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Spirit Girlfriend c4

Chapter 4: Souta Feels the Stares

I went to school every day.

I’m still grieving, but Yukina keeps popping up in my dreams like usual and encourages me.

Because of that, I can get through my day.

The first day of the 3rd semester, I didn’t notice it.

But from the second day, I felt the strange sensation of someone’s eyes on me.

After I arrive at school, during class, during the lunch break.

It feels like someone is always watching me.

It’s been like that for the last couple of days, and it hasn’t stopped.

I am famous in my school because my girlfriend passed away.

I do feel the stares of others, but this one felt particularly different.

I feel like I’m being observed……

I stared at the window and through its reflection, I hoped to find the person constantly observing me.

I found her. The girl with the short bob cut.

Although she already had a small, frail frame, she hunched over to make herself even smaller as she watched me.

Souta: (..............Akane?)

The strange stares I’ve been feeling were coming from my friend, Akane Akabane.

Well, I guess we were “friends” just because we were both connected to Yukina.

Recently, I’ve said hi to her when we walk past each other in the hallways but…….

I wonder why.

Is she just looking out for me and making sure that I’m not depressed?

But if so, why not just talk to me?

Is there another reason?

………..uhhhhhhhh, yeah, I can’t think of any.

I guess it’s fine.

If I don’t know, I just need to ask.

I decided to talk with Akane directly.

ーーLunch Break.

Souta: “Hey, Akane.”

I walked up to Akane who was……….pretending to read at her desk.

Akane: “Huh?! OH! Souta?!”

She was startled and stood up right like a prairie dog on alert.

Souta: “Do you want to eat lunch together?”

Akane: “What? MーMe?!”

Souta: “Yeah.”

Up until last year, she and I ate lunch together with Yukina.

I guess we never ate together with just the two of us.

……….<whisper whisper whisper>

I now feel the stares from all around the classroom.

Great, I think inviting Akane to lunch is now making people talk.

Souta: (Should I have not invited her with just myself…..?)

I invited her as I would a guy friend, but maybe I was being too insensitive?

Maybe there should have been someone else with us to have lunch?

Maybe I should just try again later.

Souta: “Ohhhh, you know what? Sorry, let’s reschedule for another day.

When I tried to leave with just that…

“Hey hey, Souta. If you’re not eating with Miss Akabane, why not eat with us?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Two girls from my class grab hold of my arms as they invited me to lunch.

Souta: (Wait, what’s this all of a sudden?)

I don’t remember being this close to these girls. We hardly ever talked before now?!

Souta: “Oh, um, I’m sure it’ll be boring with me around.”

I tried to kindly refuse their offer.

“C’mon, let’s go. Let’s go.”

“Let’s hurry~ we won’t have nay place to sit in the cafeteria.”

These girls are VERY persistent!

I don’t know why, but they are almost forcing me to go with them.

Are they trying to encourage me because I look depressed?

I guess they’re being kind…….

I was thinking about going with them when…

……..a cold chill ran down my spine.

Huh? I wondered what scared me so much and turn around, but there was nothing there.

Akane: “Souta, let’s go!”

Akane abruptly gets up, grabs my right hand, and starts dragging me out of the classroom.

Souta: “WHOA?!”

Akane, you’re small, but you’re really strong!


“Miss Akabane! Why are you intruding?!”

The two girls were upset at Akane and voiced their complaints.

Souta: “Sorry! Maybe next time!”

I apologize on Akane’s behalf, and leave the classroom being half-dragged.


Akane took me to a bench that sits in front of the stairs that go up to the rooftop.

We bought *rice balls and tea at the food stand.

Akane bought sweet bread and milk tea.

Akane: “Is here okay?” Souta: “Yeah, it’s been a while since we last ate together.”

Before, I would eat lunch with Yukina and Akane.

We could eat in the cafeteria, but it was hard to find 3 seats together.

On the other hand, the benches around the schools were usually open.

The only problem was that it was a little chilly or cold at times.

Akane: “..........” Souta: “..........”

We sat apart enough for a person to sit between us.

This was where Yukina would sit.

“ “ …………….. ” ”

Maybe Akane imagined the same thing.

We briefly met eyes for just a few seconds.

Akane: “So…...what’s up? Why’d you want to have lunch all of a sudden?” Akane was trying to open the plastic bag around her bread, but she was having trouble.

Souta: “Here, let me…” I took the bag from her and opened it for her.

Souta: “Here you go.” Akane: “........thanks.”

I passed the bread back to Akane, and she took it.

…….alright, should I ask?

[Hey, you’ve been looking my way a lot. What’s up?]

……...yeah, maybe not like that.

It makes me sound like an egotistical prick.

But I know for a fact that it’s Akane who’s been staring at me. I even confirmed over and over <several dozens of times> that it’s her.

So how should I break the ice?

As I mulled over my options, Akane spoke to me first breaking the silence.

Akane: “Well, I’m glad that it looks like you’re doing okay. I’ve been worried and keep glancing your way.”

Souta: “Oh, yeah?”

She went ahead and answered my question even without me asking it.

I guess she was worried about me.

Souta: “I’m not…...doing that well but…..I keep having dreams of Yukina and because of that, I’m able to make it through each day.”

Akane: “?! In your dreams!? What kind of dreams!?”

She edged closer, leaning her body towards me with intense curiosity.

Shーshe’s really close now…..

Souta: “Um, well, it’s been going on for a while now…..”

I talk to her about Yukina in my dreams.

Akane: “........I see. It’s every morning, and you can’t hear her voice……...then I guess the progress is only about a 1 at this point…..”

Souta: “.......Miss Akane?”

I look into Akane’s face. She had her brows scrunched up and mumbling to herself.

Akane: “Oh, it’s nothing…...oh, eek! Sorry! I got really close to you…!”

Souta: “Well, I don’t mind but…” Although we were almost touching, Akane jumps back to where she was sitting before.

Souta: “Are you…..okay…...about what happened to Yukina?”

I went ahead and asked the question.

Akane and Yukina have known each other since Kindergarten.

There’s no way that she’ll be okay either.

Akane: “Oh………..yeah. Since that day when Yukina…..passed, I was crying when I was at home, but coming to school, a lot of things happened and…...I guess I’m okay now~?”

She looked a little hesitant and troubled with her answer and awkwardly laughed at her own response.

I see. Akane is stronger than me.

Right then, we heard the sound of some wind instruments playing a song in the distance.

Souta: “Must be the band practicing. They’re working really hard even through the lunch break.” Akane: “Yukina was always practicing so hard…..”

Yukina was part of the school Marching Band.

Being reminded of the past, both Akane and I reminisced sadly and quietly.

Souta: “I think they have a competition soon. Do you want to go together? We can listen to the songs that Yukina was practicing so hard for.”

Akane: “Yeah! That’s a great idea. Let’s go!”

Akane gladly accepts my idea and agrees wholeheartedly.

I was unsure of going or not because it would have felt weird to go alone.

I’m glad I found someone I can go with.

And we both continued to talk about our memories with Yukina.


Souta: “Looks like lunch is about to end.” Akane: “Then why don’t we head back to the classroom?” We threw away the empty bags and drinks.

Akane was almost skipping with very light feet towards the classroom.

Souta: “Hey, Akane….” Akane: “Hm?” Akane turns back around, head tilted with very large eyes looking at mine.

I remembered how Yukina told me that she thought Akane was like a cute small creature and so cute. I understand now why she said that.

Souta: “Can we eat lunch together again some time? I’d like to talk about Yukina….” Akane: “Yeah, of course!”

She accepted my proposal with a big smile.

I think…..I smiled back.

It’s been a while since I was able to smile naturally.

Akane: “I need to run to the restroom before we go back to class.”

Souta: “Sounds good. Hey, thanks for everything today.”

I lift up a hand to thank her.

She scuttles and hurries away.

Before now, next to me would be……..

Souta: “Yukina”

I mumble my dead girlfriend's name and place a hand on the wall.

I didn’t mean to hit the wall, but the sadness and pain of the memory must have been too much, and I unexpectedly hit the wall.

With a <DON> (sfx impact), the wall sounded and…


A girl screamed from somewhere.

Oh crap, was someone here? I look around nearby, but I don’t see anyone.

Was it just my imagination?

I returned to the classroom alone.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Rice Balls, Onigiri, (おにぎり) - Traditional Japanese food. Infamously translated as “jelly filled donuts” in the first Pokémon episodes back in the day.

The term “onigiri” literally means “packed tightly together with your hands” (hence why some sushi is called “nigiri”). Most basic Onigiri is just rice salted and seaweed wrapped on the outer layer. A classic would be one with a “umeboshi” (salted pickled plums) (梅干し) or “sha’ke” (salmon) (鮭) stuffed in the middle. Easy to make and pack for any trip and can be bought pre-packaged at corner stores. In One Piece, one of Zoro’s moves is “Oni (ogre) (鬼) giri (cut/slice) (切り)” and it’s a play on words/pun with the Japanese Onigiri.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

Novel Updates Info Page:

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