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Spirit Girlfriend c12

Chapter 12: Souta Shibuya Mistook Her


She called his name.

The only person that would call him by that name was his girlfriend who diedーーonly Yukina.

Souta: “............Yukina?”

Akane: “Huh?”

Sitting in front of him is Yukina’s best friend, Akane Akabane.

Akane is smaller, and she doesn’t look anything like Yukina.

Even soーー

Akane: “WhーWhat is it?”

Her habit of looking diagonally upwards when she’s caught in trouble.

The shape of her lips when she laughs.

The way she’s poking her fingers together.

ーーevery movement was exactly that of Yukina Shinonome.

As if Yukina <somehow possessed her> just now.

Akane: “HーHUH~?!”

Before I realized what happened, I was holding Akane tight.

I come back to my senses immediately.

Crap, what am I doing?!

Souta: “IーI’m sorry……..”

I let her go and apologize.

Akane: “You scared me there…….<Souta>.”

From Akane’s face, I no longer saw Yukina anywhere.

What was that just now……..?

Souta: “........I’m…...really sorry. For a second, I saw Yukina and you overlap and……...I don’t know what came over me.”

Akane: “Oh~, yeah…….I understand~”

Although I’m not making any sense, Akane was kind enough to nod understandingly.

Souta: “I should head home. I must be tired or something.”

Akane: “YーYeah?.......Okay, I’ll head home too. We’re going the same direction, right?”

Even though I just hugged her out of nowhere, Akane didn’t seem to mind and walked beside me as we both headed home.

I steal a glance at her face and profile.

She’s smaller and more frail than Yukina, and her face is smaller too.

Overall, she gives off a small animal-like aura, has really large, round eyes that leave an impression, and in some way, is a girl that reminds me of a cat.

In our class, she’s popular among the boys, but she doesn’t seem to realize that.

I don’t think she had any other close friends other than Yukina.

I heard that her family’s very strict, and she has a tight curfew.

But that’s all I really know about Akane.

Souta: (What really happened back there……..?)

Her face…..her expression…… was identical to Yukina’s……

I may have been staring too long at her, and she noticed my gaze.

She looks my way.

Akane: “Is something the matter?” She looks up at me with a blank expression.

Souta: “NーNo…….it’s nothing.”

My heart jumped and my voice rose an octave higher.

Akane smiled mischievously my way.

Akane: “Are you going to hug me here too?”

Souta: “Of course I won’t!”

We’re in the middle of the Kichijoji crosswalk.

There’s way too many people here.

Wait, I wouldn’t do it even if there weren’t people around though!

Akane: “Well, I know with my lack of curves, you probably won’t get much satisfaction from it~”

Souta: “No, that’s not tru……..hey, stop making me say weird things.”

Was Akane’s personality like this?

Akane: “Is that so~ then was it nice to hold me back there? ………..wait, what am I saying?!”

Souta: “Akane?”

She started talking back to herself.

Akane: “Oh~, sorry. Looks like I’m not feeling so well today either…….”

Souta: “Oh, uhh….I see…..”

Akane seems tired too.

We were walking down the street, and we were getting close to the intersection where we would part ways.

Akane: “Okay, I’ll be going this way…….”

But when Akane tried to turn down the path…

<BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!> (sfx)

I heard the sound of someone hitting metal.

What’s going on?

Akane: “Oh no……”

Akane stops where she stood.

“What’s with this thing?! Is it broken?!”

<BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!> (sfx)

In Akane’s path, there was a man who wore his hat deeply, and he was punching a vending machine with his bare hands several times.

His fists look injured, and there’s blood running down, but he continued to punch it.

What’s this? It’s like a scene from an Apocalypse film.

There’s someone who’s completely lost his mind out here.

Souta: “Akane… should probably take a different route home.”

Akane: “It’ll actually be a really long way around without taking this road though……..”

But…….it’ll take some courage to walk past that guy.

Souta: “Then let me walk you home at least.”

Akane: “.....thanks.”

Akane and I tried to walk past the man who was still punching the vending machine when we tried to walk past him.

…….oh~, but is this one of those cases where it will be better to report him?

As I was thinking about these things…

“Hey! What are you guys looking at?!”

He suddenly turned his attention and anger towards us.

We weren’t even looking?!

Or so I thought, but Akane was staring at him intently.

Hey, Miss Akane?! What do you think you’re doing?!

“I’ll kill you, you bastards!”

And the man started walking towards us.

This guy has a super-short fuse!!

Why am I running into guys like this from yesterday?!

Akane: “..........this is bad… He’s turning into an [Ogre]...”

Akane seems to be mumbling something to herself.

Hm~? I think she’s saying something similar to what Touru said…..

I wonder if calling someone in a bad mood an [Ogre] is popular right now.

While I thought about these things, the man in front of us raised his fist and came at us.

I better do something about it.

(sigh)............., it’s just been one problem after another.

ーー<Ancient Arts> Leg Sweep

From the man’s blindside, I kicked the leg he stepped in with from underneath him.


It looks like the man had no martial arts training, and he didn’t even try to break his fall as he fell easily.

ーー<Ancient Arts> Close Hold

I grapple the man from behind and place him in a tight hold.


He starts to violently wriggle around.

WHOA?! He’s stronger than he looks!

Akane: “Souta! He’s dangerous! You need to get away!”

I heard Akane scream, but it’s more dangerous to let go of him now~

ーー<Ancient Arts> Choke Hold


I cut off his airway completely, and the man immediately loses consciousness and lays down quietly.

Souta: “It’s over now.”


As I stand up, Akane looks at me shocked with her mouth wide-open.

Souta: “Here, let me call the police and report this.”

I can’t believe I’m having to get involved with them two days in a row now………

I took out my cell and dialed [911].

Akane: “ThーThat’s not possible…….how? And why is there a [Ogre-Transformed] person here…….? And how did Souta win…..? What, Yukina? Karate? Wait, no. There’s no way that was Karate……”

While I was calling the police to explain the situation, I heard Akane talk to herself.

The police came immediately.

As I gave my testimony to the police, I realized that I’ll be pretty late going home that evening.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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