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Spirit Girlfriend c14

Chapter 14: Souta Shibuya Can’t Sleep

Souta: “.........ugh~ that was so tiring.”

I fell straight onto my bed.

After school, I spoke with Akane, ate crepes together, and then went home.

That was it, but at the end, a really strange man picked a fight with us, and it all happened so fast.

I’m glad that I was able to repel the guy who attacked us, but after that, I had to explain the situation to the policeman and that took a lot of time.

And now that I think about it…….I haven’t eaten dinner yet….

Everyone probably already finished eating dinner…..but as I was thinking about that, someone came to my room.

“Hey bro, do you want dinner? Or did you eat out tonight?”

Souta: “Oh thanks~ I’ll eat dinner if there’s any left.”

“Oka~y. Just make sure to clean your dishes.”

Apparently, my little sister set aside a dinner plate for me.

She really looks out for me.

I placed the dinner tray on my desk, and I opened my textbook as I ate dinner late that night.

I have an upcoming test, so I better review my notes.

I wonder if Akane’s studying right now?

At that moment, I’m reminded of the moment when I suddenly hugged her on the bench at Inokashira Park.

Her small body fit snuggly between my arms, and her hair smelled nice.

That smell was………

Souta: “.........!”

Crap! Just remembering that moment makes me want to ball up and die in a corner somewhere.

Why did I do that?! Really, what’s wrong with me?!

……..maybe I should apologize on Line just in case.

But maybe she wants to forget about it? Would she be upset if I brought it up again…..? Hmmmm……….

Well, if I don’t hear a reply, I’ll drop the subject all together.

I took out my cell.

[Hey, today was crazy, right? Were your folks worried?]

I sent a message like that.

Even to me, I sound…...dull……

I close my phone, continue eating my meal, and glance at my notes and textbooks.

After a minute, I hear a ding on my cell.

On the screen, I see Akane replied.

[YES! That was unbelievable! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ Grandma really got onto me for it too! Next time, I’ll take the long way around. But I’m really glad you were there~ Thank you☆ We’ll call it even for hugging me ヾ(´▽`*)ゝ ]

Looks like……….she’s not mad?

She even mentioned the hug first.

[I see. If you need anything, just let me know. I’ll be happy to help. Alright, I’ll get back to my studies]

I typed out the message and sent it.

Looks like I can just approach her as usual tomorrow.

I didn’t want something like that messing up a relationship with one of Yukina’s friends.

Feeling some relief, I go back to studying.

My phone rings with a notification again.

It’s probably a [see you later~] or [good luck with studying~] or some message like that but…..

[Um…then, is it okay if I ask for that favor now...?]

It was a message like that.

[A favor?]

[Yeah, Souta, you have good grades, right?]

[My grades are normal]

[NO~, I heard from Yukina! Aren’t you in the top 5 of the class every time?!]

Yukina, were you telling other people about my grades?

[So, could you tutor me…?]

I read her message.

I did say I’ll do anything to help… and scrolling up, I just sent that message moments ago....

I guess there’s no reason to refuse.


I sent a short message back.

[Ya~y, then, I’ll see after school! Thanks!]

[Roger that]

And with that, our messaging back and forth ended.

After that though, I kept staring at my phone’s screen.

Souta: “Studying with Akane, huh……”

Is that really okay?

Especially after….what happened between us?

But she’s the one asking for help so…..

Does Akane not feel anything when it’s just the two of us…..?

Feelings I can’t put a finger on are starting to well up inside….

That day, I couldn’t fall asleep, and I got a lot of studying done well into the night.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Inokashira Park - My family's originally from the Osaka and Kyoto region, so Tokyo references were lost to me, but if you played Persona 5, Inokashira Park is mentioned there too. I found the overlap curious, so I Googled it, and found the actual locations the author was using. It's not too important to the story itself, but similar to mentioning famous cities in American Novels (e.g. Chicago, Los Angeles), these references won't stick out to any non-natives of the country, so I mentioned it here.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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