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Spirit Girlfriend c32

Chapter 32: Souta Shibuya Returns to Normal Life


ーーIt was a few days after being pulled into that strange incident.

I was released from the hospital, and I was able to spend some time in my own room.

As morning came, I woke up and looked up at the familiar ceiling.

I get out of my bed and quickly get dressed in my school uniform.

I went to the living room to see my parents eating breakfast.

I don’t see my little sister, so she might still be asleep.

“Souta, are you sure you’re feeling better?”

“You don’t have to push yourself to go to school, okay?” Souta: “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” I smile at my worried parents. I finish my breakfast and head to school.

My day-to-day life is going back to normal.

A daily routine that would be like any other day.

ーーBut there were two big changes.


Touru: “Souta!”

As soon as I enter the classroom, my friend, Touru, runs over to me.

And the rest of the people in the classroom look at me as well.

Souta: “Hey, Touru. Are you doing well?”

Touru: “That’s my line, you idiot!”

My friend grabs me by the shoulder and whispers quietly into my ear.

Touru: “, I heard you got involved with that cult ritual, and you got sent to another world?” Souta: “Yeah, how’d you know?” Touru: “I’m so glad you’re okay……..” Souta: “I just got lucky.” Touru laughs with a strained smile across his face, but he was also abducted by the same cult and went through a lot of trouble as well.

But now, he seems to be doing much better.

He asked me if I could hang out with him this afternoon, but I had to tell him “Maybe another time” and had to turn him down.

“Hey, Souta. I heard you were hospitalized. What happened?” “Are you okay now?” “Are you free this afternoon?” I had to dodge a lot of questions from my other classmates, and I turned to look at one of the girls who was reading at her desk at the edge of the room.

The girlーーAkane noticed my gaze and our eyes met for a second.

But she immediately looked away.

I spoke with Akane several times at the hospital, so there’s no reason to talk here.

My other classmates kept asking me to hang out in the afternoon, but I had to tell them that I already had plans.

Class was over, and when I was about to head home….

“Souta.” Someone called my name from behind.

The girl with cat-like round eyes who gazed at me was….

Souta: “Akane, we’re meeting at that café today, right?” Akane: “Yeah, I was making sure that you didn’t forget.”

Souta: “I remember. We just talked about it on the phone yesterday.”

Akane: “Well, that’s trueー but…”

I walk slower to match Akane’s pace.

Souta: “Do you want to go together?”

We’re going to the same location anyways.

But I guess we won’t be meeting there then.

Akane: “No. I want to speak with <that girl> before I get there.”

Akane speaks with a difficult expression as she answers.

That girlーーshe’s talking about Yukina.

Souta: “Where is she right now?” Akane: “She says she’ll be wandering around nearby until school’s over.”

Souta: “I see…..” Since that incident, Yukina hasn’t appeared to me.

From what Akane told me, Yukina doesn’t know how she could ever face me again.

In truth, I have nothing against her at all but still…….

Akane: “But I will definitely bring her today. Even if it means putting a leash around her neck and dragging her there.” And Akane made a gesture as if to pull on a taught leash which made me chuckle.

Souta: “Then I’ll go ahead and wait for you there.” Akane: “Yeah, I’ll see you later.” I wave my hand and part ways with Akane.

I leave the school, and head to the forest where that café is located.

I am meeting Akane there, but I also want to relay my gratitude to the café owner as well.

After all, I wasn’t able to tell her thanks while I was at the hospital.

I owe the Café Owner my life.

I would like to directly tell her thank you.

And then it made me think.

Souta: (.....I guess it will be rude to not bring her something.)

I need to get a gift or something.

What should I get? I can’t think of anything.

After thinking about this for a while, I went to the dollar store near the forest.

I looked around the store for a while, and I decided on getting some cookies that were in a tin can.

When I brought the tin cookie can to the cashier, I thought about the Deputy Café Manager.

I don’t think cats like sweet things, right? I should get the Deputy Manager something different.

I was looking around the store more when I found some gift Bonito Flakes.

I couldn’t find anything better, so I got those for him.

…….but they were more expensive than the cookies.

I had both gift wrapped, and when I tried to leave the store, I noticed someone staring at me.

On the 1st floor cosmetics area, there was a large mirror.

Inside the mirror wasーー <a dark shadowy figure>.

My reflection stares back at me.

But next to it, there is a woman with long hair and red eyes standing next to me.

I come towards the mirror and call out to her.

Souta: “Hello, Miss God. Is something the matter?”

[.......are you going to go see that witch?]

A worried voice reaches my ear.

Yes, since I came back from that world, I thought I would never see her again, but when I looked into the mirror at the hospital, I saw that same [god] in my reflection.

It looks like my connection with the [god] is still on-going.

When I first saw her, I thought I would have a heart attack.

Souta: “Why……...are you reflected inside the mirror?” [I…….don’t quite understand it myself……..]

Souta: “Is there something….I should be worried about if this is happening….?”

[Hmmmmm…...I believe your soul somehow got connected to me…….we are only speaking through mirrors so there should not be any issues beyond that.]

Souta: “Well, if it’s just that, I guess it’s okay….” [Yes, do not concern yourself.]

And that’s how it is.

Since then, we speak about random things together.

I’ve gotten used to it now.

This is the first [change to my daily life].

Well, it’s just harder to see my own reflection at times, but otherwise, there’s no issues.

Souta: “I need to go say my thanks for saving me.” [Do you think she will come back to kill me…..?]

Looks like for Miss God, Ms. Mary is the source of her trauma.

Ms. Mary was scary at the time for sure. Reallyー

Souta: “If that happens, I’ll help stop her again.” [......please do]

Miss God crossed her arms and held her shoulders as she shivered in fear…..she sort of reminded me of a puppy.

I don’t know why, but it’s hard for me to ignore this [god].

Oh, they did a full analysis at the hospital and as a result, there are no signs or effects on my body or brain.

So I didn’t tell anyone that I could see Miss God in the mirror while I was there.

I was worried that they would throw me into an insane asylum if I did……

I leave the dollar store, and walk down the Nanai-Bashi Street towards the forest where the café is located.

There are many people walking in the streets.

I almost ran into someone that was walking towards me.

Souta: “I’m sorrー.....” But before I can apologize, the person <walks right through me>.

Souta: (It happened again…….)

I let out a deep sigh.

By the time I turn around, the person who almost ran into me has already disappeared.

Looks like that person was a <ghost>.

This is the second [change in my daily life].

Since I went to Miss God’s world, I am now able to see ghosts.

This is a little inconvenient, because I can’t tell the difference between an actual person and a ghost at a glance.

And just like it happened, I almost spoke to it.

I have asked Akane about this, but apparently, I’ll just have to do some training so that I can tell the differences.

It’s a troublesome change.

But, there are good things too.

If I can see ghostsーーthen I should be able to see Yukina.

But since I came back to this world, Yukina has not shown herself to me once.

I really would like to talk to her……..

As I kept thinking of these things, I arrived at the café.

It’s a log house with a red room.

And like usual, there are no other customers there.

I sat down at one of the tables on the terrace.

On top of the table, the Deputy Manager, the Black Cat, Mr. Leo is napping under the sun.

Leo: “It’s been a while, boy.” Souta: “Yes, it’s been a while, Mr. Leo.” Leo: “I heard that you ran into some trouble.” Souta: “Yes, the Café Owner had to come and rescue me.”

Leo: “Then you were fortunate that you had her business card.” Souta: “Yes, Akane was the one who contacted the Café Owner on my behalf.”

At the time, Akane found the business card that was tucked inside my smartphone case, and she contacted Ms. Mary to please help me after I was taken to that strange world.

I’m really glad that I had Ms. Mary’s number.

If it wasn’t for that……….I may still be trapped there or could have died.

“Welcome.” Before I recognized that he’s there, the beautiful, handsome café worker was standing there.

He was definitely not there a moment ago, but I got used to him appearing out of nowhere.

Souta: “Could I have the coffee? And is the Café Owner here today?” “One hot coffee. And unfortunately, the Café Owner is absent today.” Leo: “You mean, she’s always absent.”

Mr. Leo adds his own comments to the café worker’s words.

But yeah…..

I guess Ms. Mary isn’t here.

But it just means that I’ll have to keep coming back until I do see her.

But even so, the food I bought has an expiration date.

Souta: “Could you hand this to the Café Owner when you get a chance? I wanted to show her my gratitude for her help last time.” I give the café worker the gift-wrapped boxes inside the bag.

“Is it cookies?”

Leo: “Oh, and Bonito Flakes, and good quality too.” How did the two know what was inside without even opening the packages? “Please wait while I prepare your coffee. Thank you so much for these items.” And with that, the café worker disappeared into the store.

Normally, I would have to wait about 10 minutes but….

“Thank you for waiting.” Within 30 seconds, the café worker brings the coffee on a tray.

As always, his speed is unbelievable.

And this coffee was prepared with the right steps, so it’s almost like magic.

………..well, he’s probably using magic in truthー

In fact, this café is owned and run by a Witch.

Before me, he brought the coffee <with the cookies and bonito flakes> served on plates.

Souta: “Um…...this is…..?” Leo: “Oh, good for you, disciple. How thoughtful of you.” Mr. Leo licked his lips happily in anticipation.

“I thought this would be a good time to go ahead and try the cookies.” Souta: “But I got these for you and the Café Owner…” “It’s okay. The Café Owner is almost never here.” The beautiful café worker says this with a cool expression.

Butー hmmmmmー it doesn’t feel right for me to eat this on my own.

Souta: “Then would you like to join me? I’ll pay for your coffee.” “Huh?” I must have taken the café worker by surprise as he looked at me with a blank expression.

I remember Ms. Mary said how she let me go because I was good friends with the café worker.

Then I need to tell the café worker thanks as well.

“Oh, no…….I’m currently working so….” Leo: “It’s okay. There’s no other customers here except the boy. Plus, you can drink coffee, and the customer’s paying. Be thankful and take up his offer.”

“Is it really okay…..?” Leo: “The Deputy Manager is saying so.” That’s right, Mr. Leo is technically the Deputy Café Manager.

“Then I’ll go make myself a cup of coffee.”

And with light feet, the café worker rushes back towards the store.

He seemed happy.

And he came back right away with a cup of coffee.

He sat in the chair directly across from me.

I sipped the coffee without sugar or cream.

……….yes, it’s so delicious.

“Mr. Customer, you really do enjoy drinking my coffee.”

The beautiful café worker smiles at me.

Seeing that smile made me blush as I continued to take another sip out of my cup.

………..I wonder… this café worker a woman or a man? I can’t tell.

Leo: “Disciple, the boy is wondering about your gender.”

Souta: “PFFFT!!”

I almost spewed out the coffee from my mouth.

Souta: “Mr. Leo?!”

How can he tell what I’m thinking?!

“Ohhh… that what you were thinking about, Mr. Customer?” Souta: “Well, the question has been on my mind.” The café worker looks at me with an irritated stare, and I let out a small sigh.

It got a little awkward.

“Mr. Customer, my name is Ren Misaki.”

Souta: “Ren…….” It’s a beautiful name that suits the café worker. I see, so her name is Ren.

So she’s the <daughter> of the Café Owner.

Leo: “Disciple, you didn’t say it clearly so there’s now a misunderstanding. The boy thinks you’re a girl.” Souta: “What? Ren is a girl’s name, correct?” Ren: “It is not! I’m a man! How could you think that I’m a woman?!” Oh…… the café worker was a male.

The café workerーーRen is throwing angry looks at me.

He’s this cute, but he’s a guy…….

The world really is full of mysterious thingsー

And the three of us conversed about this and that.

Leo: “Oh, isn’t there someone else coming today?” Mr. Leo finished eating the Bonito Flakes and looks sleepy now.

He lets out a <MEOOOOOW> and yawns.

Souta: “Akane is coming, but if the Café Owner isn’t here, we won’t be able to tell her thank you.”

Ren: “Ohhh, the girl from the Akabane Family. She’s Mr. Souta’s girlfriend, right?” Now that we have properly introduced ourselves, Ren is now joining in our conversation pretty actively.

Looks like he likes making small talk.

Souta: “Yes, Akane is my girlfriend. And she should be bringing a ghost girlーーYukina. They’ll be coming together.” Leo: “.......the ghost girl was your ex-girlfriend, right? You’re a popular one.” Ren: “What?! Is that true? Both your girlfriend and ex are coming together? How did that happen?”

With Mr. Leo’s mumbling comment, Ren was now looking at me with curious, sparkling eyes.

Does he like romance and relationship stories? It was then….

Akane: “Souta, sorry to keep you waiting.” The person I was meeting here arrived.

I turn around and see a cute, bob cut girl, and next to her is a beautiful, long-haired ghost of a girl.

I saw Yukina Shinonome clearly in my eyes.


Bonito Flakes (katsuo bushi) (鰹節) - Thinly shaved dried “katsuo” (tuna). This is mainly used as a soup base or flavoring and sprinkled on various dishes for added flavoring. They’re thrown into noodle dishes as well as commonly used with tofu dishes. Cats love them.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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