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Spirit Girlfriend c28

Chapter 28: Souta Shibuya Speaks with Yukina

Souta: “YーYukina……………..?”

Completely perplexed and in bewilderment, I gaze at Yukina standing above the red Magic Inscription .

Yukina: “Hehe, isn’t this amazing? They said that if I stand above this Magic Circle, you can even see ghosts.”

Yukina spins as if to dance inside the circle, and all I could do was just gaze at her.

That’s when both my arms were grabbed.

It was the two men who were trying to capture me before.


I try to get my arms free, but it’s difficult to do so once they grab a hold of you.

Yukina: “Sochan, you can’t struggle. Have you forgotten? Akane’s been captured. You can’t fight back.”

I flinch at her words.

Glancing sideways, I see the two women who have Akane.

And one of the women next to her is holding a knife.


Akane: “Yukina! What are you doing?!”

Souta: “Yukina! What’s going on?!”

Akane yells at the top of her lungs, and I also join in equally confused.

Yukina: “Oh, c’mon you two~ can’t you see that they’re in the middle of a Spell incantation? You’ll ruin their concentration if you keep yelling like that.”

Unlike us, Yukina was laughing.

I don’t see a single tinge of doubt or concern in her smile.

What are you saying, Yukina? She makes it sound like she’s in cahoots with the Green Robes….

Souta: “Yukina……..what are you saying?”

My tongue seems to be twisted and tied up.

My throat is bone dry.

And Yukina only smiled before answering me.

Yukina: “Right now…….we’re in the middle of summoning a <god>. Isn’t that amazing? A god who will <bring the dead back to life>. That’s why, Sochan. I’m going to be alive again!”

Souta: “...............................what……?”

My mind goes blank with her words.

Yukina’s……...coming back to life?

Akane: “That’s impossible! It can’t be done! Yukina, they’re only using you!”

Akane screams in protest.

Yukina: “It can be done. You said there’s no Mage who can bring the dead back to life, right? That’s something you taught me, and the people here know that as well. But….what about a god? If it’s a god, wouldn’t it be simple to raise the dead back to life?” Akane: “ThーThat’s…...but…….it’s impossible to summon a god!”

With Akane’s words, Yukina’s smile disappeared to something pained and thoughtful.

Yukina: “Everyone here…….they’re all in grief. Everyone here lost someone they love. They lost the will to live, and that’s when they learned about the god who can bring the dead back to life. It would be impossible to summon this god alone. But that’s why we are putting our strengths together. Everyone sold everything they had, and they are putting everything on the line for this ritual. That’s why…..that’s why you can’t interrupt them….”

Yukina explains the situation simply and clearly.

Souta: “Yukina….but the [Green Robes]....they are the same group that is distributing [Snow]......that’s the same drug that was the cause of your accident and death…….have you considered that……? Yukina: “No, you’re wrong. That is a different branch and division. Everyone here is unrelated to [Snow].”

Souta: “........really……?”

Then…...are these guys not as bad as I thought? In fact, are we really interrupting a really important ritual for them……? But something still seems off.


Souta: “Yukina, Touru is inside that cage. You know that right? Why did you abduct and imprison him……?”

Yukina: “Oh, Touru and his friends? Everyone in that cage is related to the Police or Church. They all learned about the ritual, so we had to capture them. But they’re all just sleeping, and none are injured. And we’ll let them go as soon as the ritual is done.”

Souta: “Released after the ritual is done…….?” UーUm…..

Then… there not a problem…..? Yukina: “That’s why Sochan, you have to behave! We’ll summon a god, and I’ll come back to life☆”

Souta: “OーOkay…..” I instinctively nodded when Yukina winked at me.

Akane: “No! You can’t do this!” It was Akane who made her voice louder.

There are women in green robes who are holding onto Akane’s arms. Even though there is a knife placed near her throat, her struggle is only making the knife touch the skin.

Souta: “AーAkane…..stop……’ll get hurt…..” Akane: “Yukina! You have to stop this! There’s no telling what would happen if you keep going. It’s dangerous…!”

Yukina: “Dangerous?” Yukina looks at her with mock surprise.

The eyes that stared at Akane was not smiling.

Yukina: “What do you mean by dangerous?” Akane: “WーWell…..a summoning ritual like this will definitely fail. If it fails, there’s no telling what will happen…”

Yukina: “Oh… it might fail. What would happen if it fails?” Akane: “ThーThat’s….” Yukina: “You mean….<I might die> as a result? Something like that?” Akane: “.......huh?” With Yukina’s words, Akane’s expression goes blank with confusion for a moment.

Yukina: “Hehe, then it’s okay. It’s okay because I’m already dead. Right, Sochan?”

Souta: “YーYeah…...that’s true.” She suddenly directed the conversation to me.

It’s true that for Yukina who’s already a ghost, she has nothing to lose.

Souta: “Hey, Yukina. Are you sure that this [summoning] will go according to plan?” Yukina: “Hehe, you’re such a cautious worry wart, Sochan. All these people here researched this a lot and we found the most certain way of making it succeed, so don’t you worry.” Souta: “BーBut Yukina, you can’t use Magic right? Why are you working with them?” Yukina: “Well, Sochan. It turns out that I actually had talent for Magic. When I was alive, I was a completely normal person, but after becoming a ghost, my Magical talents suddenly bloomed!”

It was an unbelievable truth.

Souta: “RーReally…..?” Yukina: “Yup! Aren’t I amazing?!”

And Yukina makes a peace sign with her hand at me.

Souta: “Yeah…..that is amazing…..Yukina…” She had a lot of talents when she was alive, but she also had a hidden talent that budded after dying.

I was genuinely impressed.

Yukina: “So my role is to call forth a god as the final step of everyone’s incantation. Originally, there was a [priestess] who was supposed to do that but…...something came up, and she no longer could do it anymore. And these people here were at a complete loss until they found me, and now we can proceed with the [Ritual]!”

Souta: “So that’s why you’re cooperating with them?”

Yukina: “Yes! So Sochan! Stay right there and pray for our success, okay?”

I was just about to answer her when……….Akane interrupted us.

Akane: “Souta! Don’t be fooled! This isn’t going to work!”

Souta: “Akane…..but……” Akane: “It’s impossible…..a Mage without a National Certification wouldn’t be able to summon a god.”

Is that……..true? I don’t know much about Magic, so I don’t know whose side to take.

But I felt an icy chill go down my back.

Yukina: “Akane…..seriously, what is with you? Could you stop saying it’s impossible this and impossible that…..?”

Yukina was speaking cheerfully before, but now agitation took over her voice.

That’s the face Yukina makes when she’s in a bad mood.

Yukina: “Let me tell you something. When I became a ghost, I could <read people’s minds>. They told me it’s part of my Magic power.”

Akane: “Huh?”

With Yukina’s words, Akane turns pale.

Yukina: “The way to initiate the Spell is to possess the person. So that’s why I was able to understand what you really thought, Akane.”

Akane: “.............................”

Akane lost her words as Yukina continued.

Souta: “You can read people’s thoughts……..?” I asked the question instead, and Yukina turned around to smile at me.

Yukina: “Yup. The [Mind Reading] Spell. Apparently, it’s a big deal to be able to do this. When I was possessing you, Sochan, I also understood what you were thinking and feeling. I saw that you were still thinking about me after I was gone…” Souta: “YーYeah…….you were able to appear in my dreams because….” Yukina: “Yup. That’s another Spell too.” So that’s why…

Yukina: “And then…” Yukina shifts from her warm smile towards me to a cruel expression towards Akane.

Yukina: “I accidentally found out~ I learned how Akane really felt…” Akane: “............”

Yukina’s voice is ice cold.

This is the first time I heard her speak that way.

Yukina: “Akane had feelings for you, Sochan, <even before we started dating>. Isn’t that right, Akane?”

Souta: “What?”

It was me who responded to Yukina’s words.

Akane: “........” I looked towards Akane, but she wouldn’t look me in the eye.

Akane: “What…….are you saying…….Yu…….kina…..?”

Akane’s voice is shaking.

She stared at the ground as she spoke.

Yukina: “When I was possessing you, that’s when I learned about it. I learned about how you felt, Akane. You liked Sochan for a long time now, right? That’s why I asked you. I asked you if you would go out with Sochan. I’m glad so glad that you were able to go out with him now.”

Akane: “.........nーno…..”

Yukina: “It’s okay. I know you’re happy now, Akane. Even if I come back to life, I won’t ask you to give Sochan back. So don’t get in our way.” Akane: “.......I……..I……..”

Yukina: “Wh~at is it?”

Akane: “............I didn’t…….”

Yukina: “I can’t hear you at all.”

Akane: “.................”

I couldn’t interrupt the conversation between the two.

All I could do was listen.

“Lady Yukina. We are almost done with the incantation. Please get ready for the ritual’s next step.”

One of the green robes spoke up to Yukina.

Yukina: “I see. Okay, thank you.”

“Yes.” And the green robe then approached Akane.

In their hand was something that looked like a blade.


Souta: “Yukina! What are you doing?!”

I suddenly got a bad feeling.

Yukina isn’t answering me.

And now, the green robe is standing right next to Akane.

Akane: “DーDon’t come near me…..”

Akane’s face is overridden with terror.

Souta: “HーHey!”

I tried to go towards Akane, but there were more men now holding onto my body.

IーI can’t move!

Yukina: “There are a few things needed to summon a god.”

Yukina spoke with a cold, cool voice that made chills run up and down my spine.

Souta: “What do you…...need……?” As I ask the question, Yukina turns around to answer me.

Yukina: “That’s……..<the blood of a Mage>.”

Souta: “WHAT?!”

I was rattled from the core after hearing those words.

And during that time, the sharp blade continues to move towards Akane slowly.

Souta: “Stop this, Yukina! You can’t be serious!”

Yukina: “Stop fighting, Sochan. You shouldn’t do that. Akane, you too. What if that knife slips and someone gets hurt?”

Yukina chuckles.

Akane: “NーNo……..”

Overcome by fear, Akane’s voice is now a bare whisper.

She’s doing her best to get her arms free, but she’s not able to do it with her strength.

Right before my eyes, the blade closes in on Akane and….

Akane: “Ow!”

They stabbed the tip of Akane’s finger.

They drew one <one drop of blood>, and the person in the green robes placed it into a small container.

Souta: “Huh?”

Akane: “What?”

Both Akane and I let out a confused word.

“Lady Yukina! We have successfully collected the [Blood of a Virgin Mage]!”

Yukina: “Very good.”

Hey, wait up.

Souta: “Hey, Yukina.” Yukina: “Oh, hold on. C’mon. Get the disinfectant and bandage for Akane.”

“YーYes, right away!”

One of the women who was holding Akane’s arm swiftly and professionally bandaged up Akane’s finger.

It surprised me to hear her talk since she was silent this entire time.

Souta: “Akane, are you okay?” Akane: “YーYeah, it just stung for a moment….” Yeah, it didn’t look like a serious wound even from here.

Souta: “What’s going on here, Yukina…….” Yukina: “Did you really think I would do something to Akaneー? Oh, please~”

Souta: (sigh)..........

I let out a sigh of relief.

The tense atmosphere unraveled and devolved instantly.

And it was Akane who broke the silence.

Akane: “YーYukina! What was that just now?! Whーwhat did you mean by the Blood of a Virgin Mage?!” Yukina: “Ohー well, apparently, we needed that to complete the Ritual. And it was originally the [priestess]’s role to provide that…….bu~t, she turned out to not be a [Virgin]. She’s the one holding your arm, Akane.” “..........I’m so sorry.” The girl in the green robes next to Akane apologized with a heavy heart.

Wait, the priestess was right there the whole time?!

“Dang, bro. That girl’s your girlfriend right? She’s a cutie, but I guess you took the relationship really seriouslyー”

“But because of that, you really saved us~”

“I can’t believe a girl that cute would still be a virginー”

And the men holding onto my arms began talking to me.

These guys…...why were they so quiet before? Souta: “Could you let go of my arm?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry about that.”

They easily complied with my request.

What is up with these guys? Akane: “Whー!! WhーWhーWhーWhat is it with everyone?!”

And Akane was turning beet red.

They’re all thanking her for being a virgin, and she looks befuddled.

“Thank you so much, Miss Akane. It was originally supposed to be me…….but this really hot guy asked me out and……”

Akane: “Uh huh………”

The priestess is no better either.

Yukina: “Alright! We’re at the Ritual’s Finale!"

  • The Magic Inscription

  • The Intermediary Magic Stone

  • The Summoning Incantation

  • The Offering

  • The Blood of a Mage

Yukina: “We have everything we need for the Ritual! Everyone, get back! I will cite the last summoning incantation!”

Yukina yells at everyone around her.

All the people in green robes circle around Yukina’s perimeter in a wide circle as they intently watch.

Souta: “Akane.” Akane: “(sniff).........Souta………”

I went to stand beside Akane.

Souta: “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Akane: “I’m not okay! Everyone here knows that I’m a virgin!”

Apparently, that’s not a good thing.

I reach around and place my arms around her thin shoulders.

Souta: “Akane…….do you think the Ritual will succeed?” Akane: “I don’t know……….but just so you know, everything they’re doing is illegal, okay?”

Oh, really…..?

From Akane’s perspective, no matter what, she can’t side with them.

But it looks like we won’t be able to stop the Ritual now.

Akane and I quietly watched the Ritual’s end.

The Magical Inscription on the ground glowed an ominous red light.

In the center, there is a giant piece of meat and a large red stone placed there.

I guess that’s the……[Magic Stone] and [Offering] they were talking about.

But to a complete novice like me, I don’t get it.

Akane: “That Magic Stone……that probably cost $100,000.”

Souta: “One hundred thousand…..?”

That's a staggering price for a rock.

I guess performing Magic Spells is expensive….

Then is that meat offering also something that’s equally expensive?

Souta: “What is that huge piece of meat?” I asked a man with green robes nearby.

“That’s the meat offering. It’s actually best to get a whole goat, but since we couldn’t get a hold of one, we bought 20 kg (44 lbs) of commercial pig meat at the Grocery Store.”

Souta: “Oh…..”

So they bought that at the local grocery store….?

Is this Ritual really going to be okay? Is that an okay substitute to do?

But as I think of these things, the Ritual proceeds.

In front of our eyes, the Giant Magic Circle continues intensifying its red glow.

And even though we’re indoors, I feel the wind pick up around the room.

The green robes stopped their incantation.

Yukina: “…………XXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!” {untranslated text}

And Yukina, who stood at the edge of the Magic Circle says something I couldn’t hear.

Was that the summoning incantation?

Will the Magic Inscription activate now?

I heard the whole room swallow hard and hold their breath.

But……..nothing happened.

The Storage Facility completely falls silent.

Souta: “............did it fail?”


“There were no mistakes in the Ritual steps!”

The people in the green robes began to panic.

Akane and I look at each other.

Yukina: “Um…..ummmmmmmmmm……what happened?”

And Yukina tilts her head looking troubled and not knowing what to do next.

I went over to Akane.

Akane: “Fwew…….I’m glad nothing awful happened…” Akane places a hand on her chest and lets out a huge sigh of relief.

Souta: “Does it mean the ritual failed, Yukina?”

Yukina: “Whaー Noー!”

Yukina seems very dissatisfied with the results, but I can’t imagine miracles happening at our convenience that easily.

I was just about to tell Akane and Yukina to grab Touru and go when it happened…

ーーThe ground violently shook.

I heard people scream left and right.

The room temperature suddenly erupted into steaming hot air.

A ringing bothers my ears as I hear something like a screaming voice.

Where the [Magic Stone] was placed, a black puddle of water began to form.

From the balck water, something began to bubble up.

And from inside, something slowly came...

ーーa [god] appeared.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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sweety boy
sweety boy
Sep 16, 2021

All this twists in a single chapter, my stomach is cramping from laughing.


Allen Mushwana
Allen Mushwana
Sep 06, 2021

How did this novel go from ‘I'm mourning my dead girlfriend’ to ‘My ghost ex-girlfriend exposed my new girlfriend as a virgin to summon a god’?

Chonky ChonkTranslator
Chonky ChonkTranslator
Sep 06, 2021
Replying to

Ask the author. Don't shoot the TL for plot direction. 😑 This was supposed to be a nice change from the Isekai novels I like. There was a note from the author on one of the chapters that it was supposed to be "modern-day fantasy" but then there were complaints and was re-categorized as "Everyday life Romance." I've been having more and more doubts about that slice of life tag unless everyone goes through drug trafficking victimization and Satanic cult incidents, and I just don't know about it.

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