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Spirit Girlfriend c7

Chapter 7: Akane Akabane Speaks with a Ghost

<Akane Akabane’s Perspective>

Yukina: “Akane!!”

I was <HUGGED> by Yukina who was simply full of smiles.

I get a fuzzy sensation of being held.

Akane: (She can touch me……?)

Yukina, you’re a pretty strong ghost if you can do this.

Wait, I can reflect on that later.

Akane: “YーYukina……”

She found out.

I made the most basic, fundamental error of an Exorcist Mage. There is no excuse for this huge mistake.

For a ghost, as soon as they know there is someone they can talk to, it will make their [regret] even more powerful.

That’s why I couldn’t let Yukina know that I could see her.

At this rate, she could become an Evil Spirit……

Yukina: “YAY~ it’s been too long, Akane! You can see ghosts?! That’s right! Wasn’t your relatives Mages? It’s because of that, huh~ I’m so glad that I found someone I can talk to~”

Akane: “UhーUh huh...”

I’ve never met a ghost this cheerful though.

If you become a ghost, it usually means that you’re carrying something dark within your heart……

But my childhood friend spoke the same way and had the same expression as when she was still living.

Yukina: “So yeah, can we talk? Oh, but you have class right? Then I’ll be waiting for you afterwards. I’ll just walk around to kill time. I’ll see you after school~”

Akane: “What?”

YーYukina, weren’t you possessing Souta?

Don’t you have to be close to him?!

Yukina: “Bye~”

Akane: “........hey….”

She’s gone.

A ghost shouldn’t be able to exist alone.

If it’s a Cursed Earth Spirit, it must be tied to a specific location. If it’s a Possessing Spirit, it must be near the person it’s possessing.

Akane: (But..if it’s a Free Floating Spirit……)

A Free Floating Spirit is a Spirit that doesn’t realize that it has died.

That might explain something but……..

A Free Floating Spirit would fool itself by thinking it’s still alive and would take the exact same actions as it did while it was living.

Akane: (But Yukina totally realizes that she’s a ghost, right……?)

It wasn’t the actions a Free Floating Spirit would make.


Well, she’s going to talk with me this afternoon, so I guess I’ll just have to confirm then…

With a lot of uncertainty and confusion, I waited for the afternoon.


Touru: “Hey, Souta. Let’s go home together.”

Souta: “Oh, sure.”

There was someone who called Souta’s name in the afternoon.

Touru Itabashi.

It was Souta’s best friend.

He’s cheerful, easy to talk to, and a good person in general, but……..he loves to date women.

I was introduced to him as Yukina’s boyfriend’s best friend, but….

Akane: (The first thing he did was ask me out......)

And of course, I refused.

I even heard that he had at least 10 girlfriends in Middle School.

We would never get along as more than friends.

But I could tell that he was really worried about Souta.

I’m sure he’s trying to encourage Souta in his own way.

The two left the classroom together.

Akane: (........I wonder where Yukina is?)

She was not near Souta.

Yukina: “A~kane!!”

Akane: “EEK?!”

She scared me.

She suddenly called out my name from behind me.

I meet Yukina’s eyes, and we leave the classroom together.

There’s too many people still left in the classroom, so we can’t talk here.

I would be known as that dangerous girl who talks to herself.


Yukina: “Hey, so, why can you see me, Akane?”

Yukina: “I wonder if I’ll be able to talk with Sochan~”

Yukina: “I wonder how long I’ll stay as a ghost?”

Yukina: “I know ghosts don’t get hungry but…..I want to get a Frappuccino~”

Yukina talks a lot.

She hasn’t changed at all since she passed.

And there’s another thing I realized…

Akane: (She completely recognizes that she’s a ghost....)

And she’s not negative at all.

What is up with this ghost?

Akane: “Hey, Yukina. Do you have, you know, something you want to do or something you’re worried about?”

Let’s just see if there’s any [regrets] I can find out about.

Yukina: “Hmmmmmm…..yeah….you’re right. Since I’m a ghost, I should have some sort of [regret] right~”

ACK?! She already caught onto me!!

…….maybe I don’t have any talent as a Mage?

It’s a little discouraging.

Whatever, I’ll just ask her directly then.

Akane: “If you have any [regrets], you can tell me. We’re friends, aren’t we?”

I’m being genuine here.

If it’s Yukina’s wish, I’d like to help her fulfill it.

Yukina: “Ummmmm…..I really don’t have any to be honest~”

Akane: “What…..”

There’s no such thing as a ghost without regrets.

This is the fundamental principle of Exorcism I learned from Grandma.

But even so…..

Akane: (Yukina really looks like she’s not worried about anything…)

If that’s the case, what am I supposed to even do?

This wasn’t written in any textbooks, Grandma!

Yukina: “Oh, but there is one thing.”

Akane: “What?!”

I leaned up close to Yukina as I waited for an answer.

Yukina: “Sochan is really handsome, right? So girls at the school seems to be going after him~ Since I’m a ghost, I can listen in on a lot of different conversations.”

Akane: “OーOkay….?”

So it was romance-related.

A standard regret for ghosts.

But Yukina has died and would not be able to be with Souta any more.

I would like it if I could help Yukina speak with Souta, but Souta doesn’t have any Spiritual Sensitivities.

Akane: “Yukina, so you want to speak with Souta…..?”

Yukina: “No, I’m okay.”

Akane: “Huh?”

Yukina: “I already see him every day.”

Akane: “WHAT?!”

Yukina: “If it’s in a dream, Sochan recognizes that I’m here~”

Oh, that’s right.

Souta did mention something about that.

He said Yukina keeps coming out in his dreams.

Akane: (......does she really not have any regrets?)

The more I ask, the more I get the sense that she has no discontent about her life at all.

Yukina: “I became a ghost because I wasn’t being careful enough so~ It’s too bad, but it can’t be helped.”

Akane: “YーYukina, you’re way too self-aware…!”

There’s no such thing as a ghost like this…..!!

Yukina: “But I really don’t want someone who doesn’t really know Sochan to become his girlfriend~”

Akane: “But Souta probably won’t date anyone for a while.”

From the way I talked to him, he’s still completely only thinking about Yukina.

Yukina: “Yeah, because he says, ‘I love you’ every morning to my photo~ ahhh~ I think he loves me too much?!”

Akane: “….”

Souta, that’s so embarrassing.

And you're being witnessed by the person herself.

I would curl up and die of shame.

Akane: “Wait, so what is your [regret]?”

We got off track, so I turned the conversation back to its original purpose.

Yukina suddenly put on a very serious expression.

Yukina: “Hmmmm….well….”

But then she suddenly smiled mischievously.

Yeah, she only smiles like this when she’s about to pull a prank.

We’ve known each other for over 10 years. I’m certain of this.

Yukina: “I don’t think it’s healthy for a man to say ‘I love you’ to his dead girlfriend every morning.”

Akane: “......oh...yeah…….that’s for sure……..”

Souta, you’re being told by a ghost that you’re being unhealthy………

Yukina: “So I want Sochan to hurry up and get over me, and find the next person.”

Akane: “.........uh huh……..”

This ghost…… being way too understanding…

Yukina: “But I don’t want him to date anyone who’s only dating him because his face is handsome~ or he’s vulnerable right now because his girlfriend died and now’s my chance~ or any reason like that.”

Akane: “.....sure? I guess?”

I think I can understand that….

But isn’t that…...inevitable…..?

Yukina: “So in that case, I want you to be Sochan’s girlfriend, Akane.”

Akane: “WHAT?”

My best friend just dropped a bombshell right on top of me.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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