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Spirit Girlfriend c5

Chapter 5: Akane Akabane Is Not Very Careful

<From Akane’s Point of View>

……...okay, that was close.

I was invited to lunch by Souta all of a sudden.

Akane: (What?! Why all of a sudden?!)

...was my first thought, but it looks like he noticed that I was closely monitoring him.


I’ve trained to minimize and erase my presence.

Maybe Souta is just extra sharp~?

But he should have zero *Spiritual senses, right?

He hasn’t noticed Yukina at all even though she’s right next to him.

I don’t think I've ever spoken to Souta for that long since Yukina passed.

Actually, I don’t think just the two of us talked like that before.

Yukina would always be there with us.

Akane: (.........that was...pretty fun…)

I did not expect that.

I’ve always been shy around people, and rarely spoke to anyone I didn’t know well.

I didn’t have many friends other than Yukina who I know really well.

And as far as boys go, I prefer to avoid them if possible.

I especially hate the ones who don't take no for an answer.

Souta speaks bluntly and frankly, but he also maintains his distance.

Because of that, it’s really easy for me to talk to him.

Well, I guess we were technically not alone.

Akane: (Yukina was always right beside Souta the whole time~....)

That was close.

I almost met her eyes so many times.

I was able to avoid doing that till the end.

The Fundamental Rule of Exorcismーー[You must not speak directly with the Spirit].

The Spirit has regrets they left in this world.

And they are unable to touch or speak with any of the living.

The general public will not be able to recognize Spirits so there are no issues here.

The problem lies with those people like me who can “see” the ghosts.

The day you accidentally meet eyes with one, they will come near you.

Worst case scenario, they’ll possess you.

So one of the fundamentals of exorcism is to [understand what the Spirit wants without the Spirit noticing you].

That’s why I was observing Yukina who was possessing Souta very carefully.

But Souta noticed me looking his way, and we ended up having lunch…..

Akane: (But I couldn’t help it if that happened at the end~....)

When Souta first invited me to lunch, my first thought was to turn down his invitation.

Yukina is always right behind Souta, and it may be easier observing her that way, but there is also a high risk of Yukina recognizing that I can see her too.

Souta wasn’t going to force me to go to lunch with him either.

I was relieved when he walked away but…

“Hey hey, Souta. If you’re not eating with Miss Akabane, why not eat with us?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

The girls of my class invited Souta to lunch.

They were pretty insistent with their invitation too.

I was just watching them drag Souta away at first but…..

Akane: (Huh?)

Yukina who was possessing Souta was glaring at the girls with <bloodlust pouring out of her eyes>.

Akane: (Oh no no no no no no!!)

It was obvious that leaving things as they are would adversely affect Yukina.

She might even become an Evil Spirit!

Akane: “Souta, let’s go!”

I grabbed Souta’s hand and dragged him away from the girls.

I feel bad for the two girls……

But right now, Yukina is my top priority!

And that’s how Souta and I went out for lunch.


Souta: “Sounds good. Hey, thanks for everything today.”

Souta waved his hand, and I went the opposite way from the classroom.

I told Souta that I needed to run by the restroom but…..that was a lie.

I went around the corner and as soon as Souta was out of sight, I rested with the wall against my back.

Akane: “(sigh)....that was close.”

I was able to finish lunch with Souta without issue.

It was really hard during the meal.

Yukina was next to Souta and while Souta and I talked, I would hear…

[Wow~ they’re talking about me~]

[Oh, this is so embarrassing~]

[Sochan, Akane, I love you both!]

...and so on and so forth.

I was doing everything I can to not respond to any of Yukina’s comments.

But that was really great.

I got to see Yukina’s face up close.

I couldn’t talk to her but…… made me happy just to be able to see her.

And she definitely hasn’t transformed into an Evil Spirit.

Yukina <seemed to be having a lot of fun>.

Or rather, I’ve never seen a ghost that cheerful and happy before…..

The problem is that I don’t know what her [regret] is at all……

I’ll just have to continue my investigation and figure it out.

Akane: “........I better head to the classroom now…”

I mumbled to myself as I got my back off the wall.

“Hey, Akane.”

Someone called my name.

I completely had my guard down.

Akane: “What is it?”

I <accidentally responded to it>.

I realized it almost immediately.

My mistake…

I couldn’t take those words back now.

I turned around andーーthere, Akane smiled at me while floating in the air.


Spiritual Senses (Rei-kan) (霊感) - Similar to Psychic powers, ESP, the 6th sense, supernatural senses, or any other terms that refers to the ability to “see” or “sense” spiritual activities, “Rei-Kan” (Rei - Spirit, Kan - Sense) refers to the Japanese term for the general ability to interact with the spiritual realm or spiritual beings.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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