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SRALL c107

Chapter 107: My Future

Though Cyril’s identity was revealed, her relationship with each member of our Party did not change, and we treated her the same as before. With that out of the way, we continued the Governor’s Request to be the tour guides for Princess Eileen.

The 3 days of Touring of Flowtier was completed without any problems.

So now, all that’s left is for Princess Eileen to return home but…….she won’t leave just like that. As we promised earlier when she arrived, our Party is getting a taste of the [Hell-Mode Training Course] that Princess Eileen designed for Jend specifically.


Eileen: “It’s when you start seeing your limit is when the real training starts, Miss Cyril!! Let’s add some more weights and run 10 more laps! To be fair, I’m starting to feel the fatigue myself!”

……...and…...with each carrying additional weights of their own, Cyril and Princess Eileen are running laps around the training grounds. Very fortunately, the Governor’s Militia is not using it right now, so we are borrowing it in their absence.

Ferris: “Teo, shoot now!”

Teo: “Understood!”

Jend: “Tsch! It won’t be that easy!”

And a little distance away, Jend is facing off with Ferris and Teo’s tag team in a practice match. The loser will have to join Cyril and Princess Eileen in running laps, and the winner will face Princess Eileen herself. After that is done, the loser will run laps, and Teo and Ferris will return to face off with the winner.

This process continues without end.

Still, Cyril is not participating in the practice matches. Her Magic will be difficult to hold back, and at the moment, she has improved significantly, but she still has a little ways to go as far as physical strength and stamina are concerned. Training those aspects takes priority right now.

Though she added the word “hell” into the training title, it is a pretty difficult training regimen, but in the end, it’s just regular training.

And well, as for meーー

Beatriz: “That’s enough of a short break. Let’s go to the next round.”

Henry: “........yes.”

After a regular regimen of training exercises, I am repeatedly facing off with Ms. Beatriz.

At the moment, I’ve lost 4 in a row. Undoubtedly, the title of 2nd strongest knight is no understatement. Her strength is real. I’m able to keep up with her during the matches ー barely ー but I can’t see any paths or methods to victory. …… the very least, I’m starting to get used to the way Ms. Beatriz fights. If this was an actual battle, I would have been long dead but…..

ーーanyways, let’s go another round.

Henry: “Here I come!”

Beatriz: “C’mon.”

We both move at the same time.

Henry: “SEY!!” (sfx yell)

At the start of the round, I threw my spear.

The distance between opponents is relatively close, so I don’t have time to cast [Strengthen] {Hazac}, but unlike ordinary spears, my spear can shred through the average shield and armor with ease.

Henry: “Separate!”

My thrown spear splits into 5 with the godly equipment’s attribute.

Beatriz: “HAH!” (sfx exhale)

But without any concern, Ms. Beatriz raises her shield.

It’s true that she is holding the official shield of the Knights’ Organizations, but it’s still not of a quality that can withstand my throw. On top of that, blocking all 5 of those spears would be extremely difficult.

……..of course, Ms. Beatriz is well aware of this fact.

The shield is simply a focal point. At its center, a sky-blue colored Magic Power begins to swirl around.

The Nyoiten Spear gets forced off course by the Magical wall, and the two that barely grazed Ms. Beatriz armor had their velocity and power severely decreased so it did not damage her at all.

Henry: “Tsch.”

I return the Nyoiten Spear to my hand, and silently prepare for Ms. Beatriz’ charge.

I thought about keeping the distance open between Ms. Beatriz and I as I continue to harass her with my spear throws till she messes up her defense ー this was something I tested in the 3rd match. Unfortunately, she doesn’t mess up defending, and if I include throws in my attack sequence, it gives her ample opportunities to close the distance fast.

……...well, I’ll just have to keep trying different tactics!

Henry: “HAH!!” (sfx exhale)

Before I get into Ms. Beatriz’ sword’s range, I thrust my spear out. She receives this attack with her shield and…….I felt something grab and push the tip of my spear away, and my attack strays away from Ms. Beatriz.

…….normally, if you enchant your weapons and armor with your Magic Power, you’ll see a simple increase in the power and effect with the enchantment at most. But the way Ms. Beatriz manipulates her Magic Power, she uses an unbelievable amount of finesse and strength to [guide] the attacks away from her.

If she uses that power for defense, your attack feels like it got swallowed and washed away by a strong river stream ー or that’s how the logic supposedly works.

Henry: “!!”

And with my attack completely dispatched, Ms. Beatriz envelopes her one-handed sword to strike at me.

I let go of the Nyoiten Spear quickly and drew my arms back. I pour Magic Power through my gauntlet and block one strike that was aimed at my left shoulder.

Henry: “WHOA?!”

I blocked the sword itself, but the Magic Power inside the sword kept flying on at me. The Magic Power with slicing attributes would have been the same as a blade, and I jump to the side to barely dodge it.

Henry: “URGH!! [Restrain] {Katerno} + [Launch] {Veros}!!”

As I jump, I aim at Ms. Beatriz’ feet and fire a Magic Arrow her way. On the way, it transforms into chains and……..she deflects it with Magic Power swirling around her feet.

………….okay, she’s definitely not normal!! It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone manipulate Magic Power like this without Magecraft support!

Henry: “RETURN!!”

I initiate the [Return] capabilities of the Nyoiten Spear and bring it back to my hand. …… least my Magic Arrow wasn’t wasted. I was able to hold her off one step back and that was enough.

In that caseーー

Henry: “TSUE-AAHH!!” (sfx shout)

Beatriz: “Hm……?!”

I concentrate on the hand that is pulling the spear back, and before it’s caught in the flow of Magic Power, I drew the spear back quickly and struck multiple times.

Ms. Beatriz elegantly uses both her sword and shield to block all my attacks, but she’s not able to close the last bit of distance. Any openings at this point, and a blade would be lodged in my throat……….or hopefully stopped right before it reaches the skin.

Beatriz: “Ha”

As if amused, she smiles slightly and takes one step back.

……...what? If she wants to make this a long range right, I have my spear throws.

As I quickly contemplated my next move, Ms. Beatriz raised her sword straight towards the heavens.

Beatriz: “............initiate ー Sky Sword”

As she quietly spoke the words, sky-blue Magic Power erupts around the sword’s center. A blade made of pure Magic Power stood 10 meters (~33 feet) tall and came crashing down towards my head.

Henry: “Sorry! I’m used to that kind of attack!”

This is exactly the same type of move as Sir Ezeal’s Luminas Blade. I’ve watched him use that move several times, so I can easily dodge this one.

Beatriz: “Oh? Even with this?” She swipes the sword sideways at me after I dodge. I’m not sure why she thinks a simple attack like that will…….WHAT?!

Henry: “ACK?!?!”

The Magic Power Blade [bent]. As soon as I thought I dodged and cleared it, it wriggled in a serpentine manner and snapped back at me.

I was able to dodge this, but she’s attacking me now from all angles mercilessly with unpredictable movements.

….!!! This isn’t a sword! It’s a whip!! She called it a Sky Sword, but it's such a misleading name!


And with that, I was cornered very quickly and…..



I fought with Ms. Beatriz 8 rounds.

I was finally able to achieve one victory at the very, very end. As her Sky Sword whipped and lashed all around me, I was able to gain some distance, and with a [Strengthen] {Hazac} triple stacked, I chunked it with all my might.

………...I didn’t try to hit her directly like I did with Sir Ezeal, but I was able to gain a surrender from her at the end of it.

Beatriz: “Fwewーー it’s been a while since I lost. You have good skills, Henry.”

Henry: “Thank you……”

Both Ms. Beatriz and I are at our limits and are sitting down. But I’m happy to receive a compliment from her.

Henry: “Looks like we should start wrapping things up over there as well.”

Right now, Jend and Eileen are fighting.

They both seemed to be high from the adrenaline rush and forgot about their fatigue, but if they don’t call it quits soon, they could accidentally hurt one another.

Beatriz: “Yeah, maybe…..1 or two more matches, I’d say.”

Henry: “I see.”

As the Head of a Knight’s Organization, Ms. Beatriz has oversaw countless training, so she would be more adept at determining where to draw the line than me. I’ll leave that job to her.

Beatriz: “, Henry. I heard that your Party members want to head to Ligaleo, but is that true?”

Henry: “It’s true. I think if they progress just a little further, they should be able to fight on the frontlines.”

Beatriz: “Princess Cyrule as well? I’ve heard that she has amazing Magic Spells, but her personality and character just isn’t suited for war.”

Ms. Beatriz uses Cyril’s official title ー Princess. …..but Ms. Beatriz should also have an inkling on what Cyril’s aiming for. If I can draw those conclusions, there’s no way a leader of a Knight Organization will be oblivious to it.

Beatriz: “She’ll probably be fine if you’re there protecting her.”

Henry: “..............”

Since hearing Cyril’s story, I have been thinking about that a lot and haven’t been able to sleep much lately.

Even so, Ms. Beatriz is really gutting me hard with her comments.

Henry: “........yes, that would be true.”

Beatriz: “Hmmm...ohh, sorry to change the subject, but Henry, would you like to join the Knights?”

Huh? What? Henry: “WhーWhat are you asking all of a sudden.”

Beatriz: “No, I’ve found someone with strength, skills, and a trustworthy character. As someone who leads the Knights, I need to at least see if you’re interested in joining. There are many Knights who were Adventurers before. I don’t think it’s a bad offer at all.”

The Knights of Alvenia are not treated the same as the Varsaldi Knights of the Empire. The Empire places all the Knights at the butt end of all the Nobles, but in Alvenia, you are not without fame and privileges. If you want to cut out all the politics, you’re basically and [ultra-strong soldier].

That’s why if you want to become a Knight, there is a Knights Training Academy that is open to anyone, and there are Knights who go out recruiting new members.

I remember Sir Ezeal half jokingly trying to recruit me. At the time, I let my country fall and considered myself unworthy of calling myself a Knight so I kindly refused.

Beatriz: “Well, if you are a former Adventurer, you’ll be sent to the Knight’s Training Academy’s supplemental courses for about a half-year to a year to learn all the knowledge and etiquettes, but… were already a squire of the Fezard Kingdom. You’ll pass those kinds of courses with flying colors.”


Well, to be frank, it is a good deal. Firstly, the trust between society is definitely different between Adventurers and Knights. If you are injured and cannot perform your duties anymore, the Grandes Church is responsible for your retirement. On top of that, having a regular salary is wonderful.

…… she probably considered those things and brought up Cyril at the beginning of the conversation. The Black Dragon Knights are there on the frontlines all year, but there are also other Knight Organizations that go periodically to support the efforts. She’s probably opening up a door so I can be in a position where I can go check in on Cyril every once in a while.

It makes me wonder. She casually suggested it to me, but I feel like I’m at a decision point in my life and the paths are diverging.

Am I going to remain here as an Adventurer in Flowtier?

I can become a Knight of Alvenia and fight for the citizens and country.

ーーor I can return to the frontlines, and throw myself into an unending battle.

And if I wanted to, I could probably choose other paths as well.

Henry: “............oh……”

Without realizing it, I was watching Cyril as she finished her laps and was trying to catch her breath.

She sensed my gaze and though she was exhausted, she smiled weakly and waved her hand this way.

Yeah………..that’s right.

The events that change your life are usually very minute, very ordinary. With Ms. Beatriz showing me different paths I can take in my life, I am finally able to think about my future. And see her face……… mind was 80% made up.

Henry: “No. Thank you so much for the offer, but an Adventurer’s life is what suits me best.”

Beatriz: “I see. I guess that should’ve been expected. Well, I don’t plan to retract my offer, so when you change your mind, just come see me.”

Henry: “Yes, thank you very much.”

With a grunt, I stand up.

So…….when should I break the news?



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Day of Decision

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