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Spirit Girlfriend c31

Chapter 31: The Mauve Witch

“So you’re the one who trashed my territory, huh?”

Even though there wasn’t any wind, her hair blew gracefully around as she spoke.

But the beautiful voice of the woman had something terrifying woven inside each word.

Her piercing glare went right through anyone she looked at.

We are now surrounded by a light purple vortex.

It was a blizzard of mauve flower petals.

Souta: “........................ah………...a………”

I tried to speak, but my tongue wouldn’t work properly.

I recognized the woman from somewhere, but I couldn’t remember who she was.

I just stretched out my hand and spoke incoherent sounds towards her.

“Hm?” The woman’s gaze fell upon me.

“Oh? Sorry, sorry. You couldn’t talk, I see.” She smiles briefly and points a finger at me.

ーー[White] Magic・Spirit Analysis

Souta: “Ugh…………” My mind begins to clear….

All of my memories up until now come back to me with greater clarity.

There was a strange Ritual and…...I was taken to a weird world and……..are Akane and Yukina doing okay? Are they worried about me? There are many things to be worried and concerned about.

But I need to take care of the problem right in front of me first.

I turn my eyes towards the beautiful woman in the light purple dress standing right before me.

It’s the Owner of that café.

I think on her business card, her name wasーーMary, the Wisteria Witch.

And she’s one of the 72 real [Witches] in the world.

Did she come here to rescue me……..?

It was then that….


A bestial roar of someone’s voice boomed from behind me.

Souta: “Miss God?”

Her usual nonchalant expression was wiped away as her eyes widen and began to glow in ominous ways.


With another roar, the air was filled with hundreds of twisted black swords.

All of it pointed directly at the Witch, Ms. Mary, and flew her way.

Souta: “WーWatch out!”

I shouted, but Ms. Mary glanced a bored look at the incoming swords.

Mary: “You claim to be a god, but at best, you’re using Magic that’s not even [Junior God Class].......?”

Hundreds of black swords pierced Ms. Mary.

Or so I thought as her body changed into a log.

Souta: (ThーThe “Utsusemi Jutsu”!!) {leave decoy and vanish Ninja technique}

The Witch, Ms. Mary, was actually a ninja?!

As stupid thoughts crossed my mind, from the ground, giant trees began to grow and rise up.

Mary: “World Tree, that’s your food.”

I hear a mocking voice from somewhere.


The god cries out and with a black sword, swings at the tree that continues to still grow.

But from the cuts, roots stretch out, wrap around, and grab a hold of her.

The tree’s roots move like tentacles.

[UGH………….WHAT……..IS THIS……….?]

Mary: “A sprout from the World Tree, Yggdrasill. You don’t even know that? Well, whatever. You’ll be destroyed now, so it has nothing to do with you anymore.”

[......LET ME GO!!!]

The more the god struggles to try and escape, the tighter the roots constrict her.

And not only that, as more roots wrap around her, the god seems to be weakening quickly…..

It’s as if the tree is sucking out her life as part of its nutrition.


Again, she lets out another bestial roar as hundreds of black swords appear in the air.

She sends them flying at incredible speeds towards the roots holding her.

But...they don’t reach her.

All the swords were broken momentarily.

Souta: (Is this….Ms. Mary’s magic……..?)

She’s overwhelming the god.

Without any sense of danger or risk, she continues to nullify the god’s attacks.

And on the opposite end, no matter what the god does, the god’s attacks were all blocked, and now she has no further actions she can take against Ms. Mary.

In the end, the empty vacuum of space now held a forest.

And before my eyes was a god who was strung up by the tree’s roots and lay limp in its grasp.

Mary: “Okay, we’re done after this.”

With that, in Ms. Mary’s hand was one wooden staff.

No, it’s not a staff.

It’s a spear.

It was a white, long wooden spear.

The spear was at least 3 meters (~10 ft) long and it seemed to be too long for an ordinary human to hold.

The end of the spear was split into two in a strange shape.


The god tried to escape, but the roots have her completely tied up.

Mary: “It’s a replica of the Sacred Spear……….it’s a B-Class quality, but good enough for a god as low-class as you…….anyways, this is goodbye.”

Ms. Mary takes up the spear and readies it like an spear-throwing athlete would.

In a second, that god will be pierced.


The god was looking at me.

With begging eyes, she was looking at me.

Souta: “Please wait, Ms. Mary!”

Before I knew what I was doing, I was standing in between the god and Ms. Mary.

Mary: “’re in the way.” An ice-cold voice replied to me.

Mary: “Why are you getting in the way? I came here to save you, you know?” Souta: “Is there a reason to kill this god? No, right?” Mary: “There is.” She completely rejects my reasoning, and I’m at a loss for words.

Souta: “Why……….is that?”

Mary: “Because she was summoned into my territory. If I let such a low-class god do whatever she wants, the other Witches will see it as a weakness. That’s why I have to kill her. Do you understand?” She speaks casually.

She spoke as though trying to make a toddler who’s throwing a fit understand.

And I also got the sense that any further arguments might lead to me getting killed in the process.

Souta: “Even so…...please, don’t kill her.”

Mary: “Hmmmm……’re still saying that?”

With a <STAB>, she throws the spearhead into the ground, and crossing her arms, the Witch comes over to me.


I turn around, and the god is looking at me in disbelief.

I think she’s surprised, but it’s hard to read her expression.

She’s always expression-less.

Mary: “Because of her, many people died. She also brought you here, and you were on the brink of death, you know?”

Souta: “But……..she spoke to me to help me…...and I know I was weakened to the point where I couldn’t speak any more but….”

Mary: “If I kill her, this world itself will disappear. We’ll prevent anyone else from getting lost inside here going forward. Isn’t that better?”

Souta: “But….it was that weird religious cult that summoned her out of their own selfish ambition…..and that god was only trying to answer their prayers… killing her is…….”

I desperately tried to convince her.

Was it a few days? No, I don’t know how long I’ve been trapped here, but during that time, she was with me the whole time, and I couldn’t bear the thought of her being killed.

Mary: “Well, I understand what you’re trying to say.” Did she finally understand? I was about to let out a sigh of relief when…

Souta: “WHAー?!”

The same tree roots that were tying up the god wrapped around me, and I was no longer able to move.

The roots pushed me down to the ground, and I laid flat against the floor.

I hear the sound of footsteps approaching.

Mary: “What I hate most in this for someone to tell me what to do.”

Souta: “Ms…….Mary…..?”

I swallow hard.

I didn’t see a speck of familiarity or kindness within her eyes anymore.

Mary: “So tell me. Why do I have to follow your orders?”

The eyes that looked down upon me were like ice.

If I misspeak or bungle my words, I’ll be killed.

That was what my gut told me.

What should I say……..? Even if I ask her to reconsider, I don’t think that would work.

I went back and forth about this, but I finally opened my mouth to speak.

Souta: “Because, listening to a suggestion of one of your regulars isn’t a bad idea, right Ms. Owner?”

I mumble those words, and the Witch’s expression instantly goes blank.

WーWas that a mistake?!

Groveling at her feet wouldn’t seem to do, so I tried another approach…….but was I being too...friendly with her?

I can hear the pounding of my heart inside my ears, and I waited for Ms. Mary’s reaction.

She was surprised at first, but she seemed to remember something and furrowed her brows.

Mary: “That’s right. Weren't you the one that said my coffee was like mud water……..?” Souta: “No, that’s……” To be accurate, I thought mud water would be better. That was my true impression.

It was the worst coffee I ever tasted in my life.

Mary: “YーYou’re the worst! You don’t have to say it like that!”

Souta: “Uh….what?”

I didn’t say that out loud, right? Did she read my mind? Mary: “I won’t forgive you……..”

The Witch chews on her nails as she mumbles to herself.

Should I……...apologize?” Souta: “Excuse me…….but…..” With much fear and anxiety, I spoke up to her, but she immediately glared at me.

Mary: “Fine! My son also likes you too, so I’ll let you go this one time. And you! Consider yourself most fortunate, you nameless god wannabe!”

As soon as she was done speaking, the tree roots that were tying both the god and I up were gone.

And the Witch held a small branch in her hands.


Souta: “..................”

I was released.

From a little ways away, the god is also looking at me with astonishment.

………..did we…….make it through alive….? Mary: “C’mon. Let’s go home, boy.”

The Witch took a hold of my hand.

At that moment, a vortex of flower petals begins to swirl around us.

Mary: “I’m not very good with dimensional transportation spells. If you let go of my hand, you’ll be trapped between dimensions, and it’ll be impossible for your to return if that happens, so be careful.”

Souta: “YーYes!”

Flinching at those words, I held the Witch’s hand tightly.

ThーThat would be terrifying.

I’ll never let go of this hand.

That’s when I felt someone staring at me.

There was a black shadow looking my way.

The red eyes that looked upon me seemed a bit lonely.

Souta: “Good bye, Miss God.”

[...................thank you]

Those were the last words I heard.

Next, we were enveloped in light, and I lost my consciousness.


When I woke up, I saw a completely white ceiling.

I tried to get up, and I noticed that there was some sort of tube stuck in my arm.

Next to me was a machine that was monitoring my heart beat.

Where am I? From the looks of the room, it looks like a hospital but… this some sort of ICU?

“The patient has awakened.”

From above my head, I hear a voice like a nurse’s.

“I told you, you’re all making a big fuss over nothing. Here, let me take him back already.” “We cannot, Lady Mary. Once a person has stepped into another world, we need to monitor him for the next few days at the very least. These are our security protocols.”

“Why do you all have to make it so difficultー Don’t you get tired of any of this?”

“I understand your frustrations, but….these are the rules and regulations…..” “Please let me see Souta!”

“Akane, don’t worry. His mental state was in shambles, but I fixed him up just right.” “THAT GIVES ME NO REASSURANCE AT ALL!!”

I can hear several voices.

One of them is a very familiar voice.

Akane……….sorry to make you worry so much.

I need to apologize to her.

I let out a sigh of relief.

……..looks like……..I was able to come back to my world somehow.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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