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Extreme Flame Wizard c93

Chapter 93: A Magician

Yoori: “The Training Camp was so much fun.” Igni: “Yeah, it was.” Igni and Yoori laid on their twin beds as they talked.

It’s been an ingrained routine now for the two, and even at the Training Camp, that habit did not change.

Yoori: “We’ll be going home tomorrow already.”

Igni: “And it’s back to school after that.”

Yoori: “Miss Valia was so good at swimming.”

Igni: “I guess she just didn’t want to put on her swimsuit.”

The glorious breasts and chest seaside vacation came to an end.

Tomorrow, they will be returning to the Rolmod Wizard Academy.

Yoori: “Igni, you were so good at swimming too.” Igni: “I worked hard to learn how to swim.” Yoori: “Was it part of your training with your grandfather.” Igni: “Yeah.” Yoori: “I seeー Igni’s grandfather is a very strict person.”

Igni: “I guess……? But yeah, I guess you can say that he’s strict in a way.”

Yoori: “Yeah, I can tell just by looking at you.”

Igni: “Really?” Igni was a little happy to hear those words.

Yoori: “I can tell that your grandfather must be a kind person too.”

A sound of something scratching came down from the hallway.

Igni: “Kind…..? Hmmmmm, can I really say he’s kind…..?”

Igni wasn’t sure about that part.

Yoori: “Wouldn’t you say he’s kind? He looked after you for 2 years, right?” Igni: “Well, yeah, if you put it that I way, I guess…….”

<scratch scratch>

More sounds of something scratching echoes inside the room.

Igni: “Are there rats?” Yoori: “Here?” Igni: “Maybe? Since there’s no Monsters, there might be more animals here.”

Yoori: “Really?” Igni: “Actually, I’m not sure.” As Igni and Yoori look at each other, someone <KNOCKED> very loudly against their door.

“............Igni.” Igni: “Sara?” It was Sara’s voice.

Sara: “........the bracelet… weird…..”

Igni: “The bracelet?”

Sara’s bracelet is something Igni switched out with a new one just yesterday. He couldn’t imagine that it would break so soon.

Alicia even said that being exposed to water shouldn’t affect it either.

Igni: “Hold on, I’ll open the door right now.”

Sara: “Okay”

Igni got off his bed and opened the door. Suddenly, a rush of Magic Power so thick that it stopped his breath flooded into the room.

Igni: “........! Yoori! Open the windows!”

Yoori: “OーOkay!”

Yoori held his breath while he opened the windows.

Igni held Sara jumped out of the window.

Igni: “Sara, since when did your bracelet start acting funny?!”

Sara: “........I don’t know……..I sleep and when I wake up… was like this….”

Igni: “What about President Miru and Miss Miko….?” Sara: “.......sleeping.” Igni: “Yoori, please go confirm the status of the Student Council Members! They might all be passed out from asphyxiation!”

Yoori: “Got it!”

The Magic Power pouring out from Sara is just standard Magic Power without any corruption. The bracelet is probably acting as a purifier right now. Right now, they will be okay, but if the bracelet breaks, this entire area can turn into the [Demon King’s Realm].

Igni patted Sara’s head kindly.

Igni: “Sara, can you wait 5 minutes? I’ll be right back.” Sara: “OーOkay.”

Igni initiates his [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} and jumps into the air. He enters the building from where Yoori opened the window, and immediately gets dressed quickly from his pajamas to the Rolmod Wizard Academy’s uniform within seconds.

It would be fastest to consult with Alicia about the bracelet.

He can’t just go see Alicia in his pajamas so that’s why he got dressed.

As soon as Igni was done getting dressed, he went to the Meeting Room that was being used by the Fortune Telling Club during the night.

He knocked twice, but no one answered.

Igni: “........excuse me.”

Igni apologizes as he opened the door, and felt another wave of immense Magic Power that had no place to go.

Igni: “........?!”

Inside, the [Fortune Telling Club] members were laying on the floor. At the edge, there were scratch marks on the walls as they were suffocating.

Igni heard these scratching noises from this room.

Igni: “Alicia! Iris!!”

Igni immediately opened all the windows in the room as he looked for his friends.

Alicia stood out with her large hat, so he was able to find her quickly.

He placed his hands on her wrist to confirm her pulse and placed his ear next to her mouth to see if she was breathing.

Igni: “.........thank goodness…….she’s alive……..”

As Igni confirms that both were alive, he began shaking Alicia to wake her up.

Igni: “Alicia, can you wake up?” Igni spoke to Alicia, but she could only mumble a “......mmm…..” and showed no signs of waking up.

Igni: “.......I need to get back to Sara once.”

Igni mumbled to himself and from the open window, he confirmed Sara’s position when a dark mist began flooding out and taking shape from her bracelet.

Sara didn’t know what was happening and only shook in fear with her eyes locked on the bracelet.

Igni: “Sara!”

Igni kicked the window sill and jumped into the air.

But before Igni could get close to Sara, the black mist took a humanoid form.

“Hey, long time.”

Igni: “Abyss!”

Abyss took hold of Sara’s body and jumped towards the ocean.

Igni chased him down with his [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot}.

Abyss: “You go by…….Sara, right?” With Sara in his arms, Abyss flew through the sky.

Sara: “Let me go……..!!”

Abyss: “Stop fussing. I’ll kill that guy.”

Against Sara’s struggles, Abyss threatened to kill Igni and made her silent.

Abyss: “Hey, Sara. Was it fun hiding amongst the humans and living normally?” Sara: ‘..................”

Not understanding what Abyss was talking about, Sara responded with silence.

Abyss: “You know by now, right? You’re nothing like the people around you.”

Sara: “ one is the same.” Abyss: “That’s not what I’m talking about. You need to <WAKE UP>. You can’t live normally.”

Sara: “......I can……” Abyss: “No you can’t. This is reality.”

With that Abyss crushes Sara’s bracelet with his hand.

With a <CRUNCH>, the bracelet crumbles to dust.

The next moment, an immense amount of Magic floods out of Sara’s body and starts contaminating the world.

Igni: “Abyss! You!!”

Though Igni is approaching Abyss with explosive speed, he fears hitting Sara and avoids using any Spells.

No, Abyss had that in his calculation from the beginning.

The atmosphere began to morph, and the ocean began to turn into a muddy hue.

The earth began contaminating itself, and the region began transforming into an area where no humans would be able to live.

Abyss: “This… who you really are, Sara.” Abyss pauses in the air to show Sara the world below.

Abyss: “Look. That beautiful world just now was destroyed <because you are here>. That is who you really are.”

Sara: “……….”

As she watched the world twist in corruption, Sara answered by with a shaky voice.

Abyss: “Admit it. This is reality.” As the world was being overwritten, Abyss used one <Magic>.

Abyss: “Because you exist, humanity will never be able to live in peace. The Magic Artifact bracelet you had on was just something to fool your eyes.”

Sara: “.......that’s….not true…..”

The fish could not endure the high Magic Power concentration and began floating on the surface.

They died and floated to the surface one by one.

Abyss: “C’mon, you should know by now. <THIS IS WHO YOU ARE>.”

From Sara’s throat, only a desperate breath exited through her tightened throat.

Sara: “..........Igni.” Igni: “Abyss! Let go of that girl!”

Sara looks desperately towards Igni as her eyes search for any exit or escape.

Abyss: “Give her back? The [Demon King’s Daughter]?”

The word [Demon King] echoed and rebounded inside of Sara, and at that very moment, her body began to uncontrollably shake.

Sara: “No……….dad……… is….螳医m縺?→縺励◆縺?縺” {untranslated text}

Sara’s words are lost into the sound of the waves.

Abyss: “Oh yeah? But look at all this.

Abyss shows her the world falling apart.

Sara: “...........”

Sara’s body now violently trembled, and she held herself tightly with both arms as if to keep herself together.

Abyss: “If you look at what you caused, you understand, right? You’re humanity’s enemy, Sara.”

Igni: “Abyss! You…...YOU…..!! HOW ROTTEN CAN YOU GET!!”

Igni roars.

But Abyss keeps his smirk plastered on his face.

Sara: “縺斐薙縺輔 (I’m sorry)……”

She did not speak to anyone in particular though she wanted her apology to reach everyone as it spilled out from her.

As if to respond to her words, the Magic Power inside of her poured out even stronger.

Sara: “逕溘繧後縺阪 (I’m sorry)…….縺斐薙縺輔 (for being born)……”

Abyss: “That’s right, Sara.”

A complex Spell Inscription that is connected to Abyss’ body is slowly opening a hole in the ocean.

Igni: “YOU!!”

Igni leaps forward.

Abyss: “HYA HA HA HA! If you want to stop me, then come over here! Rolmod <Wizard>!!”

And Abyss let himself drop into the dark hole that appeared inside the ocean.

Igni knew what was happening.

A hole punches through to another dimension, and opens a way to a different world ー The [Miracle] of [Magic] ー The [Miracle of Crossing Over].

Igni erased all the {Fireballs} that supported his body and dived into the hole.

Below him is Abyss who is still holding Sara.

Sara held herself in a fetal position without looking up. She remained silent. Only the tears that flooded from her eyes floated momentarily and glittered in the air.

In contrast, Igni only held rage and contempt.

Rage against Abyss.

Rage against Abyss who persistently came after Sara.

Rage against every word that he spoke and wounded Sara.

And rage against himself.

Rage for not being able to protect one girl.

Igni: “Sara, listen to me.”

As Igni fell, he spoke to Sara.

Igni: “It’s true that your Magic Power is great.”

Sara: “Yes….that’s why…...I can’t live normally…..” Igni: “That’s not true!”

Igni retorts succinctly.

Sara’s tear-filled eyes look up to Igni’s.

Igni: “Because of you, I was able to master a Spell!”

Abyss: “Mastered a Spell? You??”

As they fell into the darkness, for the first time, Abyss looked doubtful at Igni.

Igni: “That’s right! Listen up, Abyss!!”

The next moment, Abyss’ feet land on the floor at the bottom of the darkness.

Igni follows and lands as well.

Igni: “I am a <Magician>.”

Abyss’ eyes open wide in bewilderment.

Igni’s Magic is incomplete.

Unlike other [Extremes], his Magic cannot be cast in all situations.

In order to elevate all of his Magic Power to be able to use Magic, the only thing that is left after using his Magic is [Magic Exhaustion]. He will be wrought with dizziness and nausea, and it would be difficult to even keep his consciousness.

But that is if he is <outside of the [Demon King’s Realm] only.

Yes, if Sara is next to his side….

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Complete Incineration] {Full Burst}!”

Igni manipulates every bit of Magic Power throughout his entire body, and creates one single {Fireball}.

He created his own [Universe].

His very own [Mini-Universe] {Fireball}.

Hence, his Magic is the [Magic of Creation] {The Big Bang}.

Abyss: “..........hehe, so interestingー What is your name, Magician.”

Igni: “It’s Igni.”

Inside Igni’s palm, the world continues to waver and glitter.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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Book 3

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