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SRALL c112

Chapter 112: Cyril’s Family

The Governor’s Mansion that was located near the center of the City of Flowtier. This is the Count’s residence, and also where Cyril is being allowed to live.

So at this mansion that competes as one of the top two most luxurious residences in this entire city, I sat there across from the Governor.

Alvare: “Mr. Henry, is something the matter? Please have some tea before we begin. Ohhh, we also have some snacks. These are some of my favorites.”

Henry: “YーYes… thank you.”

I take a sip of the tea I was offered just as I was told.

It’s most likely a very expensive, high-class tea, but right now, I’m too nervous to taste anything. ………then again, it’s not like I could tell apart good tea from bad even when I’m not nervous.

So basically, this is what happened...

This morning, I went to go pick up Cyril to go on a date with her.

As I was explaining to the guard at the gate my situation, they teased me quite a bit but in the end, they left to go let Cyril know that I was here.

………and for some reason, the guard who came back had a very troubled expression on his face and informed me that, “The Governor is awaiting for your arrival in the guest meeting room,” and before I knew what was happening, I was guided here.

Well, um, yeah. I sort ofーー(?) knew that the Governor might want to see me sometime soon. I expected it, but I didn’t expect him to suddenly free up his schedule like this to invite me in. I’m just an Adventurer. He could have summoned me at his own convenience any time.

And I continued to desperately sip the tea to try to take my mind off things and calm down and reached out for the tea snacks that he graciously brought out for me.

Seeing as I calmed down slightly, the Governor opened his mouth to speak.

Alvare: “ then. Mr. Henry. I hear that you have become romantically involved with Cyril recently.”

Henry: “YーYes. Well, it was about a week before when we started dating.”

Alvare: “I am deeply curious about the beginnings of how you got to know each other, who confessed to who and so on so forth, but……..putting that aside for the momentーー”

You can put it aside forever if that’s possible.

Alvare: “So I’ve also heard that you and your Party Members have also been informed about Cyril’s ‘circumstances’?”

Henry: “Yes. Due to her special style of Magic, I had a clue as to her background…….but I never would have imagined that she was your sister-in-law.”

In this room, there are no other people except us. I didn’t feel anyone’s presence outside of the door trying to listen in, so I was able to speak freely.

Alvare: “Hm……well, I’m certain that this can be left unsaid, but please do not share this information with others. As of late, the bloodline of the Fezard Kingdom is not of huge import, but unfortunately, it is not so insignificant that it can be completely ignored.”

Henry: “I understand.”

Alvare: “Yes, thank you. …….now then, separate from that discussion, I took some of your time because I had two other requests I wanted to ask of you.”

The Governor’s face becomes very grave.

I swallowed something hard in my throat as I waited to hear what he had to say.

Alvare: “One, do not make Cyril cry. …….of course, there’s no avoiding having the day-to-day fight here and there, so I will not make this an absolute condition, but I ask that you take the utmost care with her. This is a request as her brother-in-law.”

Henry: “Yes, of course.”

Alvare: “Even without my connection to her through my wife, she is a very precious child to me. If you were to ever harm her carelessly in any wayーー”

Henry: “I will not.” For a brief moment, the Governor’s eyes turned menacing, but I was able to look straight back as I answered him. Our eyes held steady at each other for a few seconds, and it was the Governor who softened his eyes first.

Alvare: “Forgive me, Mr. Henry. I did not mean to phrase that in such an insulting way.”

Henry: “No, I can understand your concern.”

Cyril has been raised here since she was a child. The Governor is calling her his sister-in-law, but I’m sure that some parts of him considers himself her father figure too.

Alvare: “Now then. The last request I have… this is something that I can only ask of Sir Henry who is a long-standing, distinguished warrior.”

……….since he addressed me like that, it means….

Alvare: “Cyril’s determination to go to the frontlines is unwavering. ……….I have tried to convince her many times before, but this is the one subject where she will not compromise whatsoever.”

The Governor lets out a pained, fatigued sigh. ………and yeah, if you are Cyril’s guardian and well aware of her personality and character, there’s no way you would agree to let her go there.

But at the same time, it’s not part of this region’s culture to stop someone with that much determination either.

Alvare: “Please…please protect her. I understand that your country is no more, but you are still a Knight at heart, correct?” Henry: “Now that is something you can really leave unsaid. I’m coming out of retirement just for that reason.” Alvare: “........wait…..were you supposing that you were retired this whole time?” Henry: “That was my intention.”

I accidentally spoke in my natural tone to the Governor as I made my thoughts clear.

Likely, the Governor is imagining how I happily went hunting the Giants solo and assisted the slaying of the Highest-Tier, and how that can possibly be aligned with retirement. But considering how many more crises I had to deal with when I was in Ligaleo, the amount of incidents here would qualify me as at least semi-retired in my opinion.

Henry: “Now then, I was going to do those things anyways, but I have accepted your request, Sir Governor.”

As I stood up, took out my Nyoiten Spear, and extended it to the size of a short spear.

………this can be construed as a threat in front of a Noble without any guards around, but the Governor himself understood what I was trying to do and said nothing.

I postured the Fezard Knight’s form for gratitude, and relayed my words very carefully.

Henry: “I swear to you by my father and mother and by this spear I hold that I will protect Cyril to my utmost ability.” Alvare: “.......very well. Then I have nothing more to say.” The Governor relaxed in his seat and laughed as he spoke.


Henry: “Hey, Cyril. Sorry to make you wait.” In the Governor’s mansion, near the front entrance, I raised my hand to wave at Cyril who was speaking with Lady Asteria there.

When she saw me, she let out a “oh!” and trotted over to me.

………she reminds me of a very friendly dog…. But I do consider that part of her pretty cute. The only complaint for me is for her to pay attention to the time and place where she behaves like this. Is that really selfish of me to think so? Cyril: “Henry, Henry. What did you talk about with the Governor?”

Henry: “Hm? Well, we just had a few things to discuss.”

Cyril: “.......oh! Did he stand up to you and say, ‘I won’t hand over Cyril to a ruffian like you!’ and KERPOW!”

Here, Cyril gestured an exaggerated punch.

Cyril: “Was it something like that?!” Cyril…..seriously, I sometimes worry about that imagination of yours. What kind of B-Rated play are we in?”

Alvare: “Haha. Cyril, I am pretty fit for my age, but I would never dare to do that to a Heroic Warrior-class Adventurer. I would only hurt my hands. In fact, I might provoke a counter if I’m not careful.”

Henry: “Wait, no. I wouldn’t dare counter attack you even in that situation.”

The Governor was just playing along with Cyril's joke, but even if that were to happen, I would just dodge.

……of course, if the Governor’s punch was much more dangerous than I expected, then I can’t be held responsible, but… know. It would just all happen on reflex.

Alvare: “Well, yes. If Cyril chose a good-for-nothing, I wouldn’t stop with just a punch. I may need to mobilize the City Military.”

Now THAT, I hope he never goes that far. Just send some guard for crying out loud.

Alvare: “But, there’s no concern like that from him, right?” Cyril: “Yes! Even though he looks like this, Henry can still be a so-so good person.” Henry: “What do you mean by so-so?”

I elbow Cyril in the side. She laughed and played it off.

Asteria: “Oh my. Dear, did you get a little better acquainted with Mr. Henry?” Alvare: “Yes, and I got him to make the promise too.” Cyril: “Promise?” Cyril tilts her head in wonder, but I don’t think the Governor would let her know about the recent events so easily. Or rather, I really don’t want him to. ……he won’t, right? It’ll be embarrassing if Cyril finds out.

…….well, I did make her the same promise when I confessed to her, and now that I look back, I don’t know why I took the formal kneeling position of the Knight’s oath. I can easily imagine Cyril getting excited and saying, “I want you to do that for me too!”

Alvare: “That is a secret between two men.”

Sir Governor, I believed in you!

Cyril: “Hmmm, I guess that’s a world I’ll never really understand~”

Asteria: “Oh, Cyril, you need to be more studious. If you don’t know about your man…..would you like me to lend you some of my secret notes?”

Alvare: “Asteria.”

The Governor sternly intervened and cut Lady Asteria’s conversation short.

Alvare: “......didn’t we promise that we would not frivolously let others know about those kinds of hobbies?”

Asteria: “Oh yes. That’s right. Pardon me.” The two are communicating in perfect harmony, but I can’t grasp what they’re referring to.

Even Cyril, who has known them longer, is looking at the situation in confusion.

Cyril: “Hm? Hobby? What are you talking about, Lady Asteria?”

Asteria: “Hehehe. Well, Cyril. If you ever awaken to the same kinds of curiosities…let’s wait till then. Okay?” I wonder what she’s talking about. I really don’t understand.

Like….the image of Lady Asteria that I admired so much seems to have cracked slightly at that moment.

NーNo. It must be my imagination. Yeah. These instinctive warnings telling me to not step any further are all just a great, big misunderstanding.

Alvare: “Okay, okay. I know I was the one who interrupted, but the two of you are going on a date today, no? Now go enjoy your day.”

Cyril: “Yes, we’ll go have a lot of fun!”

Alvare: “Yes. ……and oh, do you need some allowance, Cyril?” The Governor made the suggestion teasingly at Cyril.

Cyril: “Sheesh, Sir Governor. I’m not a kid anymore! I’m a hard-working, money-making adult now!”

Cyril puffs out her chest as she makes the declaration. ……..but the part that is puffing out is probably the most childish aspect of her, but we’ll leave that aside for now.

And unlike me who had a slightly off-topic thought, the Governor himself looked far away into the distance.

Alvare: “......yes, you’re right. You are a mature, hard-working adult now.” Cyril: “Yes, yes I am!”

And though I wanted to chime in about the “mature” comment, I decided that it wasn’t the time or the place.

Asteria: “Yes, I agree. You are now old enough to go out with men…..and by the way, what are your plans today?” Cyril: “Yes, we were going to go to an early lunch, and then go skating. Afterwards, we were going to do some shopping.”

Asteria: “Skating? How nice.” In Flowtier, outdoor activities are pretty popular and in one of the corners of Central Park, they built a Skating Rink. Apparently, most people who grow up in Flowtier can skate well.

……….I wonder if I’ll be able to.

Asteria: “That makes me want to go skating some time soon. Right, my dear?”

Alvare: “Yes. Maybe I’ll take some vacation time very soon so we can go together.” The Governor and his wife chat very intimately, and Cyril bid them farewell as I bowed my head politely as well.

We both left the Governor’s mansion.

Henry: “Hey, Cyril.” Cyril: “Yes? What is it?” As soon as we were out of the house, Cyril grasped onto my arm, and I confirmed that no one else was around before I spoke again.

Henry: “ have a good family.” Cyril: “Yes! They are the best brother-in-law and sister!”

Cyril nodded with vigorous agreement.

And a big smile surfaced on her face after that.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 10: Year End and New Year’s

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