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Spirit Girlfriend c33

Chapter 33: Final Chapter - The Spirit Girlfriend

<Akane’s Perspective>

After I parted ways with Souta, I went to a certain place.

It was the park nearby my house that I went to a lot as a child.

I remember playing with Yukina here on the swings and in the sandbox. This place is full of those memories.

Now that it's colder outside, there are no signs of the children playing here at the moment.

As I enter, even though there is no wind, the swing is slowly moving back and forth with a slight squeal of the metal sounding.

Akane: (For anyone who couldn’t see her, this would be a scene straight out of a horror movie……)

I worried that the local residents would spread rumors or ghost stories about a swing that [creepily moves on its own].

On the swing sits a girl with long hair wearing a school uniform.

Last year, my best friend lost her life from a traffic accident, Yukina Shinonomeーーit's her Ghost Spirit that's here.

Recently, my best friend has been running around avoiding Souta.

She’s staring at the ground, and I can’t see her face.

I called out to her.

Akane: “Hey, did you wait long for me, Yukina?” Yukina: “You are lateー, Akane!”

She perked up, and her face was the bright and cheerful like the Yukina I knew.

I sat down on the second swing that was next to Yukina.

How long has it been since I sat on a swing?

Akane: “What did you do today?” Yukina: “Hmー just floated around town? What about you, Akane?” Akane: “I was at school. You should have come to school with me.” Yukina: “There’s no point since I’m a ghost now.” We just talked about this and that - nothing important.

But from a bystander, it would just look like I’m talking to myself.

But I bring up the main topic I wanted to discuss.

Akane: “You’re going to talk to Souta today, right?” Yukina: “..........................” Our conversation stopped.

Yukina did not respond to my question.

Akane: “Yukina?” Yukina: “...............I knowー”

The other day, there was a god summoning ritual incident.

Souta got wrapped up in that business, and he was almost stranded permanently in another world.

The Mauve Witch, Lady Mary, was gracious enough to go save him.

And since then, Yukina stopped appearing before Souta.

Akane: “Hey, Souta is now able to see you, so you’ll be able to talk to him. So come on, let’s go talk to him now.” Yukina: “ think Sochan is mad at me?” Akane: “Well, he got dragged into an incident like that so…...but that’s all the more reason to go apologize, right?” Yukina: “............yeah, you think he’ll forgive meー?”

Akane: “I’m sure he will.” Yukina: “But……..” It’s been like this for a while now.

Even though she wanted to speak to him so much before.

Even though Souta is now able to see ghosts because he was dragged into another world.

Now, Yukina is the one that is hesitating.

Akane: “Well, well. I never thought that Yukina who always dives in head-first without thinking would turn into such an indecisive woman…..”

I let out an exasperated sigh and kick the swing into motion.

My surroundings gently move around me.

And I waited for Yukina to speak to me again.

Yukina: “Akane, you’re okay with me seeing Sochan again?” Those were the words that came out of Yukina’s mouth. It was just that.

I know………..what she’s trying to say.

Yukina: “Sochan is Akane’s boyfriend right now. You don’t need me around.”

Akane: “Souta wants to see you, Yukina. C’mon already. Let’s go.” I started feeling a little irritated and annoyed and spoke to her a little more harshly.

At this rate, we’ll leave Souta hanging and waiting forever at that café.

But Yukina mumbled under her breath.

Yukina: “But Akane, you liked Sochan from way before, right?” Akane: “ of course not......"

That’s an unfair argument to make here…..

But I know already.

The biggest reason why Yukina doesn’t want to go see Souta.

She doesn’t want to go for my sake.

Yukina: “I can read the heart of the person I possess. So I got to know everything about how you feel Akane.” Akane: “It’s a violation of privacyー!”

In truth, it’s a gross violation of it.

It’s not fair, having the power to read people’s hearts….

Yukina: “.........I never would have though that Akane was in love with my boyfriend the whole time…….”

Akane: “Could you stop talking like your narrating on your past?!”

I wasn’t try to steal my best friend’s boyfriend in the first place!

I just thought he was a little cool, that’s it!!

Yukina: “Well, you did happily seduce him out of my arms.” Akane: “I didn’t seduce anyone! Besides, you were the one who suggested that I date Souta! Stop making it sound like I’m the bad guy here!”

Yukina: “Really? I’m starting to forget.” Akane: “And besides, Souta and I haven’t done anything yet……..” Yukina: “But you kissed though.” Akane: “No, but…...that……..” Yukina: “...........didn't you?” Akane: “Urgh……!”

That time, it was a perfect moment to kiss!

And it was Yukina who setup that situation in the first place!

Getting smacked one-sided, I started getting angry.

I think it’s a good time for some payback.

Akane: “Besides, if you’re going to be so jealous that I’m dating Souta, you shouldn’t have suggested the idea in the first place!”

Yukina: “But…..that’s……” Akane: “Didn’t you?”

Yukina: “................I did………” And she confessed and admitted to it easily.

Yes, so at the end of the day, Yukina still has feelings for Souta.

A mountain of feelings.

Akane: “Then let’s go see Souta and apologize.” Yukina: “I think he hates me now.”

Akane: “That’s not true.” Yukina: “Because I didn’t think things through, I summoned that monster and…..” Akane: “Yukina, we all know how reckless you can be.”

Yukina: “ugh…………” (Sigh)...........another exasperated breath leaves my body.

This conversation isn’t going anywhere.

I decided to change the subject.

Akane: “Yukina, what are you going to do from now on?” Yukina: “..........well, I won’t be leaving this world <any time soon> right?”

Yukina answers my question with a concern of her own.

This is something the Mauve Witch, Lady Mary, told us.

Akane: “Well, since you became a Spirit, your talents for the Magical Arts sprouted so…..” Yukina: “But what’s the point to have that kind of talent come about after you become a ghost….”

Yukina dropped her head towards the ground.

Yes, Yukina is a ghost spirit, but she’s also a Mage now.

By dying, her sleeping talents awoke and went into full bloom.

She’s like a main character from a Shonen Manga.

Akane: “You’re able to take the Spirit Energy - Ether from the Atmosphere and can sustain yourself as a Magic-based Creature / Ghostーーis what Lady Mary was saying, right?” Yukina: “And my life span……’s weird speaking about life spans as a ghost, but the time it will take for me to disappear is about……”

Akane: “...around 100 years.” Yukina: “Isn’t that the same thing as living normally?!”

Yes, Yukina became a long-living ghost.

What the heck is a long-living ghost.

Yukina: “Ugh…..what was all that effort for then……..”

Yukina is again reflecting on her past.

I’ll just have to forcefully drag her - that’s the only way.

Akane: “Come on. Let’s go.” I grabbed Yukina’s hand and started pulling her along.

Yukina: “Whaー wait, wait. My hearts not ready yet!”

Akane: “You had one week to prepare!”

I kept dragging Yukina who was starting to whine and make excuses.

Akane: (Oh, the people around us are starting to stare at us.)

Again, no one else but me can see Yukina and hear her voice.

I think people must think that I completely lost my mind.

I walk even more quickly with hurried steps towards the park where we are meeting with Souta.


Yukina: “Ugh……...I’m scared. What will Sochan say……..?”

Akane: “You’re still whining about that?” We’re about to reach the café, and Yukina is still grumbling under her breath.

Akane: “(sigh)......besides, I really can’t understand why you of all people would not want to see Souta. I’m the one that should be scared…..” As I mumble under my breath, Yukina blinks and looks my way.

Yukina: “What do you mean?” Akane: “Because, if Souta gets back with you, Yukina, that means he’s dumping me…..” Yukina: “I don’t think that’ll happenー”

Akane: “Why not? Souta is still deeply in love with you, Yukina. Even today.”

At the beginning of this year, we began eating together, so I can understand that much.

Souta hasn’t forgotten about Yukina at all.

Yukina: “Souta likes girls like you, Akane. Girls who are small, with a strong personality, a little bit of a klutz, and with small chests……..”

Akane: “You’re embarrassing me with all those complimen……….what did you say at the end?” Yukina: “Ughー we’re finally here at the café…..” Akane: “Yukina, I can’t just let you get away with what you just said at……..”

Yukina: “Hey, who’s the cute girl Souta is having tea with?”

Akane: “Hm?” I pause my interrogation with Yukina and look towards the café’s terrace.

There, I saw Souta with the Deputy Manager and the café employee.

I introduced Souta to the café but now he’s more of a regular than me……….

But I don’t see a girl anywhere.

Yukina: “Sochan is being friendly with a new girl again!”

Akane: “Yukina, that café employee is a boy……” Yukina: “WHAT?! But he’s so cute!” Akane: “He’ll get angry if you say that, so please be careful.”

That café employee is the disciple of the Lady Witch.

I’ve never seen him use Magic, but I’m sure he’s an incredible Mage - much, much more powerful than me.

Akane: “Hey Souta, sorry to keep you waiting.” I called out Souta’s name who was talking with the café employee.

Souta turned around quickly, and after looking at me, his eyes were locked onto Yukina who was next to me.

Oh……… that really did just happen.

Yukina: “Sochan, it’s been a while…….” Souta: “Yukina……..” The two gaze at each other for a while.

This is……..

Ren: “The customers are here, so I’ll get back to work. Deputy Manager, please move out of the way.”

Leo: “I don’t have to, do I?” Ren: “Yes you do.” Leo: “But this is the best spot to get all the sun.” Souta: “Mr. Leo, you can remain where you are.” Leo: “I’m glad that at least you understand, boy.” Isn’t the Deputy Manager a little too easy-going?!

But for now, I sat at the table where Souta was sitting.

Yukina sits next to me, but seems to be pretty fidgety.

Yukina: “I’m so sorry, Sochan!” As the café employee brought two teas, Yukina almost hit her head against the table as she bowed forward in apology.

<Yukina’s Perspective>

I bowed my head, as I apologized to Sochan and waited for his answer.

I know the situation totally got out of control and a lot of people got hurt…….and I did something unforgivable to Sochan.

Since I died, I thought I let Akane take care of Sochan, but right then, I overheard by pure accident that religious cult talk about how they were going to summon a god, and I thought, “Maybe I could come back to life?” and I held onto that [hope].

Because by then, even though it was me who recommended it, I gradually became more and more jealous of Sochan and Akane’s relationship.

And I couldn’t go back anymore, and as soon as I tried to make things happen, I messed up big time.

He must be mad…….

Or is he disappointed in me………?

Or maybe both.

Yukina: “........................” I waited for Sochan’s words, but there was no reply.

As I cautiously look up to see Sochan’s face………..he had his head tilted in confusion.

Souta: “Did you do something that you need to apologize for?” “ “ I (SHE) DID!!! ” ”

Both Akane and I yelled in unison.

Akane: “Souta, you do understand, right…..? You almost died back then.” Yukina: “I’m the one who deceived you both and took you to that factory…..aーaren’t you mad that I did that?” I added my thoughts to Akane’s comment with a quivering voice.

Yes, I deceived them.

I did the worst thing I could ever do.

Souta: “Well, it’s all in the past now. Let’s just leave it and move on.” Akane: “Wait…….you’re really going to leave it just like that?” Akane’s still left confused, but Sochan’s words……

He’s serious…..he really doesn’t care about what happened.

……….at this rate, he’ll really forgive me.

But he can’t do that.

But before I can apologize any further…

Souta: “It’s been..........since the day before Christmas……..for us to be able to talk like this.”

Sochan mumbles the words quietly, but I jerked back when it reached me.

Souta: “I’m so glad that I got to see you again, Yukina.” He spoke with such kindness.

The eyes that looked at me were the same eyes as before.

Oh no…….I can’t…..

At this rate, the past will just be washed away…….

Akane: “Well, I’ll leave you two alone then.” Akane starts getting up out of her seat.


Yukina: “WhーWhere are you going?!” I panicked and grabbed Akane’s hand.

Akane: “Well, don’t you two……...want time to catch up?” Yukina: “It’s not like that. I think you’re misunderstanding.” Akane: “Reallyー? Right now, the atmosphere’s perfect between you and Souta……” Yukina: “Wait, Akane.” This isn’t good. They’ll break up because of me if I don’t do something.

That’s……...that’s not what I want……..really….

Yukina: “Sochan!” Souta: “WhーWhat?”

I suddenly raise my voice, and I see Souta panic a little in response.

Yukina: “You like Akane more than me, right?!” Souta: “Huh?” Akane: “Wait, Yukina!” I think I could have worded that better, but I can’t go back now.

………...wait, do I do this all too often? I just go immediately with my gut instinct.

But Akane got up and yelled in protest.

Akane: “Souta, you want to get back together with Yukina, right?”

Yukina: “Akane, don’t say such weird things!”

What is my best friend saying?! She’s finally tied together with the person she likes!!

But…….I was also curious on how Sochan would respond to all of this.

I steal a glance towards Sochan’s way.

Souta: “Oh…...were you planning on talking about that today?” He had a really strained smile stretched across his face as he scratched his cheek.

He only does that when he’s really troubled…..

Meaning……...he’s undecided……..? Yukina: “You like Akane more, right?”

Akane: “You like Yukina more, right?”

Souta: “………….” Before I knew what was happening, we were both in Sochan’s face.

Wait, what? I thought I was here to apologize to Sochan today.

Why did things turn out like this……….?

Leo: “Hey you three. Can you take the day-time Soap Opera drama elsewhere?” I heard a voice speak out.

It was the cute black cat.

It was the cute black cat that speaks in a bossy manner.

He’s a cat, but he’s apparently also a Deputy Manager of this café.

Leo: “You’re in a tight spot, boy.” Souta: “..........I think I’ve reached the hardest point in my life.” And I apparently put Souta in a tight corner.

Today was the day I was supposed to apologize to Souta.

Leo: “Besides, one is a human and the other is a ghost. Why do you have to choose in the first place?” “ “ Huh? ” ”

At the cute black cat’s words, both Akane and I look at each other.

Leo: “Why force the issue? Even if he doesn’t choose, the boy was talking about how he was looking forward to hanging out <with the three of you>.”

Souta: “.........Mr. Black Cat, that was supposed to be a secret.”

Sochan seemed embarrassed by the black cat’s words.

“ “ …………………. ” ”

And I……….

I totally………..made the situation spin out of control again.

Sochan was looking forward to us three hanging out again.

Yukina: “Akane, why don’t we hold off on this one?” Akane: “You’re right. I’m sorry, Souta. We should be celebrating your recovery and release from the hospital.” Souta: “..............yeah, um……” Sochan seemed a little relieved and was nibbling on a cookie.

Souta: “Thank you, Mr. Leo.

Leo: “No need to thank me.” Souta: “I’ll need to get another pack of Bonito Flakes now.” Leo: “I enjoy canned tuna as well.”

Souta: “Then I’ll go find a good brand.”

Sochan and the Black Cat get along so wellー

Leo: “By the way, boy. Since we’re on the topic about your relationships, are we really okay to leave that [Goddess] that is connected to you alone?”

Yukina: “Huh?” Akane: “Hm?” Hearing something unfamiliar, both Akane and I voice our confusion.

Connected? Goddess? Souta: “Um…….Mr. Black Cat. How do you know these things?” Leo: “Anyone who’s a Mage would know.” Souta: “(sigh).........that’s not good. Then the Café Owner, Ms. Mary, is also aware?” Leo: “Of course, she’ll find out sooner or later.” I can’t follow the conversation at all.

I thought maybe Akane could fill me in, but when I looked her way, she had an equally blank, confused face like me.

Souta: “What should we do?” Leo: “Well, the Café Owner already decided to let the Goddess live, correct? Then there’s no need to hide her. I only asked about her, because she was looking enviously this way, and I thought you could invite her for tea too.” Souta: “Huh?” Leo: “Here, let me summon her here for you.” Mr. Black Cat cried out with a “MEOWー” and suddenly, bright, white letters appeared on the ground. From there, one girl appeared.

She had snow white skin.

Long black hair that almost reached the floor.

And two ruby-red eyes.

And……….she was unbelievably beautiful.

So beautiful in fact that chills ran up and down my spine.

The terror that seized me prevented me from opening my mouth.

Souta: “Miss God, you look a little different today.” Sochan is talking to her very casually.

“ “ …………… ” ”

Both Akane and I are at a loss for words.

“Please take a seat here.” The café employee is pulling out a chair for her like nothing happened.

WhーWhat is happening?!

The terrifyingly beautiful girl did not say a word as she sat down and stared intently at Sochan.

<Souta’s Perspective>

Akane and Yukina’s jaws dropped.

Although she looked different from inside the mirror, Miss God looked curiously at the cup of coffee that was set before her.

The café employee is putting on a disinterested, professional look on his face, but his eyes are curiously and hungrily observing our table.

The source of all this chaos, the Black Cat, is sitting there with a satisfied grin stretched across his face.

Akane: “Why are you so calm…….Souta?” Yukina: “Sochan, how do you know this girl?!”

Akane and Yukina are asking me questions with trembling voices, but I don’t know how to respond to them at all…….

“I am……..connected…… Souta’s…….soul…..” Akane: “Connected?!” Yukina: “Soul?!”

Oh no, if I let Miss God speak, it’s only going to get worse.

Souta: “Miss God, the delicious coffee is going to get cold.” “Hm……? Is this black water…….good to drink?”

Apparently, Miss God never tried coffee before.

I mix in some cream and sugar for her.

She cautiously drinks, but makes a scowling “HOT!” expression as she burnt her tongue.

Akane and Yukina are now looking between me and Miss God with suspicious eyes.

The situation devolved into complete chaos.

And in order to calm down, I drink down and empty my cup of coffee.

Ren: “Would you like a refill?” With impeccable timing, the café employee, Ren, comes up to me to inquire.

Souta: “Please. Thank you.” And I respond immediately.

Ren: “Here you are.”

And he brings me the second cup immediately.

Good, it’s so delicious.


Souta: “If it’s not all from the same pot, why does this second cup taste the same as the first one?” Since we’ve gotten to know each other better, I decided to ask him.

I didn’t care about what we talked about as long as I could change the subject.

Ren: “Oh, as expected of you, Mr. Souta. You really know your coffee. If you don’t drink the coffee within 30 minutes after brewing, the taste will gradually degrade. So after we brew our coffee, we [stop the time]. That’s why you’re always able to drink a fresh brew every time.” Souta: “I seeー”

In other words, it’s the same mechanism as Miss God’s world.

There, the flow of time was paused, so I was able to live without eating or drinking for several days without any issues.

Akane: “Souta?! I know you just accepted what he just explained like it was nothing, but you were told something pretty scary just now!! This café is basically using a Legendary Spell for their drinks, and it’s making me shiver just hearing about it!!” Leo: “Don’t make a such a huge fuss over something so minor, daughter of the Akabane.” Akane: “Deputy Manager……… it really something minor……?” From Akane’s reaction, the amazing taste of this coffee’s secret is rooted in the power of Magic.

And a single cup is 500 Yen (~$4.50).

It’s a good café after all.

Mary: “What’s with all the noise……? I’m sensing some god-thing snuck into my yard again…...HEYー!! YOU!! How dare you show your face around here!!”


As soon as Miss God got a glimpse of the Witch, she immediately ran and hid behind my back.

Her arms are wrapped around my waist and I could feel her shaking in fear.

Wait, so the Café Owner, Ms. Mary, was here after all?

Souta: “Ms. Mary, thank you so much for your help in rescuing me the other day.”

Mary: “Oh, hello boy. You’re out of the hospital I see. By the way…...are you perhaps possessed by her?” Souta: “Possessed?” Mary: “No, it’s actually closer to a [Contract] did that happen……?”

The Mauve Witch, Ms. Mary looked curiously between me and Miss God back and forth.

Yukina: “Sochan?! So who is this gorgeous woman?!”

Souta: “She’s the god that you summoned, Yukina.” Yukina: “Huh?”

Mary: “Well, whatever. I’ll just go ahead and eliminate this wanna-be-god and……” “EEK!!”

Leo: “Hey, Always-Tardy-Café-Manager, that Goddess is a customer that I summoned. Why don’t you go back inside and go wash some dishes. Oh, and the boy delivered some cookies and Bonito Flakes to us.” Mary: “What?! Cookies?! I’ll have some too!” Ren: “I’ll pour you a cup of coffee, Mother.” Akane: “..........Souta…….my head feels like it’s about to burst……”

Souta: “Maybe eating something sweet will help?” Akane: “Thanks.” I gave Akane a cookie, and she started nibbling on it.

The café employee brought coffee to the café manager.

Mary: “Hmph, I would have preferred ones with more chocolate covering the outsideー”

Ren: “Mother, it’s bad manners to complain about something that was brought to you as a gift.” Souta: “Oh, it’s okay, Ren. I’ll be able to choose better for next time now.”

“Hey, Souta. Did she decide to let me live…...again?”

Souta: “I think so.” Yukina: “Sochan~ could you…...introduce her…...Miss God? Anyways, could you introduce her to me already……” Akane: “Oh, me too, me too.” Souta: “Ohー Miss God, I never got to ask. What is your name by the way?” “ “ YOU DON”T KNOW?! ” ”

And it got noisier again.

6 people surrounded a table meant for 4, and it was a little crowded.

Since Yukina passed on Christmas Eve, I never would have imagined being in a situation like this, but it was quite fun and enjoyable.

Souta: (Maybe I’ll invite Touru next time.)

I wonder if he’ll come? As I thought about that, I sipped the second cup of coffee Ren brought to me.



This is the final chapter of “Spirit Girlfriend” by Isle Oosaki. He hints at writing a sequel to this story, but the story was written in June 2020 and the final chapter was submitted in August 2020. The characters in this plot do tie into the “Zero Believers” on-going series. The Café Owner Ms. Mary knows the “Crimson Witch” Rosary, and the Deputy Manager, Mr. Leo, is a relative of the familiar “Tsui”. He says he might write a follow-up bonus chapter when “Zero Believers” comes to an end.

He actually tried to write the original story from the Mauve Witch’s son, Ren’s perspective but could not finish the story. The sequel will either pick back up from Souta’s perspective or from another MC’s perspective in the same setting.

Thank you all for reading!


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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