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Spirit Girlfriend c2

Chapter 2: Yukina Shinonome is a Ghost

December 24thーーwas the day I died.

I was on the way to where I promised to meet with Sochan - we just started dating a half-year ago.

I was running late and was running to make it on time.

And as I waited for the pedestrian signal to turn green, as soon as it did, I sprinted out across the walkway and got hit by a car who ignored the red lightーーwhich I learned after the fact.

Apparently, I died on impact.

When I realized wher I was, I was floating above a bed <looking down at my own face> which was covered by a white cloth.

My parents were crying next to my body.

My little brother was trying to hold back his tears.

I didn’t understand what was going on at first.

[I’m right here!]

[Mom! Dad!]

But my voice didn’t reach them.

I reached out with my hands, but it grasped nothing.

It passed through them over and over again.

And I finally came to realize…

Oh...I must have died.

Too suddenly…

At this young age…

……….I’m sorry, mom and dad….for being such a terrible daughter….

But my words will not reach them.

I can’t even show myself and apologize.

And that’s because…

ーーYukina Shinonome was a ghost now.

And my short-life came to an end.


Seven nights passed since I died.

[Why can’t I move onto the afterlife…….?]

My parents and younger brother are slowly putting their lives back together.

I do feel a tinge of sadness at them moving on, but I also don’t want them to be crying over me for the rest of their lives. I want everyone in my family to live a long, happy life.

And the problem is with me.

I can’t seem to quit and stop being a ghost and move on.

Which means…

[ there something I still need to do here?]

For any ghosts and spirits, regrets are the most typical things that bind them to this earth.

And the only thing that came to mind was…… boyfriend, [Souta Shibuya]ーーSochan.

[Let’s go see how he’s doing...]

Thankfully, I wasn’t an earth-bound spirit tied to a specific geographic location, and I was able to move freely away from my home.

I visited Sochan’s house a few times.

And I entered his second floor room andーーwas shocked.

He was more emaciated than my family members.

His handsome face was gaunt and his hair a mess.

His eyes stared at nothing and continued to stare at nothing.

No...he is looking at something. I follow his stare and…

[It’s the photo from our first date...]

There were a lot of photos on top of his desk.

And all of them were photos of meーーof Yukina Shinonome.

Pain ran across my ghostly chest.

It was as if my heart which I left behind in my body was tightly stricken.


But my voice didn’t reach him.

No matter how much I screamed and yelled or tried to grab a hold of him, my voice was heard by no one, and my hands grasped nothing.

I am a ghost, and that’s how it is.

It’s annoying…

But there’s nothing I can do.

I floated around Sochan for a while.

Hours passed and finally, Sochan fell asleep.

He didn’t even go under his covers and fell asleep lying against his bed.

His little sister came by to place some food next to his bed and placed a blanket over him.

“You really should eat something soon…”

And with her words, I understood the gravity of the situation.

Apparently, he hasn’t eaten properly in a while.

And he’s just sitting on the floor and falling asleep.

[Ergggghhhh…...what should I do?!]

I crept next to Sochan as he slept and placed a hand on his head to comb his hair with my fingers.

At that momentーー <HYUN> (sfx) I was sucked in.


I woke up in a dark place - it was pitch black here.

[Where am I?]

I looked around, but no matter where I looked, it was pitch black.

But within the darkness, there was a handsome man standing in the distance.

[It’s Sochan!]

I hurriedly approached him.


I yelled out his name as loud as I could.

But I knew he wouldn’t hear my voice or see me face.


Huh….? Sochan is looking directly at me.


Can he see me?!


[Sochan! Hey! Can you hear my voice?!]

[Yukina…….I missed you so much……]

Sochan broke down crying.

He really was at his limits….

This must be inside Sochan’s dreams.

And although he can see me, apparently, he can’t hear my voice.

Sochan continued to wail and cry.

And I held him close and tight.

But if he continues living as he did, like his little sister was worrying, his body won’t last.

I lightly slapped Sochan’s cheeks. I raised my face with our noses almost touching, and I mouthed “You need to eat and sleep in your bed!”

Even though he can’t hear my voice, he should be able to read my lips from this distance.

He first blankly looked at my face, but then he slowly nodded.

After I learned that I can enter his dreams, I encouraged and cheered him on every day.

Thankfully, his gaunt expressions began to improve a little day by day, and light returned to his eyes.

Oh, thank the heavens…

I think he’ll be okay now.

“I love you, Yukina.”


But every morning and every night, he whispers those words while looking at our photo.

It was really embarrassing listening to him say it by his side.

……..I’m happy but….

I’m already dead.

I think he’ll forget about me and move on with his life.

It was a sad thought, but it was for the best.


The 3rd semester began at the school I will never be able to attend anymore.

But I followed Sochan as he walked to school.

The familiar school building…

But here, Yukina Shinonome was no longer registered as a student…

“<hic>....Miss Shinonome…”

“Hey, it looks like he’s cheered up.”

She hears a familiar voice.

Those are…..lower classmen from her club activities.

It was one of the girls who was attached to me.

I promised her that we would practice together during the winter break.

It was unfortunate that the promise was left unfulfilled.

I went towards the lower classman girl and apologized with a “I’m sorry.”

I place a hand on her head, but my hands touch nothing.

Souta: “Hey, Akane.”

I hear Sochan’s voice from behind me.

It’s rare that Sochan would go out of his way to talk to someone.

In front of him was a cute girl with black hair in a bob.

She knew her face well.

They have been friends for well over 10 years now.



Her best friend.

How could she forget to go see her? During the funeral, Akane only looked down and cried in a hushed voice.

Akane: “Yukina…..why did you have to die like that……..<hic>....”

Hearing her cry made me cry next to her.

Remembering that made me want to cry right now.

Sochan and Akane exchanged a few words and parted.

I couldn’t hear what they said.

But just once…

Akane’s eyes were not looking at Sochan, but it felt like she was looking at me.

…………..can she see me? No, there’s no way.

I heard that Akane’s family has generations of witches in the family line, but Akane herself is just a normal person like me.

But if she could speak with me, I’d be so happy~

As I thought about these things, it happened then.

I heard some whispered voices talking about Sochan.

ーーhey, isn’t Souta the one whose girlfriend died? ーーYeah yeah, I heard. Look at that kind, thoughtful expression. He really is handsome and cool~

So some people have good taste.

He is my boyfriend after all~

ーーShould I go talk to him~?

ーーWhat~? Isn’t it way too early for that?

ーーBut he’s so handsome. If I miss this chance now, he’ll be taken by another girl~

ーーWasn’t that Akane Akabane who he was talking to just now?

ーーYeah, I really don’t like her~ She’s apparently the daughter from a well-to-do family, but I hate her attitude

ーーI know right~ that shorty. She’ totally taking advantage of the fact that the guys have a thing for her

ーーI can’t bear the thought of her going out with Souta. I’ll go ask him out right now.

ーーGo for it! I’ll be cheering you on from here!

Excuse me?

You’re going to ask my Sochan out with that kind of attitude? And to top it off, that’s how you talk about my best friend, Akane?

Hey you guys, you better cut it before….<I curse you>....

As I glared at the girls talking nonchalantly, I felt someone watching me.

I looked towards the classroom, and my eyes met with Akane who was looking directly at me.

As soon as our eyes met, Akane panicked with a hushed “Oh no!” on her face as she hid herself in the classroom.



Can she……..

………………..can Akane actually see me?


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

Novel Updates Info Page:

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