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Extreme Flame Wizard c92

Chapter 92: The Ambush and the Wizard

Sara: “Ah!! It’s cold!”

Sara dips her feet into the ocean and lets out a delighted shout.

Right now, the season is still at the very beginning of the summer. The ocean is still quite cold during this time of year.

Miko: “Haha, be careful when you go in.”

Miru: “This is an ocean area where no Monsters appear. So during the summer time, it’s a super popular spot for touristsー”

Miss Miko and President Miru were talking with each other.

Igni: “It’s almost summer already. I’m sure it’ll get hot once we enter the summer season.”

Miru: “Oh, we have another Training Camp for the Student Council during the summer too. Igni, do you want to join?” Igni: “Yes! I will make sure to leave my schedule open!”

Not like he has anything on his calendar anyways but……

Igni: “........oh? What happened to Miss Valia?” Miru: “Valia is over there.” Miru points towards a beach parasol and underneath, Miss Valia was resting under the shade.

Igni: “Miss Valia! Let’s all swim together!”

Valia: “Excuse me. My skin is very sensitive, so I will have to refuse your invitation this time.”

Miru: “Oh c’mon~ You’re just embarrassed about showing your body, right? Be honest~”

President Miru poked her head out from Igni’s side and spoke to Valia.

Valia: “WhーWhat are youー”

Miru: “Because weren’t you saying before? While you’re collecting curses, you get really hungry so you would eat more than usual, no?” Valia: “AHー! AHー!! Oh no! I can’t hear anything you’re saying right now!!”

Miss Valia coerced her ears with her hands and started rolling around.

It was the first time Igni saw a childish side of her, and it struck Igni’s heart strings.

Igni: (Miss Valia……..can be so cute……..)

By default, Igni falls for girls very easily.

Miko: “Oh? What’s going on? Why is no one swimming?” That’s when they heard Miss Miko’s voice from the ocean.

Lilly: “EーElves live in the forest so they don’t need to learn how to swim!”

Miko: “Huh? You don’t swim in rivers?” Lilly: “Uh…….”

Lilly brings up a pained expression.

Igni: (Uh huh…..that’s probably the face she makes when she’s caught in a lie.)

Igni observed Lilly from afar.

Miko: “And Yoori, you don’t want to swim either?” Yoori: “YーYes. There…..weren't any oceans near the town I lived…….”

Miko: “Not even a river?” Yoori: “, no rivers either…..”

Yoori’s expression is also pained.

Miru: “Hey, Igni.” Igni: “Yes?” Igni was watching Sara float around Miss Miko when President Miru spoke to him.

Miru: “Don’t you think Yoori’s town is a little mysterious?” Igni: “What about it?”

Miru: “I was curious and did some digging.”

Igni: “About Yoori?” Miru: “No, I researched all the 1st Years that joined the Student Council. It wouldn’t do if any of them were involved in any funny business.”

Igni: “I guess that’s true.”

Igni looked directly at President Miru’s eyes as he spoke.

In all honesty, his eyes were catching sight of her breasts, but he can’t be Popular doing that so he did everything he could to keep his chin and neck from moving.

Miru: “Yeah, so about Yoori. There’s something not right.”

Igni: “Like the way he’s like a girl even though he’s a boy?”

Miru: “Hmmmmm, well, that’s true too but………….Yoori’s hair is white, right?” Igni: “I never thought about it, but yes, Yoori’s hair is white.”

Igni glanced at Yoori who was now receiving swimming lessons from Miss Miko.

Miru: “Well, in the Anthem Kingdom, there’s no Races with white hair.”

Igni: “Then isn’t it just a sudden mutation? My hair color is not the same as my father or little brother.”

And with that, Igni pointed at his own red hair.

From Igni, who’s a Special Mutation [Spell・One], it’s nothing to be ashamed about, so he genuinely raised the question to Miru.

Miru: “I thought so at first too. He could have been born with very little color in his hair, or maybe his hair changed color during his life.”

Igni: “Changed color?” Miru: “Igni, do you know anything specific?” Igni: “Not really………..Yoori doesn’t talk about himself much.” Igni also didn’t really talk about himself unless Yoori asked him directly.

It might just be a guy thing.

A guy thing……

For some reason, Igni was hung on those words.

Miru: “So, Valia.” Valia: “YーYes!”

Miru: “I’m sure you thought we completely changed subjects and forgot about you.”

Valia: “........yes I did.” Miru: “Are you really not going to swim?” Valia: “..........I can’t swim.” Miru: “Then you can have Miko teach you. Igni, can you swim?” Igni: “Yes, I can!”

2 years ago, in the [Demon King’s Realm], his grandfather would dump him into a waterfall there, and he learned how to swim that way. In fact, if he failed to learn to swim, he would have died, so in desperation, he learned extremely quickly.

Miru: “Then you can learn from Igni!”

Igni: “Oh, but the way I swim is with the assumption that you’re wearing clothes.”

Miru: “……..why?” That’s because his grandfather dumped him into the waterfall fully clothed.

Miru: “Well, regardless, Valia, go get dressed in your swimming clothes. This is a direct order from your President.” Valia: “Ugh……...must I really swim?” Miru: “Yup. The goal of this camp is to deepen our relationship with the 1st years. Sitting over there is not going to do any good.”

Valia: “That is……..true but……”

Miru: “Besides, you’ve brought your swimming suit, right?” Miss Valia nodded yes to the question.

Miru: “Then hurry up and get dressed.”

Valia: “........yes.” Being half-forced, Igni watched Miss Valia depart, and Igni a nd Miru headed for the seaside.

Miru: “Okay, Igni. Jump in!”

Igni: “Here I go!”

With President Miru’s words, Igni kicked off the ground a few meters and dove into the water.

With a <SPLAーSH!>, water rises from the surface, and Miru also jumped right after Igni and two splashes came out of the water.

Miru: “AHHH!! It’s still so cold!”

Igni: “If feels good, President Miru.” Igni feels the ground beneath his feet and stands up as Sara comes swimming towards him.

Looks like Sara can swim just fine.

Igni: “What’s wrong?” Sara: “Back.”

Igni: “SーSure.” Igni listened to Sara’s request and carried her on his back.

Sara: “Igni, swim that way!”

Igni: “Okay, leave it to me!”

With Sara on his back, he began swimming towards the direction she pointed.

Sara: “WHEEE!!”

And Sara was delighted.

She let out shouts of joy and surprise.

Miru: “Awwww, it’s so peaceful~”

And watching them play, Miru mumbles quietly to herself.

Igni arrives at the rock where Sara pointed, places a hand on it, and then makes a U-Turn.

And he came swimming at the same speed to the beach where everyone was.

Valia: “President, I am dressed.”

Miru: “Oh, you look great, Valia!”

Igni: “That was fast, Miss…………...Valia……………..”

Igni held Sara so she wouldn’t fall into the water, but at the moment, an unbelievable sight around the breast area took his full attention.

Igni : (IーImpossible……….!)

Igni: (Wasn’t President Miru the Strongest in the Student Council………?!)

At the sight, he almost dropped Sara, but he hurriedly repositioned Sara in his arms.

What was waiting for him was an unexpected ambush ー an assassin hiding amongst their group.

Igni almost had his life taken away by the unexpected attack when he was least guarded, and it took an effort to calm his breasts…….I mean, his heart down.

What do you mean she had no confidence in her body……..!

What do you mean she gained weight while collecting curses…….!!

They were all big fat lies!!!

Because they were bigger than President Miru’s!!

They well exceeded the standard sizes, and they dominated the scene as if it just finished an attack pose and established a new size league of its own………..!

How could she have hidden this up until now…….!

When she had bandages wrapped all over her body or when she wore her school uniform, there were no indications…….!!

Couldn’t this be considered amongst one of Rolmod Wizard Academy’s 7 Mysteries……….?!

Sara: “Grrrrrー”

Igni: “Hey, Sara. That hurts.”

Sara: “GRRRRR!!”

Igni lifted his gratitude towards God as Sara pulled at his cheeks.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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