicia: “Then let the first round begin! Team “Snow Bomber” vs “The Charging Captain Snowball” will now start!”

The introductory ceremonies were done, and the other teams retired to their athlete seats leaving behind the two teams competing against one another.

ーーfrom the very beginning, we got to see Jend’s team, “The Charging Captain Snowball.”

“Alright! Here we go, guys! Raise the flag!!”


Team Captain Snowball are pumped and even made a flag with a snowman symbol. Jend, who’s the biggest on his team, is swinging it around wildly. His team roars and gets even more excited.

Cyril: “Hahaha, that flag is so cute!”

Henry: “Yeah, though it’s a little too cute for such a testosterone filled team. …….I wonder who made it?”

Cyril: “It was probably Jend. Since we were little, he loved making things.”

………..Jend has a lot of hidden talents. He would have been successful at various jobs even if didn’t become an Adventurer.

Cyril: “And as far as the team name…….we need to hurry up and think of a name too.”

Henry: “Yeah, you’re right.” Because I was the leader and was planning on parting with them originally, we didn’t think about making a Party name, but now that we are all going to the frontlines, we do need to think of something.

Cyril: “Then how about ‘Cyril and her merry friends’?” Henry: “You put zero thought into coming up with that. But yeah, it’s typical to make the weapon your Leader uses as the Party Name.” For instance, Jend’s elder disciple, Ashley, is the Party Leader of the “Brilliant Swords.” Mr. Gawain’s Party who explores the Altohern Mountains like us is the “Glow Lance.” This is normal.

Cyril: “Then Henry, you use a Spear so……..but doesn’t your godly equipment change into different weapons?” Yeah, so in that case, it’ll be more difficult to use a weapon’s name as your Party name.

Henry: “Well, it’s not like we should choose it without discussing it with everyone first. Let’s just think of a few to suggest to the group.”

Cyril: “Got itー I’ll amaze you with Miss Cyril’s wonderful naming abilityー!”

I don’t know how someone who thinks “Merry Friends” has any lick of sense at all but whatever.

Henry: “Oh, hey. They’re about to start.”

Cyril: “Oh, yes! They are! JENDー! DO YOUR BESTー!”

Cyril raises her voice, and the crowd begins to cheer on the teams. Even then, I can hear Cyril’s voice clearly above them. Jend heard her too, looked towards us, and gave her a thumbs up.

Felicia: “Then……..let the first round, BEGIN!”

With the signal to start, the teams divide into those who make the snowballs and those who throw at once.

The snowballs compacted by Adventurers become stupidly hard, and when thrown, they left a white mist behind them as they flew at incredible speeds ー so fast that ordinary people would have a hard time catching it.

And according to the pamphlet, they are not out if they are struck. The idea is to knock out as many people on the opposing team as possible. If the same number of people remain on each team, then the judges will award the victory to the team who dished out the most damage.

But there’s not going to be many weaklings who’ll get knocked out by snowballs, so most of it will be determined by the judges ー that was my guess.

ーーon top of that, the play field was surrounded by a Magecraft barrier, so the audience would be protected.

Henry: “Hey Cyril, do you think you could dodge those snowballs?” Cyril: “OーOf course I can! IーI’m able to see most of it.

Judging from her reaction, she probably couldn’t.

………yeah, even if she got hit, it wouldn’t hurt her too badly, so this may be perfect to train her to dodge flying objects. I’m going to add it to Cyril’s training regimen going forward.

And Jend’s “The Charging Captain Snowball” team kept advancing in the tournament bracket andーー

Though it was close, they lost in the finals. Even so, the younger Adventurers all got their faces and names etched into the audience’s memory, and it was a good promotional event for them.

They had good team work, and I’m sure it made a great impression on the Church observers.

Cyril and I applauded and cheered them on the whole way through.

…….yeah, it was pretty fun overall.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 10: Year End and New Year’s

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