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Spirit Girlfriend c29

Chapter 29: Souta Shibuya Faces a God

ーーThe first thing that appeared was a [hand].

From the dark, black water, <several dozens> of pitch black arms stretched out from it.

I heard faint chuckling of children, of someone creepily laughing around me.

My back was now drenched in sweat, and it wasn’t due to the room’s rise in temperature.

The disgusting arms wriggled and twisted before it latched onto the ground.

And very, very slowly, a giant object loomed out from it.

The body resembled an amoeba, and though its shape was not well defined and hard to explain, to put it in the most simplest terms, it was in a shape of [a giant toad].

This………….this is a god?

As I stared at it blankly, my heart beat faster, and it was harder to breathe.

Calm down….

I used the Ancient Art’s method of focusing, concentrating, and meditating and forced my bucking heart to calm down.

I spoke to Akane who was standing next to me.

Souta: “Akane, did the Summoning Spell succeed?”

Akane: “Whー......Wh………….is that?”

I could tell with a glance that blood withdrew from Akane’s face which left her with a pale white-blue complexion.

She’s definitely not in a normal state of mind.

Souta: “Akane, calm down. Don’t stare at it.”

Akane: “YーYeah… Thanks…..Souta….”

I held Akane’s shaking shoulder and pulled her close to me.

I take a moment to survey the people in green robes around me to see how they are taking the situation.

“Oh……….Most Holy God…….”

“Please… us…….”


Everyone is kneeling and bowing on the ground before that giant object and praying to it.

So……...does this mean….

Does this mean, in their minds, the Ritual succeeded?

I call out to Yukina who is standing on the very outer limits of the Magic Circle on the ground.

Souta: “Yukina, what happens now?” Yukina: “..................”

There was no answer.

Souta: “HeーY, Yuki……..what?”

Youta: “...............” When I peered into her face, her eyes were rolled back, and she was unconscious.

Souta: “HーHey! Yukina!”

I tried to reach out to grab hold of her shoulders, but my hands keep passing right through.

It’s no use. I can’t touch Yukina.

Souta: “Akane! Come over here!”

Akane: “.......what’s wrong, Souta?” Akane came over with her face still pale.

Souta: “Something’s wrong with Yukina.”

Akane: “Heーy, Yukinaー”

Akane gently shakes Yukina’s body.

Wow, so Akane can touch ghosts? Being a Mage has its perks.

The unconscious Yukina regained her consciousness.

Yukina: “Ughhhhhhhh…...please, no frogs…….not frogs…….anything but frogs…..”

Hearing what Yukina was saying, both Akane and I look at each other.

Souta: “That’s right….wasn’t Yukina….” Akane: “...really afraid of frogs….?”

Yukina was practically fearless in all aspects except for one weakness.

When she was little, she went to the countryside and fell into a rice patty field, and unluckily fell right into the middle of a nest of frogs.

The frogs all swarmed around her and got into her clothes as she passed out.

Since then, no matter how small the frog is, Yukina would always run away at the sight of a frog.

I glance back at the Monster who’s sitting in the middle of the Magic Circle with a <DON!> (sfx emphasis) presence.

It is weirdly shaped, and there are tentacle-like arms dangling out of its body, and you could make a lot of arguments, but I think it’s safe to call it a Giant Frog that stood around 3 meters (~10 ft) tall.

Anyone who doesn’t like frogs might immediately pass out from the sight.

I mean, even without Ranidaphobia (fear of frogs), I’m grossed out looking at it.

Akane: “Yukina! Get a hold of yourself!”

Yukina: “Whaー....what happened to…...EEEEEEK?!?!”

Akane calls to Yukina again, but getting another good look at the Frog God, Yukina immediately scrambles and hides behind Akane’s back.

………….but Yukina is the one who officially summoned it, right?

Would that thing be offended at Yukina’s scared reaction towards it?

That’s when one of the green robed people came with uncertain steps towards the [god].

“My Lord….please….please revive my child who passed away… are his ashes…..”

With a begging voice, the woman spoke.

The hideously malformed [god] did not move.

“Um… Lord…..?”

The woman’s voice wavers between fear and confusion and continues to speak to it.

That’s when it happened.

The god opened its mouth, and with incredible speed, a tongue stretched out and grabbed the woman.


But before she could let out a scream, the woman in green robes disappeared inside the god’s mouth.

“ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Huh ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ”

Everyone, including myself, stare at what just happened with a blank expression.

Did…….<did she just get eaten>............?

Hey now….

I’m starting to think that that thing is not a god...

Souta: “Yukina, Akane, let’s run”

But before I could finish my sentence, a baby’s cry echoed and filled the room.

Looking back, a baby was crying where the woman was standing a moment before.

IーIs that… that the woman’s child…….? But what’s the point of only having the baby come back to life if she has to forfeit her life?

And what’s worse…..

Akane: “Hey…..that baby…..”

Yukina: “Um… that…..a human baby…….perhaps?”

There’s a reason why Akane and Yukina were unsure.

The voice was that of a baby’s, but its appearance was not normal.

The skin was an usual color, it had no eyes or nose, and it only had a mouth on its face.

Although it was crying loud before, its voice gradually subsided, and not being able to hold its shape anymore, it crumbled to pieces and was gone.

Does…...does that count as coming back to life………?

After seeing that, no one else is going to ask the god to carry out their request.

Of course they wouldn’t.

But…..what should we do now? What are we supposed to do after this?

Akane: “Yukina, do you know the Dismiss Summoning Spell………?”

Akane quietly whispers to Yukina.

Yukina: “YーYes…..they taught me that too. But…..should I really just return it right now………?”

Yukina looks worriedly at the people around us.

All the people in green robes are just standing around in confusion.

We don’t have time for this.

Souta: “Hey! Who organized this?! If you have a request for that god, hurry it up! If you don’t, then have it return from where it came from!”

They were all probably older than I was, but I had no time to care about being polite.

But no one answered.

Everyone is just silent with a downcast expression and staring at the ground.

They spent so much time preparing for this moment, and maybe they’re having a hard time accepting these results…..


Another scream echoed into the air.

Another person in green robes was swallowed by the Monster God.

Souta: “Yukina! Send that thing back to its world!”

Yukina: “YーYes. I will, Sochan.” With regret spreading over her face, she screamed, “XXXXXXXXXXXXX” and I couldn’t understand what she said.

But the Monster just looked in Yukina’s direction.

Yukina: “EEEEEEEKー!”

Yukina hides behind Akane again.

She is really terrified of this Frog Monster….

Akane: “Souta, something’s not right.”

Souta: “Yeah, that god isn’t going back……”

Yukina’s [Summoning Dismissal Spell] is not activating.

[...........not enough……………...souls………….]

Souta: “Did you hear something?” Akane: “Yeah, I heard it too.”

Is it the voice of this Monster?


I heard the voice again.

It wasn’t a voice you would ever hear from a human throat. I realized that it was coming from the Monster God in front of us.

Souta: “Souls……..?” What is it talking about?

“IーIt can’t go back…… doesn’t have enough sacrifices…..”

“It doesn’t have enough Mana to return……”

I heard someone from the green robes group speak up.

Hey, hey…..there’s no time for jokes right now….


Someone screamed and like the people in green robes scattered in all directions.

“AAAAAAGHHHHH!” “NOOOOO!!!” “HーHelp……..”

And the Monster continues to devour people one right after another.

Souta: (It’s straight up a scene from Hell….)

Akane and I slowly step back.

The Monster is prioritizing the people trying to escape and attacking them first.

Or it’s reacting to people’s movements…..

Souta: “Akane, is there any other way? Is there a way to do something about that Monster?”

Akane: “I reported to the police about this Ritual, so they should be arriving soon with a Mage....”

Souta: “I don’t think we’ll have any time to wait for them to arrive.”

The people in the green robes were getting swallowed up one by one.

Akane: “The Magic Stone is acting as a mediator of the summoning, so if it’s destroyed, that [god] will lose the connection to our world and….it could be rejected from this world and disappear but….”

But in the direction that Akane’s looking, there is only the massive body of the God there.

The stone is most likely beneath its feet.

Yukina: “WーWe...can’t go hear that…..if we do….it’ll eat us….”

Yukina let’s out a whimper, her voice crushed with despair.

That’s true.

In order to destroy the Magic Stone, you will have to move the Monster on top of it.

But that Monster is a God.

I can’t use Magic. I’m just an ordinary person.

But leaving things as they are, Akane and Yukina are in danger.

I need to make sure that nothing happens to them at all costs.

Last Christmas, I lost Yukina, my girlfriend, after an accident.

Yesterday, I just started dating my new girlfriend, Akane.

Both were standing before me.

Yukina: “Akane and Sochan, you all should run…..I called that thing over so….I need to take responsibility.”

With a shaking, trembling voice, Yukina spoke to us.

Akane: “Yukina, I know you’re scared too….. Run away with Souta. I have to wait here until the police and the Mage comes.”

But even in Akane’s voice, I hear a lot of fears and worries.

And there are still many people in green robes all around us.

What bothered me was why the Monster wasn’t coming after us.

And from the Monster’s body, small balls about 50 cm (~20 in.) kept falling out.

…….what is that?

I really hope……..that it’s not laying eggs. Please, give us a break.

But that’s when the Monster looked directly at us.

It continued to stare intently this way.

We should have ran earlier.

ーーA Witches……...soul………..

The Monster kept its sights on Yukina and Akane and said something.

A Witch……?

Akane: “It’s because…..I’m a Mage….”

Akane mumbles with a trembling voice.

Because she’s a Mage, it wants her soul? Yukina: “AーAnd I’m technically a Mage now tooー......haha…”

Yukina sounded like she was about to cry.

Looks like the two are now targeted by that Monster God.

Yukina is barely standing on her feet and could crumple to the floor any second because of that Frog Monster.

Although…..she is a ghost so her feet shouldn’t be a problem, right…..?

Akane has never been the athletic type.

I doubt that she’ll be able to get away safely.

………...I quietly take in deep breaths and exhale slowly.

Souta: “Yukina, Akane.”

I call the names of the two.

Yukina: “Sochan?” Akane: “Souta?” When I called the two’s name, both responded with concern in their voice.

Souta: “Take care of yourselves.”

Yukina: “Waiー!”

Akane: “Huh?”

Yukina understood my intentions, but Akane was left confused.

Before the two can stop me, I was running towards the Monster at a full sprint.

The eyes embedded all over its body immediately rotated and turned to look at me.

Although there were 100 eyes staring at me, the long tongue stretching from its large mouth was the only thing that could attack me.

It opened its gaping mouth.

And a long tongue snapped with a bullet’s speed and came at me.

ーーAncient Arts・Evade

I manage to barely dodge it.

But the problem starts from here.

After sticking its tongue out, the Monster’s tongue will pull back now. 

In other words, there’s a second attack coming.

The long, stretched out tongue is now pulling back towards the Monster and is trying to wrap around me on the way back.

ーーAncient Arts・Redirect

Again, I was able to dodge the giant incoming tongue barely as it passed by.

It was only millimeters away from my skin as it ripped through my school uniform.

That was too close.

But I made it.

Now, the Monster shouldn’t have any attack options left.

<ZUZUZU> (sfx something dragging outwards)

From the Monster’s body, many arms suddenly sprung out from it.

The arms moved and wriggled like a mollusk and came towards me in serpentine movements as it tried to wrap around me.

I can’t…..avoid these.

With that last Redirect, I lost my balance.

I can’t make a move to dodge the arms.

The arms that grew out from the Monster’s body were only 10 cm (~4 in) away now.

I trusted my instincts and <fell forward>.

I felt the Monster’s arm pass by over my back.

My face was just about to hit the floor, but with my remaining foot I kicked the ground.

I hear sounds of the air being cut above me.

Just barely above my back, the Monster’s arms continue to graze past it.

I hear something <CLANG!> against the ground below me.

My phone fell to the floor.

But there’s no time to pick it up.

Right in front of me is the Monster’s body.

I can reach him with my hand nowーーhe’s in range for my attack.

Within a second, I reposition and ready myself.

I will use the [Inner Power Release].

This is my strongest move that I learned from my Master.

But this probably won’t do anything against the Monster God before me.

I don’t understand Magic at all, but I directly felt its ridiculous strength emanating from its presence.

This isn’t something a human can do something about.

That’s why my target is the Magic Stone lying beneath the Monster God’s feet.

I can’t see it under this hideous mass, but it should still be there.

If I use my [Inner Power Release], I should be able to pierce the Monster’s body and attack the Magic Stone directly.

In the past, my Master made the air vibrate in between his opponent and himself and defeated him.


[It’s the same as the “Inner Power Release” but used in a different manner. I call it, “Distant Hit.” Isn’t that convenient? C’mon, Souta. Now you try.]



He remembers an exchange like that with his Master.

But now, he doesn’t have a choice.

There is no other way.

ーーAncient Arts・Inner Power Release

I thrust my fist forward in a punch, and it pierces the Monster’s body.

I also feel my fist smash and get pulverized.

The [Distant Hit] is not a convenient long range strike like a gun.

The force that you punch with will be reflected back on you.

With his full force, he punched the Magic Stone, a genuine block of ore, with his fist.

There’s no way his fist would not suffer any consequences.

Even still…….

Souta: (I felt it go through……..the Magic Stone was destroyed.)

In exchange for sacrificing his fist, Souta was able to destroy the Magic Stone that was used to summon the Monster God.


A voice twisted with sadness echoes into the air.

The Monster God’s giant body slowly sinks back into the black waters.

Thank goodness.

Please just go back.

Sorry for calling you out here.

As soon as I let out a breath of relief, many black arms wrap around my body.


Yukina: “SOCHAN!”

Akane: “SOUTA! RUN!!”

Souta: “UGH!!”

Yukina and Akane didn’t have to tell me twice. I tried to escape from the Monster’s arms, but more continued to wrap around my body and wouldn’t let go.

The Monster God’s body is already halfway sunk in the black swamp.

And now, my leg is caught inside and slowly getting dragged further.

Instinctive terror screams throughout my entire body.


At this rate, I’m going to be completely dragged in there.

But I can’t move my body at all.

Despair fills my heart and thoughts.

Right then, I hear footsteps running to me from behind.

The footsteps are from Akane.

And Yukina is also heading over without making any sounds.

I turn around to face the two and see their faces.

I’m glad.

I was able to protect the two.

Both look like they’re about to cry.

That’s why…….all I could do was smile - the biggest, brightest smile I could muster at them.

Andーーーーthe darkness swallowed me.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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