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SRALL c100

Chapter 100: The Winter Quest

Henry: “”

In the morning, I woke up in one of the rooms at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

The sun that is shining down through the window seems to be brighter than usual.

Right now, we are in the middle of winter. I feel a tug of laziness at the comfort of my warm blanket, but I have to go do my daily jogging routine. With a “HMPH!” I jumped up out of bed.

It might be a little bit of a waste to use it like this, but I use my {Physical Enhancement} to warm up my body, and with that, I throw open the window.

Henry: “It’s still packed with snow todayー”

As I look outside, I see the ground blanketed with snow everywhere.

From the 12th month, the snow began to fall, and even during the sunny days, the snow did not melt. From what people told me, the snow will generally remain until the springtime warmth arrives.

In this region, this is a normal sight to see.

But not everything I see around me is blanketed in white. Flowtier is known as the City of Flower and Water. Even during the winter, there are many flowers that bloom during the winter used as decorations.

And because the snow remains for the duration of the winter, there will be a Snowman Festival as well. Lastly, I heard that a lot of fish caught in the Port Seasargo taste the best during this season…….it’s not as popular as during the Flower Festival, but many tourists still come around the winter to Flowtier to enjoy these events.

Henry: “~~~!!”

As I feel the sun against my face, I stretch my body.

I quickly get dressed into my workout clothes and head downstairs.

Linda: “Good morning, Mr. Henry.”

Lana: “Good morning.”

Henry: “Good morning, Mrs. Linda, Lana. It must be tough to have to get up so early in the morning.”

As I descend to the bottom floor, I run into the two who are cleaning the dining room. On Mrs. Linda’s back, Rando, Lana’s little brother, has grown up quite a bit.

I wave a friendly “hello~” towards him, and he answers me back with a, “Ahーu!” I have been at this inn since this little guy was born. Because of that, he knows my face well, and he always answers me back when I greet him.

Linda: “Mr. Henry, you’re going out for a run again today?”

Henry: “Yes, since we can’t go to the Altohern Mountains, I need to make sure to not slack off on my training.”

The Altohern Mountain is a Corrupted Ice Territory. Once the temperature drops and the snow piles up, the threat-level of the territory increases exponentially.

We were just about to challenge the Upper-Region, so it is a little too bad, but it would be far too dangerous to march up a place where the snow goes up to your waist. And there’s no reason for us to take on such a high risk and keep going.

So we are going back to our roots and hunting in the Flowtier Forest once again. Just doing so would be boring, so we are trying out different tactics and maneuvers.

I would use my poison against the Wild Bear and observe its effects, and Cyril would face off with Killer Dogs with her staff techniques. Jend began learning Magecraft, and Ferris and Teo are honing their sword techniques.

Regardless, since the expeditions are a lot easier, I need to increase my personal training regimen just to stay in shape.

Linda: “This morning seems especially cold, so my husband is making a hot stew for the morning special. Go out there and come back extra hungry today.”

Henry: “I’m looking forward to it.”

Mr. Nord’s stew is delicious.

And I wonder how many refills I’m allowed today. If I try to eat to my fill, I can easily empty the large cooking pot…...and that will leave nothing for the rest of the inn guests.

So maybe I’ll come back a little later and ask for the remaining portions near the end of the breakfast time. That’ll be my plan today.

Lana: “We have shoveled some of the snow, but it’s still slippery out there, so please be careful.”

Henry: “Roger that. Thanks for the warning.”

As I head out the door, I thank Lana for her advice and step outside.

The snow has been pushed to the side, but the snow that fell during the night has covered the ground again. It has been packed down by the people who have been walking this morning, so if I’m not careful, it’ll be easy to slip and fall.

…….I think the snow shoveling was a Request given out by the territory for the general public. Since Adventurers are allowed to help out, it might not be a bad idea to take it on. It seems to be pretty rigorous physical labor.

Henry: “Alright! Let’s goー!”

It was Flowtier’s winter morning.

I began running through the world surrounded in silvery white.


As I finish my daily training regimen, I ate stew and bread till my stomach bloated and enjoyed every minute of it.

Arriving at the Grandes Church, I was meeting with everyone else in my Party.

It was our periodic, scheduled meeting. We are not as active this season, but we haven’t stopped meeting with one another since winter started.

Henry: “Alrighty then. Then tomorrow, we are good with Jend and I taking on the Snow Shoveling Request?”

Jend: “Yeah, it sounds like they don’t have enough hands, and it’ll be a good Request to collect some recognition points.”

Henry: “I brought up the thought that came to mind this morning, and the Party agreed with proceeding with the plan.”

As Jend mentioned, if you want to be acknowledged as a Heroic Warrior, taking on this Request is good for visibility and recognition by the Church.

I heard that it’s a pretty tough job, but compared to Quests where there is always the danger of losing your life, this Request has a decent reward attached to it.

Cyril: “Hmmー if you’d just let me handle it, you won’t even have to worry about snow shoveling. I can make all of the snow in Flowtier evaporate.”

Ferris: “Yes, yes. Let’s keep those kinds of dangerous jokes to ourselves, Cyril.”

Cyril: “Yes ma’amー”

Cyril mentions her absurd idea, and Ferris lightly chides her.

……...well, I’m sure if it’s Cyril, she could most likely do it, but…...I’m also fairly certain that the city will burn down too.

Ferris: “I have my usual Job Requests as a Healer.”

Teo: “I’m sorry. Tomorrow will be an off day for me.”

Ferris has her usual work, and Teo needs the day off for her monthly…..that. Cyril couldn’t find a suitable Request or Quest for herself so she’ll be taking the day off.

Henry: “Okay then. About planning our expedition starting after next week……”

Cyril: “Oh, I’m so sorry. Could I interrupt for a second?”

We all decided on our plans for tomorrow, and I tried to transition to what we’ll do when Cyril raised her hand.

Henry: “Hm? What’s wrong? Do you need to use the restroom?”

With a light <slap>, Cyril hits my back.

Cyril: “Henry, you should really learn to be more sensitive……..but anyways, no, it’s not that. Actually, Sir Alvare had a Designated Quest for our Party and wanted me to discuss it with everyone.”

Henry: “From the Governor?”

Huh….I wonder what he wants.

It’s true that in our Party, Cyril lives at the Governor’s mansion, Jend is the son of the largest Merchant Group in Flowtier, and I have saved the City from imminent(?) peril, so our Party has a certain degree of trust and recognition from the Governor personally, but still…….what would this be about?

Henry: “What’s the ask?”

Cyril: “Yes. OH! But please keep this confidential.”

Henry: “I have no interest in gossiping about clients’ personal Requests.”

Everyone else nods at my reply.

And then Cyril lowered her voice to a bare whisper.

Cyril: “Actually, next week, the Alvenia Kingdom’s Princess is secretly coming to Flowtier to sightsee. So the Request is to guard and guide her around the City.”

Henry: “Wait-wait-wait-wait….”


WーWait. Calm down, me. It’s true that Flowtier is one of the more well known tourist locations in the Alvenia Kingdom, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that the Royal Family will come visit at times.

But let’s see…...the Alvenia Kingdom had two princes and three princesses, if I remember correctly. I heard of their rumors but…..

Henry: “And which Princess are we talking about……?”

Cyril: “The second princess, Lady Eileen.”

The Adventurer Princess?!

Princess Eileen, age 18. When she was a youth, she said, “The Grandes Church is our Kingdom’s national religion! As a princess of this country, there are no issues with me swearing my oath to the Church, correct?” And with that, became an Adventurer.

Afterwards, she escaped from the castle, and she would repeatedly go off on expeditions for 1 to 2 weeks at a time and continued to repeat those actions. Hence, she was well-renowned as the biggest problem of the Royal Family.

Normally, the Royal Family would have enough reason to excommunicate her for her actions but…….the only people who are really against the princess going on expeditions are the country’s officials, and the military counsel and Royal Family praised her by saying, “This is truly a symbol of our military might of the Alvenia Royal Family,” and overlooked the issue completely.

………..actually, is this Kingdom going to be okay? I’m starting to get worried.

Henry: “Why would we be chosen as guards for someone so high up?”

Jend: “I think so too. If it’s protecting someone like that, shouldn't someone from the City Military…… my Master should personally guard her? I mean, we could act as guides around the City, but that’s another matter entirely.”

……….and besides, I really don’t think that she’ll need any help protecting herself.

Princess Eileen has been awarded the Heroic Warrior status all on her own.

I’ve only heard rumors, but she can overpower the typical 2 or 3 Knights and wipe the floor with them.

………...but that’s really not a surprise.

When the Grandes God descended and before the Heaven’s Treasure Vault and its godly equipment were handed down, the people who protected humanity were the very few Mages.

So of course, they had extremely high statuses, and many of the Royal and Noble families tend to descend from those ancient Mages.

There are some families that completely collapse, but the Royalty and High Nobles tend to inter-marry……..and maybe it’s because of their ancestors’ blood, but the Nobles tend to have children with very high Magic Power ー especially compared to ordinary citizens.

Princess Eileen is not an exception on that front, and she was born with extremely high Magic Power.

And on top of that, she was given the Kingdom’s finest education, and it’s not very hard to imagine why she became such a strong warrior.

Cyril: “Well, that’s becauseー she’ll have a personal bodyguard from the White Dragon Knights who is also on leave with her. I believe it was Ms. Beatriz(?) who will be by her side.”

Henry: “..............okay, I REALLY don’t understand why we need to be there at all.”

Cyril doesn’t seem to know, but that is the name of the White Knights Leader. The Head of the White Knights Organization, the Blue Heavens Knight ー Beatriz.

Among all the Knights in this world, she’s known to be second to Sir Ezeal. She’s the strongest female Knight known to man currently.

Ferris: “Ohー I see…..”

As my confusion deepens, Ferris raises her hand timidly.

Henry: “? What’s wrong, Ferris?”

Ferris: “I think Eileen……..if it’s about her highness, she’s probably coming to see me.”

Cyril: “Oh, yes. Sir Alvare also mentioned that as well.”

…………..why an ordinary commoner and the princess?

Ferris: “Her highness came and participated in the White Knight’s training sessions as a young child. …...from my father’s position then, I was also at the training sessions too, and afterwards, I was working there as a Healer. We were the same age so……..we are basically childhood friends.”

Seriously? That’s…….definitely like a story out of a fairy tale. If either one of them was male, it would have created that romance novel between a royal and a commoner.

Ferris: “I have been receiving some letters from her highness and Sir Beatriz about my recent situation. …… I thought they might be coming to visit me in the near future.”

IーI see……

Ferris: “I don’t want to offend the two by refusing this Request, so I would like to accept it if possible.”

Henry: “Well, we really don’t have a reason to refuse either I guess……….right, you guys?”

As the Party Leader, I don’t really see a strong enough reason to veto this Request, and the other 3 are not against it either.

Ferris: “IーIs that okay? Thank you, everyone.”

Teo: “You don’t have to thank us. I am looking forward to meeting this princess.”

…….oh, Teo seems to be really excited just from the “princess” title and letting her imagination go wild. I can tell from her expression.

But…….unfortunately, the Adventurer Princess is not that kind of person who people dream about or aspire to be………..but I won’t crush her dreams here.

Cyril: “Hehehe, if we are going to accept this Request, there’s no time to waste. I’ll personally revise the Flowtier Tour Map I was making when Ms. Lotte came.”

Henry: “.....that’s right. I remember you making something like that.”

During the Flower Festival, we all were guided by Cyril’s personal map of the City with all the tourist points identified.

Henry: “Ummm, then, next week, we will be performing the Princess Request from the Governor. …….everyone, do you bestー”


And I raised my fist slightly into the air.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Flame Swordsman

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