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SRALL c108

Chapter 108: The Day He Rose Up

Leaving us with “The next time, we’ll meet at the frontlines! If it’s Ligaleo, we’ll be going there too!” Princess Eileen left in an energetic fashion from Flowtier.

……..but still…..I didn’t know that she had come to Ligaleo a few times. I’ve never even heard a rumor about her, so she must have blended in really well with the Adventurers. ……..well, from the way she speaks and acts, if I met her without any foreknowledge, I would have just assumed that she was an Adventurer from start to finish.


With Princess Eileen returning home, we went back to our usual day to day.

It’s still the middle of winter and entering Altohern is prohibited, so we trained in the Flowtier forest testing out various things.

During the breaks in between our expeditions, I was at the Bear’s Keg Inn that afternoon. I gazed at the silent snow falling and sipping some hot milk when a voice reached my head.

(Henryーー I’m almost thereーー)

(........sounds good. Roger that.)

It was Cyril’s voice.

It was one of the abilities she gained when she received the godly equipment [Link Ring]. It’s range of use was quite large and could reach someone in a radius of 2 kilometers (~1.25 miles). If you are in the same Party, this will work well in most situations.

Henry: “Lana, could I get one more hot milk? Cyril should be arriving soon.”

Lana: “Oh, yes. Right away.”

It’s not a blizzard outside, but it is still snowing pretty hard. Right now, there’s no other customers left after the afternoon lunch rush. It pains me to keep sticking around so I put in an order with Lana who was cleaning the area.

Lana headed for the kitchen where Mr. Nord was preparing the food for the evening, and by the time she returned, the door to the inn opened.

Cyril: “Helloー. Uggghhhhh, it’s so cold todayーー”

Lana: “Welcome, Miss Cyril. Here, you can sit next to the stove to warm up.”

Cyril: “Thank youーー”

Cyril was shivering from head to toe and shook off the snow that was piling atop her shoulder and head at the entrance. After finishing up, she headed towards the stove to chase the cold chill out of her body.

With one sigh, I got up and went next to Cyril.

Cyril: “Oh, hey Henry. I came right on time, didn’t I?”

The tip of her nose was reddened, and Cyril smiled cheerfully at me.

……..yes, I did have a promise with Cyril to meet today but…

Henry: “.......didn’t I say that we can choose another day if the weather’s bad? You’re going to catch a cold.”

During this season in Flowtier, the weather can be really flaky. That’s why we try to be flexible in case the worst case scenario happens.

……….there was no reason for her to push herself like this to come see me.

I thought just maybe she would cancel, and expected her to not appear if I didn’t receive a message from her.

Cyril: “Oh, no no no. Miss Cyril has been training like crazy since Spring, so a little snow won’t stop me from ….<ACHOO!>.”

Henry: “Here, warm your body quickly. ….do want a sip of my hot milk?” Cyril: “You won’t trick me into drinking from the same cup as you yet.”

Idiot. As an Adventurer, passing around and drinking from the same water bottle is normal. Our Party has Teo, so we can carry around enough water bottles for everyone though.

Henry: “Jeesh. Maybe I should have headed to the Governor’s Mansion instead.”

Cyril: “Hmmmー well, I’m a guest over there technically, so I hesitate on bringing guests and friends.”

I guess publicly, she’s just a guest……

Cyril: “Well, don’t you worry. I’m fine. It was a little chilly, but it was fun walking in the snow.”

Henry: “Is that so…” As we chatted, Lana brought a warm cup of steaming hot milk on a platter.

Lana: “Here is your hot milk.” Cyril: “Huh? But I didn’t order anything.”

Henry: “I thought you might be cold, so I ordered one for you. It’s my treat so don’t worry about it.”

With a “Oh, if it’s like that…” Cyril took the cup in both hands and took one sip but burned her tongue a little since it was a little too hot.

She blew on her cup to cool it a little and drank it slowly.

Cyril: “Ohー the warmth feels so good. The sweetness of the honey is just perfect.”

Henry: “Yeah, they put just the right amount.”

The hot milk is one of the hidden menu items of the Bear’s Keg Inn. It’s not only warmed up milk, but they also slip in some honey and a variety of herbs, so it warms you up very quickly. It’s actually great after waking up with a hangover, so there’s a lot of customers who order this during this winter season.

Lana: “Please take your time.” Cyril: “Yes, thank you very much, Lana.” We positioned ourselves around the stove, and we chatted until Cyril’s body was warmed up.

Henry: “Oh yeah. It’s almost New Years, but what do people do here during that time?” Cyril: “Well, let’s see. I think we do what everyone else does. At the last day of the year, we get together with our family and friends and reflect on the past year quietly, and when the New Year comes, we have a New Year Festival. The Churches all hold different events and rituals.”

Yeah, I guess that’s normal.

Cyril: “Now that you mention New Years, I think I told you this long ago, but my birthday is the 5th day of the 1st month. I’ll look forward to my birthday gift!”

Henry: “Oh, I think I remember you telling me that.”

So Jend and I are coincidentally born on the 3rd month. Teo is the 11th month, and just a little while back, she turned 15. I don’t know when Ferris’ birthday is…...well, Cyril will probably plan a birthday party, so I might ask her then.

Cyril: “Oh yeah, Henry. The Grandes Church is holding their annual snowball fight tournament. Do you want to join? I believe registration ends after this week.”

Henry: “.......typically, when the Church holds an event like that, they call it ‘recreation’ but they’re actually measuring the Adventurer’s strength and abilities. It’s not bad for getting some visibility, but it’s bothersome for me. Why do we have to chunk snow at each other in this cold?”

Cyril: “Henry, you’re still young, but you sometimes act like an old man. C’mon! A snowball fight sounds like fun!”

Henry: “I’m against age discrimination.”

Cyril: “Sheesh.” It’s nice to be able to talk about whatever, and there’s a calming peace with it that accompanies our time.

……….yeah, I can tell I’m far too deep in now ー or at least, the calm, rational part of my brain tells me so, but my lazy side responds seconds later with, “Who cares? Just go with the flow.”

And once Cyril was done drinking her hot milk….

Henry: “.....alright, let’s head to my room.”

Cyril: “Okayー oh, but don’t try anything just because we’re alone!”

I flick her lightly in the forehead with my finger.

Cyril: “OWIE!”

Cyril glares at me in protest, but I, of course, ignore her complaints.

Henry: “Lana, we’ll leave the cup hereー”

Lana: “Oh, yes. Thank you so much.” Now then…..

……….how will the next conversation turn out…..


Henry: “There’s only one chair, but go ahead and take a seat.”

Cyril: “Yes.” It’s a room for one, so there’s only one chair inside.

I let Cyril take the chair, and I sat on the bed.

Cyril: “So Henry. You had something you wanted to talk about?” Henry: “Yeah, um….”

That was the purpose of meeting with Cyril today.

I think she already knows what I wanted to discuss. She has a more serious expression than normal.

Henry: “I’ll be frank. Right now, I’m leaning towards going with you guys to Ligaleo.”

Cyril: “, Henry. You don’t need to force yourself. Our statuses as Fezard citizens don't matter anymore.”

Henry: “Yeah, I’m not thinking about that at all. …...I mean, if I was, I would probably be taking a more respectful attitude towards you.”

Just like the time we had to meet with Lady Asteria!

And in my case, I met Lady Asteria while she was still a part of the Royal Family, and I was never appointed as an official Knight.

If the King had ceremonially appointed me as a Knight of the Kingdom, things may have been different. I still have respect for the Royal family, but if you ask me if I was faithful and loyal to them, I’m not sure.

Cyril: “IーIs that so? Well, that’s a little sad to hear but…”

Henry: “What? You want me to call you ‘Princess’ and bow and kneel before you?”

Cyril: “Well, if you do it now, it’ll just be awkward. It’s just….I was just a little bit curious. That’s all.”

……...wait, just flat out say no from the beginning. I can see that she got a little excited at the thought.

Henry: (cough)

Cyril: “Oh, pardon me for interrupting. Please continue.”

Henry: “Yes, yes. Well, as far as the biggest reason is…...wellー I know we’ve only known each other for less than a year, so saying this may come off asーー”

I can feel my own eyes swim as I try to get the words out. I thought of a lot of ways to say this, but all of it fell out somewhere, and I’m drawing a complete blank at the moment.

……..but I don’t think I can just postpone this discussion to another time.

I just need to make up my mind and go for it.

Henry: “Cyril, I’m just…..well… just feels different when you’re not around next to me.”

As I say the words, I realize how extremely roundabout I’m going about this.

Cyril: “Huh?” Cyril looks at me with a blank expression and with genuine confusion, tilts her head at my words.

Cyril: “Oh, um, yes? That’s….um….thーthank you?” ……...oh no. I don’t think my intentions reached her whatsoever.

Cyril: “???” Argh, in times like these, actions speak louder than words.

I felt how nervous I was, and I rose and stood up off the bed, and reached out and held Cyril’s head towards me while she was still sitting down.

Cyril: “...........huh? UーUm, Henry?”

Henry: “I’m in love with you, Cyril. Let me at least protect the girl I love.”

A long silence followed.

After a while, I think I physically heard her head steam with a <BOOF!>, and Cyril’s expression dramatically changed in my arms.

Cyril: “Haーha ha ha?! UーUMMMM…..HENRY?! WhーWhat are you saying all of a sudden?!”

Henry: “.......was it still not clear? Look, it’s my first time doing a confession, and I don’t even know if I’m doing this right.”

Cyril: “NーNo no! I understand you clearly butーー!”

With a “AAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Cyril is trembling in my arms.’

But she’s not trying to escape or push me away. In fact, she’s burying her face deeper into my body and rubbing her head against it.

After a while, she finally calmed down, and with a bright red face, she started grumbling.

Cyril: “Ugh…...Miss Yuu said Henry’s terrible at romance, so he’ll probably never be able to confess to you….”

I’ve decided that I need to make some posters detailing out some of Yuu’s most embarrassing past events around her the next time I see her.

Henry: “, Cyril. I know it was all of a sudden, but what about you? ……..if it’s too much trouble, you’re free to say no, or if you want, just hold off on answering and just keep me nearby until you make up your mind.”

Cyril: “Henry, you know that I could never do that to you…...and besides, do I really have to spell it out for you by now?” Henry: “I don’t know if it’s needed, but I just want to hear it myself.”

Cyril growls with a little frustration and with her face still read, she looks up at me with protesting eyes.

I wasn’t sure if I was even acting close to my usual self, but I gave her the most confident smile I could muster.

……….seeing that, I saw the fire in her eyes dwindle a little.

But the resolution that was teetering side to side suddenly ignited with a “LET’S DO THIS!” andーー

Henry: “HMF?!”

Her face suddenly got very close to mine and something soft touched my lips.

Henry: “...........”

Cyril: “HーHaha―! I guess it’s my win!”

Is it a matter of winning or losing? I wanted to reply, but since she accepted me, I felt relieved and let it go.

………...and my final hesitations to going to Ligaleo disappeared with it.

Well, we’ll still be training in this town until everyone gains enough strength, and it’s farewell to my semi-retirement. I guess when everything is said and done, I’ll live the slow life with Cyril.

But that’s then, not now.

Henry: “You bumped me with your teeth the first time so let’s try again.”

Cyril: “Whー Hー Henry?! Waiーー?!?!?!”

I don’t have a reason to wait.

As Cyril panicked with a hundred different expressions, I kissed her properly.


Lana: “Oh, Henry. If you dirtied the sheets, you’ll have to wash it yourself this time.” So Cyril and talked for a while after that and as we descended the stairs, Lana misread the situation terribly and smiled as she said that.

I’m ready any time, but from Cyril’s personality, it’ll be a while before we get to that point.

……….since Lana’s eyes read, “Don’t worry. I totally understand.” It got on my nerve, so to also celebrate, I ordered as much food and drinks to the point where she was sick of taking my order that night.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Day of Decision

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