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Extreme Flame Wizard c94

Chapter 94: The Idiot and the Idiot

Abyss and Igni currently stood inside the world made by Abyss’ unique ability.

But this was a world created differently from Igni’s. Igni created his world out of nothing.

But Abyss took a small square of dimensional space that was 1 micrometer in length, width, and height and reduced the width vector to zero, and forcefully created a 2 dimensional area where the surface area spread infinitely in all directions.

In short, they were both standing on an infinitely, fully flat surface.

This was Abyss’ Magic ー the Miracle of taking one of the 3 existing axes and reducing it to zero.

Because it did not interact with any of the known Magic Types or elements, it was deemed as the birth of a completely new Magic Type.

Igni: “Sara”

Igni speaks and calls out Sara’s name.

With tear-filled eyes, she looks up at Igni.

Igni: “Let’s go home.”

The next moment, Sara, who was in Abyss’ hands, was now wrapped up in Igni’s arms.

Sara: “Huh…….?”

Not understanding what just happened, Sara tilted her head in wonder.

Abyss, who was prepared to handle any attack from all directions, felt cold sweat drip down his face at the fact that he couldn’t respond at all to Igni.

Abyss: “Igni, your Magic… it related… time?”

Igni: “Who knows?”

Igni responds nonchalantly without interest.

Regardless of whether Abyss knows how Igni’s Magic works, he wouldn’t be able to respond to Igni regardless.

That is because with Igni’s [Mini-Universe] {Fireball}, while this small universe exists for the next 430 billion years, during that time, everything that Igni is able to detect is under the complete control of his world.

Abyss: “No, that’s interesting! It’s the first time to see that kind of Magic! Show me! Show me more of your Magic, Igni!!”

As soon as Abyss is done shouting, from the pitch black surface of the ground, countless humanoid figures begin emerging from it. Igni: “...........this is…….”

Abyss: “These are my beloved kinsmen.”

The countless kinsmen flooded out onto the surface.

And in the midst of every single one rushed forward at Igni, Igni stopped time.

To be accurate, Igni infinitely accelerated the time for Igni and Sara only, so the difference in time perception made it seem like time stopped.

Sara: “.......I did something bad.”

Igni: “............”

Igni holds onto Sara as he puts some distance between them and the oncoming horde.

That’s because Igni won’t be able to use any Spells while he’s using his Magic.

Sara: “I can’t go home……..the fishies all died……..I made the ocean dirty…….”

Igni slowly pats Sara’s head as she begins to uncontrollably sob.

Sara: “Miko and Miru…...they got hurt because of me…..! If…...If I only didn’t have a body like this……”

Igni: “Sara, it’s okay.”

Sara: “I didn’t know that my daddy was the [Demon King]........! I thought the [Demon King] was bad……..he was a bad person who killed a lot of people……! But it was my fault! I shouldn’t have been born!”

Igni: “But because of you, I am here too.”

Sara: “.........huh?”

As Sara continues to sob, Igni quietly tells her the truth.

Igni: “Well, Sara. I thought the exact same thing before.”

Igni continues to put more distance between them and the kinsmen who are rising up out of the ground, and from Abyss who had frozen with that smirk on his face.

Igni: “Sara, you know that I can only use {Fireball}, right?” Sara: “........yeah.”

Sara wipes the tears from her face and nods slowly.

Igni: “My father was very strict. He told me that because I can only use {Fireball}, I’m useless to him, and he gave me a choice of never leaving the house till I die or leaving the family forever.”

Sara: “................huh?” Igni: “I hated it. I was sad. I even thought about why I was even born. That things shouldn’t be this way. I thought about those things over and over.”

Sara: “You’re…..lying….” Hearing Igni’s words ー Igni, who always spoke so cheerfully ー made Sara lose hers.

Igni: “But you know, because of you, Sara, I was able to become me. Because of you, I was able to become a Magician.”

Sara: “.........because of me?” Igni: “Yeah, that’s right.” Igni emphasizes his words with confidence.

Igni: “You don’t have to listen to that guy’s words over there. There’s no point believing in them. Didn’t they teach you at school? You shouldn’t follow after strangers.”

Sara: ‘...............yeah.” Sara nods her head once.

Igni: “You are just you, Sara. You’re just a girl with a little bit more Magic Power, and aside from that, you’re just a cute little girl that’s no different than the others. And I’m also indebted to you.”

Sara: “..........really?” All the tears have disappeared, and Sara looks at Igni with genuine curiosity as she speaks.

Igni: “Because of you, Sara, I was able to become the strongest. That’s why I’ll show you. I will take all of these guys out all at once.”

Sara: “All of them?”

There are several thousands of kinsmen swelling up from the ground.

Sara doubted if Igni could take out all of them.

Igni: “Watch this, Sara.” Igni holds Sara tight, and returns their time to normal.

But Igni also returns <only the upper bodies> of Abyss and his kinsmen and increases the influence of his [Mini-Universe] {Fireball}.

Abyss: “That’s an amazing speed! You are definitely manipulating time…….!”

The next moment, Igni reduced the time for everyone in the scope of his influence down to zero.

In that instant, <they were instantly cut at the boundary>.

Sara: “........huh?” A moment later, Sara’s voice lets out a surprise.

There were several thousand kinsmen with Abyss in the center.

And every single one had their upper body detached from their lower bodies.

And time started quietly moving forward once again.

Abyss: “......! This, you used the difference in time!!”

Igni: “................”

As Abyss fell towards the ground, Igni looked down upon him with a cold stare.

Abyss: “The actively moving atoms will separate from the atoms stopped in time! The boundary between the time will turn into a blade that would cut through anything…..! HEHE!! IGNI!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!”

Igni: “And you’re the utter worst.”

Abyss: “HA HA HA!! Thanks for the compliment.”

Abyss bowed at Igni for the words, and his body melted into sludge.

But the infinite 2-dimensional space did not return to normal.

Igni: “’re still here, right? Abyss?” Abyss: “Yeah, this is my [World]. As long as I am me, I can enter it from anywhere I like.”

Igni: “You still want to go on?”

The difference in their strength is apparent.

And in the first place, Abyss specializes in not dying, but it doesn’t mean that he is strong in combat. Again, as long as Igni is here, he will be unable to take Sara.

Abyss: “Of course I will. I’ve only shown you one of my Magic, right?” As soon as Abyss finished saying those words, Igni’s [Mini-Universe] {Fireball} disappeared.

Igni: “...........?!”

Igni did not erase the Spell.

The Spell disappeared on its own!

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!!”

Igni immediately tries to initiate his Spell.

But even that fails.

No matter how much he initiates and manipulates Magic Power, it is instantly used up and ends.

As a result, nothing happens.

Abyss: “The [Miracle of Order]. This is my first Magic.”

Igni: “’ve made it so we can’t use Spells.”

Abyss: “Well, that’s how I applied the laws this time.”

Igni holds Sara tightly and glares at Abyss.

Abyss: “I’m basically manipulating entropy, but I won’t bother trying to explain that to a student like you. But you should know at least this. You can’t use Spells here. Well, more accurately, you’ll be returned to the state right after you use the Spell. It’s similar to that useless swordsman, Clara’s Magic…….but…...mine has more uses than hers.”

Igni: “......yeah, and I see that you finally showed up for real this time.” Abyss: “Yeah.” Abyss nodded to Igni’s words.

Abyss won’t bother asking how Igni knew.

Abyss’ first Magic Spell isn’t something that he could hide and take out Igni with it.

If he wanted to hold the advantage from the beginning, he simply had to use it from the beginning.

But he didn’t do so. Then there’s only one possible conclusion.

His [Clone] {Doppelganger} is not able to use his first Magic Spell.

Abyss: “It’s my second time now, did you know? The second time I had to actually fight against someone in person.”

The first time was Lucas. The second time was against Igni.

Igni and Abyss both know nothing about each other’s past, so they do not delve into it any deeper.

Abyss: “[Those who crawl and suffer, capture them]”

A sludge-like warm, shadowy hand takes a hold of Igni’s leg.

Abyss: “Well, I can use Spells though.”

Igni: “Can I ask you one thing?” Abyss: “What?” Igni: “You can’t use Spells, and that’s it?”

Abyss: “For now.” Igni: “Yeah, I see. Abyss, you……..really are an idiot.”

Abyss: “What?”

Igni gently places Sara on the ground.

Igni: “[Rotating Ember] {Ignite}”

Igni’s Magic Power burst into raging motion as it rotated, and he forcefully released himself from Abyss’ Spell.

Igni: “OOORRAAAHHHH!!” And slammed a straight right punch into Abyss’ face.


CHONKY TL Notes: Updating Kurara (クララ) to Clara.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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