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Extreme Flame Wizard c99

Chapter 99: Prepare for the Worst to Avoid the Worst

If you just twitched your nose slightly, you would be hit with an overwhelming scent of darkness.

To be precise, it is not the specific smell of darkness.

It is the odor of human stagnation.

Never learning to restrain themselves from harming others, and in fact, touting and sincerely believing that doing so is the very core of human nature, the thoughts and Magic Power of the true monsters trapped inside here give birth to this stagnation.

Lucas: “Igni, have you been well?”

Igni: “I’m doing okay, Grandpa.”

Igni and Lucas meet at the entrance of the [Underground Prison “Labyrinth”], and they descend below into the depths inside the [automated elevator].

Lucas: “It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but it’s still just as awful as I remember it.”

Igni: “It’s my first time here, but yeah, I don’t like it at all.”

And with that, Igni scrunches his face in displeasure.

But the smell of this place is also nostalgic to him at the same time.

It’s because it's a similar smell to the [sewage] Igni cleaned as a living two years ago.

That job also dealt with the stagnant remains of humans, and just like here, the stagnation in the sewers would continue to accumulate if not cleaned. Hence, Igni did feel some nostalgia from the repulsive odor, but he had no desire to return that kind of life either.

Lucas: “But you really surprised me, Igni. I never thought that you would capture Abyss yourself.”

Igni: “Well…… just happened…”

Lucas: “Hmph. You can’t just ‘happen’ to catch an [Extreme]. You have grown, Igni.”

Igni: “Yeah, but it’s all thanks to you, Grandpa.”

With a <ding>, a bell rang and the [Automated Elevator] signaled their arrival at their destination.

This prison was reconstructed and remodeled from an [Underground Dungeon], and this facility was specifically designed to imprison criminal <Magicians>.

Hence, you will usually be required to have guards accompany you if you enter, but this time, the two who visited did not require any such protection.

With one [Extreme] and one who captured an [Extreme], any guards accompanying them would just be in the way.

Lucas: “But……’s very strange. I was surprised to hear that it was Abyss who wanted to talk.”

Igni: “I can’t imagine that he’ll say anything helpful.”

Lucas: “HA! You might be right. Well, I can’t imagine that he’ll be able to leave this prison alive. It may be beneficial to at least hear him out once.”

Abyss did not just call on Igni and Lucas.

He sent a message to <ALL> of the [Extremes], but the only two who decided to come where these two.

It speaks volumes about the lack of Abyss’ character and reputation.

Lucas: “I believe it’s here.”

And with that, Lucas pointed to the entrance of a prison cell.

Igni: “They said they left the door unlocked?”

Lucas: “Yes, we should be able to get in easily.”

Believing the words of the prison guard at the entrance, they place a hand on the cell door, and it opened without resistance.

Abyss: “Hey, welcome.”

Inside was Abyss who was crucified on a cross.

He was robbed of all of his possessions and had all 4 limbs restrained.

But not only that, he had one collar around his neck.

This is the special Magic Artifact collar given to all prisoners of the [Underground Prison “Labyrinth”].

The collar will constantly check Abyss’ Magic Power level, and if it exceeds a certain amount, it will automatically expunge the Magic Power out of his body. Hence, Abyss was left in a state of constant Magic Exhaustion.

And of course, as the collar expunged the Magic Power out of its wearer, it also restricted the wearer from absorbing Magic Power as well, so the prisoner was left in a state of dizziness and nausea all day.

Igni knew from experience that you cannot die from [Magic Exhaustion], but many people believe that you can.

Shared as common knowledge, most people believe that [Magic Exhaustion] leads to death.

But even so, the prisoners here will experience [Magic Exhaustion] several times a day.

That is because <no one cares if these prisoners live or die>.

Finally, if they were to try using a Spell or <Magic>, the instant the collar detects such activity, it is designed to explode.

They will not be executed. But they are sentenced to suffer.

And if they were to die as a result, it only led to apathy.

That is the way of the [Underground Prison “Labyrinth”].

Abyss: “So…….only you two came, huh. How sad.”

Lucas: “I would think that even two was more than you should have been expecting.”

Abyss: “Yeah…..that…….may be true.”

Abyss continued his perpetual smirk and answered back.

But even so, his overconfident composure seemed to have been twisted slightly ー most likely from the constant dizzying nausea he had to endure.

Lucas: “So what did you want with us? Hurry up and speak your business.”

Lucas spats the words out towards Abyss.”

Abyss murmured, “Don’t be so hasty…” as he took some deep breaths.

Abyss: “I wanted to share with you about my goal.”

Igni: “Goal?”

Igni responds to Abyss’ words.

Was it about why Abyss was going after Sara so persistently?

But Igni assumed that Sara was used to summon the [Angel].

That was something Abyss said himself.

Abyss: “Well, listen. This is something more [Extremes] should know about but whatever.”

Lucas: “I assume that you’ll start with your conclusion?”

Abyss: “Of course! I’m a researcher after all.”

Lucas: “I see. Then what was your goal?”

Abyss: “The preservation of humanity.”

Lucas: “”

Lucas’ expression changes.

His sharp eyes look directly at Abyss.

Abyss: “I don’t have to explain……..about who was the very first <Magician> in this world, right?”

Igni: “The [Demon King].”

Abyss: “Correct. You get 10 points, Igni.”

A Spell that gives life to a corpse is not a Spell at all.

It is a <Magic> Spell.

Abyss: “And the [Hero] who defeated the Demon King was not a <Magician> at all. He was a monster who had [S] compatibility with all Magic Types for certain, but that’s all.”

Abyss spats those words out as if it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

The “Brilliantly Shining” Glorius.

With his companions by his side, he defeated the [Demon King] in a final life or death battle, and after the [Demon King] was slain, it was said that he became the first king of the Anthem Kingdom.

Abyss: “Defeating the [Demon King] was a bittersweet victory for humanity. They paid a huge price for it. So… comes the problem.”

Abyss laughed as he looked at Lucas and Igni.

Abyss: “After the [Demon King] was defeated, slowly but surely, more and more <Magicians> began to come out. It was just one person at first, and as if to answer the call, a 2nd and 3rd one appeared. Why do you think that happened?”

Lucas: “A mere coincidence.”

Abyss: “It’s too much of a coincidence to really call it that. <Magic> is well beyond the realms of human power. And you think that kind of power would just proliferate after the [Demon King] arrived on the scene? There’s no way that that was a coincidence.”

Igni: “Then…….what are you saying that it was?”

Igni followed Abyss’ words with his question.

Everything Abyss said to this point is true.

After the [Demon King’s] death, <Magicians> have been increasing exponentially.

Abyss: “At first, I thought they were simply growing in numbers to try to combat another [Demon King]. It’s like developing an immunity. In order for humanity to protect humanity, they developed techniques to protect themselves from another crisis like the [Demon King]. But…….what if that wasn’t the case?”

Lucas: “What are you trying to say?”

Abyss: “It’s amazing what you can find these days. There’s a flood of <Magicians> everywhere. Now, there's just about more than you can count with both hands. And not only that…...the 1 in 10,000 and 1 in a million genius [S] and [SS] ranks are <far too numerous> in the present generation.”

Lucas: “The [Golden Generation]....”

Abyss: “Yeah, and on top of that, the fictional [Ultimate Spell Specialized Type・Spell One] became a reality.”

Abyss looked directly at Igni as he spoke.

Igni did not turn away from Abyss’ eyes.

Abyss: “It’s as if we’re <preparing> for something, no?”

Igni began to understand where Abyss was going with his thoughts.

Igni: “.............from what?”

Abyss: “That, I have no ideaー”

Abyss shrugged in response to Igni’s question.

Well, he actually couldn’t physically shrug or even move his shoulders, but from his words, that’s what he was trying to do.

Abyss: “Of course, there is always the chance that the [Demon King] was just an irregular singularity. With the [Demon King’s] appearance, humanity now proceeded to the next level. Instead of doing so out of fear of [something], they simply evolved ー that’s also a plausible theory.”

Lucas: “I would prefer that.”

Abyss: “Hehe. I hope so too. But it’s too much of a coincidence. At the perfect timing, the [Ultimate Spell Specialized Type・Spell One] was born.”

Lucas: “The [Specialized Magic Type・Element One] is rare enough. I thought that we simply never discovered one until now.”

Abyss: “You really believe that we never would have noticed someone with only 1 affinity to a Magic Type and [none] with the rest? You don’t think that no one would have paused to notice how strange that is?”

Lucas: “...................”

Abyss: “From long before 100 years ago, humanity has been preparing for [something] since the days of the [Demon King]. That’s what I believe.”

Lucas became silent.

Igni also found nothing to say.

Abyss: “It might be the case that the [Demon King] only served to move humanity’s clock forward. During a time of endless wars, monsters are born. A monster like the [Hero], for instance.”

Igni: “Ha. So what does all that have to do with your goal?”

Abyss’ expression became serious before he answered Igni.

Abyss: “I needed to move humanity to the next evolutionary stage before that [something] came. That’s why I needed to become the next [Demon King].”

Lucas: “Fool.”

Lucas dismissed Abyss’ conclusion and half-smile with a single word.

Lucas: “Just for that, you tainted your hands with that many forbidden Spells? With that much sacrifice?”

Abyss: “That’s right.”

Lucas: “You’re insane.”

Abyss: “If I didn’t do it, who would have?”

Abyss and Lucas lock eyes.

Abyss no longer smiled.

Lucas: “Is that all?”

Abyss: “Yeah, be prepared. [Something] is coming.”

Lucas: “Igni, let’s go.”

Igni: “.......okay….understood.”

As Lucas placed a hand on the door, Abyss continued to speak as if to leave one final message.

Abyss: “You will……….you will regret it. One day, you will regret imprisoning me here.”

Lucas: “Of course not. There is no way we will ever regret that.”

Lucas does not bother turning around to answer Abyss.

Lucas: “<WE> are strong.”

Abyss: “.......ha…….HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! HAAAA-HA-HA-HA-HAーー!!!!”

Igni exits the room.

Behind him, Abyss’ voice grows smaller and smaller.

Abyss: “Is that right?! Then I’ll be watching you from the bottom of Hell. Let’s see how well you all do.”

The door closes slowly.

Abyss: “<See you again>”

And with that, Abyss disappeared into the depths of the prison once again.


To be continued!!! {untranslated text}


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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Jul 05, 2023

I see. The only way to truly harem the strongest women and make a Super Harem is to stand above the whole world. And to do that Igni needs to defeat something that the whole world can't defeat.


4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
Jun 30, 2022

Abyss: “I don’t have to explain……..about who was the very first <Magician> in this world, right?” Igni: “The [Demon King].” Abyss: “Correct. You get 10 points, Igni.” A Spell that gives life to a corpse is not a Spell at all. It is a <Magic> Spell.


Jul 05, 2023
Replying to

Yeah, of "Humanity", not the world.


Nov 04, 2021

And that something is... It's me, Pekora!


Nov 04, 2021

thx for the chpter!

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