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Spirit Girlfriend c8

Chapter 8: Akane Akabane Panics

Yukina: “Akane, I want you to be Sochan’s girlfriend, okay?”

ーーMy best friend just asked me to start dating her ex-boyfriend....

I don’t understand what you’re saying!

My brain refuses to process the words that you just spat out of your mouth!

Akane: “Um…...Yukina. Even if you’re joking, there are some things you just shouldn’t say.”

Yukina: “? I’m serious. Do you think that’s weird?”

Akane: “Yes! Weird! It’s nothing else but weird!”

You were weird while you were living, but you haven’t changed even now as a ghost!

Yukina: “Hmmmm….you think so? I thought it was a good idea~”

She floats gently in the air, crosses her arms, and thinks with her head tilted.

Hey, if you lean too much, I can see inside your skirt. Don’t be so unlady-like.

Akane: “Besides that~ there’s no way Souta would like me!”

Yukina: “Really? He was talking about how cute you were before!”

Akane: “Wha~?! No no no way! He was just being nice!”

That surprised me.

But normally, you should never talk bad about your girlfriend’s friends.

So I can’t just go by what he said in that situation.

Yukina: “But~ I think Miss Kitagawa or people like Miss Souba are going after Sochan~”

Yukina’s expression darkens a little.

Ack, this is bad.

Akane: “Gーgoing after him? Are you sure?”

Yukina: “Yeah, you can’t see me normally, right? So I can listen in on everyone who’s gossiping around me.”

Akane: “Well, you are a ghost so yeah……”

Yukina: “Those girls……...when Sochan’s still grieving…….”

Miss Kitagawa and Miss Souba are all girls in our class.

In one word, they’re “gals.” They prefer flashy fashion and love anything romance-related.”

I don’t think they’re bad girls, but they just have very different personalities than me and Yukina that just doesn’t mesh well.

Yukina: “Those girls...they’re racing to see who can get Sochan to date them first! And they’re not even planning on sticking with the relationship and plan to break up as soon as they start dating!”

Akane: “Oh……”

I have to take back what I said earlier.

They’re bad girls.

Yukina: “Sochan is too nice, so if they keep pressing him, he might not be able to say no~”

Yukina seems really down now.

UーUm…… this really a [regret]?

But it’s a problem that I can’t leave alone.

But I have to reject the idea of me dating Souta.

But I can’t sit around and not do anything about Yukina’s worry.

Akane: “Yukina, I’ll help you.”

Yukina: “What?! Really?!”

Akane: “Yeah, my best friend is in trouble. Of course, I’ll help.”

Yukina: “Thank you! I love you, Akane!”

Akane: “Greh…..”

Yukina came and hugged me.

Yukina’s large chest hits my face.’s fluffy……..wait, I can’t be distracted by that.

Akane: “I’m helping you, but it’s just so Souta doesn’t get hooked up with those girls, okay? I don’t think I can be Souta’s girlfriend, got it?”

Yukina: “Sure! But if you change your mind, you can be his girlfriend any time!”

Akane: “It’s not going to be that easy…..”

I let out a sigh.

Besides, I have some reservations too.

It’s about Yukina’s true feelings.

She might be telling me, “You can be Sochan’s girlfriend”, but if I really start going out with him, if she turns into an Evil Spirit due to [jealousy], that won’t be funny at all.

I need to make sure she understands that.

Akane: “And besides, if I really start dating Souta, I don’t think you’ll be able to remain so calm….”

Wouldn’t you not like it if a girl that’s not you gets along with Souta?

I wanted Yukina to realize this, but I got an unexpected reply back.

Yukina: “Akane, you haven’t had a boyfriend before right?”

Akane: “UGH?!”

Why would you swing the conversation in that direction?!

Why bother bringing that up?!

My Grandma would be teaching me about Magic, and I never had that kind of time!

My Grandma turns into an ogre when she teaches…..

Yukina: “Well, one of my dreams was to meet your boyfriend and tell him, 'I’m not going to give Akane to the likes of you!' like that!”

Akane: “Wait, that’s weird too.”

What are you saying, Yukina?!

Well, I knew you were a strange girl but….

Yukina: “So you see, Sochan, who is heart-broken from my death, will meet his new love, and if Akane’s boyfriend is Sochan, then I killed two birds with one stone, right?!”

Akane: “”

Yukina: “And do you remember when I talked to you about my first experience?”

Her conversation is going everywhere.

She does this when she gets overly excited and worked up.

Akane: “I remember……….you didn’t let me hang up the phone all night.”

That was a tough night.

I want to wish my best friend a good life, but please place yourself in my shoes of having to listen to you talk about it all night.

Yukina: “You know, when that happened, I didn’t tell you this, but I thought, ‘If it’s this amazing, then maybe I’ll go through it again with Akane!’”

Akane: “I would have quit being your friend if you told me that!”

Yukina: “What~”

Akane: “Not ‘What~’?!”

Did my best friend lose all capacity to feel embarrassment after death?!

Yukina: “So! I don’t mind if you get together with Sochan for that reason. I would even recommend it!”

Akane: “I won’t!”

Yukina: “Oh, and I’ll be watching next to you if it happens, okay? ☆”

Akane: “Please be quiet already!”

I couldn’t take any more, and covered Yukina’s mouth with my hands.

My best friend’s “preferences” are all messed up!!

Yukina: “Mmmf~mmmf”

Akane: “Quiet!”

(sigh) I feel so exhausted...

Yukina realizes that she took things way too far and is apologizing now with an “I’m sorry” gesture.

I let go of her mouth I was covering.

Yukina: “Well, I was serious about everything I said before, but let’s set up a basic go forward plan.”

Akane: “Can you at least tell me that you were joking?!”

And so, in order to resolve Yukina’s [regrets], my path as an [Exorcist] began.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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sweety boy
sweety boy
16 sept 2021

Did I read it wrong or did that ghost girl actually wanted to have a threesome with her best friend?

Me gusta
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